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  1. Options -> Post FX -> change tone mapping to Reinhard -> 'L' inverted white to 0 Helps with snow and sun alike. You can also do that with Polynom tone mapping if you don't like washed out colours of Reinhard, but it takes a bit more tweaking.
  2. I've heard that repeated very seriously, even within WTPL. "100T should just split up and let everybody play" or even "Gaijin should force 100T to split". The same could be said about every single big squadron. Whatever, it's not the issue here. 12 or even 20 squadron is simply not enough if you want to play more than 2-3 battles a day. WoT's ClanWars dealt with squadron battles completely different way, but there you can't play as many battles as you have time for - a few at most, and with limited number of players. My only hopes are with World War mode. Squadron Battles are what they are, and no tweaking can change that. They are a niche mode, and will always be like that.
  3. @kommodus, will MARK, KOZAK, BEDA, WTPL, SORRY, RRAID and other squadrons from the top of leaderboard, which have 100+ players split up as well? To be near the top you not only need best players - damn, you don't even need best players - you just need a lot of them. Besides, the top players are most likely still gonna stay together, and no matter with what tag, they are still going to rotflstomp everybody else. That's the problem with the very idea of Squadron Battles - if you want whole squadrons to compete, not just selected top players, then to be on top you need to gather as many good players as possible. And let's be honest - there aren't as many excellent players in WT as we would like to have. Right now, if you gathered really good players from all top 100 SqB squadrons, I don't know if it would be more than 100-150 of them. That's two squadrons, which would be able to compete on top level. (let's be honest, right now, top squadrons have at best 20-30 top players, and lot's of space fillers/alts). If WT had ~600k players online, you'd have enough players for 20 squadrons, and then true competition would start. I can't really see a good solution. If players with 1800 points are allowed to play with guys with 800 points, SqBs will die. We've already seen that in previous season, when MM was borked - it was cool to never wait for battles, and just roll over newbie squadrons, but I wonder how many of those left SqBs and are never going to try them again because of the beating they kept getting. It was even frustrating for our own 3rd, 4th teams. I've heard ideas like limiting points to top 20 players, but that won't solve anything. Would 2nd and 3rd teams from 100T leave to start their own squadrons and compete with 1st team? Or would they prefer to stick together? Would any big squadron split up if only 20 players earned points? No, there would be simply much less pressure for people from places >30 to play at all, and we would get less teams playing. I've heard ideas about separating squadrons into divisions. But how many squadron in one division would you need to play at all? 20? Even now we have like 4-5 squadrons in the queue most of the time, limit the number to 20 and you'll have 1-2. And how about playing versus the same people over and over again for 2 months? For 6 months? How quickly will you get bored? And making divisions bigger than 20 makes no sense - even now, top 5 mostly obliterates anybody from places 20+. Right now I'm waiting for World War. If you want to do something productive, spam Gaijin with requests to make it available for AB as well. If this mode does not save squadron gameplay in WT, I don't know what will.