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  1. This aircraft seems to be a relic a bygone age of War Thunder. Back when the Bomber spam was in full swing and the Beaufighter was known as the Brokenfighter, due to its brokenly OP FM/DM. In responce to this the Beaufighters were uptiered and soon there after were nerfed and given much more historical FM. However, it was not put down in BR. The Beaufighter Mk.6 and Mk.10 were both moved down (and are still a bit too high imo) but the Mk.21 was left where it was. Now with the German aircraft down tier from a while back and now the Italians, the Beaufighter Mk.21 remains where it is. this aircraft is very slow, poor at turning compared to the things it has to face and climbs like a brick. Its armament is decent i suppose but is still not as strong as some of the German attackers like the 5.3 Do 335 A-0 or the Russian IL-10s and Su-6. It really has no use in battle. Its not a good fighter as there are much better heavy fighters at this BR. In ground attack it doesn't have the payload to dish out damage and it can't even intercept the bombers at this BR as many of them are able to out run it which is just sad to watch. Surely you can see how pathetically bad this aircraft is at 5.0. Hopefully you agree that this aircraft should be moved down to around 3.7-4.0.