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  1. I like this guy, he is real(honest with how things are and explains why those other people are acting ridduculious) lol
  2. Just wanted to mention, to some people your comment may be rude. At first i was sort of insulted since i thought you were referring to Johnsons who i have blood relations to, since the Johnsons also had a huge impact on WW2. But then i look up Jerrytankers which led me to JerryRigging(Not sure if i can say that) and yea, please be careful of what you say WW2 wasn't that long ago.
  3. Show me a kill feed that not arcade and i'll believe it.
  4. This is what i view him as: (Insert German Nation) xD The Reply: I wouldn't call it pitty, i would call it realization, that his actions are making him look sillier than a cartoon starfish who lives under the bottom of the sea
  5. The T-34 isn't even that good, i don't see why people like it so much besides the spalling shield, its the same as the T-29 A cent never fights a T-29, unless its as said. But i'm still skeptical about that.
  6. Ah pfft, not interested in that witchcraft. Could be custom battles though
  7. what the? American vs Britian, what severs do you live on?
  8. Awe so depressed, at least smile, at least your not outside right now in the cold since someone burnt popcorn and the fire alam went off :3 but hey it's never too late for anything XD
  9. Yea we are going to need the internet police over here, we got a crime scene.
  10. You know its super hard to bomb a target when you/re that high in the air, right?
  11. You know how annoying a good maus player can be, the maus is 7.7 and it will remain there until further notice. Unless you want to make it sides 50mm and the turret armor 190mm for balancing xD
  12. I ignored this post when he started off with sarcasm, any post that does that isn't worth listening to since it sounds like their talking out of their rear ar the entire time.
  13. Alright and? I can easily do that if i wanted to.
  14. So much salt xD well that doesn't bother me, haters going to hate. All Ru drivers have poor K/d and if they don't then they only drive their tank at selective times which is boring. Also i'm 50% luck and 50% skill, just cause you don't have both of the best worlds doesn't mean you need to hate. Maybe someday you will have both the luck and skill i have, until then, chill the saltyness it has a awful taste to it, try being more sweet. Oh and work on your english its a bit on the weakish side. I also already know how to play but if you want to make a custom match where i can kill you in GF and AB, for the entire battle to be one sided to the point where you quit then fine by me
  15. We will find something for you, that fits your liking lol, if not i'm sure your a quick learner xD
  16. Well one day i hope to invite you to my casino and see for myself how good your luck is lol, first card game would be free.
  17. When you see a IS-6, shoot and hope it pens.
  18. I trust in my luck to carry me through Nien!
  19. Please practice your English more.
  20. My T-29 hasn't been nerfed Idk what your first sentence was supposed to mean, but new players don't reach T5 just like that, it takes like months to reach T5.
  21. My T-10 and chieftain sometimes do Its a funny dink noise xD
  22. Just flank xD, but anyway, the IS-7 would be 7.7. Cause atgms would make it butter.
  23. Now the IS-3 would be way more fair to fight at 7.0, i mean just look at this How are you supposed to reliable pen that, when the opponent, also knows you will go for that. Now i do shoot for the ears, sometimes it can kill. Other times, my shell goes in, but my spalling just goes nowhere and i'm like then the IS-6 is like "I'm still alive?.....Goodbye!" *Fires at my lower hull* *Boom* Me: That is when i'm using my T-29
  24. Legend says, the IS-6 optics are a portal to another dimension.
  25. I predicted the IS-7 but got the IS-6 lol, but its still a nice tank just not really fair to fight.
  26. you must of not bought your quota of golden eagles lol
  27. So I got muted today or does it make it yesterday? Anywho, so this guy was saying that the RU was garbage, and i said "If you think the RU is garbage then you're garbage" Cause as we all know, the RU is Bae, the Ru is life, continuing, then as this continued eventually i logged off. Logged on today, saw that i was muted went "Huh....Eh.." And i went on to play games, but i started to notice, since i couldn't talk, my carry ratio sky rocketed through the roof, i mean just look at these matches, i had, just 2 but still. The first match, my team was good and i carried my side, would of had 1 more kill but the IS-6 eats rounds even to its side. Then my second match that i'll be showing you, with a replay was a super carry, just me and 3 guys, won a entire game, and i did 10 tanks with a single life, if you don't believe me i'll be leaving a replay. What do you guys think? Is it a benefit to not talk and just focus on the match, or do you think its a disadvantage. If you have similar stories, please share them down below, i'm sure i will love reading them lol. (Having uploading issues, blegh, so i can only show the second match and not even the replay since its too big) Second Match:
  28. I do, but its like how i view it. How dangerous is a modern gun vs someone with a bow, when that person with the modern gun doesn't know how to use it, it would be basically useless and the archer would win every time. Thats why i think the RU is balanced, but sure when i play the RU, i drive to a area where no one thinks to look and i rain on the kills, until a dumb T-95 shows up and makes killing him a pain from far away without dying.
