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  1. The changes to Kuban sound interesting. What exactly changed, is it only flattened, or did they also rework the steep slopes at the map borders which people kept climbing to snipe at everyone playing below? Flattening the map definitly sounds good though.
  2. Weirdly enough I kept getting Kursk after Kursk match a few days ago after not seeing it for a month or so. Wonder what rules the map selection works by.
  3. The type 1 Ta-Ha (SPAA prototype with twin 37mm guns based on Chi-He chassis) is also an option.
  4. One thing I could understand is slightly nerfing missile accuracy. I've started playing ther british tree and killing ground vehicles with those RP-3 missiles seems a bit too easy. I wonder how many players jump into planes after losing a ground vehicle because they don't like air RB mechanics. Personally I like planes but don't like air RB with it's hivemind radar vision spotting so I use mixed battles to play planes(though I don't use GF vehicles as throwaway though because I like staying alive in a vehicle as long as possible). I can imagine some other players doing the same.
  5. And then there's that bug where the reload for the autoloader gets reset if the loader gets killed while reloading. If the issues get fixed I can see it being a very good tank - with the additional shell types the gun would be like having the Panthers gun at a BR of 5.0 and would be likely an excellent sniper.
  6. The more I play the more I get the impression that the majority of vehicles need to be somewhat uptiered instead of some downtiered. The BR cap really needs to be expanded to 9.0 or so, and then the whole tree of every nation stretched out.
  7. Meh. While Germany needs more early/mid T5 vehicles (not top BR though) to lessen the compression make for a more balanced MM overall the german tree has alot of vehicles already so it can deal with not getting a high BR vehicle this patch. Maybe there's still a surprise this patch, there's still some time until it drops I guess. The Spähpanzer IC would be a good addition after the letdown of the RU251 being premium.
  8. Use a low convergence, 250m or less. For me the Brownings rip and tear at short distances, at least against small planes like fighters.
  9. Havign tried it out it seems okay so far, now hitting crew or a module means garantueed damage instead of turning it yellow like it was sometimes earlier. Feels like a good change, more consistency is always good.
  10. late

    I'm okay with that too. Personally I'd prefer the Chi-Nu KAI in the main though since I think the Chi-To turret looks cooler
  11. Maybe it's just an old bug that returned, wouldn't be the first time. But yeah, that sucks.
  12. It would've been cool to have Germany and Japan get more early/mid T5 BR stuff to ease the compression and make way for eventually upping the BR ceiling, but low tier stuff is more fun anyway so I'm cool with the Puma tbh.
  13. Aircraft/Loadouts

    This should've been added long ago, more low tier jets are always good to easen the power curve and compression going on near the top. +1
  14. late

    Seems like changes that justify a 0.3 higher BR. it's not a radical addition but having more BR spots filled is always good for the MM. Now with the Chi-Nu already present they should add the Chi-Nu KAI at 3.7 or 4.0.
  15. Some of the BR seem a bit odd, like Ba.65 at 1.0 but that's nothing new with new vehicles being added.
  16. late

    I'd say it was quite needed actually given the scarcity of japanese vehicles from 3.7 on. 4.7 might not be too bad a BR if its not uptiered too often. What are the differences to the regular Chi-To besides better speed?
  17. Dang, wish I could try out the changes right now. Do you feel it's actually more balanced now overall, or did Gaijin overshoot the target into the opposite direction like they often do when fixing something?
  18. Sounds like I started playing the british tree just at the right time
  19. Now they need to add wind to the weather system.
  20. ba.65

