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  1. The death is but a temporary unconsciousness. Plan ahead and you can return to your account after you regain consciousness.
  2. Not so strange. The difference between BR 2.3 and 2.7 is huge in AB Air, because by lowering your total BR to 2.0 you can meet the lowest BR range of 1.0-2.0, which is full of slow and weak biplanes. Biplanes are evaporated by I-301 in a single short burst so you could kill many without reloading and they would have a hard time catching you. Nowadays it can meet 1.3-2.3 at best, which has a bigger variety of planes. All the players who sport BR 1.0 only are spared. Unfortunately for them, there are still some planes at BR 2.0-2.3 which can do almost as good as the old BR 2.3 I-301.
  3. I used to look at that Total number too, but I quickly realized that it is redundant since you have to look at the specific Mod RP and Vehicle RP anyway, in order to spot any penalties. That number is the same as Mod RP, but it also includes the +100 RP from the "Best squad" award, which can be safely ignored. You just need to glance at the cluster of numbers on the right representing the Total SL, Total Mod RP and Total Vehicle RP one below the other. That's usually enough Information to tell how well you did and how much you won. It also doesn't hurt to glance at the vehicle icons and progress bars on the far right, where you can tell how much of your research was utilized or wasted. Nah, I don't believe it works that way. We have many clues suggesting that we earned some RP until the end of the battle, but we couldn't use them at the end, so they were discarded. If we didn't get them at all, they won't be listed in the results screens. Even the text there says it was earned, but couldn't be used. There are other clues that I won't bother listing, because it really doesn't matter whether the research is wasted or not earned at all. The effect is the same. The problem is that from grinding perspective you are wasting potential RP if you play spaded vehicles or completed TT. You could be spading and unlocking new vehicles at full potential instead.