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  1. They prob won't add it. Tier 6? Well I already have enough of a problem grinding for a IT-1 and that only Tier 5. It requires too much effort and it's easy to get bored or tired of war thunder. You spawn in and do the same thing, their is no dynamic to it, to keep it interesting. Like the game, men of war 2. While always has exciting (sometimes laggy) gameplay. Since battles are always different and you can alter the battlefield.
  2. You should play russian tanks, they are much more consistent.
  3. A weird way of putting you concede to defeat but alright
  4. Pffft! Objection! The Abrams wouldn't be touched by this because of its laser anti missile technology that would destroy the atgm.
  5. o.oooo....ooooo.....ow (I'm happy my 1,000 post involve Genie of the Lamp )
  6. A atgm would never even come close to hitting the roof of a Abrams. You could sit up a ice skating for the tanks and see who is the best ice skater. Bets are Abrams will be the best.
  7. Pffft, you don't have that power only i can say when thread is closed. And i proclaim it open for now
  8. Tell me that when they can ice skate like a abrams
  9. Its obviously tracking its enemy, but the enemy is frozen with so much fear that its not moving. The adrams is able to move around like a dancer, with grace and ease so it would be able to finish its elegant drift.
  10. Pffft, those fakes aren't even close as good. And he got the turret from a fake abrams. Lets see your tank do this. Only the abrams could do such a perfect ice skating maneuver while maintaining its perfect aim.
  11. Even the hulk couldn't destroy a american abrams.
  12. Not that it matters, i know what you meant. Those Abrams were inferior copy cats, that is why they were destroyed. A real abrams bounces shots as if they were only plastic beads.
  13. Those clearly are not american Abrams and you must lack the knowledge of the amazingness that is the Abrams, but its fine.
  14. Because, no american abrams could ever be destroyed in battle. smh
  15. You tell the best jokes XD. Everyone knows besides the German fans boy that love the Leopard series know the Abrams is the most superior and advanced modern tank that is and ever will be. when people see the Abrams it's how they imagine, america. Tough, strong, beautiful, a immovable object that can't be stopped no matter what you throw at it. The tanks that come close to being as good as the Abrams is the Challanger 2 and maybe the Leo. Besides that nothing comes even close
  16. This conversation is confusing now, half of you are talking about modern tanks and some of you are talking about the historic data from ww2 infantry. I abstain from this conversation. By the way, the main topic of this thread is kinda dumb to be honest. I mean it's a mechanic in the game, it's doing what it's supposed to. That is all, I'm out of here. Allah, can manage for me, spreading the good word that is Abrams.
  17. The center attention of other tanks, 3 tanks are shooting you. We are talking about if you get penned do you stay in your tank, if 3 tanks are shooting at you in a (what era are we talking about WW2 or modern?) Your just mad cause this guy had the angelic protection of the Abrams while your nation doesn't have that.
  18. Nowhere does he say that the crew will bail at most cases. He says, rarely the crew will ever bail. Only under extreme circumstances they would. so no he doesn't say that
  19. I did and he clearly says that he will remain in his tank, unless extremes happens like a tank fire or at weapons.
  20. Nope, he clearly agrees most times its better to remain in the tank.
  21. Pffft, watch him agree with me saying its better to stay in the tank. Unless its on fire, or your surrounded by at weapons. He never officially agreed, but me and him see eye to eye. He knows the invincible power of the american Abrams and he knows most times out of not, its better to remain in the tank.
  22. I'm still right. Just like panther said it depends on the circumstances, but most of the time they will stay in their tank
  23. I never seen Fury so i don't understand your reference. Actually i have, i think (It ends with a guy hiding under his tank right?) The movie wasn't that memorable so i'm not sure. With that logic, you could say soliders shouldn't even bother getting in a tank since if they get penned they die. Which isn't the case. If a tank gets penned most likely the crewmen can still fight back if none of them are injured.
  24. The crewmen knew the risk of being in a tank when they agreed to operate it. They shouldn't abandon the tank just because there is a small tiny chance the ammo can catch on fire. If you lived through your tank being penned then there is a very low chance they will die. Besides it takes a super long time, to get our a tank hatch, even when a person is calm. So if a person is panicking, they are already will be dead or badly wounded since they are scrapping themselves on the sharp parts inside of a tank. Then most likely get shot as they attempt to climb out. Being a infantry is awful in war, especially when your fighting a city. You could turn a corner your scouting and instantly be killed by enemy troops. Or be crushed by falling rubble. Or be badly mauled by shrapnel of a wall exploding.
  25. No offense, but business wise you sound like someone that would let others walk over and cut throat you because you want to maintain honor. A higher life calling? Again what? If anything, someone with less honor would get a higher calling. Its like acting auditions, you never hear about the people that didn't make it. You hear about the famous actors that did. Besides, do you think Special Forces fight with honor? They just tap the solider of the enemy, since it would be rude to kill him without him knowing they are there? Nope. Honor doesn't exist in war.
  26. That is one of the couple instances. Its like those rare instances where a kid goes to college early because they are so smart. Just like you said, humans are humans. They panic and aren't always reasonable but can be predictable in ways that aren't positive. Since your leaving the safety of a iron clad tank for a open field where you can be killed just by being shot once. While in the safety of a tank you are very less likely to be killed and you guys make it sound like the tank gunner has laser aim. Shots aren't always accurate and the gunner could miss the area where he penned at, allowing the tank to survive. The gunner reads the coordinates, tells the commander, which the commander tells the loader to load the shell. Then the commander tells the gunner to fire at the tank. They keep repeating this until the enemy tank is dead.
  27. Hey, he is the one making a thread he knows is going to be locked, wasting the poor mods' time.
  28. #Locked threads don't matter
  29. It still doesn't make that much sense. Leaving the safety of a (are we talking about modern or WW2 tanks) just since you got penned. Not all tanks are invincible(unlike the abrams) so they shouldn't be that surprised if they get penned. There really isn't. Are you talking about treaties or the "law" of war.
  30. Its war, there is no honor. If you think that then you won't live that long. If a enemy is there, he exists to kill you. He isn't there to talk about the weather with you, play cards or pick out curtains with you. He is there to kill you so his faction succeeds. Its like if you were at Vietnam, you heard about child soldiers and you said "i refuse to fight or kill a child, its not honorable." Then a child solider shows up and aims his gun at you, guessing by your statement you would throw down your gun and let him kill you, instead of you protecting your own life. To each their own, but for your sake please don't join the military, i don't want you getting killed.
  31. There is a trauma bar, don't be thick skulled. If your niece kept hitting u in the head with a foam bat, as you tried to watch tv, but it didn't hurt. Your annoyance would get higher and higher, like a annoyance bar. Also just cause I said bar, doesn't make it about a video game. Thermostats, are a bar. Scientific testing strips when u want to see if a chemical is there, are a bar. By the way, I found his quite suite understandable. But the guy has to understand in wartime, you always have to kill the enemy whatever they are doing. Since if you don't, they will return later and kill someone else. It's like the same thing with this one famous leader, he could of died but a solider decided not to kill him. The result was that millions of people died, which I don't really mind too much since it's history. If we didn't have history then things will happen eventually repeat themselves. whats is your opinion on his quote? I think he is being nieve.
  32. They are equivalent since they both have a limit of how much longer people will stay in the vehicle. Imagine it like a invisible trama bar that if filled enough, will cause the people to leave the vehicle. So for tanks, you say if they get penned people immediately leave( i think they at least stay somewhat and fight back, which is what i would do). But for ships, even if the trauma bar gets filled all the way, the people have no place to go, i guess there is rafts but there isn't that many and they could soon starve if they decide to go on the rafts. My point is, if sea men can wait for their deaths on their ship hoping for a rescue, some instead may go into a life raft where your eventually starve which i guess may have emergency food supply kit. Tank crewman are better off staying in their tank and waiting for safety or trying to operate the tank enough to where the area becomes somewhat more safer. In my view its really really really stupid to try to escape out of your tank hatch if you get penned. There will always be someone watching a tank from a distance, whether its a sniper or infantry. As soon as they see the hatch open and a head, arm or hand pop out. Its going to get shot. Thats why you do all you can to save your life and the tank, if someone gets hysteric you slap some sense into them. Tell them "You're going to stay here and help us get out of here, if you go out there they will instantly kill you and it will not a quick death. (If he keeps acting hysteric, slap some sense into him, get him back into his station and resume command." But know HuAirlines he will keep worrying about me being a fire ball :P explain please
  33. Then explain to me this, why are people fine with sailing on warships when they know if they get sunk they are dead 95%.
  34. So you would rather die from holes in ur lungs and prob be disabled since u got shot in ur spine than to risk waiting for safety? Man, if i survived while you died that way, i would be sure you had a nice funeral. "He was a good man, but he lacked faith and patients, maybe if he had some he would still be here today. Oh well, anyway, i hope everyone is enjoying the cake, I made it with a killer recipe. If you look at the center of your table you will see a recipe card. "
  35. You never said the tank was on fire, how do you know its not a AP shell?
  36. Never said they would have to pilot the tank, they could just wait there for reinforcements. I'll take my chances with the speeding shell, wait for back up. Or if your surrounded, allow them to take u as a prisoner of war.
  37. Honest question, couldn't they just ignore the dead commander and keep on fighting. Since the alternative is dying by being shot as they exit the tank. So i would rather stay in the tank with a dead commander than being filled with holes.
  38. Much better. Thank you
  39. Please put that in a spoiler, it's a eye sore.
  40. Ooo creative, i applaud your effort. But! The Abrams is ready for all forces of any kind! May they be science ficition or realistic the abrams can take on any threat! The gundum mechs wish they had this kind of firepower and artillery! Ooo pretty, i give points for style. But it wouldn't be good for keeping out chemical weapons
  41. Nah and also i have successfully commandeered this thread. Yarrr . I claim this thread for the abrams, best #1 tank of all the tanks.
  42. Typhoon, i'm the sharpest drill there ever was. But keep being envious, like you are of the Abrams tank. Its very enjoyable. Anyway, what tank do you think is best. List your reasons and prepare for battle.
  43. Just because you don't agree doesn't make me a troll. Do you even know the definition of a troll or are you being a sheep, following the Shepard of Mr.Everyone is a troll but me.
  44. Spoken by Mr.Everyone is a troll but me
  45. Idk about best tank game in the world but anything is possible in life. So I don't really mind it too much.
  46. Spa shouldn't be shooting a tanks. If you spawn in a spa. Just to shoot enemy tanks then you are a waste of team slot.
  47. Sheash edgey :o and no I was not. Edge is a good cutting item when you like to cut a comvirsation short. Two people can relate to that tho "Mr.Everyone is a troll but me" and "Angry Man."
  48. James gets it, the British soldiers most of started it first. In a quick rage of jealousy of our more advanced technology.
  49. It's all in good fun, the British caravan didn't get killed. And if one of them got hurt, well they just got to strive higher to be more like American engineering. With bullet resistant army vehicles, I mean cmon British we are already design anti-rpg features on our American army vehicles. Like always, we have to inspire you, for your own designs of engineering.
  50. I support this!
  51. Hmm maybe. Your tank is way more boxy. I'm sure the American troops had good reasons.
  52. You know what, just for the dedication. I'll add a Abrams plushie, so every night you can feel safe with the force a mini Abrams beside your bed.
  53. Oh Typhoon you are such a dedicated fan, always trying to look for wherever my presence may appear. One day I'll have to send you a auto graphy picture of a Abrams. For being so dedicated to whatever is said in my name.
  54. Shells with radation are the bomb. It makes sure your enemies don't get back up to fight you again. accidents happen.
  55. Well if it makes you happy then ok. But I really think the 122, 120,128 guns need this. It's so annoying when you pierce a tank with these rounds, but the tank is either mostly dead. Or the tank is critical but gets away somehow due to the reload of the high caliber guns.
  56. Hey Tea, looks like someone has been adding some extra mixture to your water. Cause I know that more resembles your challenger 1 and 2 than the Abrams. Your tanks are all boxy, while the Abrams, has the design of a battle ready sports car. Good looks with airodymanic curves unstoppable armor. Pffft your tank can try, 2 days latter when your tank tries shoot at every possible angle. Your crewman will hang their heads, drive home defeated. Proclaiming the Abrams is the superior tank, which was already known.
