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  1. Ground vehicles

    Oh that. (thought Wulf was saying that the guns weren't Russian) xD
  2. Some REAL horsepower right here:
  3. Ground vehicles

    Yeah the ZSU-23-2 is exactly that: a duel 23mm AAA mount (and thus ZSU-23-4 doubling that with a quad-mount). Maybe the US government didn't know about it in 2001 (or didn't care to document it in detail). Don't forget the BTR-50P:
  4. tanks/vehicles

    Well the 120mm "BAT" and "WOMBAT" thingys were mounted atop roofless Land Rovers, SPBAT carriers, and FV432 APCs (doubling ingame as an Swingfire SPATGM): The M40 on the other hand, was used on everything from RadioFlyers to Jeeps to boats: Some info on the other 3 SPRGs (M50 Ontos, ELC 75-2, & ELC 120-4): And don't forget this nifty little French TD-cycle: .
  5. That's kinda like saying that letting Germany have the F-84F, F-86F, and MiG-17 while also giving them Fiat G.91R/Y (which that and CL-13 Germany accepted through independent contracts, not because they needed any kind of jet the Allies had to offer). Personally, I'd say yes to adding any kind of prototype -- even partial-built & paper -- if a BR hole needs plugging, but that's not really case of the T-26-4/T-26A as Tier 1 for the Soviets is pretty sufficient as it is.
  6. I source digging (cuz CokeSpray's warning).
  7. Ground vehicles

    You mean like this one on a Russian BTR-D? According to US FM 100-65, ZSU-23-2 was Russian-made alright: (see pgs. 268-273) Oh. and the info on the 100mm KS-19 we were looking for is on page 265 as well
  8. 2017 wish list

    Especially tanks (all Sherman BRs should be lowered by 0.3) as well as a missing SPG line & Army attacker line for the aircraft tree.
  9. Germany is the one lacking Tier 4 & 5 vehicles right now (only paper/partially-built prototypes should be T4/5 premium).......Beglietpanzer 57 is not one of them.
  10. Requesting help from all source-diggers:
  11. Guys? I need a little help here.......
  12. Guys? Need a little help here.......
  13. tanks/vehicles

    Starting post updated
  14. 2017 wish list

    He 219 and Ta 154 were actually mass-produced and any other variant Gaijin adds should be in the grindable tree. Many superprops never made it past final testing because higher-performing jets with similar or better armament were already in service. I would like to see some of them be nonpremium as well, but it would only make historical sense to include them for balancing or to fill BR holes. Cuz superprops vs. Jets = Maus/Panther IIs/Tiger IIs/T-44s vs. Cold War MBTs with 300-400mm of pen.
  15. 2017 wish list

    That second one there (as well as a bunch of superprops between designations XP-67 and XP-81) would make for a sweet T4 premium. I just want my F4D Skyray, Scimitar, and Super Entendard.
  16. 2017 wish list

    Yeah honestly half or more of all the stuff still to be added belongs to Tiers 1-3, but until they add a "Tier 0" for BRs 0.3-1.0, I doubt they'll add any lower than the ones we got now. All for adding more Tier 1 reserves USA Aircraft: British Aircraft Proposal List: USSR: .
  17. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Gibbing for Tier 0 reserve! +1
  18. True. And have the current prize variant and suggested premium variant be at BR 1.3 to 1.5 to club enemy bases in 1935 with 3,000kg of bombs at chopper speed (or Dumbo speed).
  19. 2017 wish list

    Well if you enjoyed that one, how about in-game bug reporting or contributing to our little bank of April Fool's Day ideas? What was your own suggestion anyway?
  20. Well even with MMBR spead reduced to +/-0.7, you'll still face 2.7 planes
  21. tanks/vehicles

    CVR(T) & CVR(W)s FV107 Scimitar/FV721 Fox/FV101 Scorpion/FV102 Striker ~=~ M113 variants/M551 Sheridan/HUMVEEs ~=~ BTR-152P/BTR-50/BTR-D/BMP/BMD-1s ~=~ Spahpazer Luchs/Wiesel AWC MK25 HOT ~=~ A whole heck of a lot of options for the International Tank Tech Tree
  22. 2017 wish list

    Help me make this happen and all your dreams will come true:
  23. Yeah......Yak-1s, P-40s, F4Fs, Spitfire Mk.IIbs, Ki-61s, I-16 Type 27/28s, IL-2s, and Bf.109s all already have .50 cals and 20mms at BR 2.3 & 2.7. BR 3.0-5.0 is where planes get waaaay faster and have 37-75mm cannons.
  24. Then spend no more and grind-up the Japanese tree to BR 6.3 where vehicles don't need more than 120,000RP (that is, at least until then year-end 50% off "Premium & Packs Clearance Sale").
  25. I dunno.....BR 2.0-2.7 seems pretty low enough to me.
  26. Tanks/Vehicles

    You mean like Pz. IVF/G between M4A3 and M6A1?
  27. Well with the planes mentioned here, you'll get upgraded versions going 65-70% faster.
  28. Your stock-level TB-3 would be among the best for Tier 0 to Tier 1 battles (aka post-WWI to early WWII)
  29. tanks/vehicles

    "Passed to Development" means a suggestion is ready for the devs to look into, not necessarily that it's currently in the works for a future patch.
  30. Past those two (and a handful of other 2nd Gen composite MBTs like M60AX, Kpz-70, and Chieftain Mk.10), I still don't get people assume Gaijin isn't going to stick to their ultimate tech limit: no modern MBTs & fire-and-forget missiles including the following: Prototype(s) and production models of T-72BM/T-80 onwards Prototype(s) and production models of M1/M1A1 Abrams onwards Prototype(s) and production models of any British tank with Chobham composite armor Prototype(s) and production models of Type 90 and onwards Prototype(s) and production models of any other international MBT designed, built, tested, or produced past the 1970s Exceptions to the "still in service" limit include "on-par with ultimate ingame armor tech" Type 85-II, TAM, AMX-32, and a host of late-1970s/early-1980s APCs, IFVs, SPAAGs, and ATGMs. Gaijin already has enough on their hands completing Tiers 4 & 5, Italian trees, French trees, International trees, Naval Forces, massive-scale diverse tactical gameplay, and WW Mode.
  31. And 105mm OCC 105F1 HEAT-T (from L7A3 with penetration of 360mm @ 0o @ 2000m)
  32. All I meant was that I found more useful stuff on it (alternate angles, fine details, interiors for modeling referencing, etc.) You might want to ask @Umbriellan, @Currus_loricatus, or @Arnor02 from the French community for ammo sources though......
  33. Found many more photos of it: It could still be (if Umbriellan or Currus to edit it into the tree)
  34. 2017 wish list

    All of Godman's suggestions & bug-fix requests IMO
  35. And we can't forget about these carriers: Start watching from 5:20 (parasite fighter event idea): .
  36. tanks/vehicles

    Well it definitely it can deal with these (the biggest and slowest snail bombers you'll see in battle):
  37. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yeah One? no. Two? not enough. FOUR? getting there.....SIX??? That's it.....
  38. More TB-3AM-34FRN Zveno madness (flying aircraft carrier event anyone?):
  39. More real-life tank airlifting and cargo supply drops (gives a picture of how bomber/glider/transport cargo holds should be modeled ingame): .
  40. Kinda surprised nobody has mentioned about adding this yet (the ELC 30):
  41. Well the charts seem to all be based on blueprints of the Pe-8, but at least half of those photos......there might have been a highly experimental Pe-9 (as captioned in the second-to-last image).
  42. The Type 60 SS1/SS4 (often labeled Type 60-4 or Type 60B) was a pre-production version of the Type 60 SPRRG mounting four 106mm M40 recoilless rifles:






    As listed in the suggested definitive Japanese tank tech tree:

