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  1. So what's up with this silence from Gaijin? No new CTB News for days... There's hope that Gaijin will revert the "Only Fish Boats" in the game?
  2. No they are not. See h8k3 case few updates behind us, the community burned Gaijin because they wanted to put the Seaplane in the Premium Tree, and it's was a sucess, the plane is the Regular Tech Tree and a variant in the Premium one. Like i said before, it's belong to the Tier V Light Tank Line not in the premium.
  3. I dont care if it's 40$ OR 60$ Shekels. The problem is a tank that belong to Tier V in the premium tree with terrible low BR, im not against Premium Vehicles myself have a couple of them, but this tank belong in the regular tech tree. Gaijin need to use their brains before make stupid decisions like this one.
  4. First mistake it`s a premium tank. Germany deserve a light tank line. Second one and worst The BR it`s too low for a post war tank. Gaijin again not using logic to put vehicles in the game, i hope this turn like H8K Soa Opera, for our lucky in the Japanese Seaplane they used their reason and reverted the plane to normal one and not premium.