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  1. Mine's 57%, same ballpark as my IS-2 and Panther II - though admittedly I haven't been playing it an awful lot in recent weeks. Overall (according to thunderskill) it's at 43.5% and dropping over the past month from ~50. Hard to say for sure what's causing that drop in the stats, though with the Ru-251 and various other goodies added in, it's entirely plausible that the more experienced players may be off elsewhere experimenting with new stuff, meaning the average is going to slip there. Of course, those new additions may well also be shifting the balance away from the T2H - the T32 will certainly be making an impact on its winrate, giving it some stronger competition. Bit of a combination in there, but it's hard to say for sure until the game settles back down into a 'normal' pattern post-update.
  2. So 1 plane = 3 to 4 tank kills. 7 tank kills + 2 caps = 2 planes (= 6 to 8 tank kills) + 1 cap + assists.. You're complaining that planes are OP, and also that shooting down planes is over-valued. Pick a side Yes, I'm being deliberately difficult there, no offence intended. IMO planes are a brilliant part of the game. Some (*coughcoughhortencough*) need a tweak, and players do need to pay a bit more attention to the state of the game when choosing what to respawn into, but overall it's a pretty good balance. Splitting off into separate "tanks only" and "combined arms" games will only serve to further splinter the player base, meaning longer waiting times, smaller games, bigger BR brackets, or a combination of the three - all of which will lead to more frustration and ultimately less players overall. Not a good idea. Maybe if they want to shift the mechanics around a little, the spawn cost of vehicles could be adjusted by not only what that player has done in the past, but by the game situation. If there's already a lot of bombers out there on the team, increase the spawn cost of that bomber in the player's lineup to encourage them to come in with something else. Of course - now you're effectively punishing that player for the actions of others, which isn't really fair either - and could lead to even more blatant behaviour like someone racing to a cap and just enough points to spawn in their bomber and then suiciding to get it before someone else can do so and drive up the cost on them. It's a difficult situation to balance. IMO it's done pretty well at the moment and the biggest 'fix' required is in player behaviour, not game mechanics. I do think the ability to 'switch out' without penalty similar to RB Air should be available and would make things more interesting - though only at spawn/runway (though that would need some work with bombers that respawn from a reload already in the air).
  3. I find using my co-ax is faster and more reliable. Bind up those weapon selection keys, folks
  4. Nope. It's entirely workable. Your main problem in that match appears to have been that you had a bunch of players there that look to have charged in and died having achieved absolutely nothing. There are five players on that side that even have an assist. There's only three that even cracked 300 points. That's abysmal. Given the amount of panthers, the ST-A1s, and the pz4(?) in there, I'm guessing a lot of them went in to rush the cap or went rolling through town, and got blown up. Those tanks are all capable of dealing with 6.7 enemies (Panzer 4 would struggle but he's in hero mode), assuming they're not being operated by idiots. Unfortunately for you though, 11 players on your team did literally nothing. Of course that's going to end in a wipe.
  5. My main german lineup at the moment consists of a Ferdi, T2H, Coelian, PantherF.. and then the premium 335, the 50mm Arado, think there might be a 109 in there, and a Duck for Lulz. It's 6.7, and it does perfectly fine. That Ferdinand is slow as all hell, but I can one-shot pretty much anything out there as long as I aim properly.. (and by the time you're at 6.7 you should be able to pick out a weak spot). Tiger2H is still a beast out there. Panther is a trickier one, but still workable. Russians, I'm the whole way through and now backfilling some of the newer additions. Still a whole lot of fun right up at 8.3 with my IS-1, T-10M, T-62 and DoomShilka. US, Brits and japanese I'm further down the ladder still.. floating around 6.0 with the US (got my M36 and T25) and that's plenty of fun. Brits and japanese are still down in the 5s somewhere though.. They're all fun to me. Sure, the shape of the game changes around between nations and BR levels as the vehicles you're using and facing shift around.. there's some frustration to be had there, no doubt.. but it does make the accomplishments that much more satisfying
  6. As to the air thing: while differences in the air are still noticeable particularly in terms of speed and firepower, there are enough anomalies in there that it's not all that critical a thing, and for the sort of use they're put to in GF use, top-end speed isn't such a critical factor. In short: planes really don't suffer all that much when it comes to uptiering - an I-16 is still entirely capable of taking down a Sabre, given the right pilots and circumstances. A BT-5 will not, can not, take down a Maus. 75mm Shermans will struggle with Tigers, and 75mm Panthers will struggle with a T32. The arms race between firepower and armor that defines tank evolution (right up until the late-game penetrators and MBTs) simply doesn't exist for aircraft. The fix though? The only real solution is to lower the BR spread, and if you do that, you have a smaller pool of players to pick from, which means longer waiting times and/or smaller games. Playing from Australia, I'm pretty much 'off-peak' most of the time, and I can tell you waiting five minutes for a game that only has six people on a side isn't something that the franchise can survive. That said: yes there are frustrations all over, and as much as I'd love to be the clubber, it seems to me like I'm always the seal.. but no: there's fun to be had the whole way through the range.