      Hide contents



    I could only find photos of it*, so any contributions in either history, specs, photos, videos, thoughts, and feedback will be much appreciated :salute:


    *credits to Priest5000 & Mai_Waffentrager

  43. The Type 60 SS1-4 (often labeled Type 60-4 or Type 60B) was a reconfigured pre-production version of the Type 60 SPRG mounting four 106mm M40 recoilless rifles: Short History Modified version of SS1 completed in 1957 mounting four 105mm recoilless rifles. Trials proved it to be less accurate at range than the duel-cannon setup of prototype models SS2 and SS3. The duel-cannon mount using modified 106mm M40 recoilless guns chosen over the 105mm gun quadmount for the SS4. Full-production of the Type 60 SPRG begins 1960 Photographs: Permanent exhibition vehicle at Higashi Choshi Residential area. (Displayed next to Public Hall) As listed in the suggested definitive Japanese tank tech tree: General Specifications: Designation Type SS1-4 Tank destroyer Country of origin Japan Service history Year Developed 1957 Used by Japan Production history Designer Komatsu Designed 1955-1957 Manufacturer Komatsu/Japan Steel Works/Toyo Corp. Produced March 1957 Number built multiple (judging by the photographs) Specifications Weight n/a Length 4.11m Width 2.20m Height n/a Crew 3 Caliber 105 millimeters (4.1 in) Elevation n/a Traverse n/a Muzzle velocity n/a Effective firing range n/a Maximum firing range n/a Armor n/a Main armament 4 x 105mm recoilless rifles Secondary armament .50 caliber spotting rifle Engine Model Komatsu 6T110-1 four-stroke horizontally opposed six cylinder air-cooled diesel Engine Output Power/weight 105hp @ 2300rpm n/a Transmission manual (4 forward and 1 reverse gears) Suspension torsion bar Ground clearance n/a Fuel capacity n/a Operational range n/a Speed n/a Sources: Google Images (search term: 試作機 タイプ 60 SS1 自走式無反動砲)式自走無反動砲 I could only find some photos and general history/specs on it*, so any contributions whether it be history, specs, photos, videos, thoughts, or feedback will be much appreciated *credits to Priest5000 and Mai_Waffentrager
  44. May I ask where I can find more information on that awesome aircraft you have in your signature?
  45. Tanks/Vehicles

    Guys found more recoilless gun TDs : Type 60 SS1-4 SPRG (reconfigured 1st prototype with quad 106mm M40 recoilless guns): ELC EVEN 75/120 (French SPRGs with either dual 75mm or quad 120mm recoilless rifles): Both shown as illustrated in the suggested French Tank Tech Tree: .
  46. Tanks/Vehicles

    Not if Gaijin makes the year-end 50% off all Premium vehicles & packs a tradition
  47. tanks/vehicles

    Actually, Pieve is suggesting this^^.
  48. tanks/vehicles

    So does a Scorpion, Striker, or Fox (Scimitar as well) each with a .30 caliber machine gun and/or even more anti-tank capabilities.
  49. tanks/vehicles

    All the tracked ones (CVR(T)s) can be airdropped and go racing at 80-100km/h as if fighting grounds were highways:
  50. tanks/vehicles

    The 76mm version of the Scimitar (FV101 Scorpion) can be airdropped/air-transported from C-130s: FV102 Striker: Swingfire-launching version of the Scimitar (effectively replacing the FV438 Swingfire ATGM carrier) FV721 Fox (wheeled version of Scimitar): More sources on the FV721 Fox, FV101 Scorpion, FV102 Striker, FV107 Scimitar, and others of the British CVR family: Can't wait to race around the battlefield at 60mph someday! Hope this helps!
  51. Tanks/Vehicles

    T14 Heavy Assault tank confirmed:
  52. Not sure if anyone noticed it from the article, but the T-26-37 (with a 37mm AAA gun) would also make a great premium: "Later, 10 of them were planning to adapt to install a 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft machine Shpitalniy, but in January 1937 from this version also declined since the release of this type of tools is adjusted was not."
  53. Wish I could demonstrate the idea on a working forum site (like this), but sadly, I am no Suggestions Helper or Administrator .
  54. Tanks/Vehicles

    Here's how to practice driving the VK 45.02P in War Thunder: .
  55. tanks/vehicles

    Add Vickers MBT Mk.4 alongside Mk.10 and it'll be perfect
  56. 2017 wish list

    Ok, yes it wasn't, but as OP as they are, Cold War tanks are not 10 times more advanced than late WWII tanks.
  57. 2017 wish list

    You mean Cold War MBTs? Well for the record, things like the T-44s, Panthers, King Tigers, T26s, Caernavons, SU-100s, and Jagdtigers were already being fighting on the battlefield in WWII. There's nothing wrong with the use of BRs, it's just how they are factored into the matchmaker (+/-1.0 vs. +/-0.7 variation spread, 1944/45 vehicles facing MBTs with HEAT-FS, similar tanks being spread-out from one another instead of being grouped together between BR n.3 & n.5, etc.).
  58. 2017 wish list

    Looking at the official release chart, pretty sure the Barracuda Mk.II is confirmed for a future patch:
  59. 2017 wish list

    And all these tea-worthy planes: British Aircraft Proposal List: .
  60. I use those general figures a lot because I don't know of any official documents specifying otherwise (sure they exist, but I have not nor know where I can take a look at them). I also used the words "likely" and "estimated" because they may well be inaccurate, but effectively get the point across.
  61. Well the Chieftain (and later the M60A1/A3 & Leo 1A3-A5s) was meant to counter T-64s, it likely used L26 APFSDS with an estimated 460mm of penetrate at 0 degrees at 2000 meters and 525mm at 500m. M60A1/A3s, AMX-30A/Bs and late-model Leopard 1s using 105mm L7s likely also got high penning APFSDS and HEAT-T mid way into their service lives for the same purpose (i.e. M456A2, M735/774, OCC 105F1, and DM-23/23A1). And when the Soviets started churning-out T-64Bs, T-72s and T-80s, that's when NATO nations were like "oh crap" and got serious about redesigning or heavily upgrading existing tanks (M60AX, Valiant Mk 4, and Cheiftain Mk.10 with Stillbrew and L27/37 ammo) with composite armor or creating next-gen MBTs for the 21st century (Kpz/MBT-70, AMX-32, Type 90, Leo 2, Challenger 1, M1 Abrams, etc.). Given that Tier 5 is far from complete and the gameplay has barely gotten past cap points, simple objectives, and sub-hour engagements, IMO Warthunder is seriously not ready for modern tanks.
  62. maus

    Or just make the E-100 a stock tank Cuz it effectively counters IS-3s at best (well Maus can too but is so slow that any tank with 300mm+ HEAT-FS can pen it without fail).
  63. Tanks/Vehicles

    Actually, what SPAAG was the 35mm rotary cannon used on? (35mm Oerlikons* are already ingame on the FlaKPz. Gepard) *were also utilized for Germany's Flakpanzer Wildcat, Japan's Type 61/87, and Switzerland's Fliegerabwehrpanzer 68.
  64. 2017 wish list

    Yeah rain (especially for naval battles) and triple the frequency of RB/SB night battles
  65. Tanks/Vehicles

    Which one (can't say for the GE Avenger cuz' as you said -- it's paper)?
  66. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yep wouldn't mind the GAU-8 Avenger SPAAG being a premium while the stock tree gets the M247 and T249
  67. Tanks/Vehicles

    So Tier 5 premie maybe? (if it ever gets greenlighted by the dev team) Did the Oerlikons or 35mm rotary cannons ever get put on vehicles in the 1960s, 70s, or early 80s?
  68. Tanks/Vehicles