  29. It is balanced, aim :3 Both are 7 br tanks That is such a bold lie, the IS-6 armor is still broken, it still bounces things it shouldn't. The tank needs to be 7.3
  30. Well i did say gritty, and the GF beta tag doesn't even matter. It wasn't open beta, you either had to be picked from a hat or pay for a tank to enter. So all my knowledge of beta is from observation which is fine.
  31. I already said i know there is a difference, re-read next time you don't understand something. Sheash, unless you want to be those type of people that assuming everything without looking into it Hmm fair enough, thank you for answering my question Just curious but why did they change the damage model, if it felt more tankish.
  32. Bombs work in mysterious ways, if you go to Germany you can still find active ones lol
  33. I was thinking again and I looked at some war thunder ground forces beta video, and I noticed something. All the tanks in beta, look so authentic and realistic, they look tuff and gritty, like they can take a shot and give one. Like the old tiger and tiger 2H, now all the battles don't look that realistic and polished. And please don't say it's because I play on ULQ, I can see the difference if I play on Max. What do you guys think? I would add picture examples but I'm posting this from on my phone.
  34. I dislike the IS-6 so much, just had a game in my T-29 where i killed 2 IS-6, then 3 more appeared and i died. >.> The only reliable way to kill a IS-6 is when they are distracted which so isn't fair
  35. i know how it went, but this was before americans, britians and japanese were added. So it will be fine, if people can/can't handle the IS-6 they will be fine with a easier to kill IS-3.
  36. Why are u telling me that? tell them that, ik this xD
  37. Your logic is so wrong. Also any tank can kill any tank, as long as the situations are correct, your point is invalid.
  38. Your logic, is a bunch of a flies shorts of a hungry frog of making sense. I'm not going to entertain whatever concusion you pulled that out from, but the T-29 isn't hard to kill, just aim and L2P.
  39. That takes way too long to aim there, in what ideal situation can you aim directly under its armor, while the tank is alive, active and still undamaged. He may of even noticed you and started to turn.
  40. Anywho, the T-29 is balanced, all you have to do is aim(not sure why people have such a problem with that) when you have to aim for the T-32, Tiger 2H, jagtiger, and many other tanks.
  41. I'm not even sure what russians use at 6.7, all i see is annoying T-44-100 that are a pain to kill. Sure i can cripple it with my RU, but the gunner always survives somehow. Yup, you got it, as long as the IS-6 remains a thing.
  42. please explain? Your wanting a armored Ru to be 7.0(Didn't look back at what br was said but doesn't really matter since the M103 is too powerful to be any lower than 7.7), that doesn't seem very logical.
  43. You deserve it with your rage post title :3, and yes i can tell by your use of Z "rulz" This should help. xD Its not OP if germans teams keep loosing
  44. Its not too powerful, would you rather shoot the side of a undamage active IS-6 or a undamaged active IS-3?
  45. i somewhat remember stuff like that, but that was back when war thunder had the old tech tree(which i prefer)
  46. I don't quit remember those times, the only thing i remember is me, fighting a IS-3 in a Tiger 2H at a time when playing the game was painful due to computer issues. So i would always die because i lagged when trying to aim for his lower plate(where i was told to shoot)
  47. depends on the shell(if it can even pen you). Also i just had a good game, to show a example of what a IS-6 basically does to a enemy team. As we all know the IS-6, is a IS-4 without the weak points. But if the IS-3 isn't like that, its all frontal armor and amunition, nothing else to offer. Now just think about it, my IS-4 did amazing in a 8.3 game, and the IS-6 has similar armor power. See the issue? Thats why we make the IS-6 7.3 and the IS-3 7.0 And if you think i'm being bias since i play the IS-3 then nope, I love my IS-4 way more. They are both great tanks, but my IS-4 gets the job done faster and with better performance.