  57. Ha, not even in your dreams. The Abrams is like a modern T-10M but minus all the weaknesses. It bounces everything for days, the Abrams is good for every kind of war. Fighting in sand? No problem, just send a Abrams. Fighting in the freezing cold? No problem just send a Abrams. Abrams the battle ready tank, ready for any situation. i know you wish your nation had something at least close to the top 5 like challenger 2 or the Abrams. But it's ok, the Abrams is here to protect you.
  58. Yea but it gets one shorter by aphe shells when spotted. But you have my sympathy for willing to drive a tank with underperforming shells.
  59. The most elegant MBT is the Abrams of course, just look at all those battle ready curves. Ready to bounce any shell thrown at her. Not to mention the Abrams is so protected with those battle curves, that she also depleted uranium. No other nation would be brave enough to wear the power of a depleted sun on their tank. Respectfully earning another gold metal for the Abrams.
  60. Barrel physics aren't in because a lot of people will end up with bent or broken barrels.
  61. You guys make it sounds like the slogan of the game. Its better we add cool new things than to swipe up all the broken glass. Just wear boots
  62. That was all on u, don't blame me for it
  63. Oh and last of all, i honesty don't really mind which tank is superior. It is what it, technology changes and grows. i'm just happy i enjoyed this thread so much lol. Anyway i'm off now, have a good thread.
  64. And the yawn was for since this chat is getting me bored and wee bit tired. Anyway i'm gonna go play some league, you guys have fun. Reputation huh? I guess you could say i'm not worried about that. I'm just here to enjoy myself, so whatever that comes with it i'm fine Yes, i know my country's history but its my home so it can do whatever it wants. As long as my life isn't changed, what they do outside of the country doesn't really affect me, so they can do as they like. And as a citizen i will support them. Anyway, goodnight and plesant arguments
  65. Hush angry man. Heroes never die. Your one to talk Mr.Everyone is a troll but me Hmm yea that would be interested. Like how Wargame Red Dragon has them.
  66. To be honest *yawns* it wouldn't even matter. Not like tanks are factor in our day to day lifes. As a american, i believe we have the most superior tank. And if we didn't and that person was a enemy, we could get rid of their factory in production in entirety. So its hard to say, besides whats wrong with enjoying a good firey chat? Nothing, so lets enjoy this, as i proclaim i have the best tank ever! ask for a small range of how much composite. But don't be pushy, people hate that. Just smile, ask politely, don't rush and boom, you have all you need. Without having to have someone breach security.
  67. I only state the truth, its not my fault your tank is equal to your competitors tanks while the abrams is above all of them. Optical you think everyone is trolling. hmmm. Guess estimate. Or politely ask if they can use one of the armor detectors on the tanks.
  68. Just like your tanks being below the superior American tanks. I see you aren't above name calling, a shame. We would just have to estimate, and whoever was at a disadvantage would have to use the map and teamwork to their advantage. Just like leo players.
  69. Anyway, besides american's tank and vehicle superiority, back to the main topic. I believe T6 can work, they just need to reduce the grind and lower silver cost by a ton.
  70. Don't worry, with the brilliant american health care. We will fix you up right. Just bring your wallet
  71. Do you have something to add or just here to comment? With the right coordination and proper ordinates we could easily do a much further range kill.
  72. Yea, its important to share with your neighbors. So we decided to give the new sniping record to the Canadians.
  73. The truth reveals itself in different ways Becareful, a mod may sick you for those type of comments
  74. Since the britians our allies, its only fair we don't take all the golden metals. We will give them something to hold onto. Call it your golden ticket, while we have the entire factory. We decided not to be too indulgent.
  75. Besides you brought the can of worms, it would be a shame if we didn't use them to fish up a juicy tale.
  76. Pffft, everything american does is fair, legal and just. The evidence was just, so its fair and legal for us to go to war with them.
  77. Well we want you to have something, a Abrams can do that in the still of night if it chose to. Real as day records
  78. Historic records Ah its a south korean tank, i'm just noticing the flag
  79. Got to keep the peace and its legal.
  80. The challenger 1 was there to take notes on how they could design the challenger 2.
  81. Chalk this up for another victory with the amazing Abrams. Lets see, what battles have the other modern battle tanks won? Basically none
  82. Its in the records. A victory is a victory.
  83. Nah, we were just inviting you to come because you were getting a little rusty and out of experience, not having fought for so long. The abrams is the best modern tank, we all know that. I just enjoy rejoicing in that fact
  84. Nah, because they know i speak the truth of Abrams being the most superior tank. They prob even have a poster of a Abrams over their bed that read "With God's protection i can sleep."
  85. Nah for the most efficient tank, with the most won battles of all the modern tanks.
  86. Pfffft, its all truth. No brain washing here
  87. What is that? Looks like something the french would design.
  88. It certainly is true Why else must countries plead to the great powerful US, in need as their countries fight in war or against terrorism.
  89. If the challenger 2 was to 1v1 a Abrams. It would realize the mistake of its decision and flash its warning light on its turret as means of surrendering.
  90. The challanger 2 is all gloss, even if it fell off the shelf it would just slide away like a wet stick of butter. The abrams of course would slam down so hard to leave a dent in the floor, still in prestine condition from the heavy fall. Ready to be operated and ready to break some records that it already broke before.
  91. Tell that to Tea, who fights the truth of the superiority of american engineering. And pffft, that rpg would just be reflected.
  92. I do like its visual appeal but the abrams is much better. The abrams has no need to drive in cities to show it outstanding superiority. Its fine just as is being stationed in a military base without being seen.
  93. Hmm same thing the british aspire to when they see how above the Abrams is above the challanger 2. But someday they will reach our old models.
  94. We have our own wheat, even if we didn't all it would take is one seedy guy to do a shady transaction and bam we got wheat fields. Its like this, just because someone created ships doesn't mean it can't be improved on and made better by another nation. Well the abrams does inspire the challanger 2, that it too can be a unstoppable fortress one day. Not mentioning mines and bombs.
  95. Just like this man, americans fight for what they believe in. He fights for his drinks enough to crawl for it. The american tank is so powerful, that it will take years for the other nation to crawl and reach the pepsi that is the abrams
  96. Pfffft, your people made the wheat. But we made the bread and beer with it
  97. I would want it to after T5 despite the grind. It would give american players a reason, to deal with the grind and annoyance that is inaccurate tank and ammo models. That wouldn't drop the realism side of warthunder since it can't be helped that technology is still not available to be looked at. I would also like the chieftain and T-10 to have something worth while grinding for.
  98. Elementary my dear watson. All the other nations know the superiority that is the Abrams tank, which is why they don't hold competitive tank events to see who has the best tank. The Abrams would always take the gold metals. Pffft your nation wishes they had the good trucks and tanks the US produces. The british convoys must communicate more or not drive in areas that are suspected to have enemies. Its not the Abrams fault, they are only doing what they were instructed to do.
  99. If there was a battle royal the Abrams would come out on top every time, it has no weaknesses besides bombs and the occasionally mine. Just like Tea said, Heroes never die, they just come missing in action. The japanese were trying to save their pride as tankers since they never used something magnificent as american engineering. I bet when they returned home they cried in their pillows wishing their nation too could someday design such brilliant tanks.
  100. Its only natural a few abram tanks got destroyed, prob less than 20 out of the millions we have keeping peace. Abrams is the best tank in the world and no nation can ever build a better one. Even if they could i doubt they would have the budget to maintain it Besides where in your national pride? The tea drinkers like their challangers, the germans like their leopards, the russians like their T-90s and americans love their superior Abarams. Ah well. mine scanners, infantry scouts. This is no problem for the mighty abrams.
  101. How did the tank get destroyed?
  102. It would the 128mm and 120mm damage problems.
  103. How long do you think until we have it 2019?
  104. Awe
  105. Not a USMC abrams. Even if it was, it would be the first ever US abrams tank that got lost. No big whoop, could of been destroyed by friendly air fire. It happens. 2003? Must of been the outdated models, not the new deluxe shiny Abrams models. Its only to be expected that the older models are not as pristine as the newer models.
  106. Those aren't US abrams. They are isral ambrams, Inferior versions. A US abrams has never been destroyed.
  107. Nah, hull break is when your shell hits a light tank or light vehicle it dies. So you don't have to keep shooting the tank as you try to find or hit the last crew man.