    I can see it as a decent allrounder at low BR. If Italy ever gets ground forces(My guess is it wil one way or another eventually) it'll be very effective there.
  21. They should at least thow us that one bone and remove the shared Borg hivemind vision. 9km spotting limit as already alot, so they should at least restrict the marking of enemies to only what your own pilot sees.
  22. Was there another enemy nearby? Haven't played air RB in a while but with shared hivemind vision you can be seen by the whole enemy team everywhere on the map once even only one enemy has spotted you.
  23. Actually BnZ was substantially easier at one point in the past where we had reduced spotting distance for enemy planes, no shared hivemind vision, and you weren't able to hear the engine sounds of planes nearby. From my own experience surprise attacks and BnZ in general was easier back then. Apparently alot of people rely on markers and that engine sound instead of doing their own work spotting. Was much more fun back then over all IMO.
  24. What's the difference between the Breda and Scotti 12,7mm? They used the same Breda 12,7x81 Cartridge IIRC, just a difference in ROF?
  25. More japanesee tanks are always nice, but I hope they implement the 57mm HEAT round to make that one less painful to play.
  26. Would be a decent low tier TD, I'm guessing around 1.7 to 2.0.
  27. From both having started playing the British tree and facing japanese low tier tanks as well has having played them the reserves and 1.3 tanks are very bad compared to the opposition no doubt. but they're becoming better at 1.7 with the Ho-Ro and the Ke-Ni(which isn't all that great either but still an improvement over what comes before). They start to shine at 2.0; at lower BR the Chi-Hai Kai, Chi-He and Ho-I, as well as the Ho-Nis are formidable opponents to face. Japanese tanks with the short 57mm reall need their HEAT rounds.
  28. Given how sparsely populated the Japanese tree is due to being new and all I think it'll be added eventually, question is only when.
  29. Depends on the SPAA and plane in question
  30. cr.32

    I wonder which versions we're going to see. I guess one of the reserves will be the standard CR.32 with 2x7,7mm guns. Maybe the other one simply has 1x7,7mm and 1x12,7mm. With the -bis being premium I can see the CR.32ter and quater too, though I don't know how different they'd be ingame. The CR.33 prototypes would b e nice to have, with stronger engine they'd be around as fast as the CR.42.
  31. I assume part of it is the spottign system where you light up across the map for the whole enemy team once one enemy player sports you, and then everyone flocks towards bombers so they gave them a stronger DM. A while ago spotting was much more limited and the bomber DM coincidently was weaker, maybe because back then you actually had a chance to be sneaky and avoid enemies so you didn't need flying tanks so often.
  32. I recently started the british tree and so far it's quite enjoyable up to BR 2.3 so I cn recommend it at lower tiers at least. Maybe it gets worse higher up in BR but so far the 2pdr and solid shot is a excellent gun. The Valentine Mk I and Crusader are very fun.
  33. IIRC they tested a prototype which had Piaggio P.XII engines with 1500hp each which should make for an impressive performance. Sounds like a good premium to me.
  34. Those threads are getting tiresome. Apparently it's possible not to get bombed 24/7 since that's just my experience playing groundforces. I don't get bombed enough to consider it more than slight a nuisance. I'm an average player I guess and I don't think we're playing different games so maybe you should try to play taking the presence of airplanes into account instead of driving around like you're supposed to be invincible to planes then getting your jimmies rustled when it turns out you're actually not.
  35. Yeah you can cut the engine to be silent, but you don't always want to do that(maybe you want to build up additional speed, or have a plane whose engine only revvs up slowly etc). I could live with the engine sound beign heard in markerless combined battles to give people a bit of an easier time, but in air RB with hivemind radar vision they should remove at least that to give BnZ planes a bit of an advantage, with the computer doing all the spotting anyway they could reduce the handholding at least there.
  36. From my experience it didn't happen that often. In any case I still preferred it to magical hivemind vision marking enemy planes 25km+ away. There are surely other ways to handle space climbers and AFK pilots than turning the overall game worse because of them.
  37. gameplay

    Shared spotting should be removed, and the maximum spotting distance limited to 6-8km we used to have for a while, while making the DM less tanky - this way it's easier for bombers(and attackers and other planes that have a hard time avoiding enemies once spotted) to sneak and avoid enemies, balanced by them being easier to down when engaged. Defensive weaponry is okay the way it is, it should be a powerful deterrance. But this way I could at least kill a bomber for having my engine shot out
  38. Another thing I'd like seeing is more variants of the Fiat G.50. The G.50ter would be cool, it's a prototype with a stronger 1000hp engine. It'd be most likely be a premium or event plane due to its status as one-off proto but it'd be cool to have in some way: It would be also cool to have early production G.50 with closed canopies and two additional 7.7mm machine guns in the wings. They could be definitly in the main tree: