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  1. Especially on Tunisia when playing german teams, the cap in the city has some sort of irresistible magnetic attraction to players there, 4/5 go there to get slaughtered in close combat every match.
  2. Gameplay

    Someone did some calculations about 18-24 months ago and found that WT's sun is about three and a half times brighter than ours. If I find the post I'll edit a link in here. Maybe in WT world the sun is about to go supernova and the players fight about getting places on the spaceships escaping the explosion The glare is defintly too strong. IRL it's only blinding as that if you look directly or near directly into the sun; right now it's obscuring much of the horizon of the side the sun is at. It would only look like that if there's low level mist around but most of the time ingame there isn't.
  3. Pretty much, german attackers usually work only if there are no fighters around. As for keeping the air clean of attackers, Germany doesn't have that much of an advantage on BR from 6.0-6.7 since you usually run into Spitfire F and Bearcats which tend to eat you alive, and in GF matches you don't really have the time to climb at altitude to make things more equal.
  4. I wouldn't mind that, I dread Centurions at high BR so I'd rather have them on my side once in a while
  5. You've got some options ingame, so you can afford to be a bit selective when it comes to maps and MM. If Gajin gives you a xxxx you don't have to eat it. I'd like playing higher tier games more often too, but it's not easy to have enjoyable matches there so I only play maps and MM I like and quit when I get maps like Frozen Pass at T4, and just play some other nation at another BR in the meantime. Usually that works out, but there are times when the MM decides to give you Frozen Pass or Advance over the Rhine like half a dozen times in a row, at which point I usually decide it's time to do something else for a while But doing all this at least the high tier matches I get into aren't usually that frustrating(higher BR matches are still a mess overall though, there's no arguing with that).
  6. The 85mm lose effectiveness against the Tiger I quickly over distance from experience, 3-400m are usually enough to render them ineffective against your front. IMO even when uptiered Russians aren't too bad to fight, I fear UK with its Centurions much more at those BR. One strange thing is I constantly get uptiered to 5.7 to fight along Tigers spading my Chi-Ri II, yet I never get those 5.7 matches when taling out my Tigers. Where do those 5.7 matches go? It's mysterious
  7. Yeah Germany has attackers that do the job at those BR but as others said they work usually only if they're left alone; compared to the opposition Germany isn't that competitive in air combat either at BR like or 6.3 to 6.7 since they lack a superprop due to obvious historical reasons. Taking out a plane there means getting eaten alive by Spitfire F or Bearcats most of the time. From my experience german fighters around that BR work better at higher altitudes, but in ground RB you hardly fight up there.
  8. Yeah it's not like tankers should be inconvenienced by SPAA shooting at them if there's no planes to shoot at I've shot down planes with tanks too, should I stop doing that because thats not what tanks were made for?
  9. Yeah my experiences are similar aswell, since I started playing my german 6.3 vehicles a while ago, getting uptiered to 7.0 or 7.3 most of the time. Ru 251 die like flies even though they should be able to lay the smackdown on everything. From my experience my german 6.3 vehicles seem okay even at 7.3 so far, but I play pretty carefully since I haven't reasearched fire extinguishers yet, and I usually quit small maps like Frozen Pass or Ash River when I get them to avoid frustration and play another faction while being crewlocked(which happens alot lol). Allied teams have a slight advantage at least, but IMO it can be compensated if you play more carefully, however not many people do that, it's really like others said, most of the time people just lemmingrush to the caps or into the villages instead of picking off the enemies from a distance to thin out the enemy teams os you can cap in peace later. Especially on Tunisia, 4/5 games most players go into the village to get slaughtered in close combat while the allied team flanks over the bridge in the west and spawncamps. Allied airpower is pretty overwhelming at that BR too, but it seems like it usually doesn't matter because by the time the planes arrive most of my team is already dead Maybe it's really like someone mentioned, that most experienced players already finished grinding the german tree and play something else so the german teams at that BR are left mostly with duds, because from playing so far the german vehicles aren't that outclassed to warrant a performance as bad as this.