  108. I was thinking and i came up with a great idea, we should have realistic shell force and simulated impacts. For instance, if you have a small tank and your turret gets shot by a 128 mm shell, your turret would be instantly ripped off and would result in a instant death. Or the player could just drive around with no turret until he reaches cap and has to repair for a turret. Also if a shell isn't big enough to rip off the turret, there should be push back added. Like the m56 has when firing but reverse that and put a impact on shells. If a tank gets hits by a KV-2 shell, the turret is instantly ripped off(if shot there) or the tank is thrown back or flipped. This would be a great add for GF.
  109. Nah too much eyes sores for the ULQ players when trying to look for a poorly imaged graphical tank at a long range distance.
  110. Its true The Abrams unlike the challenger never had a issue to where somehow the round fired back into the crew compartment. Combat wise the Abrams is king.
  111. I want a Abraham(Not how you spell it but i don't mind lol) tank It should wipe the floor with every competitor.
  112. Only 300-400 for a pc? What the, never go cheap on a pc! If your going to buy one the min cost is 700-850. That thing is going to be with you for years, if you only spend 300-400 its going to be outdated before you know it. Also i wouldn't recommend slowly buy all your pieces bit by bit over a year. You save up all the money you would of spent on each part, then you buy all the newest bits at once. So you get the most efficient pc. Don't worry you can thank me later, i just saved you a great amount of investing money. When in doubt research, i know not a lot of people do that but its well worth the time. Its the same thing you would do when playing a game, you research your enemies' weakness and learn how to exploit it. Like armor, munition and choice of graphical use.
  113. @bold What do you mean? They weren't removed because of Phly, the upper executives discussed among themselves and found that most that had it are no longer being beneficial to the company. Your comment is based on presumption without any fact. I believe MikeGoesBoom was that last youtuber that i know of to get his special account removed and that was a few months after fly lost his. Not that many people watch him, even if there was, you are presuming they are sheep who follow and do everything Phly says. People have their own agenda and reason for subscribing, maybe they like to hear him talk as he plays(many war thunder youtubers only have a silent clip, or have a heavy accent, or are russian which that can't understand. I personally don't like listening to a heavy accent it makes listening to the person not that interesting) or maybe its his skill? I don't know if he has any, but it could be that. So i doubt anything is going to change. Nope. You are just feeling social media hype, like the people for the game For Honor did. Now look where they are lol
  114. For visual appeal, imagine walls and stuff you can go look through like the VIP rooms or floors on some hotels. You could argue "wouldn't it be more smart if the designers of the building didn't add something only a few people would have access to?" Its extra effort but its there for those who want to see it or use. ULQ is for people that are fine with just a bare minimum a hotel can offer for you to relax in. War thunder could of been a realistic open field battle game and people would still play it. So ULQ offers people that want to play tanks like they would normally. Just imagine a more explained reason, like they are able to spot you because a crew member could hear your tank running or a solider spotted you far away with his binoculars.
  115. The average player doesn't care or look into such things. So a play influx wouldn't happen. If someone told them, the average player the person would reply something like "oh...alright, why should i care?" Then return to casually playing like nothing ever happened. Jingles is one player and he is only playing war thunder now since he felt disgruntled with the wot staff. I know people are fickle but this is such a minor problem that no one is going to care about. It would be like if you told someone that their work computer is garbage since it has a poor setup, bad visual appeal since their isn't flashing lights on the box. The workers wouldn't care and say "it does what i need it to do, i don't really care about the other things." Same response a average war thunder player would have and by average i mean just plays the game and doesn't look at the forums. Last of all this is a minority problem, not a majority. Majority: Armor, Munition, Filler, historically accurate armor Minority: Graphics, rendering. Most players don't even care how they died, they just accept they died. Like what can they do anymore? They are dead, end of story. Return to the hanger and try again.
  116. This is a minor issue, because like i said anyone can use it. Its not exclusive, why should Gaj care if everyone can do it? You choose fluff over advantage. Its a bit unrealistic to ask for sympathy and give Ultra players all the advantage and leave ULQ players with a meh visual playing style with nothing to add to it.
