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  1. It would be ideal if high tier german tanks like Panthers and Tigers took over the brawling while the TD hang back and support from behind, but when I see Ferdinands or Jagdpanthers most of the time they take part in the rush to the objectives as well.
  2. I got the large Sinai map in RB two times now and it's so awesome, seriously one of the if not the best map. I scored one kill over 2000m with my Chi-To. Together with the new Ardennes map things look like they're improving or at least not getting worse for now.
  3. If those numbers are correct which I think they aren't you'd have to actively advertise yourself to the enemy team asking to get bombed Are you sure it isn't just selection bias going on here?
  4. I get rarely bombed, not enough to consider it an annoyance. Either we're playing different games, or it's somehow possible not to get bombed all the time
  5. The only annoyance are kamikaze bombers, otherwise planes are fine. If you keep getting bombed the problem is more likely on your end. If you're observant and more careful when planes are around they're mostly no big deal.
  6. Night battles are awesome. People drive around like headless chicken, and if you're even only a slight bit observant and careful you're the king of the hill. I think my matches with the highst kill counts ever were mostly night matches.
  7. A progressive spotting like that would be pretty nice. But IMO there still needs to be a spotting limit for enemy units so you don't see them from too far away since not being easily seen is somethimes the only way for weaker planes to get an initial advantage like from side climbing, or ground hugging for attackers. If you get seen across the map the enemy can effectively counter any attempt of another player to get an initial advantage. People should at least do some work and spot themselves beyond a certain distance. Also as mentioned I'm not a fan of shared hivemind vision, the only way I think it would be okay is at close ranges, but seeing an enemy tagged 30km out because a team mate is near it is ridiculous. The spotting system should favor people who invest themselves into doing a modicum of work and communication themselves. I honestly wouldn't put it past Gaijin to have made the spotting system like it is now because easy long range spotting=peopel find and fight each other faster=shorter matches, so there's more players available to be fed into the fiery furnaces of the matchmaker.
  8. Ardennes are pretty good if you stay out of the village IMO. That said the map feels rather unfinished and needs some more work.
  9. Apparently Ardennes is shaping up to be one of the better WT maps since I stopped getting it after two or three times after the patch
  10. The Chi-Nu KAI, the prototype for the Chi-Nu II would be a very good addition. It's a Chi-Nu chassis mated to a Chi-To turret, along with the Type 5 tank gun, would probably fill a spot around 4.0 where the japanese tree doesn't have any vehicles. I made a suggestion but it got closed because I didn't have time to look for proper sources(and apart from the Sensha blog most sources I could find only referenced WOT stuff and I dont own any books onthe subject)
  11. Which mode?
  12. It depends, some times you just got bad streaks but around 6.3-6.7 where I'm playing ATM german players indeed seem to be people who're unable to walk and breathe at the same time. From my impression the german tanks around that BR are still equal to superior to the opposition even with new allied tanks added to counter them but the majority of the time german teams get steamrolled. Usually you manage to get 1-2 kills then the entire enemy team gangs up on you because you're the last man standing by then.
  13. Maps are often a disadvantage to german teams but from my impression the biggest weak point are still the players. When I manage to get a team that is halfway competent german teams steamroll the opposition despite new tanks like T34 and IS6 on the other teams, but 90% of the time you get into teams with players that take Ferdinands into city maps then complain about russian bias when getting killed.
  14. We had reduced markers (only 6-8km for enemies without shared spotting) in the past for some time, and none of the things people fear that happen with reduced markers actualyl happened. It was just better to play overall.