  10. I just hope they find a cooler name for the upcoming update, 'Assault' was kinda lame IMO Are there any data finds or rumors for upcoming japanese stuff, like new shells?
  11. chi-nu ii

    I hope we'll get the Chi-Nu Kai(prototype for the Chi-Nu II) for the main tree soon, something in the main tree is sorely needed for the BR of 3.7-4.0. Apparently the Kai is the regular Chi-Nu chassis with a Chi-To turret put onto it so it shouldn't take too long to implement it. I guess 4.0 would be a more fitting BR, they put the II probably at 3.7 to bait people into buying it.
  12. People still complain about SPAAG firing AP these days? Don't let them sneak up to you and roast your sides or rear frome close up, that's the only thing they can do to kill tanks. Or campaign for more open, larger maps where they can't sneak up to you easily.
  13. It's not as bad as you make it out to be, it's just not really good. If you hang back and support it can be quite fun to play, the type 5 is good enough unless you get uptiered. If it gets the better shells it's going to be a very good sniper for its BR. While it probably won't ever get add-on armor though since it never got it historically as prototype it would really benefit from some track pieces on it's large flat frontal armor, it's a bit flimsy overall.
  14. From currently playing around that BR again I can also tell that the german teams around that BR are freaking terrible most of the time (in RB) even when not uptiered. If you manage to get into a 5.7 match with any Tiger I they're amazing. The only issue are small maps here.
  15. I started playing the Chi Ri II and while it's not bad it's nothing spectacular either. The 37mm gun is marginally useful sometimes(killed an M18 with it while the autoloader was reloading). IMO they should add HE shells for the 37mm gun, it would be a nice bonus against the occasional flak truck. What kind of shell are the Tokku kou and Tokku otsu? Capped APHE, or solid shot?
  16. They just need to do something against the rampant uptiereing at 5.7, it's fine where it is otherwise.
  17. I can only speak from my own experience but that didn't happen more or less than later. If a bomber climbs into space it doesn't matter if he's tagged or not since you can't reach him anyway.
  18. How much of the VK 30.02 DB was actually produced? Looking for pictures there seem to be two versions, one with interleaved wheels and one without(the upper two in the following picture), which one was the prototype? Or were both chassis built? Also, was there ever a turret produced for it? I read somewhere that one turret was made with a KwK 42/L48, with the requirements changing to L70 in the meantime necessitating a redesign of the turret, but I'm kinda dubious about that since I never read about it again.
  19. I wouldn't actually mind APHE performance being reduced as long as it was still consistent(unlike it was with the recent bug). A good compromise would be going back to the APHE performance we had before the great buff a while ago, with adding the shell nose continuing to exist instead of the whole round disappearing. IMO they went overboard with both implementing the overmatch change and the APHE bug at the same time.
  20. 1) I'd make map selection dependent on BR, so larger, more open maps have a higher likelyhood of being selected at higher BR. As tanks grow larger and less agile, and their ability for long range engagements increases, so should the map size. Smallish, hilly maps full of obstacles like Frozen Pass are fun with light agile vehicles like at tier 1, but playing the same map with a T4/5 tank is like walking through treacle. 2) I'd revert the AIR RB spotting to a limited system like we had over a year ago like 1.51 or something like that. The current AIR RB spotting is the worst iteration of the system since I started playing like 3 years or so ago, and the single reason I largely stopped playing air RB. Matches were much fairer and fun with the limited spotting we had at one point in the past, with a spotting limit for enemy planes at 8km or so and no hivemind shared spotting, which favoured communicative, cohesive teams and people that did their own work looking for planes instead of having the computer do the work for you. It also gave planes like attackers or bombers a chance to avoid enemy fighters, and made it easier to make surprise attacks(which is very hard now with shared vision extending all over the map and your engine sound giving you away - the current spotting puts BnZ planes at a disadvantage). 3) Change the reward for planes killing ground targets in a way so the full reward for a kill is only awared if a plane doesn't crash or is killed by its own bomb blast within a second or so after the kill, to discourage kamikaze attacks. Those are annoying, and I simply hate to see players treat planes as a throwaway vehicle like that.