  7. Only if you don't defend. I'm not sure why people get so salty over this subject. If the enemy has broken through your front, you (and/or your team) screwed up, and you deserve the loss you'll most likely wind up with. If you can manage to dig yourselves out of it, then bravo and well done on recovering... But you can't ask someone that's just pulled off a breakthrough to turn around and 'please drive back', that's just ridiculous - you're asking to punish someone for having played a better game. The spawn camp is the result of them having survived pushing the whole way across the map. In an actual battle, they'd be through and busy wiping out supply lines - that's what blitzkrieg was all about. This is a game though, so that's not a thing.. the equivalent of that is.. stopping reinforcements as they come into the game. Yes, it sucks to be on the receiving end, but it sucks to be on the receiving end of any loss.
  8. :shrug: Only way I've ever found to get into 6.7 games is with a 5.7 lineup. If I make a 6.7 lineup, I wind up with a 7.7 game. Stupid MM seems to always be uptiering me, I never seem to get that joy of clubbing. It's also why I basically said "stuff it" trying to spade 7.3 vehicles. I was always facing 8.3s anyway, so I might as well have some of my own.
  9. So when the team gets rolled, and it's 12 on 1 and ten minutes left to play, that 1 guy can just sit there in spawn with impunity? Absolutely no way. Spawn camping is not a problem. If you're getting spawn camped, it's because your team has either been outflanked or broken through, and you've almost certainly already lost. Bad luck, move on, hope for a better game next round.
  10. The problem with the IS-3 (and IS-4, for that matter) is the BR compression. It's ok at 7.3, but the problem is that 7.3 isn't ok at 7.3. In my experience, once you hit 7.3, you're pretty much facing ATGMs and big HEAT-FS every match, and armour is basically useless. Add to that the same damn slow-**** 122 boomey from the IS-2 that takes longer to reload than it does to repair the breech you just destroyed or swap over the crew members you killed... I much prefer the mediums through there.. T-54 and 62 are vastly superior to it.
  11. wallet warriors buying a shiny new baby leo, sucking at it and being obliterated? just a guess.
  12. Probably shouldn't be surprised at this sentiment coming from a guy going by 'stukaace1171', but the American jets (as good as they are for RB) have a very significant limitation compared to the Horten: Payload. Yes, their bombs and rockets give them a ground attack capability, but they severely impact the handling of the plane. If you're going to engage in anything other than a surprise boom-and-zoom on a Ho, you'll almost certainly need to ditch that payload. That means you're no longer able to engage ground targets. You might take out the Ho, but you'll then need to RTB to re-arm before you can come back. If the guy you just killed has been there a while and is happy to burn a backup, he can quite possibly be back in there before you even land, let alone get back into the action. The big advantage of the Horton is that it can go from air-to-ground mode to air-to-air mode and back without needing to actually do anything. It has the ability to dogfight and ground pound all at the same time. The only other plane that comes close to that ability for any other nation is the Yak-9T, and that's a very distant 'close'. There's any number of 103-armed germans out there that out-perform that one in both roles. I have the Horten, and I love using it as the can opener that it is (as I do with the premium Do-335, the stub-winged Ta, the 190 with its pods, and the 410s and ducks - though I enjoy the satisfaction of the BK boomies more than 103s on those, as with the Narwahl) - but it's ludicrously unbalanced for RB ground, and with it being a work of fiction anyway, there's no reason to be 'true to life' in representing it as it is. It needs a nerf, plain and simple.
