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  1. Same on Tank Blitz-tournament 2x2 RB we finish 6th Place
  2. On Air Blitz-tournament 2x2 RB Jun 11, 2017 we take 2nd place. Why TSS show me N/A Place???
  3. Brothers Of Arms e-Sport is an European Competitive & Casual Team which focuses on Events & Tournaments . Casual Gamers: If you are looking for stress free gaming without the constant nagging of a "clan" we are definitely the place for you. There are no time requirements for being a part of our clan and you will not be pushed aside for our "special teams". There are no elitists in our gaming group and all members are treated equally regardless of talent. We understand that life is stressful enough and the reason to game is to escape all of the nonsense of real life and just chill out, have fun, and fly with friends. Competitive Gamers: We will be holding several practices a week, for those that would like to hone their skills, and perhaps earn a spot on our tournament/league and PvP teams. Furthermore, we take PvP very seriously for our competitive players, and have a strong group of leaders and players. So, if you would like to focus on teamwork without the distractions of individual egos and having a fun time, BOAeS is the place for you. General Rules: 1) You must be over 16. 2) If players ar hostile ar out. 3) Players must be active on Team Speak and Game, if they are not active they are out. (If for some reason must be inactive just post it in our media). 4) As BOAeS players you will carry the BOAeS TAG so you must respect it in your gameplay, chat and forum comments. BOAeS Page----> https://drakoumil.wixsite.com/boaeswt You Want To Join At BOAeS Contact With Us.