  15. Since we already have the Chi-Nu II as premium, which is the supposed production version of the Chi-Nu KAI, I propose adding said vehicle to the game since I haven't seen anyone else suggesting it yet. Preferrably for the main tree as the japanese tree is very scarce from 3.7-4.7 with only one main tree tank available at 4.3. Being a hybrig with the Chi-Nu chassis and Chi-To turret it would probably fit nicely at 4.0. Now to the stats: The sources I can find online say that the singular produced Chi-Nu KAI is a somewhat frankensteinish hybrid mating a regular production Chi-Nu chassis with a Chi-To turret featuring the same 75mm Type 5 tank gun, so the stats for the chassis would be the same as for the Chi-Nu, with the turret stats being the same as for the Chi-To. Visually, the main difference from the Chi-Nu II would be the different turret. According to that, the stats would likely be: -maximum frontal armor of 50mm for chassis -maximum frontal armor of 75mm for turret -Type 100 Mitsubishi diesel engine, 240 hp -Type 5 75mm tank gun -2x Type 97 7.7mm heavy tank machine guns, one mounted forward in the hull, another one facing to the right in the turret -For the stats on amount of shells, tank weight and speed and turret traverse rate I couldn't find any definite info, so if anyone has more sources please post them. Turret traverse is probably the same as on the Chi-To gived it'd have the same turret ring and traverse motor, but that's just a guess. Visual aspects: Visual comparisons between Regular Chi-Nu, Chi-Nu KAI and Chi-Nu II
  16. Same, I only play maps when I'm having a realistic chance of enjoying myself, otherwise I just quit it and play another tree in the mean time. Frozen Pass is kinda fun at T1, but at T4 playing that map is about as fun as shaving yourself with a cheese grater. Maps like Frozen Pass, Karelia or Kuban are instaquit for me at BR beyond 4.7 or so.
  17. I think artillery is just fine. I occasionally get kills with it but most of the time it's useful for driving people out of cover or as a smoke screen when traversing a dangerous part of the map. If it was more deadly it would get very annoying fast.
  18. At least the people playing them seem to compensate for the too low BR. Seriously, that thing should lay the smackdown on pretty much anything it faces if played properly, but every time I'm in a match around 6.7 I only see them die like flies. But then again around that Br everyone seems to be utterly terrible these days for some reason.
  19. Yeah Poland Break is great. But even now the normal Poland map is pretty good since the map is still quite big despite spawns and objectives being pretty close together, this way you can at least flank or fall back and utilize the area, and you dont have to go into the village if you dont want to. What's much worse is those maps like Eastern europe that have pretty good terrain but give you the 'return to battlefield' warning as soon s you try to utilize it. There's a good bunch of maps that would already benefit greatly from having the map borders extended without other changes, like the mentioned Eastern Europe. Anotehr one like that would be Abandoned Factory. It has nice flat terrain you could use for flanking or long distance combat around the factory but as soon as you go there it's 'return to the battlefield' for you.
  20. ground vehicles

    Was this projected only, or did they produce a hull before the war ended? Given the scarcity of suitable japanese tanks I'd say this would be a good addition since the japanese tank tree is quite empty, especially between 3.7-4.7 with only the Chi-To being non prem there. +1
  21. Maps should be scaled according to BR. Most current maps are okay for Tier 1/2 tanks since they have lower velocity guns and lower gunnery zoom. But there's a difference between a 10 ton tank with a 37mm gun and 1.4 magnification, and a 50 ton tank with a gun that fires shells at 1000m/s with a magnification of 6x or so. The map rotation at higher BR should favor large open maps.
  22. Go hull down, there's plenty of good depressions on the map.
  23. I ran into the IS-6 a couple of times but never frontally so far so they weren't that much of a problem. The bigger issue seems that everyone is following the lemming train straight to the caps so they all run frontally into them.
  24. To me it feels also like german teams are worse. I'm playing at 6.3 right now and german teams are something else. Half of the team is already dead usually by the time I left spawn and reached a good position Probably a good time to start playing a new tech tree I guess
  25. Thanks for the info!
  26. Then players should do that themselves. Pilots don't have a borg-style hivemind. A team that communicates should have and advantage over one that doesn't, games are more fun if you don't have the computer doing everything for you.
  27. Yeah mixed battles are different since planes cluster around the tank part of the map so they're easier to find without markers. But still, marking distance should be significantly reduced, and shared spotting should be removed altogether.
  28. For some reason that survey doesn't work for me, I just get to a page telling me to "Find out what’s new for this update and share your impressions with us." with a non-functional submit button and not much else. Any help?
  29. I can speak only for RB but lower tiers are much more fun IMO too. Most of the time at T4 you're put into cramped small maps which are tedious to navigate through at T4 because the tanks there are on average much bigger and less agile than at lower tiers, plus the better guns and zoom means that you'll often get shot across the map right after leaving spawn. If you get larger maps like Poland T4 matches are good but larger open maps are pretty rare.
  30. Yeah this. Also it would be cool to have the ability to mount and dismount the AA mg like IRL so you can remove it if you want to be less visible.
  31. While Alamein is better than most postage stamp close combat maps it's still not that great either since the potential of the big map is more or less wasted because of the hills rocks and dunes slowing you down to a snails pace. The map would be better if they flattened the dunes by about 1/2 or so and cleared out the rock maze in the north so you can actually see the enemy from further away. The rock part in the upper part of the map is mostly like the bad close combat maps only that you have to drive much longer to actually get oneshotted by someone popping out behind some rock or whatever.
  32. Don't just watch for tanks, but their side effects too. Watch for movement. Tanks can give themselves away by knocking over shrubbery or trees. If something moves in a forest patch it's probably a tank. As someone else said if something looks weird shoot it just to be sure. Also watch the minimap and your team mates, if someone near you gets hit or destroyed there's an enemy somewhere. Watch for tracer fire, muzzle flashes or smoke clouds. Personally disappearing tanks aren't as much of a problem as some people make it out to be, but it's sometimes hard to spot tanks that are already visible.
  33. Panther D probably has bad stats due to the map design and map rotation. Slow turret rotation is a huge disadvantage in close combat, whihc is a big part of WT gameplay. Personally I just dont take out the Panther D in maps that don't suit it but obviously most people dont do that.
  34. It's a minor detail, but it would still be really cool to have the original jerrycans ingame.
  35. That's the 128mm on the Sturer Emil, the 44 was developed from a field gun IIRC
  36. I can speak only for facing them but so far the IS-6 hasn't proved too much of a problem for me, maybe because I avoid close combat maps that funnel players frontally against each other at that BR. I only started playing around that BR two weeks or so ago though. But from my experience axis teams lose because they're absurdly bad at that BR for some reason, not because of the IS-6.
  37. They should return to the limited marker distance for enemy planes we had over a year ago where enemy planes where only marked at6-8km or closer WITHOUT shared hivemind vision. That was a nice in between between AB and sim - it still rewarded people who did a modicum of work themselves and spotted for dots and communicated with the team, while making it easier to keep an eye on an enemy in close combat. The way planes light up for the whole enemy team once one guy spots you denies you any way of useful tactical maneuvering since when everyone sees you they can immediately counter any of your moves like sideclimbing etc. I still can't wrap my head around why they changed that, back then was the best time I ever had in RB.
  38. I noticed they added a bunch more rocks to Ash River, but I don't know how much of a difference that makes since the map was already terrible to begin with.
  39. I play mostly ground forces now. May favourite is probably Poland, because the map is quite large and has nice realistic terrain and doesn't force you into close combat if you dont want to. Kursk would be my fav if I got it more than once a month. For the worst GF map it's Karelia hands down, the terrain is terrible to drive in and it's basically a huge shooting gallery for everyone sitting at the edges of the map. Frozen Pass and Kuban are close contenders for the worst maps though.
  40. I enjoy the patch so far, and hte japanese voice acting is great! I'm playing japanese tanks just to hear it lol
  41. I've recently started playing german 6.3 vehicles and I think I discovered a new dimension of the word terrible. The vehicles themselves are awesome and should steamroll pretty much everything they meet, but I lose almost every match because people driving Tiger IIs are horrible. Usually most of the team is already dead by the time I reached a nice spot on the map I'm playing. I'm still in the green with my 6.3 vehicles despite not even having researched parts and FPE but almost every match is lost.
  42. The new Ardennes map is a very pleasent surprise, it's very fun and shaping up to be one of my favourite maps. The terrain is very good, soft, flowing hills, good line of sights and it's quite large for RB. You aren't forced into close combat brawls in the village regions if you don't want to but you can if that's your thing. IMO it's actually a good prototype for what makes a pleasent RB tank map. Visually it's not that impressive(ground textures seem a bit too repetitive, maybe have a few more ice/snow patches, and there could be a few green conifers here and there to shake up the brownish vegetation a bit) and there's a few bugs like beehives floating in the air near houses and the like, maybe I'm gonna make a a bug report if I find more. But even with feeling a bit unfinished it's already one of the better map additions IMO, great job
  43. I've only started playing the Tiger II P a while ago but don't find the T29 all too difficult to deal with, they're a challenge but nothing extraordinary IMO. My real beef with the T29 was back when playing Panthers at 5.7/6.0 where I constantly faced T29 because of the frequent uptiereing. But being armed with a long 88 they aren't that scary anymore.
