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  1. what you are proposing is pretty much what we have just without spread have fun sitting 15+ minutes in the qeue when you arent playing at a blackhole BR not worth it current BR is fine just needs decompressing to 10 BRs
  2. Night maps (and dusk/dawn) are now so common i love it (its to show off the new tracers isnt it :P ) maybe the enxt step is dif weather conditions please :3
  3. T29 and Tiger II both have their strengths and weaknesses saying one of them is "clearly superior" to the other is just plain wrong
  4. i played 15 matches so far and got 4 times dusk/dawn and 3 times deep night did you finally listen to us and turn the % of night/dusk/dawn matches up?
  5. great patch the new tracers look awesome but on alot guns even the stealth belts will have tracers now
  6. wrong game
  7. sherman firefly

    im justs aying 4.7 is a bit low it was fine at 5.7 and now with long 88s at 6.3 5.3 would be fine too
  8. [server] [update]

    to be fair the M56 is faster and has at least a pseudo turret if you open a feedback thread and tell people it will take some time to review that feedback (in said feedback thread) people will expect that their feedback is actually considered which didnt happen here at all
  9. [server] [update]

    look at RB repair costs lol they are even higher for some planes going over 40k its to balance out those two because the kugel is overall the better SPAAG in the current meta and should be tiered higher apparently not much
  10. [server] [update]

    wow so the A7M1 is now a higher BR than the M2 that makes sooo much sense ........................................ the A7M1 really doesnt deserve all those uptiers
  11. dont think so its fine at 6.7 with the Tiger II kinda funny to watch how much Tiger II players complain about the T29 when the Tiger II is equal or better in most things (but tiger is fine at 6.7 eh ;D )
  12. agree on all points (the japanese one is actually an E7 too they changed it last patch) this too , it really needs a bit love the 3 shot burst is nice and all but you get a 10+ sec reload for each shot if you break it down which is slower than Chi To and its horribly slow and has no working armor while being huge
  13. A7M1 to 4.7 should really not happen imo especially not without pulling the M2 up too Ta-154 uptier makes sense even if i dont like it Spitifre uptiers are badly needed because they dominate from 5.3 on very clearly love the Tiger E changes but i think the Pz Bfw VI P should stay on 6.0 since it has a rather big advantage over the normal tigers (had a few test drives) Coelian change is nice too even tho it should have been enough to just nerf the belts of the kugel still no downtier for the FR 47 oh well maybe its a bit more viable when the superior 22 and 24 get a higher BR Flaktruck uptier and hullbreak might be too much but then 0.3 isnt that much IS-2 changes are great too but please consider downtiering the KV-122 since its quite alot inferior to the IS-2 while being the same BR (take away the B shell as compensation maybe? it wouldnt need it anymore against 6.7 heavy tanks) HEllcat uptier and hullbreak is again a bit much at once but time will tell ST-A1/2 changes are good too most importantly : why is the german sherman still 4.3 when it doesnt get the APCR and has worse track add on armor please gaijin make it 4.0 or 3.7
  14. well idc for ab and in rb its 5.7 ^^
  15. and again : it was already at 7.0 once and it made 6.0/6.3/6.7 tanks unplayable because people spammed it and lower tier tanks can and will bounce on the sides it is not even remotely comparable to the T32 the T32 has alot frontal weakspots that are easy to hit while the IS-3s "weakspots" are super small and hard to hit when he moves
  16. IS-3 already got put on 7.0 once and it wasnt pretty
  17. sadly thats how it works atm but i suppose thats going to get changed
  18. usually the people dont like having their toys put at a higher BR
  19. why does the A7M1 get uptiered (again) but the faster and overall undeniably better A7M2 can stay ?