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  1. Its not OP at all, the cheftian has crap armor. Side shot: Dead, Lower hull shot: Dead, Upper turret right side: Dead. And how would penning anything be OP? We have atgms that can pen mostly every tank, we even have a atgm with 800 pen. The chieftain with the [Insert shell name here] is a way better upgrade, than that waste of exp, a tiny engine boost isn't worth the grind.
  2. That is debatable but anyway, i want realistic explosive bomb damage before any nerf like that.
  3. If you ever did a rolling thunder on a GF battlefield, you would know the fun and so many potential kills you can get from it. Or the fact it can carry make 1k bombs, that usually destroy a tank in one go. Its like using the B-29, i sometimes bring it with my T-29 to GF, but i hardly ever bring it since in american battles you either die early because of a T-54 or you live so long their is no reason to spawn in a heavy bomber or bomber, but that is from my personal experience.
  4. Not here to impress. Since its openly saying a concern that i would like address. If they don't address it, then to be honest i won't mind, i just won't use the Tu-4 for GF and keep using my IL-28 and its 3k or was it 2k bomb to one shot most enemies. But it would be a great loss, to let such good potential go to waste since its br is too high for GF. If the Tu-4 was 6.7, it would be great for the russian 6.7 -7.7 line up.
  5. Simple, because i made this forum, so maybe the Tu-4 could be have a special br of being 6.7 or 7.0 for ground forces like the B-29 is for ground forces, so the Tu-4 can be usable. And to answer all of ur um..statements? The reason i don't refute someone's comment is since i'm not interested in arguing/debating with someone over the internet when that time could be spent doing something else or inputting it into something else. Its like this, if someone has the power to change something ingame then they got my attention, if someone says "I can't aim or kill something slower than my plane/jet, its too hard" then i pay it no attention. Just cause my view is unpopular doesn't mean, i will defend it to the lengths like you will. If someone doesn't like it then bah idc, they don't give me a reason that i would care about to warrant my interest. All i want is a simple request, give the Tu-4 a usable br like 6.7 and that is all. If anyone doesn't agree with it, that is their lack of skill they are substituting to find reason to argue with my reasonable request. That is all, if any of your questions weren't answered, look for a hint of the answer in my statement.
  6. I was kidding about the mig-21 being added as a trade....Man you guys take everything so seriously. The Mig-21 won't be added YET, but give it a few years. Quit being so judgmental, if you don't like a topic don't read or comment on it, no one needs your negative opinion. Besides, i find it ridiculous, all the people that complain can't kill a single slow bomber (like 545 or something like that) when it has the weak armor of a B-29 that 6.7 planes slice through it like its butter. If your having problems killing a slow huge plane, that is almost stationary compared to how maneuverable and fast the competition is, not to mention literally as big as a boat then i just might start to question that player's skill.
  7. Sure when the mig-21 is at 9.0, i'll be cool with that, also add some russian jet bombers for some added fairness
  8. That would be the point
  9. Anyway, point is the Tu-4 would be fine if it was at 7.0 for ground forces. And for realistic, thats to be changed at a later date, when we actually have heavy jet bombers like some near modern ones(I'm not good with jet names, since honestly don't interest me that much). Also GF can't be broken by a bomber if we have radar guided anti air vehicles that can snipe any jet that flies near them, which also enforces why the Tu-4 can't be 9.0 anymore, its too slow and too big of a target.
  10. Just wanted to mention, the time of its design doesn't matter. It's what the technology can do that matters. Exception is french tanks due to their complex early and smart designs or Italian(since they were used mostly for running away not fighting lol) tank.
  11. It's a Russian company what can you do. They want to be sure that their nation is performing best to have a more preferable marketing targeting to their country's audience. Which is what it is, if war thunder was a American company you would prob see lots of American vechiles over performing which is fine since it would be realistic. This explains why the IS-6 is 7.0 instead of the IS-3 being 7.0 and the IS-6 being 7.3 (And don't say, they are doing it to uphold their promise of not bringing in T5 premium. Well they should of considered promising breaking before adding the tank). That's because the IS-6 is marketable to their Russian home audience to keep their main demographic happy.