  44. I enjoy maps that make people move instead of sitting in cover the whole match. If there's not much cover you have to be on the move to avoid being hit. Kursk is an example - little cover but nice flat terrain you can be on the move constantly, and the large distances make it harder to aim for weakspots and make your armor actually count since the rounds lose pen over distance.
  45. The german M47 Patton would be nice next patch since there isn't much in the tree at 7.3 and 7.7. Other than that I don't think the german tank tree really needs anything at the moment. Did the german M47 receive any modifications making it different in gameplay from the american one?
  46. I'm gonna give a short recap of my posts about maps here: About RB, most maps aren't as bad as some people like to say, it's just that they're ill suited for higher tier games. What's fun at tier 1 isn't necessarily fun at tier 4 or 5. -Tanks become larger, heavier, less agile on average, with increasing gunnery zoom and long range capability of the weapons as the BR increases. Which means that it becomes ever easier to hit tanks at higher tiers because the map distances remain the same but the guns become better, the better zoom makes it easier to hit at a distance and aim for weak spots than at lower tiers. Also tanks are larger so they present a bigger target on the same distance, and the generally higher weight means they're less agile so you can't escape dangerous situations as quickly as on low tiers. You could say that it feels like at high tiers engagement distances are even lower at the same maps due to all that. -Cramped maps become more tedious at high tiers. At low tiers tanks are generally lighter and more agile so maneuvering about obstacles and climbing slopes is less tedious. But at higher tiers with larger, heavier and generally less agile tanks it becomes ever more tedious to navigate the same maps since maneuvering through cramped maps slows you down to a snails pace, it kinda feels like having to walk through molasses compared to lighter low tier tanks, since you rarely have the chance to accelerate long enough to get to the tanks full speed. IMO the majority of maps are fun at low BR, there's few I really dislike, but once tanks become larger, heavier and the guns more capable the majority of maps becomes tedious and restrictive. You could say the tanks outgrow the maps. The simplest solution would be to change the map rotation at higher tiers to favor larger more open maps. Another pretty simple solution would be to extend the borders of the battle arena on maps at higher tier matches to have more of the surrounding area accessible. Poland is a very good map due to that even at higher tiers - while the spawns and objectives are still relatively close together you actually have the room to maneuver and flank because of the big area of the map surrounding the village and the lake being accessible. Current maps that would benefit from simply extending the playable area on higher tiers without even changing objectives would probably be Eastern Europe, Abandoned Factory, Tunisia on a quick thought. Also it looks like that many maps have good areas that aren't utilized in RB, like in Sinai. It would be nice to have those areas available as separate maps at least, like we have on Normandy which is divided into Operation Neptune, and Fields of Normandy. A 'Fields of Sinai' map utilizing different parts of the huge map would be really cool, and I guess there's quite a few maps that have areas suitable for tank RB matches outside the current maps.
  47. Lots of bug fixes there, nice work! Also can't wait for the native japanese tank crew speech
  48. Less cover while maps are bigger IMO.
  49. Judging from the overall map design Gaijin seems to be of the opponion that flanking is something terrible and evil that ought to be prevented at all cost
  50. I've only started playing my Tiger II P and other 6.3 vehicles recently but I find the T29 not too troublesome; it's tough but nothing out of the ordinary really. What I've noticed though is that german teams on the BR where Tiger II roam are freaking terrible for some reason. I'm in the green with my 6.3 vehicles so far despite still researching Parts and FPE but my efficiency level dropped ever since starting to play on that BR despite the german 6.3 vehicles being able to steamroll most of what they face from my experience so far
  51. I think the T95/28 cupolas(ands cupolas in general) would be much less of a problem if the majority of maps wasn't so small that you can reliably aim for them most of the time.