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  1. High level players playing in low tier are the reflex of broken Battle Ratings and MM, the same reason why people don't play with Nippon Airplanes because of repair cost. The problem is not the vehicle (any of them), its simple meta of the game that is complete broken in tier 4 and 5.
  2. Historical balance))))) I agree, Rockets are mini nukes in Warthunder.
  3. About BR i agree 200% with you! But spawnpoints no, planes deserve to bem a choice in the start of the match.
  4. I pointed about RB but my example can be used in Simulator Battles too since both modes share more things than Arcade. But in Simulator the planes in airfield already there, it's works fine because people (myself) starts the game in a SPAA, i dont need the game to be half-end to jump into a SPAA. About Arcade, there's nothing to help that game mode, is a pure mess since day one. I avoid Arcade at all cost, it's the cancer of Warthunder.
  5. ))))))))))))))) Nothing wrong tovarish, Historikal Sekreti Dokument Those stupid choices is the explanation that why Warthunder cant retain new players.
  6. The impossibility of spawn in an Aircraft in the start of the game is a stupid decision of Gaijin, because it make players avoid SPAA vehicles and some times dont even adding them on line. The only way to fix this problem in my opinion was: 1ºImprove SPAA Accuracy, the actual shell speed and distance travel is dumb. 2ºImprove reward for shot down planes. 3º ALL planes start on Airfield (including bombers) 4ºAirfield should be much far from the Ground Forces "Arena" (very far like in RB Air Battle)
  7. Step 1: Put a SPAA in your preset. Step 2: Shot Down Planes (dont go hunting tanks like 90% of the xxxx do) Step 3: Stop crying about Planes on GF Matches. I agree that SPAA ACC need to be buffed.
  8. Dev server BR still the same ****. Funny part there's not a single mod or Dev to respond our complains about the actual BR of IS6 and RU251 and we have almost 20 threads about those two tanks.
  9. T-29 is OK The problem is IS6 and RU251. Everyone knows 6.3-7.0 is broken and Gaijin dont give a xxxx. They wont change it, but we can...Stop giving money to them!!!!
  10. So in this update we gonna have some BR changes in GF? Because at this point adjustments in the Battle Rating and MM are more important than New Tech Tree. Also IS6 and RU251 to 7.7 when???
  11. They already said we wont get nothing big apart from targets. There's no reason for false hope.
  12. Nice dead game mode we gonna have after the relase. Only in their minds AA on water and dodging torpedos is fun. I still want too see a more dumb company than Gaijin... God damn when mostly of us leaved WOT few years ago thanks to Wargamming stupid policies and UNBALANCE, we never tough Gaijin will suprass them in idiocy and bad decisions, but look like they made it.
  13. Kek The only i see in the Forum defending the IS6 is the owners on them, this tank broke the already broken balance of BR 7.0.