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  1. So if you could combine them, you'd only pay 17.5% of the original price? (.5 x .5 x .7) That'd be pretty sweet. ^^These ideas are brilliant. Please make an official suggestion!
  2. This happened to me in a B-17, LOL. An enemy Yak-9T came by (remember it has nose-mounted weapons), and blew BOTH of my wings clean off at the same time. It looked like my Revell model had come unglued. It was very silly! How could a nose-mounted cannon blow off both of my wings simultaneously? That's some kind of fancy trick shooting. Or maybe the B-17 came equipped with a panic-eject-both-wings button? Gaijin seriously needs to fix this.
  3. I used the A-20G-25 with rockets this morning and got a ton of kills. The A-20 is fast, durable, and has lots of dakka-dakka. Still, I've come to the conclusion that assault mode is a waste of time. The bots win every time. It's just one monotonous wave of enemies after another. The rewards are so low that you're surely better off playing regular arcade instead. It also seems to encourage the mindless furballing that is already rampant in arcade. So I'm saying "no thanks." But for those who like it, try the A-20.