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  1. So after fighting against the F-84G in my allied planes, I've come to the conclusion that I'm sure many other people have come to as well, that the F-84G is breaking/ruining low tier jets and high tier props right now. Currently it will out preform everything that is put against it. - The USA's P-80 and F-84B are no match for it in any way, the only chance you have is if the enemy pilot is dumb enough to turn with the P-80 at low speeds or takes his chances in a head on engagement. - The British have the very first Meteor and the Vampire, the Meteor is in the same boat that the P-80 is in and the Vampire is an okay opponent for it the F-84 but still lacks the raw speed of it. The Mk 24 spitfire is also getting shafted hard by the F-84G - I'm not too sure about the Russians as I haven't faced the Italians using them or been in a match with them apart from the odd mixed battle, but they have the Mig 9 late which could be a good match. Personally I think that the allies should have some of its jets lowered such as the F-80C (I think this should happen anyway) and possibly the F2H-2 for the US and the Sea meteor and maybe the first G.41F meteor (I don't have that plane so someone can tell me if this too would be broken). I think that if the BR of the F-84G was increased to 8.0 it would put it would ruin it really as 8.0 jets are scarce enough as it is, so either you get upped to 9.0 or once in a blue moon get 7.0 and destroy everything. Let me know what you guys think on the matter.