    Um.......sure? (if it existed on a track or wheeled vehicle)
  69. What degree did you get in university and what's your profession?
  70. Sheesh. Yeah I get it only about half of those vehicles shown are ingame right now. Currus only meant to fit as many German vehicles as he could find to illustrate how much more the German tree still has to offer and is by no way accurate, official, complete, or even the way Gaijin styles their tech/release trees.
  71. Well we are discussing BR 8.7-10.0 here while Gaijin is still struggling to fill gaps in 6.0-8.3 lineups.......
  72. I mean like working directly with you officialize and perfect the your tool and website for all kinds of data logging and analysis (and maybe even integrate it into their own website and CDK developer toolset). Thinking along the lines of a War Thunder Wiki for data collection, analysis, and consideration for impacting development in ways like tweaking BR/RP values, diversifying/tacticalizing gameplay, improving underlying game mechanics, and such.
  73. SPAA + 106mm recoilless rifle -- HELL YES! IMO this could fit on the stock tree right before the Begleitpanzer 57.
  74. tanks/vehicles

    Well it's time Germany got a light premium that's worth it. Maybe we'll get the similar-gunned 90mm Spahpanzer S.P.1C as part of the stock tree. Oh and I would rather the 90mm M41A3 be stock as well.
  75. Gibbing this for the stock tree (now that the RU 251 is confirmed to be a premium)! :{D
  76. tanks/vehicles

    RU-251 confirmed, guys:ähpanzer-ru-251-the-fastest-on-land-en/
  77. Tanks/Vehicles

    Well then we'd better have all three jet-shredders then (M247 w/APFSDS, GE's M48A5 GAU-8, and the T249)
  78. Tanks/Vehicles

    Did it have the Vulcan, GAU-8, or 37mm rotary cannon?
  79. Tanks/Vehicles

    What vehicle is that?
  80. Would it be possible to ask for official Gaijin support through Scarper or the web designer via the company's business email?
  81. Because they're afraid that ESRB and PEGI will up the age-ratings past 12/"Teen" and potentially disrupt player numbers (not that Russian players care). Thing is, even open-world maylay bounty hunter games like Destiny rated "T" and PEGI 16 for slight mild/moderate violence and a little swearing are widely played by 12 to 14-year-olds and if things aren't overly gory or vulgar, many parents rarely take notice at all. Gaijin somehow just doesn't want to or isn't ready to take the risk yet
  82. Yeah much better than introducing the still-in-service Obj. 219/T-80 IMO.
  83. 2017 wish list

    Yeah maybe some of those as well as M60s (not A1s), 90mm M41A3, and Soviet T-54/55s to plug some BR holes
  84. Tanks/Vehicles

    G-I-B (BRRRRRRRT) +1 A-10 cannon on a Sergeant York anyone?
  85. Uh.....rocket artillery? (or else Japan doesn't get one until ATGMs and the Type 75 in Tier 4 or 5)
  86. Tanks/Vehicles

    Actually, it might as well be Kpz-Keiler (the one suggested here cuz' not composite) ~> T-64 (initial 115mm variant) ~> M60AX "Super Patton" ~> Chieftain Mk.10 ~> T-64A/B/BM ~> AMX-32 (French Tree) ~> Type 85-II (Internaional Tree) ~> MBT/Kpz-70 ~> T-72A/B. Plus, M60A3 is basically just an A1 with better FCS. It would be comparable to the Leopard 1A5 in terms of FCS (improved rangfinder & digital targeting fire-control system), but would only make sense in-game if there are gameplay mechanics to model and use those functions accurately.
  87. 2017 wish list

    But wait a moment... SHIPS or BARGES ? Landing Ships? Destroyers? CRUISERS? CARRIERS????
  88. Is it just me or do SPAAG engine and firing noises sound way different than real life (or is it just unrealistic sounds physics)?
  89. And tech limits (aka no SAM SPAAs).
  90. Has that ammo been around since the 1970s/80s?
  91. T-64 mod. 1961/1971 would be just about equivalent to the M60AX: IMO anything later (T-64A/64B/64BM/T-72/72A) would require things like MBT-70, Chieftain Mk.10, and AMX-32
  92. PLAYER (9:40): "Can I shoot sushi with Japanese tanks?" NIGEL (9:46): "Haaaiiiiiii!!!!!!" *IT's TIME FOR....... SUSHI TANKS!* warning: eating sushi fired from cannons not advised.
  93. Yeah.....the author (Ruslan_DR) hasn't visited the forums for the past month now. If he so wishes, the author of a topic can change, delete, or even re-add questions and vote options (or maybe community opinion will shift towards a "yes" if we wait another few months)
  94. reserve

    Just wanted to give a heads' up that the Type 87 Te-Ke is already in the definitive tree suggested by Mai (upper left-hand corner behind the Type 95 Ha-Go): I did want to contribute this though: Technical Specifications GENERAL DATA Formal Designation Tankette, Type 97 Te-Ke Production Quantity 557-616 Production Period 1938-1944 Type Tankette Crew 2 Length hull/overall (m) 3.66 Width (m) 1.93 Height (m) 1.80 Combat Weight (kg) 4400 FIREPOWER Primary Armament 37mm OR 7.7mm MG Ammunition Carried 102 OR 2800 Traverse (degrees) (360°) Elevation (degrees) n.a. Traverse speed (360°) n.a. Rate of Fire n.a. Secondary Armament - Ammunition Carried - MOBILITY CHARACTERISTICS Engine Make & Model Hino Motors Speed on/off road 40 km/h Type & Displacement diesel, 4 cyl. Ground Pressure n.a. Horsepower 65@2300 Ground Clearance (m) n.a. Power/Weight Ratio 14.8 hp/t Turning Radius (m) n.a. Gearbox n.a. Gradient (degrees) n.a. Range on/off road (km) 241 Vertical Obstacle (m) 0.81 Mileage (liters/100km) 38 Fording (m) n.a. Fuel Capacity (liters) 91 Trench Crossing (m) 1.60 ARMOR PROTECTION Armor (mm@degrees) Front Side Rear Top/Bottom Hull 4mm to 16mm Superstructure Turret Mantlet Source: 37mm AP Shell Penetration (on impact @ 30o) 37mm Type 94 L / 46 Penetration of a shielding plate (mm) under a plunging angle of 30 ° Ammo Weight Velocity 100 m 500 m 1000 m 1500 m 2000 m AP Mk.I 0.67 kg 700 m / s 39 32 25 20 15 French, Russian, and Japanese Articles on the Type 97 Te-Ke Hope this comes next patch!
  95. Yep: The original prototype mounted the M51 75mm Skysweeper. I have been given details from the SDF on this one, as well as drawings. It's rather, obscene.
  96. Tanks/Vehicles

    Imagine a six-barreled ZiS-30 with 400mm penning HEAT shells and you've got the Ontos* *best illustrated if you play the video while watching the ZiS-30 GIF at the same time.
  97. Well all the vehicles from the definitive suggestion tree and ones suggested here should be added in game eventually. As for missing ammo types and incorrect damage/performance/visual models, Mai lists the most apparent ones on her blog (much of which still is still unresolved):
  98. How about some historical detail on the Type 60 SPAAG (M42 turret on a Japanese-designed chassis)?
  99. Any plans to share those with Gaijin anytime soon (or progress hampering them about fixing Japanese tank models)? Also, can you detail us a bit on the Type 60 SPAAG (M42 turret on a Japanese-designed chassis)? edit: just curious: what was the M51 75mm Skysweeper?
  100. That's either the Type 60 or Type 61 (probably the Type 61 as shown on the tree here). One had an M42 Duster turret on top of a Type 60 or 61 chassis while the other had the Type 74/87 SPAAG-like turret on a similar Type 60/61 hull. I would recommend asking @Mai_Waffentrager if you'd like to clarify further. If you do, share some answers with us! EDIT: see 2 posts above^^
  101. Upcoming Thread (pending approval):


