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  1. The M60A1 (AOS) currently has issues when trying to place bushes onto the tank, most noticeably on the turret. Some weird clipping issues can occur when you try to place bushes onto the turret such as seen in the second screenshot, somehow it is clipping with my fuel tank; this clipping can also occur with the ammunition bustle in the back of the turret, the turret ring and engine compartment. In the first screenshot I have roughly drawn out areas where you can and cannot place bushes, the green areas being where you can in (except when it would cover an optic) and red where you cannot. Note that in some of the red areas it is possible to place a bush piece but it is extremely finicky about the exact placement. The back of the turret also will not allow bushes to be placed anywhere. DxDiag.txt 2017_04_14_11_34_38__1148.clog