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  1. From my own impression playing allies and axis germany wins alot up to 5.7, where they lose alot due to being constantly uptiered and facing arguably undertiered allied tanks that have been added recently. Especially around 3.3-3.7 Germany wins alot when playing against it recently. The problems for Germany start when you get to the tigers and Panthers.
  2. Isn't that mostly what hullbreak is? They just need to implement it for more vehicles.
  3. Something different about it just me or has the Cromwell V and the Valentine XI have the nearly the same reload rate? They have the same gun, but the Valentine has a cramped two man turret while the Cromwell has a roomy three man turret with dedicated loader. Shouldn't the Cromwell have a significantly faster reload rate compared to the Valentine XI?
  4. On that point, it's pretty good against open top vehicles, SPAA and any vehicle that can hullbreak. It really needs it's smoke shells though, that would be very useful. As said, if you use it at matches where it's top BR and maps that fit its style(close combat) it's quite good IMO.
  5. Personally I like feeling the improvement of my tank as I unlock upgrades, I don't think BR should change for stock vehicles.
  6. I started spading my Churchill I and when playing it like the Matilda(i.e. only playing when top tier/or 3.7 tops and on CQC maps that fit it's style) and so far it's better than I thought. The armor is pretty good, and the 75mm howitzer is quite useful at times against SPAA, I managed to hullbreak a Sdkfz. 234 with it. That said, it would be better sitting at 3.0.
  7. Low tier tanks are huge fun and this seems like a good contender, I'd love that one.
  8. How much of the winrates and K/D of the Tigers is from the time they didn't have any real adversaries, before the T29 and the like got added though? They're ingame much longer than other tanks so their data isn't representative of the situation they are in now.
  9. Yes but that's for a howitzer/field gun so it doesn't help T4 Germany as far as I can see.
  10. comet

    Looks like a good addition for a nice 5.3 setup. +1
  11. gameplay

    There were 90mm variants for both Group A and Group B? That's even better, Both would be great to flesh out later german BR and fill the ranks. Nice work with the spreadsheet!
  12. Personally I'd think it would be the best if they concentrated on adding suitable vehicles for Germany 6.7+ and once they are in the tree they'd remove the KT 105 and Panther II from research(people who have them already would keep them though, as far as I can tell Gaijin is never going to remove vehicles already ingame). Normally I'm not too keen on lend/lease tanks but with the balance issues Germany has at T4 I'd like to see West German M47/M48 because they are simply necessary at this point. If there were any experimental APDS ammos for the 75/88mm tank guns(none that I know of but if they exist why not) they could do something like give the Panther F APDS to make it stand out from the other panthers more. There's a few prototypes available that Germany would benefit from having added too. In this regard making the Ru251 premium was xxxx move, Germany doesn't have so much options for post war vehicles and by making it prem and 6.7 they really blew a chance to add something Germany truly needs for better balance. BTW since it fits the topic, does anyone have any info on that vehicle? Supposedly it's a HS.30 with a turreted 90mm gun, it got posted in another thread but I couldn't find any more info on it. Anyone know more?`If it's viable it would look like a really good addition for Germany: From this thread:
  13. aircraft/loadouts

    More early low performance jets are always good for better balance and bridging performance gaps, and given it's the first operational UK jet fighter it's pretty important IMO. +1
  14. Thanks for the replies, so it looks like we have some more options for the Chi Ri. Given how the the autolaoder variant performs in the game a normal single shot variant would probably be better ingame.
  15. I hope that allied vehicles will get uptiered instead of axis downtiered because that would only relegate the problem down and now Germany would club the hell out of their opposition.
  16. Yeah that too; individually the allied tanks in those BR may be only slightly better on their own compared to their counterparts, but if most tanks of the enemy team are slightly superior it adds up. If one side keeps getting the smackdown no matter what it's not a skill issue, it's a balance issue, simple as that. Unless one thinks that back before the T29 was added German teams were also superior and allied teams just sucked.
  17. Yeah the T4 frustration made me start the british tree which is pretty fun so far. But as things usually go by the time I reach T4 Gaijin will probably change things so Axis clubs again
  18. As far as I can tell simply looking at stats like K/D and winrate is enough to tell you that T29 and T34 are more powerful than the tanks they face at the same BR. Unless you're one of those guys who thinks 'other teams just suck xD' which is BS, skill level is more or less equal among factions. There are flukes and bad gameplay streaks for everyone, but if one side keeps getting hammered over an extended period of time without any change it means that there is some systemic imbalance, simple as that.
  19. It's less Germany lacking but more some allied vehicles being tiered too low - there was a bunch of new vehicles being added in T4 BR ranges combined with the addition of gun stabilizers and the solid shot mechanics change. Some allied vehicles need to go up in BR a bit.
  20. Is there a significant diffrence between the 20mm Oerlikon and Polsten cannons in ROF, penetration or muzzle velocity? If there is adding a vehicle with 20mm Polstens might be a good idea.
  21. How many variants of the Chi-Ri are there? I guess if there's the Chi Ri II there must be a Chi-Ri I right. What were the differences between the variants/prototypes if there were more?