    Ever wondered what suggestions are the best to support? Well here they are below:


    Moderated Suggestions:

    1. Arcade battle bomber spam. Presentation of problem + solution
    2. Folland Gnat
    3. FV415b [Stage II] Tank Destroyer - A Cold War Behemoth
    4. 155mm T30 Heavy Tank Ammunition
    5. Soviet Heavy Tank: Object 277/278
    6. M4 Skink AA Tank
    7. Reduce 105 Tiger II reload time
    8. Atomic 90mm Gun Tank TV-8 by Chrysler AKA "The Pod Tank"
    9. German B-17G and German B-24 Premiums
    10. Cheiftain Mk. 10 - Top British MBT (BR 10.0)



    Further Discussion:

    1. Lower the BR MM Spread from 1.0 to 0.7
    2. Italian-Hungarian Ground Units Suggestion
    3. France - Organization of Air and Ground Forces tree
    4. Plane's maps for tanks?
    5. Experimentaleintwicklung Kampfpanzer Keiler (leo 2 EARLY, EARLY prototype)
    6. Geschutzwagen Tiger
    7. Feasible way to add T5 premiums
    8. Flakpanzer V "Super Coelian" - The German ZSU-57
    9. Junkers EF-132 Heavy Jet Bomber
    10. Panzerkampfwagen VII Schwerer Lowe as German 7.3 heavy



    I will update the rankings bi-weekly so check back often! ;)



    note: rankings based on number/recency of posts (feedback given), poll votes, topic upvotes, and the idea presented by the original poster.


    1. Results45




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      Ever wondered what suggestions are the best to support? Well here they are below:


      Moderated Suggestions:

      1. Folland Gnat
      2. FV415b [Stage II] Tank Destroyer - A Cold War Behemoth
      3. 155mm T30 Heavy Tank Ammunition
      4. Soviet Heavy Tank: Object 277/278
      5. T249 Vigilante SPAAG
      6. M4 Skink AA Tank
      7. Reduce 105 Tiger II reload time
      8. Atomic 90mm Gun Tank TV-8 by Chrysler AKA "The Pod Tank"
      9. German B-17G and German B-24 Premiums
      10. Cheiftain Mk. 10 - Top British MBT (BR 10.0)



      Further Discussion:

      1. Lower the BR MM Spread from 1.0 to 0.7
      2. Italian-Hungarian Ground Units Suggestion
      3. France - Organization of Air and Ground Forces tree
      4. Plane's maps for tanks?
      5. Experimentaleintwicklung Kampfpanzer Keiler (leo 2 EARLY, EARLY prototype)
      6. Geschutzwagen Tiger
      7. Feasible way to add T5 premiums
      8. Arcade battle bomber spam. Presentation of problem + solution
      9. Flakpanzer V "Super Coelian" - The German ZSU-57
      10. Junkers EF-132 Heavy Jet Bomber



      I will update the rankings bi-weekly so check back often! ;)



      note: rankings based on number/recency of posts (feedback given), poll votes, topic upvotes, and the idea presented by the original poster.

  102. Can you please add an "International Tree" option to the poll? As well as maybe more questions (BR placement, stock/premium preference, other opinions)?
  103. Tanks/Vehicles

    Ancient U.S. Weapon Makes a Surprise Reappearance in Syria (excerpt) AUTHOR: BRENDAN MCNALLY.BRENDAN MCNALLY "As weapons go, the M40 is almost amazingly crude. The first thing you notice about the back of the gun is that, unlike conventional cannon, the breech block has big openings. The rounds it fires look different too; the shell casings are also open, more like cages than canisters. But what makes it so different from conventional artillery is its way of dealing with recoil. Rather than try to contain it, as conventional guns do, recoilless rifles endeavor to balance it by offering the propellant gasses the easiest escape possible. That’s why the breech mechanism is vented and open, functioning like a rocket nozzle. It is also why recoilless rifles generate the massive and deadly back blast that can make them such a frightening weapon to be around. Though the idea behind the recoilless rifle goes back five hundred years, it wasn’t until the late 19th Century that the key technologies were developed to actually make recoilless rifles practical. The Germans built a 75mm recoilless rifle used by their airborne troops during the invasion of Crete that proved to be a decisive weapon in that campaign. The U.S. developed its own version of the 75mm gun, but it did not reach the battlefield until the last weeks of the European war. The present-day M40 106mm was developed following the Korean War and used extensively during the Vietnam War. Since the North Vietnamese almost never used their tanks, the M40 found other tasks for the weapon besides hitting armor. Sometimes it got used against enemy bunkers, but mostly, following the introduction of a steel dart-laden “beehive” round, it became a fearsome anti-personnel weapon. But in Vietnam, the M40 is best remembered for its association with the Ontos, possibly the most downright eccentric armored vehicle ever concocted for the U.S. Military. It was a tiny tank, armed with six M40 recoilless rifles, which were mounted externally on its tiny turret. The Ontos fought in countless skirmishes, but where it became part of Marine legend was in the battle for Hue during the Tet Offensive. There it was involved in some of the fiercest urban fighting in the Corps history. According to one source, the only reason the Fifth Marine Regiment survived Hue was because of the Ontos and the 106mm recoilless rifle. And then the U.S. military moved on — or so it seemed. While the M40 was technically replaced, the Army’s scientists, like Dark Ages monks, have continued preserving and even improving it until the day comes for its resurrection."
  104. T-10 had the D-25T. T-10M and Object 279 both had M-6X series guns so I would assume they could fire similar ammo....... edit: Object 770 (improved IS-7/T-10M), Object 277, and Object 278 also used the M-65 so it would make sense that all predecessors to the T-10M be capable of firing HEAT-FS
  105. T-10M has 400mm HEAT-FS. Obj. 279 could get the same (at best).
  106. Spawn killing - moving spawn location not very likely as it requires map changes. They have some other ideas that they are working on but would not elaborate on that They're thinkin' about it....... Trouble is, why don't they look here?
  107. 2017 wish list

