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  1. map a key for it
  2. Ru still 6.7 and IS-6 7.0 great also why doesnt the 4-5 get the same ammo as the Ru and a lower BR the RU is just a 4-5 with turret and faster where is that fair for the 4-5 apart from that its a great patch love the new rip off places on planes and the new Jus are gorgeous
  3. ja wurde verschoben
  4. kay
  5. its a bundle tank it will be in the tree like the japtiger or the TIger II simmer no idea why it wasnt on the dev but just as rule of thumb dont try to shoot at the UFP/LFP with AP anything retreat and let people with HEAT/HESH deal with it or try the turret/cupolas but its a gamble
  6. guess your name is pretty accurate
  7. either way the IS-6 is rather undewhelming at 7.0 with a weak gun + long reload + -3°gundep and the mobility isnt that great either hope we see some changes to it
  8. congrats you found out how the DM works
  9. you sure the cupolas wherent only 100mm?
  10. its not about historic penetration but rather about HESH penetrating a given amount related to the caliber of the HESH warhead and since gaijin buffed 105mm HESH to 155mm there was a small hope they wouldnt ignore the 106mm HESH of the Type 60
  11. still 145 lmao pretty sure they just forgot it someone should bug report it
  12. you just saved me from typing this out thanks man :P
  13. i have a german tanker as profile ingame :P
  14. i think its because the KV-1B performs better in general (doesnt meet the long german/japan 75s ) and that probably messed the auto BR stuff up
  15. try ultra slav mode and if that doesnt work you are out of luck what kind of pc do you use that you cant run WT? in my experience its rather well optimized