  13. Switch its MK103s with MK108s and ta-daaaa, problem solved. It's ridiculous that a theoretical, unbuilt, untested, unproven design should be the supreme weapon of destruction that it is, even amongst newer technology. That alone should be telling people something's fishy.
  14. sparking against fast movers isn't at all uncommon (and isn't limited to hortens). It just means that although your client sees it as having been a hit, the updates coming from the other person's client to the server hadn't then made it to your client (you're never perfectly in sync), so you're really close, but not quite there. As someone who constantly plays with ~200ms pings, trust me on that. Just keep on shooting, maybe lead just a touch more. The Brits do struggle now that the 'proper' SPAA guns have been added for the US/Rus/Ger sides, with the Falcon now lagging behind in pure AAA capability at those high tiers.. Maybe you can start a petition to get a Marksman or something added.. it's a Brit design & vaguely similar to a Gepard, after all... though a few decades newer than anything else in game. But yes, Ho-229 remains a nightmare for RB ground matches. In the hands of a non-braindead pilot and in absence of competent and dedicated fighter support, it's basically unstoppable.
  15. You're taking this far too seriously.
  16. You must have had a freak game, take them out twice! (they're pretty bad)
  17. I have a whole bunch of 75mm shermans over here that beg to disagree
  18. I have to say... someone complaining about Tigers facing American tanks they have little chance of dealing with, without the slightest hint of irony... It makes me smile
  19. Not sure how many different ways this can be said: The cupolas aren't some intentional weak point added in by gaijin to balance the game. They're there. It's a faithful rendition of the vehicle. The way the armor penetration works in the game does make for some funky results when they're hit, but that is true for every vehicle out there, it's not something specific to the T-28/95. The reason it's so noticeable on that vehicle is because the rest of the thing is overwhelmingly well armoured and basically invincible, so it's a major contributor to frontal kills. If you want to whine about something (and it is whining), do it about the penetration mechanics. Not about something that's actually supposed to be there.
  20. To the "Tiger was feared" folk: Yes, it was. It also was far from invulnerable, and one of the main reasons it was as dangerous as it was is because with the limited numbers it had available, it was generally operated by veteran crews who were absolutely elite at what they were doing. They knew their tank, they knew their enemies tanks, and how to best make use of the differences. Don't forget that a lot of that reputation is also a bit of mythology. The cold war saw a lot of derision from the west on anything Soviet, and none of the war movies we all grew up with really dealt with the eastern front much, and the German bad guys also needed to be a mighty force for the plucky Americans to overcome. Not to say they weren't powerful, but a lot of that sort of thing seeps into the unconscious. Tigers were knocked out by even 6pdrs, and the 75mms could still penetrate with a good shot, and that's before APCR and APDS rounds came into consideration. They were very strong, but certainly not invulnerable. Back to mr RAAF1951: If you're rolling around in your Maus, Ferdi, and the 105mm and Porsche Tiger2s (why not the Henschel? It's the better option), you need to play accordingly. Played well, they're all very capable weapons. I don't mean to insult, but checking out your stats on thunderskill, you're underperforming in most of those vehicles you seem to be playing a lot. You might need to change your play style for a while, try to get a feel for things. Go a bit more defensive. Hold back a little, watch your teammates and wait for opportunities. The secret is shooting the other guy before he shoots you, and shooting him somewhere critical. That generally means you need to see him before he sees you (esp if you're in the Ferdi or Maus, which take some time to get on target). So hold up, watch for the tell-tale dust clouds of enemy fire, and get a shot on them. Most of those vehicles you're working with should be able to one-shot most of the opposition you're likely to see if you pick your shot. Learn the weak points of the vehicles you're facing, as well as your own. Check them out in the preview hangar, check out the armor and x-ray views to see where the armour's thin and there's something important behind it. Know where the gunner sits, know where the ammo racks are.. can be handy if you can tell which side the driver's on, too. Speaking of ammo racks though: Esp with the Tiger 2, don't start with full ammo. Prime way to kill a T2 is to put a shot through the side of the turret when he's looking the other way, setting off the ammo racks in there and it's an easy one-shot for just about anyone. Those are the first shells used, and the first shells 'left behind' when you unload. I don't remember off the top of my head how many they carry, but take a look at your x-ray view, count the shells, and reduce your total amount by that number. Congratulations, you've just eliminated what's probably the leading cause of Tiger 2 one-shots there is, which should improve your chances of survival considerably.