    . CONFIRMED: Ammo racks will show empty space when ammo gets used(because sometimes shots to ammo racks that appear full don't explode) MASSIVE BR CHANGES NEXT WEEK(wait news in next few days) HE shell damage changes happened because there were times it took more shots than to kill a tank T32 will have BR changes Jumbo - BR changes and possible DM changes Italian tree confirmed Japan - more CAS planes in next patches, working on rocket bombs Thinkin' about it...... Looking to improve post pen damage for large caliber guns (especially for slow reloading) IS-7 still maybe Spawn killing - moving spawn location not very likely as it requires map changes. They have some other ideas that they are working on but would not elaborate on that BT-42, BT-7A - interesting tanks that they might consider introducing They have planed vehicle list for 1 year ahead BMP, BMD - very probable Navy - soon new test with ships that have powerful guns Smoke - thinking how to introduce them (probably as smoke grenades shot from main gun) ERA - will introduce only if all nations gets it Nope! (for now): Chinese tank tree - no comments, currently only for china server, maybe few interesting tanks will be implemented on warthunder servers MIG-21 & F-100 nope No air-air rockets because whoever gets on tail first wins T-64 still possible but not now World war - no real information, wait for new some time
  108. CONFIRMED: Ammo racks will show empty space when ammo gets used(because sometimes shots to ammo racks that appear full don't explode) MASSIVE BR CHANGES NEXT WEEK(wait news in next few days) HE shell damage changes happened because there were times it took more shots than to kill a tank T32 will have BR changes Jumbo - BR changes and possible DM changes Italian tree confirmed Japan - more CAS planes in next patches, working on rocket bombs Thinkin' about it...... Looking to improve post pen damage for large caliber guns (especially for slow reloading) IS-7 still maybe Spawn killing - moving spawn location not very likely as it requires map changes. They have some other ideas that they are working on but would not elaborate on that BT-42, BT-7A - interesting tanks that they might consider introducing They have planed vehicle list for 1 year ahead BMP, BMD - very probable Navy - soon new test with ships that have powerful guns Smoke - thinking how to introduce them (probably as smoke grenades shot from main gun) ERA - will introduce only if all nations gets it Nope! (for now): Chinese tank tree - no comments, currently only for china server, maybe few interesting tanks will be implemented on warthunder servers MIG-21 & F-100 nope No air-air rockets because whoever gets on tail first wins T-64 still possible but not now World war - no real information, wait for new some time
  109. So we know what planes look like on the open's what tanks look like: Would definitely be nice to see combined boats-ships-planes-tanks gameplay on Norway!
  110. I don't have much time for an intro so here's the articles, specs, and pics: 155mm Type 75 MRLS (source links below -- to be laid out soon):式130mm自走多連装ロケット弾発射機 155mm Type 75 SPH: Some History:  Development of the 75 self-propelled grenade guns began in 1962. Development was advanced in parallel with 74-type self-propelled gun mounted with 105 mm. Although the development concept is unknown, it is probably "to make a tow gun self-propelled and improve mobility more." The car body was made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, especially the engine, bore and stroke were commonly used with 74 type tanks and 73 type armored cars that were also being developed at the time (bore 135 mm, stroke 150 mm). Only the cylinder is different (74 type tank is 10 cylinder, 73 type armored car is 4 cylinder). The undercarriage is the same as the five rolling wheels, the 74 type tank and the 73 type armored car, but the point that is different from these is that it has grounded the induction wheel, which has greatly contributed to ensuring the stability at the time of shooting. The engine is placed in front of the car body and the battle room in the rear is widely taken.  Japan steelmaker was responsible for turret capable of rotating 360 °. The 155 mm gun mounted was also developed by Nippon Steel Corporation newly, not the 155 mm howitzer M1 that was then adopted by the SDF. Completion was 30 caliber 155 mm artillery, compared with the range of 15 km of M 1 howitzer, this range greatly increased to 19 km. In addition, it is said that a cannon with a long barrel of 30 caliber has power in combat fights.  This 75-type self-propelled grenade gun is full of sighting equipment, it consists of a panoramic sighting device, a direct sighting device, an electric high-level sighting device, and a collimator. Especially direct sighting machine is not in ordinary self-propelled gun, but in some cases short range fighting will be possible, and it is impossible to penetrate the armor of the tank, but it makes impossible to aim at the undercarriage It will be. In any case, the hit accuracy is quite high with this fuller sight.  The prototype vehicle was completed in 1974, and four prototype vehicles were completed by the following Showa 47, but it was not adopted yet. The reason is that we wanted to improve the loading mechanism better, so we wanted to raise the launch speed, but as we got 155 mm gun it was nearly 40 kilometers even with cannon bullets, so the launch speed would be The limit naturally comes out. Several plans came out at the time of planning, eventually it is said that two kinds of mechanisms were prototyped. One of them is a type loaded with a revolver type rotary drum magazine on the left and right sides of the artillery artillery tail, this method will eventually be adopted. This method has precedent, and AMX - 13 of the French tank adopts this system. However, when considering recruitment in tanks, there is a disadvantage that the turret will inevitably become big if it is a drum magazine type, so there are no examples other than this AMX - 13 in the automatic loading mechanism in tanks. However, if self-propelled guns are shooting from behind, there is no problem even if it gets bigger. Also, since it is possible to mount an automatic loading mechanism at low cost, it seems that adoption of this method was not bad. However, there are no examples of adopting this system for self-propelled guns of other countries. The reason is that there are still many disadvantages, so it is easy to break if foreign objects get clogged, and although this is the biggest disadvantage, the number of bullets that can be installed decreases because of the automatic loading mechanism that takes up capacity. In addition, the number of bullets carried by the 75-type self-propelled grenade gun is 28 in total, 9 in the drum magazine and 10 in the car. There are the same number of charges and 56 funnels are loaded why the fuse is loaded. Should I quickly load only bullets and gunpowder from outside the car?  Although the vehicle is not as light as 25.3 tons, the car body and turret are all made of aluminum alloy and are finished as light as possible. There are not many even if it is attacked by tanks and cannons, but there is no problem because the shooting from the back is the subject. However, there is no crossing capability. Was not it a problem of this neighborhood?  Compared with the 74 type self-propelled grenade gun that was developing at the same time, adoption was delayed by one year due to the improvement of the above mechanism etc. It was officially named "75-inch 155 mm self-propelled grenade gun" in October 1955. Originally it was about 5 a year, but due to the subsequent increase in defense expenses, it reached an annual output of 30 in the peak period. Total number of production was 201 for both Japan and self-propelled guns of the Japan Self Defense Force. Synchronous 74-style self-propelled guns are in contrast to the fact that there are only 20 productions because there is not much power as 105 mm cannon. Only Hokkaido and Mt. Fuji who have tank divisions are deployed. Although I want all special subjects, I can not deploy this 75-type self-propelled grenade gun with a unit price of 290 million yen so much, and in the Showa 58 era FH 70 which can be said as the definitive version of a towed self-propelled cannon to the SDF There are also points that have been deployed. This FH 70 is also because the maximum towing speed is 100 km, the range is also normal, 24 km, and the rocket assisted bullet is 30 km, which is considerably higher than the 75 type self-propelled grenade cannon.  