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  1. You're right that downtiering doesn't make up for stock syndrome completely, but it does help, and many people use it. Anyway, it's not like downtiering is an advantage given to only a few players. It is part of the current rules of War Thunder, and is available to everyone. If I'm playing Monopoly, I'm sure as heck going to charge someone what it says on the card for landing on my properties, and even more if there are hotels there, and I would expect them to do the same to me.
  2. One thing to keep in mind is that lowering a arcade lineup's BR is a common strategy when spading vehicles. So that 4.0 BR aircraft the OP was worried about facing in his 2.7 BR plane may have been stock. Many 4.0 BR stock planes are no better than 2.7 BR spaded planes. This is even more true as you progress up the research trees. I've been working on modifications for the Bf 109 K-4, with its notorious stock grind at BR 6.0, and I am certainly cautious going up against the first I-185 or the Typhoon Mk 1b/L, which both sit at 4.7 BR. When I eventually get the Kurfürst spaded, then I won't fear those 4.7 BR planes so much. This morning I faced an enemy who was using a Corsair lineup with the 1c as the highest BR plane, downtiered to 4.7 BR. After I shot him down, he spawned in with his 1d and wanted to go head-on with my K-4. Well, I'm only a gentleman so I had to oblige.
  3. I always try to help a teammate out, but 90% of the time this is what happens: 1- teammate calls for help 2- I type in chat "stay high alt., teammate-in-need, I'm on my way" 3- Teammate-in-need ignores me and dives into swarm of enemies, resulting in instant death 4- Teammate-in-need chat rages for no one helping That other 10% of the time, when someone knows how to bait an opponent, I get an easy kill for helping out a teammate. I rarely ask for help myself. If I get someone on my six, I will maneuver depending on the plane (use the roll rate in a Fw 190, for example), and head toward friendly spawn/airfield. Then I'll type in chat: "coming in hot with an enemy on my six." That usually works, not because teammates are nice people or good pilots, but because they spawn in and see an easy kill in front of them.
  4. Could any of this have to do with Gaijin focusing so much on the game's visuals? Could more detailed graphics have an effect on hit detection? Since I play on a Mac, I really have to play on a low graphics setting (and old video card support) to get War Thunder to function properly. I personally don't really care how the game looks. I mostly enjoy the PvP element, not how pretty it is. Whatever it is that causes the hit detection problems described in this thread -- or what is perceived as hit detection problems -- it is really annoying.
  5. Poor hit detection is like the blue turtle in MarioKart: there's nothing you can do about it, it usually occurs at the worst possible moment, and, unless you have Zen-like patience, it can ruin a gaming session.
  6. The best way to spend GE depends a lot on your play style. I play pretty regularly, all nations, but only aircraft, and am trying to spade all the props that I find interesting/fun to use. Because of the difficult module grind and pronounced stock syndrome in tiers IV and V, a premium account has been a great investment for me. On top of that, I've bought a couple of high-tier talismans: for the La-9 and, just the other day, for the Bf 109 K-4. So, for me, a premium account and a few talismans have made the most sense to purchase with Golden Eagles. Low-tier talismans don't really make sense to me, as the grind down there is pretty easy. If I were better at WT, I might not need them for the upper tiers either, LOL. I've bought a few premium planes, either for fun or to fill out arcade lineups. I also purchased the Danish roundel, since that one is not unlockable and I really wanted it. I don't think buying modules is worth it. Buy a talisman instead, and all of the modules will come quickly. I'm also not really in favor of buy crew XP, as that seems pretty cost ineffective. (You don't get a lot in return for your money.) Having said that, if I've had some weird small amount left over in GE, I have put that into crew XP. Someone who has a different play style from mine could have vastly different priorities and goals, and would therefore want to use their money differently. However, it is universally considered to be a huge waste of money to buy Silver Lions, no matter what. Those are easy to obtain for free, and the GE/SL exchange rate is horrible.
  7. ^^Those screenshots are going to keep me up at night. The problem's even worse than I thought. Is anyone else noticing that hit detection varies a lot from match to match, not just within a gaming session? It seems like I can have a couple of matches with good detection, and then suddenly a match in which I can't hit anything, with teleporting planes, etc. I realize that my aim is better in some matches than in others, but I don't think it drops off completely from one match to the next.
  8. Me: "One more win and I complete this Golden Wager with enough Eagles to get that decal I've been coveting. Someone please help me to take out those last two enemy ground targets!" Teammate "who_farted_69," in real life, sitting in his tighty-whities with an open bag of Doritos and playing Candy Crush on his iPhone 4s with his left hand: "*belch*" and rams a teammate for fun
  9. So many of these threads are the same: complaining about teams and other players. Like any MMO game, you are playing with/against complete strangers. Expecting anything of your teammates is a futile exercise in frustration. Many of them might not even be wearing any pants!