  21. Looks like we weren't just seeing things.
  22. I'm wondering, should the fuze of the 88mm PzGr 39(sensitivity od 28mm) get set off when shooting the glacis of a M18 (25mm or so)frontally? The slope of the UFP should be enough to account for those 3mm from experience, usually hitting a M18 with the 88m headon used to be OKH. But just before I had three 88mm rounds go through a M18 UFP without exploding, acting like solid shot(A 4th round went into the turret side but IIRC the armor there is too thin to trigger the fuze). It's not very visible here but those shots went stright to the UFP, crew members/turret ring into the engine block then disappearing like normal solid rounds. Same match I also had a round ricochet off the rather thin sides of a Challenger turret at about 400m distance hitting at what looks like close to 90° but maybe that was just RNG at work.
  23. Apparently something strange is going on with APHE right now, see thread here: AP-HE Nerfed? It's kinda hard to pinpoint what the exact reason is but things are kinda weird since a few days.
  24. That's a bit of a hyperbole. It's more like APHE being inconsistent now.
  25. Playing at 3.7 right now, and KV-1 and T-34 seem now more resistant too due to the changes. Had a couple times where I shot a KV-1 at close range through the turret ring with the long 75mm only to turn the turret ring and one or two crew members yellow, really strange. Shooting the center UFP of the T-34 seems alot more RNGy too now, it seems like 50/50 with the round either penning and killing the whole tank or just disappearing, or just generating some shrapnel turning a crew member or component yellow. I've noticed Russa steamrolling everything around 3.7 since some days now with something like 8/10 matches being losses if you don't have Russia on your side, which is unusual. I have the feeling that it's somehow related to explosive filler, with rounds with higher filler doing damage more reliably, since I seem to do noticeably better with my japanese tanks right now, which also have big amount of filler for their APHE. They seem more consistent than german guns to me ATM. Edit: maybe it's due to the jjapanese shells having a higher fuse delay too.
  26. It feels so weird now. I've had a couple of 6.3 matches where I kept getting nothing but bounces with the long 88. Overall, bounces, rounds shattering and non damaging penetrations seem to have increased much, shooting someone feels like a coin toss now. For some reason japanese guns of the vehicles I played so far seem to be least affected, the Type 5 on the Chi-To still rips. It also feels like the change favors heavy tanks the most, which is kind of annoying given the many close combat maps.
  27. They should just slightly delay the reward for aircraft killing tanks so if a plane crashes immediately after killing a tank, or gets killed by it's own bomb blast, there should be a significant reduction of income from the kill, or even a penalty.
  28. I've been playing german 3.7 vehicles recently and IMO it feels different. It feels like 75mm APHE is slightly less potent, a bit like before the APHE buff some time ago, but it still rips most of the time. The 105mm on the StuH 42 instagibs pretty much every time it pens. EDIT: It feels like shells fragment more often instead of penetrating when hitting very thick armor. Churchills and Certain Shermans now seem to be slightly better protected against the Pz IVs long 75mm.
  29. Easter is coming up which means holidays, from my impression player quality tends to drop alot in those times.
  30. client update

    Bug fixes are always my favourite kind of patches, look like great work!
  31. Pretty much, without markers you have an easier time not getting seen and time to sideclimb or otherwise maneuver into a more maneuverable position.
  32. Nah I was talking about lower tiers, I've been playing at 3.7 since I got tired to of constantly losing at 6.3 to grind skins for the Wirbel and to play with the StuH now that it got its pen revised and a faster reload and it feels similar to playing at 6.3. I assume it's due to holidays coming up generating an influx of new players.
  33. Maybe it's just me but to me it felt like the quality of german teams is now rapidly deterioriating all over the board in the recent days, even at lower BR. I guess it's due to more inexperienced players playing due to the easter holidays starting.