  117. That was only his comments and most people didn't even care after a few weeks went by. They can focus on damage models and ammunition settings. ULQ is fine as is. ULQ = Efficiency(what you need to see and only what you need) ; Ultra = Ooo pretty colors(no advantage)
  118. I have no idea what your second sentence says.
  119. He wouldn't make a big difference if he stopped playing war thunder. You know the thing about youtubers is that they have targeted audiences, if the youtuber stopped doing content that relates to the targeting audience people leave. If Phly stopped doing war thunder, it would be his loss not war thunders. A single youtuber's opinion won't change anything. Like the youtubers that say "Bombers are broken, they shouldn't be [Insert whine here, etc etc etc]." That person is a youtuber but no one cares what that person says since no one agrees with him(not literally everyone but i'm sure you get what i mean). In my opinion its fair play, he is using a ingame legal setting to have a advantage. Its not the player's fault if the other players don't use it. For example, if there was a game where everyone was a WW1 solider in a battle royal but the majority of players agreed to not use a automatic weapons and use bolt action weapons, since it wouldn't be "fair." But a person decides to use the auto-weapon, since it would put him at a distinct advantage. That is the players fault not the one who decided to keep a fair and legal upper hand.
  120. And how is this even a topic? Its more of a statement than anything.
  121. Pffft ULQ is fine, and what does a youtuber's opinion change anything? He is just a normal warthunder player like everyone one, why does his opinion somehow make a big difference?
  122. Honest question, is thread really needed? You have the leopards, enough said.
  123. The americans should have the fastest tank reloads.
  124. I wish they would have a fire sale discount for the IS-6, i sort of want to buy it and seal club lol
  125. Leave the Ru out of this :/
  126. I'm obviously talking about ingame stats. Also you said your stats which is a possessive statement. Not win rates. Your stats, are not the same as win rates. Win rates overall include all statistics collected together to show what sides are winning more or less. Tantor is using his noodle to understand my easily understandable statement. Go use yours.
  127. Stats mean nothing :P
  128. No thank you, I like the British br the way they are. If you stretch out everything too much it makes it a pain to match the right planes and ground strikers with the proper br tanks.
  129. I find it fun to be clubbing people. The people who don't like clubbing are the people that settle in life, while i just enjoy feeling or being above people and striving toward the top in everything i do (competitive personality).
  130. So I just got the Jagtiger it's a okish tank when the gun works. I shot the side of a m46, all it did was wreck its insides, cause black ammo but not kill him. When it does work I one shot T-29s at close range. i think the jagtiger should be 6.7 like the T95 is for America. The jagtiger is slow and map layouts force it into conditions where fast speed tanks like the m46 and another tank with heatsf, can just laugh at you as the wreck you with heatfs then just uppercut you to the side for a ko. Like the T95 it relies on its armor and powerful gun, I think they are fitting comparisons. T95 you kill by the front by shooting its couples. The jagtiger dies by being shot at its lower hull or upper hull if fighting American tanks with heatsf. If the T95 can be 6.7 so can the Jagtiger. the jagtiger is just food at 7.0, it's no cent mk.10, it's not a m48. It's a slow heavy tank destroyer that can't even turn around that fast if it spots a enemy trying to flank him.
  131. RU-251, the tank that brings NASCAR and prototype racing to the tank battlefield. This tank is going to be legendary in a 7.0 German line up, its fast, deadly, super quick reload and it will make IS-6 players think twice before buying that tank, to save up to pay $50 for the Ru-251. It has everything a competitive tanker could want, i personally am going to get this tank and i bet with it i will get a win rate of 70%, i could care less about kill death ratio since i don't play that seriously and camp, i'm more of a yolo type. So how do you guys think the tank will fair in battle, i personally can't wait to have such a exclusive tank(exclusive since this community has the tendency to be cheap scapes and not buy anything above $20). Also one last important detail, if you don't have the money to buy the tank please don't claim the tank is P2W, you're just showing the world your mouth is more open than your wallet is. If you do, still comment P2W i will just refer you to this statement. (Yes, i know i'm alienating part of the audience but people that claim P2W are exactly as i claimed, unless they can prove they collect premiums that are worth their salt) Now may the discussion begin