  10. I think the machine-gun MiG-3-15 is pretty fun. Yeah, the guns are weak, but the flight model is enjoyable. At that low BR, many of you'll face lots of opponents who don't know anything about energy fighting. Sometimes low-tier can be fun because dogfights last longer. (No one has devastating firepower, so it takes time to beat an opponent.) Re: this thread, I won a couple of useful talismans when the lottery was first implemented (for the second Griffin Spit., for instance). Lately, I've only won them for low-tier aircraft, like the first SM.79. (I'm at level 78.)
  11. Wait, are you actually kidding right now? Except for maybe the first one in the tree -- because of the weak guns of its opposition -- the He-111 is pretty much an easy free kill, right up there with the Fw 200 or Jelly Wellies.
  12. The Wirraway might be the most maneuverable plane in the game. Its guns shoot spitballs, but at that BR, it's still pretty fun. The OP asked about heavy bombers, though, so maybe that's not helpful info. BTW, I'm not a bomber pilot, per se, just a pilot.
  13. This is quickly devolving into another fighters vs. bombers thread, which doesn't really help anyone. Maybe I'm weird, but I like to fly both fighters and bombers. Skill is required to do well in either aircraft type, and there are just as many fighters who dive into the furball and right-click on the aiming reticle as there are bombers who dive down and hit the space bar. Anyway, to the OP, I would suggest a few tips to improve as a bomber pilot: -Know your bomber's strengths and weaknesses, as a good fighter approaching you will definitely know them. There are tons of great YouTube videos on every aircraft in War Thunder. You mentioned the BV 238. Magz did a video recently on that bomber. Have you seen it? It would probably help you. -Speaking of videos, Jengar did a recent video on shooting down bombers. You should check it out, but one of his main points is that you want to come in fast. As a bomber, you want to exploit this. You want to get the enemy fighter slow and in your gunners' sights for as long as possible. For example, at high altitude, if you see a fighter coming, turn away and climb. You want that enemy coming in slowly at your best angle, usually from behind. -Be aggressive. Don't just fly straight and give up. Maneuver according to your strengths. Some low-tier bombers are decent dog fighters (the Blenheim and Wirraway, for instance). The mid-tier American bombers are surprisingly maneuverable as well. A B-25 or PBJ can be a pain in the butt to kill if the pilot is going on the offense, and both are devastating in a head-on. -Have you experimented with gun convergence? It was proposed here on the forums that AI gunners don't start to fire unless an enemy is within the convergence distance. If your convergence is still set to the default 400 meters, your gunners may not start firing until it's too late. Pretty much, if you're flying bombers, you're going to get shot down. But there are ways to maximize your time in a match.
  14. I've seen it in the last couple of days too. It's mostly pretty funny and harmless, just a line of tanks in a lemming line driving down the side of vertical cliffs. If you're flying a bomber, choose another target and move on. The only bummer is if the last enemy ground targets in the game are performing these types of maneuvers. In that case, you can lose because of a bug. (I know it's possible to destroy these targets, but bombing a tank going serpentine style down the vertical face of a cliff is challenging, to say the least.)
  15. I've experienced similar to what the OP described. It's really frustrating. 5-0 should be worth more than next-to-last place. The only positive that I can think of is that you probably earned a lot more RP than many of those placed higher in the team. You said you've got everything researched that you want, so it's not very useful for you. However, with the current game meta, Gaijin seems to favor bombers in terms of placement in the team, and fighters in terms of RP. (I'm not defending what they're doing, just pointing out that there are other things at work here.)
  16. 109 G-2

    But that's my point: the night ammo shouldn't be more effective, but it seems to be in WT. Or maybe I'm perceiving something that's not there.
  17. 109 G-2

    I stumbled upon the fact that the night ammo is really great for the 30 mm cannon on the G-10. Has anyone else noticed this? I just finished spading the plane tonight, and have been flying it out a lot in the last week. There was a glitch in an entry screen in a recent match that made it look like I was about to enter a night battle. (The map was all blacked out.) Anyway, I selected night ammo, and it turned out to be a regular battle.... ....but the night ammo was great! It has the same type of rounds as the other ammo choices, but for some reason it seems more effective. Am I crazy? I need to test the other Bf 109 Gs with the same 30 mm cannon to see if it's the same with those too.