The 75-type self-propelled grenade guns did not adopt rocket-assisted bombs with poor hit accuracy, so the range of 19 km was the standard at the time of adoption, but the ranges came short when it came in the 1990s. In 1998, therefore, a new 155 mm self-propelled grenade gun was developed and deployed. Although the details of this new self-propelled grenade gun have not been announced, it is said to be able to fly 30 kilometers even if ordinary ammunition because of 52 long caliber barrel. Although it will be deployed and converted to this new self-propelled grenade gun one by one, it seems that 75 years self-propelled grenade guns will continue to be deployed about 20 years ago. source: Wikipedia (English & Japanese Editions):式自走155mmりゅう弾砲 Japanese source #1 (in Japanese and English): Japanese source #2 (in Japanese and English): Specifications: Manufacturer Design Period Introduction Year Mitsubishi & Japanese Iron Works 1969-1975 1975 Production Total Crew 201 6 men Dimensions and weight Weight 25.3 t Length (gun forward) 7.79 m Hull length 6.64 m Width 3.09 m Height 2.55 m Armament Main gun 155-mm Barrel length 30 calibers Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm Projectile weight 43.5 kg Maximum firing range 19 - 24 km Maximum rate of fire 6 rpm Elevation range - 5 to + 65 degrees Traverse range 360 degrees Ammunition load Main gun 28 rounds Machine guns 1 000 rounds Mobility Engine Mitsubishi 6 ZF diesel Engine power 450 hp Maximum road speed 47 km/h Range 300 km Maneuverability Gradient 60% Side slope 30% Vertical step 0.7 m Trench 2.5 m Fording 1.3 m Additional Images: Video: Thanks for the support!
  111. I would like to suggest the addition of a faster version of the TB-3 and the DBA. Comparison between the "basic" TB-3 ingame, proposed variants fitted with the AM-34RN/FRN engine, and the DBA: TB-3M-17-32 (current) Powerplant: 4 x 730hp M-17 # of blades: 2 per engine (8 total) Max speed: 185 km/h Defensive armament: 8 x .30cal DA machine guns Bombload: 2,000-3,000kg TB-3AM-34RN (proposed premium) Powerplant: 4 x 820hp AM-34RN # of blades: inner two engines w/ 4 each & outer two engines w/ 2 each (12 total) Max speed: 288 km/h Defensive armament: 8 x .30cal ShKAS machine guns Bombload: 2,000-3,000kg TB-3-4AM-34FRN Zveno-SPB configuration with Polikarpov I-16 fighters armed with FAB-250 bombs TB-3AM-34FRN (proposed stock) Powerplant: 4 x 900hp AM-34FRN # of blades: 4 per engine (16 total) Max speed: 300 km/h Defensive armament: 8 x .30cal ShKAS machine guns Bombload: 2,000-3,000kg DBA (proposed stock) Powerplant: 4 x 900hp AM-34FRN # of blades: 3 per engine (12 total) Max speed: 316 km/h Defensive armament: 3 x .30cal ShKAS + 1 x 20mm ShVAK machine gun in dosel turret Bombload: 5000kg . .  Articles on TB-3 development: Articles on DB-A development: Articles on AM-34 engine development: Long live the snail (and slug) bombers! :D
  112. The T-26 A-43 and T-24-6 were developed from joining the 76.2 KT howitzer from the Su-1/5/12/26 with the T-26 platform chassis. Neither tank progressed beyond trial-stage prototypes into mass-production for various reasons. Photos of the T-26 A-43 & Su-1/5/12/26: From Wikipedia: Text Sources on the Su-1, Su-5, T-26 A-43, & T-26-4 (after downloading from the "" link on, you will need WinZip or WinRaR to decompress the files into PDFs): T-26 A-43 ( T-26-4 & Su-1/5 ( T-26-4 & Su-1/5 ( T-46: A Not so Short History Developer: Production Bureau; Voroshilov Development Commencement Year: 1933 Prototype Completion Year: 1935 First introduced in 1937, some of these machines took part in the defense of Moscow in autumn 1941 Despite the fact that the CT-26 project has not brought the desired result from the idea to put the T-26, the wheel turn in any case did not refuse. Moreover, in early 1933 KB im.Voroshilova plant has begun work on the creation of an improved T-26A. In addition to wheel-tracked chassis involves the installation of a diesel engine, as well as the strengthening of armament and booking. The head of the project, in early 1934 received a new index of T-46 , was appointed S. Ginzburg, a leading designer took place V.Simsky. The design of the tank, in order to facilitate mass production, many components borrowed from the T-26 sample of 1933 According to the technical project of the T-46 was supposed to have increased gun armament and combat weight of 10 tons. But first of all planned significant improvement in the running qualities of the tank. The case T-46 differed little from the prototype and is going through a dowel from rolled armor plates thickness of 8, 10, 15 and 22 mm. Originally intended to be used welding, but Izhora factory barely mastered this innovation, and therefore the tank prototypes were built in the old way. tank layout has changed. In front of the building houses the separation of management and transmission, the driver's seat (with the characteristic protuberance in the form of a booth) left on the left side. The fighting compartment was in the middle of the chassis, engine compartment - aft. The first draft of the T-46 provides for the installation of the diesel engine diesel fuel or gasoline-4 MT-4 capacity of 180-210 hp, almost identical in size and anchorages. The first type of engine seemed the most promising, since it does not consume a high-octane fuel, as the T-26 and diesel fuel. However, the "minders" were not able to complete the DT-4, and then decided to temporarily stop the petrol engine. The strongest differences had undercarriage. Instead, it used the trolleys in 4 double road wheels on one side with rubber tires and blocked spring suspension, 2 support rollers and a drive wheel of the front position with the pin engagement. Truckee track width of 390 mm was cast and made from steel Hartfield. When driving on the wheels were leading only two pairs of rear wheels, and the rotation was carried out by a conventional differential gear with the front pair of wheels. To control when driving on tracks used controls, RV - steering a car. When the caterpillars move to stall the wheel stroke can be made without the crew out of the machine using the levers on the gearbox. The composition of the first sample of arms T-46 was little changed compared with the serial T-26. Alteration undergone tower, which was slightly increased in size and intended for installation as a 45 mm 20K gun and 76.2 mm PS-3 guns. The rear recess in the ball mount, mounted 7.62-mm machine gun DT. The second DT was in a twin installation, along with the gun. The crew consisted of three people. The driver was located in the department of management left protruding armor booth. Planting and crew out of the machines produced by bivalve driver's hatch and two hatches in the roof of the tower. The first prototype wheeled-tracked tank T-46 was prepared in 1935. After a short break-in the factory, he was sent to the landfill NIBT where the tank was subjected to extensive testing. Special censures T-46 did not cause, but it was pointed out that the mass of the tank was more than 14 tons. This negatively affected the gearbox and final drive, which barely kept strongly increased load. Nevertheless, the project was considered promising, and soon to the technical commission of the UMM RKKA somewhat modified version of the tank was proposed that took the indices 46-1, 46-2 and 46-3, the design team developed a new CB Pilot Plant Spetsmashtresta them. Kirov (former OKMO) under the direction of A. Ivanov. The last option seemed the most optimal and the decision of the SRT of 29 February 1936, he was adopted by the Red Army under the designation T-46-1 . Such a large rush due to the fact that the production T-26 from series to series only gained weight, while a slight increase was a combat potential and reduce ride quality.Therefore, adoption of more speed and better armed tank was one of the priorities. The first prototype of the T-46-1 was ready only in November 1936. tank design was finalized, although for the most part it was the same as the T-46. During changes tank was equipped with a 300-horsepower diesel engine DMT-5, so its engine compartment was projected at 8-cylinder V-twin powerplant. However, and this engine was not obtained. Instead, set the gasoline engine air-cooled MT 5-1 330 hp The cooling system of two axial fans used in the cooling air with a fence on both sides of the front part of the roof of the engine compartment. The capacity of the fuel tanks was 428 liters. Transmission of the tank included a four-PPC, located under the floor of the crew compartment, steering clutches, final drives. Reservation is strengthened by the introduction of 15-mm armor plates on board, but this step is only slightly increased the security of the tank. Armor T-46-1 is still able to withstand the firing only large-caliber bullets. The main armament is also planned to use the 45-mm gun 20K or 76.2-mm gun PS-3, but the latter type of artillery systems industry has not mastered. Both DT machine gun left, and in