  48. Eh it doesn't always finish off the target, which is bad when you have a 25 second reload, which feels like forever in a battle where a light tank can pull up and one shot u
  49. The m103 has heatsf, good armor and a AP round that hits like aphe shell So nope
  50. The maus is at 7.7 because of its ammunition, and its damage capability. If you get penned by a maus, you are dead, unless your a British tank(forgot its name). The maus was a poor idea to add, its way too powerful for a fair fight against lesser tanks.
  51. The Is-3 really isn't that powerful so it would be fine in 7.0, unlike some tanks like the Tiger 2H if the tank got in a situation such as 2v1 the tank would be able to fend off the enemy due its reload and armor. But for the Is-3 it will quickly die if it's 2v1 due to its slow reload, slow maneuverability, slow engine, slow turret transverse.
  52. The Russians need more 7.0 and 6.7 tanks so I respectfully disagree
  53. I been thinking about this for a while now and i think the IS-3 needs to be moved to the 7.0 br. And i can already hear people commenting "But Darkshadow86 the angling makes the IS-3 too hard to kill", "But Darkshadow86 this would make Tier 5 unbalanced again like it was in the past". Well my very knowledgeable viewers, you would be mostly right but the IS-6 changes this, it has no shot trap, better slopping than the IS-3, its faster than the IS-3 and its much more difficult to kill than the IS-6. And last, their are more IS-6 users than IS-3 tanks which are currently wrecking the tier 4 meta, germany use to be the king but now due the recent br changes, german teams are getting rofl stomped faster than the american pilots crashing at their AF before even taking off. The IS-3 is a easier challenge for players to deal with, its harder to obtain than a IS-6 due to the heavy grind of ground forces and its much slower and easier to flank. Also i didn't want to say this but....... the IS-6 is making war thunder look like a pay 2 win, if you look at the average IS-6 players ingame their win rate is always never lower than 60% and are always very high. Hopefully we can get this change, so Tier 4 can be balanced again.
  54. Never mind, my bread post isn't here anymore. :P
  55. RU players heard my call and now the RU players are back
  56. How is saying "British tanks are weakening Allied teams" not insulting? Your attacking a player base, and yes your attacking them since people like to identify with the nation their playing. Also you should have screen shots if you want to make this a case :3 . Also its not an observation if your directly attacking someone, you could of had your title say "Are British tanks the cause of allied loses?" That way no one gets offended and you can have a unbiased conversation, because the readers already believe you are against them. British tanks are weakening Allied teams
  57. hmm, i see what you mean.
  58. I'm not a fan of this forum post >.> its insulting to British players Just thought i should say that, incase your unsure why British players start swarming in, wanting your stat cards and coming for you. As a part british player, you should change your title, its way too hostile and very unappreciative for all the times British tanks had to carry american teams.
  59. the best degrees But i also like 360 degrees
  60. Your pride is so oozy, reading that was like someone making me milk a cow since the farmer is being lazy. I'm like ugh, i don't want to do this(read this) but it has to be done. Just wanted to add my 2 cents, by the amount of L2P being said, sheash, don't be so oozy it makes reading what your talking about so much harder.
  61. Yup, just use the new 6.7 aaa. I like it, it has more armor and you can get air kills while being safe from other aaa.
  62. See this guy agrees. Except i don't agree on the hesh pen part, because then the shell would go back to only having frontal damage(presumably) and not do interior damage like it does now. Frontal damage is where it only does a frontal splash damage of what it hits, but not going entirely through the tank.
  63. 7.0 is blegh, i hate getting up tiered just to use my Horton or 262, not worth it
  64. That makes sense but i don't mind, it just means my chances of winning are more likely now lol
  65. Stats mean nothing, they are very conditional. So quit trying to stat shame(even if that not your intention, its still rude)
  66. Would you rather your crew die from the concussion of the shock by the hit. Also i haven't experinced a full flip, more like my tank being lifted up a bit, as a ship would after a big wave.
  67. Hmmm.....Well this is puzzling, so lately i been doing other tanks to get my win rate higher such as my chieftain, T-29,T-10,and my cent mk.10 which are all bae. But when i got on my Ru, i noticed there are no more caravans of Ru, no more Ru families traveling together like they are on a long cold journy and must keep their engines warm by only being around other RU. But to my surprise, i was either the only RU or there was 2 of us. So where did we all go? Anyone know? I think since the hyped died down people stop using the tank which is such a waste of money but still. Its so strange, for a tank so popular to just vanish off the radar like that. I feel like Aang, from Avatar the last air bender. But instead of a air bender, i'm a powerful RU that is going to change the world.
  68. if there is a will to spawn camp, there is a way to exploit the map design. Trust me
  69. I wish i could contribute to this, but all these long texts isn't convincing my lazy side to read all of it xD. Which is weird, since unless its about something i'm interested in or how much money i'll be making in a few years $120k(in a few years, can you please summarize what you guys are saying. So passer byers, can know what your talking about.
  70. legal reasons, unless you personal want to talk to WOT about it
  71. Our baby RU has a gun comparable to the L7, so its all good under the British chieftain's hood lol
  72. Nice input Foreigner
  73. My polite rebuttle: -tech era stopped mattering once the atgms, but the limit would be modern era armor. -so can the RU and the strv cent mk.3's atgm. -its a decent speed, but it won't wining any races to the cap, if its in competition with the other nations. -If it gets shot in the top of its turret head, the tank easily keels over. -Reload rate, doesn't have that much impact with how unreliable apds can be at times, and hesh isn't able to pen german's greatest love machine(I hope i can say that xD). -Hesh is limited by what it can pen, if their is spaced armor the hesh won't be able to enter the tank and do full damage, hesh is pale to comparison the stock shells compared to the 88mm and the 122mm. I look forward to your rebuttal
  74. *sigh* its a buff, we can now cripple(can i say that?) a enemy tank with one hesh(if the armor allows it) And the russian's and german's filler ammunition is not click and destroy? BROOOOOOOOO.
  75. spaced armor makes Hesh useless and it has a low pen limit, so i think its fair. But please provide more reasons on why you think it wouldn't work, i appreciate the extra thought it requires me to do on balance . Also the apds would be fine, since the spall and damaging is very low, for example i shot a king tiger 4x in the ammo, and the ammo went from yellow to orange and he still didn't die from a explosion, its another reason why i believe it would be ok at 6.7. The Tank isn't very fast, it moves at 25mph and the reverse speed isn't that fast either so it wouldn't be a issue like the RU.
  76. xD poor japanese, its not surprised no one plays it. I will never touch the japanese with a 100meter pole, their is just nothing interesting there, all their planes are soaked in greasey oil before they fly.
  77. I looked at the website, and i'm still getting a ad to build a gaming pc xD. Oh well, the site looks bland for a car website, i thought it would be more glamour, like a forza game.
  78. sounds like a fashion magazine.
  79. You needed to get back into books anyway lol.
  80. I was skeptical when i read someone said a mk.10 can carry, but too my surprise(not too much) I just had a game where i carried, not including the IS-6 lol. But to answer someone statement, the mk.10 is fine at 7.0, heck it could even be 6.7 due to its slow mobility and weak side armor, my front armor can bounce shots but i leave that to my good luck and fortune. It could be the same thing that happens with leos. My mk.10 is spaded and has all the gunnery and the engine part, but its missing the nonessential add ons.
  81. Nope, i enjoy having exclusive gear. Bushes party!
  82. Good Choice , do you have to do extra calculations for your hesh round or is it muscle memory for you?
  83. Hi everyone, so while i was listening to the shawshank redemption theme song and a British tank drew my attention, the centurion family. I consider myself a good British tanker, my win rate may not be the best but hey you can't always decide who you will play with and you won't always have the time to fix the win rate by playing enough until your win rate is 50% or until you carry the games yourself. Now onto the question, what does it mean to be a centurion? Are you the front line assault tank of the british tree? Made to fight like a light weight boxer, bobbing and weaving until you get the take down. Or are you supposed to fight like a sniper? Keeping your distance and shooting the enemy right between the eyes so they can't snipe back. I do the first option that i said, how about you guys? How do you centurion? Also please keep the conversation civil, please no arguments and no ranting about the lack of spalling apds has, we all know the issue, just work with it please. Please enjoy yourself and lets have a good discussion.
  84. Its soooo OP, My T-29 shot its side and it bounced, can you believe that? The round with 200+ pen.
  85. *Pokes your shoulder* Hey man, don't forget your club, its golfing season now that the IS-6 is out.
