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  1. I think I have narrowed down the problem somewhat..... it seems to be related to how much white is on the screen. Gorge is terrible, and Stalingrad(Arcade air battles) but the main culprit seems to be the tracers on those Front Line games...... that is when I get the worst stuttering. Used to be the lighter the game screen the better my system ran.... on older lesser powerful cpu's/gpu's...... now it is the opposite. I have noticed problems with hit detection and general game play since the first part of the year..... but the last 6 weeks or so this stuttering has become very bad.... having it again this morning playing only the US server with 12 ping 0 pl ....... bad thing.... Front Line games are far too common.... as much as 4 outta 5 games at times.....
  2. Yeah it went back to not working again today.... hasn't worked properly in any game I have tried today ...... more players/traffic??.... I dunno .... Arcade air battles is where it is worst ......
  3. no luck ...... I don't guess I can play WT on this set up ......13/7 - 14/7 .... this may sound weird.... but right before I went to bed last night.... I switched my clock to .gov time .... instead of the windows time it was set to by default. And my play today is much better. I ran the race Event and saw no stutter at all, did a battle in ships and nothing there either. I still see a bit in Arcade plane battles, but it is hardly noticeable ...... I do not know, but it seems like Arcade air combat is the only place it is bad at all..... just an uneducated guess.... but seems that game play there takes up a good deal of the game servers work load, more players per battle, etc ...... almost as if the only time I have problems is in a situation where there are a great deal more "calculations" involved. I mean I tried every possible combination with the compatibility app that I could think of and it got a hair better here and there, but still not good.... and again.... all I was playing last night was air arcade. Not sure if my internal clock has that much or anything at all to do with any of this.... but today is better and I am not messing with anything for a while.... I can live with this just fine compared to what it was. I really appreciate your time and thank you for your patience as well. If you think of anything else I can try I will be happy to give it a go, but for now.... it is not a pressing matter to me so you can take care of other stuff.... thanks again .... I will let you know if it gets bad again.....
  4. no luck ...... I don't guess I can play WT on this set up
  5. I am getting a terrible stutter, almost like I am losing connection at it's worst, yet the Ping, FPS & pl stay the same regardless. It is like the game cannot "sync" me to the rest of the players in the battle. 2017_07_11_11_55_01__12216.clog 2017_07_11_12_40_01__4200.clog stutter.wrpl DxDiag.txt