addition, the right of the twin installation in a spherical apple was fixed hose pneumatic flamethrower KS-45. Ammunition tank were shot to 101 45-mm gun, 43 stores (2709) rounds of ammunition for the machine gun DT, with 50 liters tank ognesmesi 10-12 shots from the flamethrower KS-45. Electric cars have been performed on a single circuit board network with a voltage of 12 V. The supply sources used battery 6STE-128 with a capacity of 128 Ah and 500-watt generator. The tank was equipped with a radio 71-TK-1, placed in a niche of the tower, with poruchnevoy antenna. Tests T-46-1 have been quite successful. The tank had a much greater speed and mobility on the tracks than the T-26 and RV reaches its maximum speed of 72 km \ h.Also, it simplified handling of the tank, through the use of new transmission. By arming the T-46-1 is quite consistent with the requirements of the Red Army, but the setting of the flamethrower was later abandoned. The decision to launch a tank in serial production has been received before the end of his trial. T-46-1 Production of December 1936 launched the plant №174 im.Voroshilova, which was parallel to the assembly of T-26, but after the assembly 4 cars stopped their production. The reason turned out to be rather prosaic - for all T-46-1 available benefits proved to be too expensive, and the cost was not inferior to the average three-turret tank T-28. Thus, the issue of "twenty-six" was continued, and finished samples wheeled-tracked tank, after a short period of military operation, handed over to the NIBT landfill. All work on the tanks T-46 in late 1937, is fully turned, except for variant with protivosnaryadnym book, which later was significantly redesigned and is now known to us under the designation T-111 (T-46-5). According to the decision of the Military Council issued one of the T-46-1 was passed in order bronetankovgo Museum, where he remained until 1941 Sergei's It would seem, from this moment the fate of the T-46-1 has been solved completely, but the beginning of the war forced to revert to the "unnecessary" equipment. In October 1941, when the German wax left on the immediate approaches to Moscow, from warehouses and landfills began to "pull out" all combat-ready equipment. Apparently, this time none of the T-46 was not able to "move on" (most likely it was that a museum exhibit), so have decided to make the armored gun emplacements (BOT). A few years earlier had already been a positive experience rework older T-18 and T-24, so that the available T-46 without running gear dug into the ground at the tower, saving them the e set of arms, but without a flame thrower. What was their fate on, and whether it was successful combat use them remains unclear. One such BOT was discovered a few years ago, and the display at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. At least two T-46 hulls were used at Leningrad, one of them on the borders of Karur, and the other (pictured) captured by the Germans to the south of Leningrad. Article Source: Primary Source: М.Свирин “Броня крепка. История советского танка 1919-1937” Яуза/ЭКСМО. 2007 г. T-46 on display at Poklonnaya Hill: T-46 Specifications (low-resolution GIF) SU-6: T-26 made mobile Flak Developer: КБ завода №185 Development Commencement Year: 1933 Prototype Completion Year: 1935 Mini-version of the Zkftwgn. 88mm Flak 37 1st production batch of 14 completed, but the vehicles were placed in storage indefinitely after being rejected for combat use by the 2nd Division of the Russian Army In 1933, to replace the hopelessly obsolete and decommissioned self-propelled anti-aircraft guns on the chassis of commercial vehicles, created as early as the First World War, it was granted the task of designing an anti-aircraft self-propelled guns on the chassis of the tank T-26. Requirements for a new self-propelled design department issued self-propelled artillery plant №185. Because as the main weapons involves the installation of a 76-mm cannon sample 3Q 1931 is already at the preliminary design stage it became apparent that the chassis of T-26 have lengthened. We disagreed GAU and UMM, which strongly impede the alterations on the tank, recently adopted for serial production. However, in May 1943, the ACS project received index SU-6, was approved, but the job is adjusted for use guns in combat formations of troops against enemy tanks. Direct the design and manufacture of a prototype began in June. SAU L.Troyanov arrangement worked under the general supervision P.V.Syachintova. The body of the machine was a box-riveted construction, reinforced for rigidity with three transverse septa. Housing and gauge in SU-6 were wider than the T-26. On the perimeter of the housing is pivotally positioned fortified armored folding shields covering the payment of small-arms fire during movement. In the tilted position the board held a special backups that took an extra anchor point suspension package. Thus, the increased area where acted calculation tools. The front and rear hinged panels were spherical install machine-guns. The internal walls of the housing seats fastened taken shape calculation. Calculation combat vehicle consisted of 6 people.76-mm anti-aircraft gun 3K arr. 1931 with a barrel length of 56 calibres was set on a pedestal in the middle of the hull. The gun was firing angle horizontal 360 °, vertical - from -5 ° to + 82 °. The height of the line of fire was 2445 mm. Ammunition consisted of 48 rounds. Chassis has been extended due to the installation in the middle of the hull on each side additionally installed on one track roller, sprung coil spring. To turn off the special hydraulic cushioning device was used during the shooting. The engine and transmission were entirely borrowed from the series of the T-26 sample in 1933. Factory tests SS6 were conducted in the period from September to October 1935. Weighing 11,000 kg self-propelled showed a top speed of 28 km \ h and had a reserve of about 130 km. A few days later, on October 13 SU-6 came from the factory number 185 on the NIAP, where almost a year passed its field tests. Such a long test period was due to the fact that the automatic control system for a long time was under repair and in addition, simultaneously used to practice installation of a 37-mm anti-aircraft gun (the 76 mm gun dismantled). Trial runs at 750 km lasted from June 25 to September 14, 1936 at intervals for engine and chassis, heavily congested because of the increased weight of the combat vehicle. Test machines are also complicated by the severe weather conditions that resulted in frequent breakdowns of the chassis and the engine-transmission group. Thus, after the march 15-25 km at 25 km / h was required stop, because the oil temperature approaching 105 ° C. In addition, during the tests revealed a lack of engine power of the T-26, which is hard to "hold" the weight potyazhelevshy self-propelled guns, small rollers strength chassis and suspension springs. Fire tests, during which 416 shots were made, too, did not bring the desired result. When shooting on the move while driving on a meadow at a speed of 7-10 km \ h 8 shots from a distance of 400-500 meters on the shield was carried out and thus no one shell at a target missed. Accuracy of fire initially found to be satisfactory, but in the end changed to unsatisfactory evaluation, both enabled and cushioning is turned off. The system also has a low resistance on the ground. When fired, the SS6 jumped to a height of 170 mm when shooting with an elevation angle of 0 °, and rolled back up to 210 mm. Each shot was noted sbivaemost pickup to 15 'at an angle of elevation of + 85 °. In addition, the SU-6 calculation stowed entirely on ACS did not fit and installers of remote handsets had to go by car escort. All these factors led to the fact that the SU-6 found to be unsuitable to accompany the mechanized columns. However, in March 1936, the plant №185 managed to lay the initial batch of 14 machines. Later, 10 of them were planning to adapt to install a 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft machine Shpitalniy, but in January 1937 from this version also declined since the release of this type of tools is adjusted was not. To pledged machines are not idle idle March 13, 1936 order was issued №0K-58ss, according to which four 76-mm anti-aircraft automatic control system to be used for the training of personnel. By January 1937, four chassis SU-6 were collected, and the rest were in various stages of readiness in the shop of the plant number 185. Their further fate was uncertain, since P.V.Syachintov was arrested and work on self-propelled much stalled. The fate of the self-propelled guns could be solved in 1938, when the name of the Chief of the 2nd Division of the Red Army AU received a report "on the storage and use of the SU-6", which, inter alia, stated the following: “Прошу вашего распоряжения вонепреду Ленинградского завода подъёмных сооружений о передаче на длительное хранение в склад АУ задела (неоконченной продукции) по всем машинам СУ-6, изготовленного Ленинградским заводом подъёмных сооружений им.т.Кирова, согласно с договором с АУ РККА от 28.8.1936 г. по чертежам завода на длительное хранение. Иначе придется платить заводу за длительное хранение упомянутого. опрос дальнейшего использования четырех переданных готовых машин СУ-6, предназначенных под 76-мм зенитную пушку обр.1931 г., выясняется, о чем будет Вам сообщено дополнительно. Председатель Арткома АУ РККА Комдив Грендаль”. Thus, the Red Army did not burn desire to make the SU-6 in any capacity, and sent the finished car to a warehouse where they ended their lives. Translation of the 2nd Army Division commander's message (in-browser Google Translate tool) Article Source: Primary Source: М.Свирин "Самоходки Сталина. История советской САУ 1919-1945". Москва. Яуза\ЭКСМО. 2008 Su-6 Specifications (low-resolution GIF) Additional Images: .
