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  1. Insert some kind of ever so funny face palm thingy. The start of the thread was weak. I will 100% agree with that. It was a post of frustration. However, these threads are all aimed at the same thing. Players are not bad for going for the objectives. The objectives are trivial. Search the forum for the suggestions from myself and other players in here. They are there, across many threads. The only reason I am here is to point out that your contribution here is repetitive and you're not debating, you're simply adding angst, because you have nothing substantive to add. I am asking you to up your game. So good luck with that.
  2. Good, so we're in agreement that you are incapable of comprimising with anyone on this subject. You also won't change your mind under any circumstances. The next question is, why are you here at all? You have nothing to add. The thing is, there a have been lots of suggestions in the past. I have given a detailed lay out of how I think it should be, more than once. You and Dodo try to re-litigate every aspect all of the time. That's tedious in of itself, but the continuous use of straw man on minor aspects of what anyone says, sets you both apart from the crowd. I will pull you out on two things, just because they are points of view that should be squashed. This has nothing to do with war or realism, it's air AB. Its a game. This argument can only be described as idiotic. I'm not talking to he specific point you were refuting, just the idiocy of your argument. Nonsense, players know the game mechanics, they just don't care about them. They don't care about them because they don't feel natural. People play for a while then they leave the game. This is because the game mechanics are poor. The game looks great, it has a subject matter that has wide appeal. But it falls short. Your assertion here is just completely wrong. It's one of the reasons why you can't see anyone else's point of view and you will always make pointless arguments. Most of the other people on this thread and the many similar ones want a better game. There's always forum warriors that continues to just to harp on about well if you don't play the objectives, you're not playing the game. Even WiN have stopped this line and want to see change. When that happens, you know the mechanics are crappy. You can carry on from here, but you've pretty much fleshed out your world view. Anything else you say from here on in is just a waste of time.
  3. And this is why you don't understand. To be honest it seems to be your own blockage. Air domination was taken out because of the cries of those plebs that have a bomber only line up. Fighters have no serious mechanism to influence the result of the game. There is simply no down side to not being good at the majority of the content of the game (there are more fighters than anything else). I'm going to save you the time of a stock response... Bombers in a dive of a player with half a brain is invulnerable and will at the very least cripple your engine in return for the kill. Can you genuinely not envisage any way to change this? The simple fact is that fighters can't keep bombers out, no matter how good they are. So the game win is purely determined by a combination of how many bombers or how good some of your bombers are at the dolphin. I'm not going to respond to the list. Again, it's completely irrelevant. I can be top of the leaderboard by killing all of the AAA on the map. I would look like a god on Thunderskill or some other crap measurement of ability. I don't care about points on a leaderboard. I don't care about stats. I want a game that is challenging and varied.
  4. Well then.... I think this thread is very clear. There needs to be a better balance in win conditions. They need to allow the specialists to thrive and the best players will be those that can do whatever is needed. In particular the conditions need to not allow one particular play style to cheese their way through the game. Aside from some of the more exuberant comments, there is consensus on this. Unfortunately, there are a couple of apologists who insist that to go against the status quo is somehow un-american or some crap. Those kind of people hold back progress. I can't understand your response. You have very successfully devalued every one of your comments in this thread by going to the offensive in the way you have. I should thank you for it. It makes it much easier for me. Here's a tip, try to avoid running to your own bias in an argument. You clearly have been touched in a bad way by some clan players in the past. Ta ta.
  5. Thanks for stepping in. You are also fond of comments of an unrelated nature to try to assert something that nobody cares about. Let's see if you help my argument... ... And here it is. Nobody cares about your 4 screen shots. They say nothing about the game, it's structure, or the way it is played. They are precisely what you say they are, screen shots of the moment. I don't care in the slightest about where I sit on the leader board. It has nothing to do with RP gain and (somewhat unfortunately) is a terrible measure of game impact. What you understand about pro100 is also completely irrelevant. This thread and many others like it are based on the fact that Gaijin have failed over several years to give us a game where skill matters. Right now it's particularly bad. The player base is not stupid and they have learned to nose down and bomb. Your line of argument is exactly what I mean by spurious. What's most funny is that we are sat at the top of AB squadron battles. In this game mode there are ground objectives and you have to bomb stuff. Funny that I win around 95% of my games in that game mode. Yet you assume that all I want to do is 1v1 the world until I'm such a big man that I can be seen from the moon. Look at me, I'm great! The reality is, I'll infrequently play pub AB air. when I do, it's always the same, nobody climbs, nobody offers resistance, then they complain because there is only one consequence of not defending altitude against experienced players.
  6. Doesn't help you that he was right. You miss the point all of the time and have a long history of spurious reasoning. The game is custom made for old boys who use the biggest bad boy on their keyboard to dole out virtual freedom. It seems Gaijin have created a money trap for players who think they are achieving something by playing this way. Almost certainly by design. The game is in fact falling way below expectations for anyone with brain power. There is a part of the community that wants to highlight that and you (amongst others) continually come in and make poor arguments in these threads. It is very tempting to call you a troll, but I suspect you genuinely believe you think you know what you are talking about. Problem is, you just don't.