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  1. Oh, if it's just a matter of tank main guns vs aircraft, the answer is basically volume.... I think. One shell from a tank gun will do all sorts of damage to a flak truck (even before the hull break stuff), but while it may wipe out the gun crew, the cab can remain unscathed, or vice versa.. so he's shooting back or driving off while you reload. If it's a solid AP(CR/etc) shot, it'll quite possibly punch right through everything and out the other side to do near nothing. If the tank starts opening up with MGs (as they should), then there's usually an amount of armour there which might withstand that MG fire. Aircraft are spraying masses of MG fire, usually with explosive and/or incendiary rounds, and doing it all over that truck, it'll go up in a second. Wirbel/Ostwinds fare a little better but as noted are completely open in the top of the turret, crew there die easily from above, and the covered parts are only with the thin top armour, which the AP portion of those rounds is generally enough to get through.
  2. So you're telling me that having spent all that time in Tigers means you know them better than someone who perhaps hasn't played in those tanks as much? Congratulations, you win the prize. Now, apply that same logic to someone who hasn't played them at all. That's you, with pretty much anything that isn't German. You have an idea about them, but it's entirely incomplete. Acknowledge that, and move on. Your opinion on those matters isn't worthless, but it's worth less.
  3. I have German tanks up to and including 7.0s and planes beyond that. Americans are somewhere in the sixes, Brits I'm in low tier 4, Japan is somewhere around there as well. Russia, I'm backfilling the T-44-100, having completed the rest of that tree. I probably know the German tanks every bit as well as you do, Russians infinitely better, and the others similarly, too. Scratch that, looking at the player stats.. You have 29 German vehicles unlocked, 56 in total. I've got 55 in the Russian tree alone. 42 Germans. 193 in total... So no, I know the whole damn thing a lot better than you. I'm not complaining that the IS-2 lost its best shells. I'm saying that loss made it worse (not something anyone could argue with), and it's BR was adjusted accordingly. I was simply pointing out the reason for that adjustment. It may or may not have 'needed' that shell. I know whether it needed it and when, because I've used it, and I've felt the differences. You haven't. That's a simple statement of fact. You have not used it, you cannot possibly know in anything other than an academic sense of looking at penetration values the value that those shells provided. You have zero experience. To quote a bad Vietnam movie: "You weren't there, man!"
  4. Just guessing here, but different belt types? I'm honestly not sure what rounds Gaijin has modelled into the tank machineguns (does it list them in the loadout page? I don't remember), but I'd imagine it's probably standard old AP and ball ammo. Aircraft (and ground vehicles like the M16 that use them as primaries) are going to have custom belts, quite likely with a lot of HEI, HEFI, HEI, etc... ammo that's going to shred and ignite soft targets like planes and SPAA.
  5. The Russian PTAB is a similar anti-armour shaped-charge cluster bomb, the primary weapon of the IL-2 and largely what that plane owes its reputation to. Not in the game, has been variously 'planned' and 'coming' for years now but never seems to arrive. As far as it the current state of ground-attack goes though, the German cannons are brilliant if you like that stuff - the MK103 is a chainsaw, and the BK75 turns the duck into a flying Panzer IV. Rockets are very accurate, but you do need to get used to where they actually aim. Bombs are bombs and IMO take the most 'feel' to get right.
  6. If you think it's bad to be uptiered for Germans, you ought to see being uptiered against Germans at 6.7. It's no fun facing a king tiger when all you have is a US 76mm and paper armour. Uptiering is a real problem in land vehicles - much moreso than air.. but it is what it is, and it's not going anywhere any time soon, so learn to deal with it. I have to say that Germany suffers from it less than any other nation out there. There are points in all the lineups where it's painful, but in general, the heavier armour and those glorious guns serve pretty well.