  12. I think its time the Tu-4 is 7.0, because currently the Tu-4 is basically a free kill for any hunter player that knows his maneuver or a free kill when double teamed by F-2 or the top tier jets. The 8.0 br makes the Tu-4 useless to bring into your ground forces, since as soon as you fly in, a player that is using radar spa will shoot you down without even batting a eye and you will say "Why is this prop at tier 8, it can't do anything in ground forces match making". Also for this forum i'll be attempting to fix 2 problems with one stone. The uselessness of the Tu-4 in ground forces due to its br and how helpless the Tu-4 is against good pilots in 9.0. Solutions for problem 1#: Make the Tu-4 7.0 and limit the number to only 2 per game, so Tu-4s won't always get cap rushed by hunters and new Tu-4s have a fighting chance to learn how to defend themselves. Solutions for problem 2#: Simply make the Tu-4 like 6.7 when you bring it into ground forces so the thing isn't useless, so it would be like .3 higher br than the B-29. As i said earlier, what makes the Tu-4 useless now, is the thing is slow and a big target, radar spa have a field day with it, as shown by the promotion clips when the radar spa were being introduced. I think i made my point.
  13. I been thinking about this for a while now and i think the IS-3 needs to be moved to the 7.0 br. And i can already hear people commenting "But Darkshadow86 the angling makes the IS-3 too hard to kill", "But Darkshadow86 this would make Tier 5 unbalanced again like it was in the past". Well my very knowledgeable viewers, you would be mostly right but the IS-6 changes this, it has no shot trap, better slopping than the IS-3, its faster than the IS-3 and its much more difficult to kill than the IS-6. And last, their are more IS-6 users than IS-3 tanks which are currently wrecking the tier 4 meta, germany use to be the king but now due the recent br changes, german teams are getting rofl stomped faster than the american pilots crashing at their AF before even taking off. The IS-3 is a easier challenge for players to deal with, its harder to obtain than a IS-6 due to the heavy grind of ground forces and its much slower and easier to flank. Also i didn't want to say this but....... the IS-6 is making war thunder look like a pay 2 win, if you look at the average IS-6 players ingame their win rate is always never lower than 60% and are always very high. Hopefully we can get this change, so Tier 4 can be balanced again.
  14. So i called it, i knew it was coming. Gaj saw my forum post and knew it was a great idea, instead of the IS-7 it was the IS-6 which is ok, we will reach the IS-7 in due time. So the IS-6, a powerful vehicle mixed with the IS-3, IS-4 and something else. The IS-6 is going to be LEGENDARY on the battlefield, i believe the tank is going to be 6.7 since the russians no longer have a powerful tank at 6.7, the IS-2 mod was there but it had weak turret cheeks and wasn't that competitive compared to the Tiger 2H (sla included) and the T-29(T-34 included). I can't wait for this tank, it has the strengths of all the tier 5 cold era tanks and none of the weaknesses. I think i may just preorder it, how about you guys? Leave a comment below saying if you may buy it or if not that then say how you think this will affect the game now . Also please no fighting or whining saying its russian bias, that a easy way to get a strike. Any who enjoy my prediction i have bestowed on the war thunder world Armory(IS-6 Object 252): Parts of the Tank Armor in mm Angling in ° Upper hull front 100 mm 65 ° Drivers hatch 120mm 65 ° Lower hull front 120mm 53 ° Upper hull side 100mm 45 ° lower hull side 100mm 0 ° lower lower hull side 20mm 70° Upper hull rear 60mm 60 ° Lower hull rear 60mm 30 ° hull roof 50mm-20mm 90 ° hull Floor 20mm 90 ° Gunmantle 300mm round Tower front 150mm round Tower side 150mm round Tower rear 100mm round Tower Roof 30mm 85 ° -90 ° Tower Floor 40mm 90 ° Ammunition of the IS-6: