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  1. I recall reading a Hurricane pilots account of being amazed when he found himself dogfighting with a very aggressive low early Do bomber. The fighter was almost out of ammo when they met and he decided to run for it in the end.
  2. I wonder sometimes perhaps I'm not immune to this grinder mentality xxxx you all seem addicted to. I've flown in sims long before this game was a potential rouble in the developers account. I hate this grinding nonsense they chose. Sim pilots fly to get better .....that's it. It's a skill - one that takes time just like any sport or serious pastime does. It's really hard to be good at combat flight sims, I exclude the flying broken UFO xxxx to look good and get to the top of leader boards. I've killed enough of those heroes with 3x my stats in same plane 1v1's to know that- as do they. If you were chess players the equivalent would be - you would be discussing how to get the ivory figures rather than how do I improve my playing. xxxx me up listening to you. Are you gone the minute the next big F2P game appears? You aren't a sim pilot then, I exclude this rant from involving you. Or when you have all the planes you won having base bombed and mouse gunnered in arcade bomber crap?. I tell you- you won xxxx all fools. For all it's failings and broken stuff some exploit, WT sim is a good enough flight sim to open the door to the rule- practice brings great reward. You learn. That's why it is a sim. A better player than me will beat me same plane because it's that nuanced and accurate. You could be following that too but you chase useless stupid reward instead of the real one - trying to be a better combat flight sim pilot. Aye well done your choice after all. I'm grinding a Welly myself atm.