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  1. Please... No more paper planes. We already got a lot lately...
  2. Concordo con Daibanana,ormai è tutto in mano loro,e quindi mi associo POTA. E aggiungerei pure un "Li mortacci loro".
  3. But you are talking about an eventual announce aren't you? Usually how much time passes from the annouce to the release? Hypothetically speaking of course...
  4. I remain of my opinion that we'll never see the ITT. Is an opinion an offense?Today there was a q&a, and when questioned, the Dev said to wait. Can i be pessimist about it or is it an offence or break some rule?
  5. Are you a Mod?Because otherwise you are flaming.
  6. I can answer to you, because you unlike "Others" are not a stupid flamer I say that because in those 4 years i saw too many delays. Too many broken promise (yeah yeah now some dev will arrive and say "show me the threads"). Too many thing who bypassed ITT. And still no news... That's why. Oh wait, i hear a voice who says... Soooooooooonnnnn
  7. I already told you to ignore my posts if you don't like them... Or you want to start again a flame?
  8. It will never happen... The ITT will remain a dream...
  9. Is it true that in next patch will arrive Italian Tech Tree?
  10. You can't do world war mode with 3 allied force vs 2 axis. We need ITT.
  11. Impossibile La gif di Bud Spencer che ho conservata non me la vogliono fare usare quei figli di sultana.
  12. It will never happen. All wasted time.