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  1. Learn to shot tovarish ))))))) There's no point complain here, Gaijin won't do nothing against the IS6, its a broken tank in a much more broken Battle Rating, its inert against WW2 ammo the only way to kill him is HESH on his face and guess when you get a HESH? Only you get when you buy a Leopard or buying the Ru251. Don't play 6.0+ stay in lower BR and you have more fun and balanced match.
  2. I dont know about another Nations SPAA Battle Rating, but if you think they deserve a lower BR Ok. Also about proper flak ammo, i agree with you, Gaijin need to buff SPAA Ammo and Accuracy, stop the late game rocket ****.
  3. + Armor that can withstand Autocannonfire and can bounce Medium tanks at equal Tier You wot? Every match i enter with him a see a IS6 also Medium Tanks in those tier one shot you every time. + good mobility I see you never played or test drive it + fast turret traverse Not so fast, but ok. + APHE rounds Useless. + upgraded HE rounds ???? + no Hullbreak Wont matter in this BR + two crewmembers in the hull Like is said before it's useless since you get one shot every time Cons: - no HVAP shells (these are ingame on another vehicle and have 145mm of pen) It's a SPAA dont need HVAP - poor gundepression Like i said...It's a HVAP
  4. With those long cannons I doubt its a girl, maybe a trap :* Also, the point of the thread is about the Battle Rating that Coelian is, when Gaijin swap him with the Kugel they keep the terrible high BR.
  5. lol Stop please. It's the worse SPAA in his actual battle rate, the low velocity shells make shot even bigger planes a hell, also with the bugged speed make him slow as a heavy tank.
  6. The poor Coelian need some love... At his current BR 6.7(why so high), he's the most useless SPAA in the game, he can't even pen the back or side of any tank in his Battle Rating, low velocity shells make him suffer to hit any plane flying in battle, and worse of all his BUGGED Speed-Acceleration and wrong hull (in game it has a Panther F hull in real life it was a D Hull). Lets send this poor fella to 6.0 Gaijin. ;_;
  7. Panther 2 is useless in 7.0, i dont touch my Panther 2 in months thanks to Gaijin and their stupid BR "fixes". Also, Panther 2 is the worse choice against the IS-6, in fact any Tank that only have Kinect Based Ammo are useless against IS-6
  8. lol They are not trying to fix nothing, fixing IS6 problem would take 2 minutes of keyboard work.
  9. Working right tovarish go to sleep ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Well, just do as i do, avoid BR 6.0 to 7.0. Let's made the queue time longer and longer, maybe those blind devs will open their eyes.
  10. Send him to 7.7 together with Ru251 and gave him the bloody D Shell, if anyone say its not Historical just see Panther 2 and tons of other vehicles that has zero historical value. IS 6 is the only problem I face in a 7.0 Battle Rate.
  11. IS6 is a mess together with RU 251, Gaijin Know this and wont make nothing to change it, get over it. Also when you see people in the Forums say it's a L2P issue i just say that kind of people deserve to be neck roped, even the damn Wargamming Removed IS6 from the game because it's was a mess to balance and they refused to give a upper Tier, so they replace it. Im not saying that IS6 need to leave the game, but he dont belong to the actual Battle Rating for sure. Just DONT PLAY 6.0 to 7.0 until you get some Tank with HESH Ammo, in German Tech Tree only Leopard will have it.