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  1. It was a really fun event I have to say. Fins, Kruggly, thanks for the free lessons. Hope to see you on the track again.
  2. First of all, thank you sooo much for the meeting Zerbah. We really do appreciate that. Right now you are pretty much the only person from Gaijin who really talks with us. I would personally love to see the same in AB. However, I do not think that making it a min-max spread is such a good idea. Past experience in SqBs has taught us that the top vehicle is not always the best one. Look at AB SqBs where people use rank III fighters a lot (Bf 109G-2/F-4), even though rank IV planes are available. Limiting battles up to a given BR instead of rank is a great idea, I wouldn't put a minimum BR barrier though. I am also not entirely convinced that moving SqBs up to rank V is a good way to go right now. Combat with jets and ATMGs is something completely different than what SqBs players are used to, and I'm afraid not many people have those vehicles prepared (spaded and so on, and that takes a ridiculous amount of time for rank V). We could give it a go of course, but with AB SqBs population being that low, I don't know if we can risk scaring even some people away.