  113. Transport-by-Air: Multi-role bombers (as airdrop transports and gunships): Bomber-airdrop transports: --- [1942] Li-2D+R/Il-12D/DC-3 (24 troops, 1,000-2,000kg bombload, 1x12.5mm UBK MG & 3x7.62mm ShKAS MGs) --- C-60C/R5O-6/B-34/B-37/PV-1 Ventura/PV-2 Harpoon/Model 18 Lodestar (18 paratroopers) --- [6 converted, 33 built in 1943] CB-17G/XC-108/B-17 (4x12.7mm M2 Browning MGs & 64 paratroopers???) --- Ju-52/3m g7e (18 paratroopers, 1x13mm MG131, 2x7.92mm MG15s, and 1,100kg bombload) --- [1974] C-212-300M Aviocar (24 paratroopers, 1,000kg bombs/rockets/MGs, or 2,700kg payload) --- Ki-57/Ki-27 (1,000kg bombload, 1x12.7mm Type 1 MG, 4x7.7mm Type 89 MGs, & 11 paratroopers) --- S.M. 82 (40 paratroopers, 4,000kg bombload, 1x12.7mm Scotti MG, & 3x7.7mm Breda-SAFAT MGs) --- Do. 26V6 (500kg payload, 12 paratroopers, 1x20mm MG151/20, & 3x7.92mm MG15s) --- He.111 H-20/R1/He.111 (16 paratroopers) --- B.V. 222C (6,000kg+ load???, 92 paratroopers, 3x20mm MG 151/20s, & 5x13mm MG131s) --- Farman 222/223 + Farman 224TT (30-40 paratroopers???) --- DC-5/A-20 (22 paratroopers) --- G3M/G6M ( ?# of paratroopers) ---- Albemarle (4,500lbs bombload (~2,000kg), 10 paratroopers, 4x7.7mm MGs) --- Ca.111 (8-10 paratroopers, 4x7.7mm Breda-SAFAT MGs, & 600kg bombload) Armed airdrop-transports: --- Me. 323 D/E (100-130 troops, tanks/tractors/trucks/vehicles/AA-AT guns/payload up to 12,000kg, 11x7.92mm (D-1/2), 18x7.92mm MG-81s (D-6), or 7x13mm MG 131s & 2x20mm MG151s (E-2)) --- L2D/DC-3 (21 troops, 1x13mm Type 2 MG & 2x7.7mm Type 92 MGs) Defensive Gunship-Escort Bombers: --- [prototype premium] XB-41/B-24 (14x12.7mm M2 Browning MGs) --- [25 introduced in 1943] YB-40/B-17 (18-30x12.7mm M2 Browing MGs) --- [1 produced to escort captured B-17s] Me. 323 E-3 (11x20mm MG151s & 4x13mm MG131s) Gunship-airdrop transports: --- AC-47/C-47/C-53/DC-3 (3x7.62 GAU-2/M134 miniguns or 28 paratroopers) --- AC-119G+K/C-119 (4x7.62 GAU-2/A miniguns & 2x20mm M61 Vulcan 6-barrel MGs or 10,000lbs (4,500kg) payload & up to 62 paratroopers) --- AC-130A+E/C-130 (varied assortment of MG/cannons (7.62 GAU-2/A miniguns, 20mm M61 Vulcan 6-barrel MGs, and 40mm L/60 Bofors cannons) or varied payload capacity of 45,000lbs (2 airborne vehicles, 6 pallets of cargo & up to 64 paratroopers))
  114. Here is a list of potential future April Fool's Day events that I think should be super fun to hold: 1. Wunder Thunder meets Star Thunder · Weirdest paper-plane designs + 1000t Tank-Grotte & Ratte vs. WWII-esc UFOs, transformer mechs, and custom-built tanks Details: --- --- 2. Cowboys vs. Aliens · Pony-riding cowboys battle UFOs spawning from outer-space 3. [RB event only] A tribute to Colonel “Bazooka” Charlie and his Tiger-shredding Piper Cub · Rocket-mounted biplanes vs. Tier 1 & 2 tanks (w/ limited # or no SPAAGs) Details: --- --- 4. Fantasy Thunder · Option for those who missed-out on past April Fools’ events (and anyone else) to participate in My Little Pony Battles, “Attack of Gaijilla”, “Unrealistic Thunder” (potato Shermans), ST-1 battles (WWII mechs based on KV-2 turrets), and "Pirate Ship Battles" Details: --- --- --- --- --- 5. Star Thunder (trailer still viewable here) · Depending on tier, prop & jet fighters/attackers will be pitted against alien ships spawning from space (or a mothership) – all units are player controlled. 6. Modern Thunder · M1 Abrams, T-90, F-15, Su-35, Challenger 2, Leopard 2, etc. 7. Whack-a-Mine! · Drive whacky-looking US, Soviet, and German mine-rollers in an effort to clear as many mines as possible in 7 minutes while also defending yourself and your teammates against fire from your opponents. · To add to it all, your secondary role (if you die and respawn) will be to whizz around in light tanks and armored cars laying mines everywhere (beware of enemy mines!) · US & Russian vehicles: 8. Tanks vs. Zombies: · Player-driven Tanks with HP bars battle AI zombies 9. Swap Day! (event #1) · Your gun, ammo, and loadout will be randomly swapped with that of another player’s in battle (aircraft with aircraft, tanks with tanks, boat with boat) the moment you spawn-in. The fun’s in figuring-out what load-out you have and making the most of it until you die and respawn. 10. Swap Day! (event #2) · In the corresponding tier, the armament, loadout, armor, and performance of bombers will be swapped with that of a fighter’s as are heavy tanks with that of light tank’s (and vice versa). Details: 11. [RB event only] “Opposite Day” (Operation Inversion) · Axis forces comprised of captured Allied aircraft and tanks disguised as Allied forces intercept Allied bomber formations & ground convoys pretending to be friendly escorts. Suddenly and without warning, the order is given from the Axis command to begin an all-out attack on enemy units. Meanwhile, the Allies launch their own campaign Operation Inversion utilizing their own captured Axis aircraft and ground units (disguised as friendly German, Italian, and Japanese units) to infiltrate Axis forces. As seemingly routine war operations fall into chaos, the outcome of the battle is ultimately determined by those who can figure friend from foe. · Best held with the large majority (70%+) of players are on respective sides from the beginning . RB or SB modes only (or AB so that everyone knows what's happening) . MM/pop-up objectives system give commands to "teamkill" enemies. . Details here: · Alternate event idea: Event #11 design recommendation: intercepted players should not be able to tell between friendly & enemy players while being intercepted. 12. More event ideas: Additional ideas and feedback on those listed above welcome. Thoughts?
  115. Everything about these sections is laid out below, so let's jump into it! Categorized Suggestions: Developer's Perspective I check the forums to see what inspiration I can get from the players (or sometimes when I get bored). Among the first places I look is the suggestions section, but more often than not I find myself asking, "What am I doing here going through all these suggestions that don't quite fit what I'm looking for?" This usually happens after scanning pages and pages of suggestions when I start realizing I should get back to my regular work like modeling naval craft or designing maps. Now if only there was an easier way to look for good player ideas...... Forumer's Perspective Every time I dive into the suggestions forums here, it's a zoo -- an unending list of literally thousands of ideas that players (like me) would like to see in-game. The solution to this would be to categorize suggestions like bug reports: by game aspect, by country, by vehicle type, by game mode. Features: 1. Suggestion threads categorized in sub-forum section (titled Vehicles, Loadouts, Forums, UI, Economy, Game Mode, Gameplay/Maps, Battle Modes, Skins/Decals, Naval Craft, and Other/Misc.) 2. Sub-sections within those main sub-forum sections (vehicles by gameplay type/country/role, maps by gameplay type/region, UI & Economy by function, etc.) Illustrations: CDK Community: 1. A sub-section within the "War Thunder Live Community" sub-forum or as its own independent sub-forum 2. Tutorials on all things CDK (anything from downloading & uploading to creating vehicles and maps from scratch 3. Sections (sub-sections in parenthesis): Tutorials* ("Video Tutorials and step-by-step "Instructional Tutorials") "General CDK Discussion" [moderated] "Meet the Modelers" (Lassar's Team, BVV_d's Team, White_Wolf's Team, VSN's Team) [moderated] "Developer-led Projects" (aircraft, GFs, naval, maps, and economy/UI) "New Projects" "WiP Projects" "Completed Projects" "Implemented Projects" *"CDK Expert" member-led tutorial threads note: the "Suggestions" subforum now contains over 7,000 topics