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  1. All you need to do is set the rudder trim so the slip ball sits in the middle and then aileron trim so the plane doesn't rotate, set these 2 at around 400km/h so that the plane flies level hands free.
  2. Checking before I say anything. do you know about trimming in test flight?
  3. I see running to the AF as a cowardly tactic used to gain a "free" turn around in a dogfight. look at it like this, you chase your target to the AF, realize what is happening and prepare to turn away and back off. Your target can immediately turn around also putting you immediately on the defensive with ZERO skill involved. Example, I fly Germany exclusively so pit a P51 vs me in my 109 gX, I'm slower in top speed ( unless I bake my engine... making it a one way trip if I don't win) but I can run rings around it in terms of maneuvering. The P51 runs to the AF I have to turn away or get killed by AAA, P51 turns on me now I'm on the defensive and have to gain the advantage again, moments later the advantage is mine again OH LOOK the P51 retreated to its AF again, I turn away, P51 turns on me... rinse and repeat until I can score a kill or the entire allied air force turns up and kills me. Now from my experience if I want to find an enemy plane I need to go to their AF because 90% of the time the entire ally team is there pulling this cowardly tactic... riveting gameplay right there. My only other option at this point is to hunt point and click adventurers... shoe one on the other foot, I will turn fight a damn spitfire in a FW190 rather than tuck tail hike skirts and run home.