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  1. If y'all would just embrace Japan 6.7-7.0 as your saviors we wouldn't be having this problem.
  2. Yo uhh So i clicked the exact same link and I got to the page just fine
  3. Sound like penetrating the King Tiger's hull with a T92's HEAT-FS or APDS. In any case, you could perhaps aim for the MG port, or the lower frontal plate, or the lower part of the upper frontal plate, or maybe even the optic port... Or, you know, run APCR. That's always an option.
  4. SB is a game mode where flanking can compensate for tank performance differences. If you aren't top of the match, consider playing more conservatively.
  5. Don't play those. They're terrible in a way that can never be fixed. But yeah, I've heard nothing but good news from 44-100 players. You can't penetrate some heavies frontally, stock, but it's still a 44, which means its speed is enough of an asset to seriously consider flanking.
  6. Here's a place for any minor questions you might have about the game that don't necessarily need a whole new thread to ask. A couple of Community Helpers have agreed to help out with answering them, and we'll try to get a few experts in for reference needed.