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  1. IS-2M seems like the best option in my opinion.
  2. The IS-6 has a hidden armour plate behind the mantlet if I'm not mistaken, a spall shield of sorts. The optics port generally absorbs everything, too.
  3. Uh... you don't have to pay any real life currency to repair your vehicles in-game whatsoever. The only example I could think of where you might be forced to is if you had literally 0 Lions and had to Purchase some with gold, but that's easily worked around by playing reserve vehicles (they cost nothing to repair) or one of the Tier I premiums you would have gained for free just by selecting that tree first.
  4. You realize you can easily out maneuver an Me 262 in an F8F, right? You're just adding to the stereotype of Bearcat pilots bailing out whenever something doesn't go their way, so please don't do that.
  5. Your first two images are broken (at-least for me), but the Luchs would make for a nice little 1.3-1.7 tank, it's pretty cute too so that's a plus!