  86. tbh i think its more fair to be in their spawn then snipe them while their in the spawn from across the map. Also its only toxic when you taunt, if your silent about it then its respectable.
  87. You type so much, summarize. :3
  88. Because it goes great with the 262, Ho and Me163(prob got the name wrong of the 6.7 jet) Line up. And because if the tank was naturally 7.0 it would ruin normal german 8.0 games, they already have only the leo as their good main tank.
  89. They were prob squadmates.
  90. AB is aimbot :3
  91. I hear tiger tears are very acidic, if you want to melt your gunsight then go ahead. But german/american/british/russian hybrid mainers like me, our tears are the sweatest in all the land, as if milk and honey together actually tasted good. It would as if you were eating your most favorite break feast xD Rude She gets it
  92. :P Pffft The T-54 doesn't even club, neither does the IS-3. Just flank like all the RU Players are doing.
  93. Where did they find a IS-6 for the target practice, also did you know you can buy tanks for a cheap price of only 20k something.
  94. Side note, i just snipped this guy from 4k with my bombs as he was taking off xD. Stupid AAA shot off my tail wing :/
  95. 1Q. Just because a large majority uses something doesn't mean its game changingly effective, a good example of would be how eastern countries are still using T-55s in a great quantity even though they are outdated. 2Q. It would matter, thats like the difference of playing tackle football with a professional football player when your only a rookie, he would fold you like origami. The prof, is more experienced, stronger and better in every way.
  96. It is realistic, i bet i could do it even faster That would be me loading a shell xD
  97. I don't believe what i'm seeing, *Luke's voice* That's impossible!!!!! I'm confused of your point, win rate is highly dependent on your team not your personal skill, unless you carry.
  98. ikr it awful. Just look how the cent mk.10 feels about hesh now, it can't even pen some tanks now. The Maus will be 7.0 when their is a premium version of it lol (IS-6 = IS-4) xD
  99. Exactly, if you fully payed for your car. Why should i or someone else for that matter, tell you how you should be treating it? (Unless i'm the Law) Dev server isn't a final representation of a tank, so it does not.
  100. I got Ace for that, besides i'm multi tasking right now and also flying out my Tu-4 as we speak, its so much fun, i wish it was 7.0 again. So it would be usuable in ground forces without getting geoparded.
  101. You won't prepare to comphy in your sick bed because you will never recover
  102. Do you have it? If not then hush, or else we can't take you seriously. *King Tiger rolls over m56 and thinks its a street curb as it drives to back up the RU* ............*dadunt*.........
  103. Oh, so your the guy, why Ru tanks are now the new 8.0 line up. Your the reason why germans are loosing 8.0 now :3, My T-10 thx you It needs a stronger gun mantlet.
  104. Thats a odd comment, but i guess its fine if you feel it makes your statement even.
  105. He spittin that hot fire (Also to the Devs: Its not me roasting if i'm not saying it, i'm acknowleding a hot fire xD)
  106. what is a AT1?
  107. I wanted to make a joke saying *The T-95 enters the room, listens a bit and leaves* but i saw you mention the T-95, so good on u xD
  108. why would you ever want to uptier a tank you enjoy?
  109. Army of T-10Ms and It-1s, will still wreck the British line up. Sure the chieftain has a stabilizer but so does the T-10. I'm prob bias since i have a win rate of 35% with my cheftian, since i'm always loosing with it >.> while with my T-10 i would have a 70% win rate if if i mained it but i don't lol.
  110. Sure, when the IS-3 is 7.0 and the IS-6 is 7.3 ( Meaning when pigs fly) :3 which is very likely in the wonderful world that is Gaj lol
  111. ^Hey mods, can you remove that post^ its so negative and complainy. Its not even constructive. Also RU players, don't let this be you. This happened to me, since i was surrounded, i somehow got into the enemy territory on accident and i got stuck in a area i ran to hide, so i wouldn't die. But to my dismay no one even followed after me.
  112. no one plays the mk.10 (i do at times, but the 10 min que time isn't worth it). If you do a mk.10 you only see like 1 or 2. While IS-6 come in 6 or more.
