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  1. Hmm having read the thread I think we need a bit of rollback (2 pages should do), too much arguing at this point
  2. So what they were built at different times hence superior performance, doesn't mean it shouldn't be added just stick it at 6.3Br and it'll be fine (6.7 if your feeling so insecure). Though to be fair that is a 400ft per min difference between the F7F and the hornet, still doesn't it shouldn't be added
  3. it's only 15mph faster than the F7F F7F (460mph), De Haviland Hornet (475mph)
  4. wait are you joking this thing is equivalent to the F7F aka not OP
  5. oh and in case some of you missed it Snozzletoff has started working on the De Haviland Hornet next http://live.warthunder.com/post/621559/en/
  6. i've had pretty much the same experience, though i mainly play British, the stock grind on the early tier 4's was particularly daunting, but once APDS is unlocked they become a force to be reckoned with
  7. apart from Mai and Listy who have a new book coming out on the new tanks they've discovered, so i'd expect more japanese tanks in the next 7 months
  8. Interesting, anway looking forward to the upcoming blog articles Mai, any update on about Listy's book or is that under NDA atm?
  9. yeh did that but that's in my steam client which are lower quality than that of the windows screenshots, i just don't know why i can't do both
  10. hi i've been trying to capture screenshots in war thunder recently, but the print screen function doesn't register war thunder as the main visual, it just screenshots the background of the computer. when operating on the dev server (with a separate client) it does take screen-caps ingame, so what i think is going is that steam is somehow overriding the screenshot functions and only allowing the steam screenshot system to work, can anyone else confirm (this is on windows 10)?