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  1. $ Still the cannon versions of the 202 and 205 are also worthy of some grinding even for me. Bad news for Spittys.
  2. Surprised I missed this first time around. Seems between good advise and working things out you have the hang of it. I fly P38's quite a lot, probably my most flown plane and I'm definitely more aggressive flying it in Tier 3 than I would be in most of its US/ Brit contemporaries. Reasons are as you found - flaps. It can give any 109 a very hard time in an angle fight with appropriate use of flaps, throttle and those effective twin rudders. I have found to my cost, and to my success when planes reversed, the difficulty of maintaining an energy fight with a 109 depending on pilot skill. Simply that the German plane excels in this, You are a heavy, big plane are an even bigger target and hammerheads can be squeaky bottom moments I generally prefer to avoid. Extending can work but prolongs the fight - I'd say towards the 109's favour. So if I see a 109 even when at a slight disadvantage myself I go for it. Problem with this is as mentioned you might win but are going end up lower and slower, so where you fly on the map is crucial and you want to be sure they are alone, as unlike most German teams, who fly together quite well, usually with allied pilots all you will recieve in the way of teamwork is being shoulder-shot by a Spit! That's the other problem you also discovered, with the bomber scourge you're usually outnumbered by axis fighters and lots of 109's/190's are flying in squads. Doesn't matter how good you are in a P38 then. However although it doesn't always pay off, if you can find a single 109 alone, excited upon seeing you as an easy target, the palpable shock you sense from them as you hard engage with the big twin and get angles for a shot still brings a kind of pleasure no reward system can match.
  3. Negative reward would help. I'd really like to see it in conjunction with all aspects of the game having an effect though. So mini bases as production areas would effect availabiity of planes and or speed of repair. A moving front that can win the game and bases be captured. Convoys destroyed affect fuel and ordnance availability. Recon aircraft loss loses enemy ground position on maps unless you are directly over them. Points (and we know how much WT players love points!) would help too in the positive and negative but surely folk would look after resources if it actually affected them. Just now, other than the last airbase it just doesn't. This shouldn't be hard to do. Even old sims have this in much more detail than EC. It just seems GJ don't really care about having a healthy simulator version. It's been like this for years. Like many SB players I was prepared to wait for the new War mode. Now that this is to be another arcade bit of fluff, all we have left is unworked and unfinished EC. I just hope GJ will put some effort into EC again before this sim is pronounced dead. Some think it already is but I detect a faint weak pulse as long as some of us care.
  4. Nah. As PDGFHolmsson said HEC has been tried before and was a huge success. Also all other sims worth the name are historic...always! Works there. Regarding the Spit IX LF - it's strange when pilots with lots more experience in sim and much better records than you don't find it so easy as to deal with as you suggest you do.
  5. What are warbonds? Are they the gamble thing.
  6. I agree up to a point, rewards shouldn't be the reason to take low tier planes into high tier games - the challenge should. It still is a challenge, as when you meet better planes flown correctly you will struggle meeting an experienced pilot. However I see no problem dealing out whoop-**** in tiers where a lot of gung-ho, over confident, easymode pilots fly; used to dominating opposition, used to outnumbering opponents in better planes, used to blowing E with no consequence. No clearer place for that than in Tier IV Western front. When the 202's guns frustrate too much I've been taking the F4. Less cool I know but this should never beat a 25lb spit IX LF in a dogfight. Yet if you fly to challenge yourself, while your opponent sticks to easy and looking good then that can even the match in your favour. I find these guys know how to kill in tier IV - but defence? Turn is all they know and several of us up tierers have learned to turn in harder to fly planes you aren't meant to. Other than kill a captured plane, up tiering is about the only type of kill that gives me a buzz these days.