  113. I do that all the time, helps incase someone is camping lol
  114. This post smells of Russian player, post your credentials that you play other nations, with tanks that also use heatsf. If you don't this is just a post made by a Russian main-er that doesn't want competition. Also why does it matter to you what ammo a tank uses? Its in the game to be used, its not a illegal round so its fair use, to fire it as much as someone wants. Russian player bias spotted, credentials needed.
  115. we already stated, it isn't just the german teams that lose against the IS-6 so please stop saying that
  116. Also something else, it doesn't really matter. You have to memorize your enemies's weak points, just fire as you normally would by memory. Off topic but: How do you think a M4 loader would feel if he was tasked with dispatching a tiger, with ally assistance of course. It would be the loader's job or the commander, but lets just loader, it would be loader's task to choose the right shell to deal with the tiger, based off of the research found on the tiger based on its weak points. If i was in his posistion, i would fire at the optics, to the point where they were not use able, then fire HE at the track to make them fall off and their u go, a captured tiger tank. They should make it premium, it would sell like a bundle that came with the IS-6 + RU, with the low price of $40. lol, i would buy it. Actually it would be a premium Maus, that came with the correct armor values.
  117. You can make it easily work even when ur optics are covered, its all about feeling for your tank, its limits and capabilities. Also it does work, just use your bonics and have patience. I did the same thing with my IS-3 and i'm sure i could do it just the same with my RU. Tip: Not everyone has the same capabilities to achieve something, its important to remember this. Just like a pole-arm being compared to a sword, both have their strengths. Also in irl, it would easily be possible, just use cohesive and be sure that the camouflage isn't directly over the lens. My friend, you make a simple matter needlessly hard . Also all is fair in war(excluding war treaties) bushes are no exception to this, its realistic.
  118. For tanks i noticed, when you want to place something somewhere usually there is a red highlighted objected showing you why you can't place something somewhere. But for some reason this isn't the case, now i have issues placing my purchased bushes where ever i want even when it doesn't have the red highlighted marker. So Gaj can you please fix this error so i can place bushes where i like. Here is a example of this, and here is when i get around that issue since i'm crafty and know how to use my hand with precision.
  119. Nah, i enjoy it lol. They are pain to do what you want, because of stupid placement errors. See But when you get it and make the game work for you, it works out
  120. The thing about starships is they were mean't to fly. That doesn't sound very balanced
  121. No one that bought the tank is whining, if you have any proof of this please provide links to the posts. Since so far i haven't see any RU owners complaining about the tank (except this one guy ingame but he admitted he was bad). I highly doubt you get 5 kills every game game , when german teams recently have been getting rofl stomped by American and Russian players. Like how are you supposed to win a match when your teams are RU(light tanks that can't even take machine guns) VS Heavy tanks, T-29(Its a pain to kill this guy, i feel like a surgeon trying to kill this guy quickly before more of his allies come, while also trying to not be shot) and the IS-6(should be 7.7, its way too powerful for 7.0, its not even comparable to the panther 2.
  122. *Sigh* Because it has less filler then some heatsf shell and it doesn't matter. Shell costs never matters, you play tanks for fun not to make income. You playing realistic flying rb to make money and have fun. So thats why it doesn't matter what the shell costs, i could load 20 heatsf shell in my T-10M and fire away, uncaring for the cost. Since i know i can easily make it back by flying my hunter, getting lots of kills without dying and then bam, i have my investment of shells back and more, i had fun and i got to make enemy players salty because they hate hunters for some reason (When hardly anyone flies it out anymore because the owners are cheap hamburgers that don't want to pay 50k in repairs, which i'm always sure i never have to, i'm usually always the one to carry)
  123. The people who saying it isn't OP are either trolling or bought the thing. The IS-6 is a mobile IS-4 without the weak points(yes i know its missing the 230 round, but i barely even use it anyway, i prefer having more filler). And just look how people can easily abuse the IS-6 one frontal weak spot, how are you supposed to hit that when he can wobble his gun, keep moving and prob brought company with him. I would of bought the IS-6 but since i have the IS-3,IS-4 and T-10 already i didn't see a point. Its hard to enjoy buying a tank to start clubbing when you already have a tank similar to that. The IS-6 needs to be at a br of 7.7 .
  124. Illuminati confirmed It so is OP, just because it has gun depression doesn't balance it. You make it sound like its hard to drive on a even plain, long reload isn't bad just back up into cover.
  125. Also safety warning for RU drivers, becareful when driving fast, since if you hit something when your going too fast, even when you have a expert crew, your tank can randomly combust. Idk, how but what can you do?
  126. Hi everyone, its Darkshadow86, well known for the fun, friendly and exciting forum chats , today i have something essential for RU Players, lately it has been a big notice to me that RU players don't know how to use the RU. Which is fine, it just came out and its not a IS-6( a heavily armored tank that is similar to other tanks already in game). I just had a very good match and i think, it would be a huge benefit to the community, to see it and be able to learn how to RU. A good example of this and which is also shown in the video, what to do when its 1v6, to get away unscathed and get some kills and assists while doing so, but you will see all of that in the video. I hope this video helps all you RU players, and i wish you good luck . Here is also a picture of my RU. How To Play RU-251 (2017.03.18).wrpl
  127. Can someone summarize what he just said, i'm tired and i don't at the moment feel like reading all of that xD He is self advertising :3
  128. yup
  129. proof or i don't believe it, german teams been loosing all day
  130. I only got one thing to say: RU! RU! RU!
  131. Woo 1# pt fr me
  132. Was just a comparison of my point good friend , i'm multi tasking right now, so i didn't feel like doing research on something else when i'm also doing a paper that has to be 750 - 1000 words, which isn't much, but i want to be done as fast as possible, while also listening to videos and other things, but when can i say i love multi tasking. On a side note, being a pilot is so underpaying its sad, they get paid per time in flight not per hour they work. And they don't even get payed that much starting off, its like average pay that looks so awful. And they have to deal constantly having their ears annoyed because of the air pressure.
  133. Don't use sarcasm if you aren't ready for the consequences of being taken seriously xD. So if you ever tell someone "Sure, i don't need both of my kidneys" Don't be surprised if your missing one, this is the internet after all xD And the Panter 2 is nothing like the leo, which doesn't make it good training. It would be like training to fly a cargo plane, but to fly a commercial plane.
  134. Just because you can't accept reality/current conditions doesn't make me a troll, but whatever, was good talking to you
  135. Actually, consider it training wheels for leo players. So that people can learn how to play the leo, instead of playing it like a med tank that can sometimes bounce rounds. Its a very good reason for it to be 6.7.
  136. Please quote, where did i say not to compare it to the leo, because i never said that, i was talking about the M56(because its tiny like a toy car) And i already said it was like a mini leo, sheash man, your embarrassing yourself xD. I never said the Tiger 2H couldn't compete with it, i'm the RU is a more fair fight for it. Its faster then some light tanks, it has weaker pen then some light tanks. And it has angled armor like some light tanks. So, good enough
  137. I'll try not to make this sound snippy, but don't compare the Ru to a toy car with a gun. :3 They were both designed with different goals. The Ru competes with the T-29 since the Tiger 2H players don't have as much filler, the 29 has more speed, more crew and it has a better turret design. The RU keeps the battle fair by trying to flank the T-29 and cut their numbers a bit. (Though when i do this, i still get kills but the entire enemy team focuses on me, this makes me feel sorry for leo players) Tell that to the IS-6 lol
  138. its fine at 6.7, it compete with the T-29. the T-29s super annoying to kill with it, if you shoot its turret with heatsf either 3 options will happen. A. You knock out his gun. B. Your ammo gets eaten by the turret that goes nowhere. C. Its hull somehow bounces heatsf even when you shoot its lower hull. 8/10 B and C happen the most. Just this alone, makes the RU fine at 6.7. Also it can't even kill enemies through fences while enemies can.
  139. Its not German or Russian?
  140. Bushes aren't P2W, do u even have either or of what your saying is P2W? So how is it, like how does it feel? Use information from the IS-3,IS-4 and T-10. To compare please
  141. i'll have to see
  142. Central, like time, i like the meaning of central i always come first
  143. i don't bother with the lower glacis, it always bounces there when i try. and sure but not today, i'm tired
  144. :P its a super pain to kill T-29s with, since their turret eats heatsf And shooting the unarmored parts of the hull can be unreliable, since the crew and ammo can eat my heatsf making everything only yellow or orange, then i get one shotted since i couldn't pull back in time. WIth the RU i feel like you need a buddy system, since when ever i play with someone, the enemy watches me like a hawk, like i'm a heat seaking missle and i'm like "Cmon the other guy has armor, watch him not me" But they keep staring at me until they die xD