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  1. If it's directly at the end with 1 (maybe 2) enemies or allies then I don't mind that much since their chance to alter the course of battle is very slim but when the game has just started or still has no clear winning side, it's the most annoying and unfair action (since you are stopping your team from getting more points, ruining both teams fun and regularly result in your own team's loss). It's especially irritating when it's the "Top tier" heavy tanks doing it such as a game recently in which half the enemy team (this was a 10V10 match) Tiger 1's just drove around the very edge of a map and camped behind our spawn. Not once did they fire at our team since none of us died, not once did they try to help their own team and none attempted to try to stop save their team from a defeat. Even today, three KV-1's just drove around the very edge in order to camp our spawn from behind rocks and not once did they try to take the Point A from our team. Whilst in contrast the game after 4 M18's, 2 M4A3's and a T-34-85 were camping the enemy spawn whilst the enemy had all 3 capture zones...you can guess the result of that match...(-_-) I really don't understand why: 1) people enjoy spawn camping at start or middle of games 2) why the spawn zones haven't been put outside map boundaries in order to help reduce the ability of people spawn camping from both the side and behind
  2. I don't particularly mind about the planes since their camo usually indicates enough imo however tanks should definitely get a symbols if they are lead-lease and captured (if the name hasn't changed sufficiently)
  3. You say they can't penetrate the belt armour over 12Km yet what you post and historical evidence disproves what you said. Bismarck's main belt armour is around 320mm KC (with upper belt being roughly 140-150mm and lower belt being 170-180mm) meaning the 14-inch guns on paper would lose ability to pen the main belt between 14-18Km not 12Km. This is also backed by actions of Prince of Wales which pen'd Bismarcks waterline and ruptured her fuel tank between the 22-9mile range that Prince of Wales engaged under. Neither of which breeches the 12Km you state the guns need to pen Bismarck's main belt. Also, just becuase something is "outdated" doesn't mean it's "too weak" or "obsolete" to do the job.
  4. 1. Tank br increased to 9.0 (9.7 for ATGM's since they arent being removed) 2. Remove planes from Tank realistic battles (mostly until some other way to balance them can be found) 3. Either one of the following since I cant pick between them: a) Rebalance to ground forces economy b) Add actual ships (even the april fools Golden hind was much better than the current boats) c) Make maps larger d) see to spawn camping (imo, moving the spawns to outside map boundaries would help reduce it until some other fix can be found)