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  1. We can all look good, I'd rather be good. Here you can do the former pretty quickly.
  2. The Hs 123 was deployed up to 1944 on the Eastern front and the squadron that used it, SG1 were well known for their successes, preferring it to more modern aircraft, giving them up only when spares were no longer available. Likewise as already mentioned the Po-2 was effectively used long past it's intended time frame. Whether the squadrons that historically used Beaufort's to land at enemy airfields and drive rally style through trees where they hid and shot enemy planes landing and taking off until all were dead, felt they too were using their planes similarly beyond the call of it's remit I can't say. Games can't simulate the reality of matter less trees at slow impact speed that well to allow what these heroes did in real life. As far as sims go your opinions only worth is as a negative barometer as your flying history well demonstrates....but thanks.
  3. Yes that is what I recall. You fly with energy advantage and preserve it like a scrooge fighting them, they flat turn burning theirs but then just climb up to you, like magic. I've seen tapes of better pilots than me doing all the right stuff, the Russian making mistakes all over the place and it still results in the Yak win. That's why it is toxic to your flying ability and my advise is best left alone if you are serious about sim flying and improving your skills.
  4. I'm not sure I'd qualify as a 'Night Witch' though. Amyel might <runs>
  5. Took the wee biplane into EC3 as I mentioned and got B'n'Z'ed by an A-20 as I was dropping my sparklers on pillboxes. Who then mouseaimed me with his gunner while climbing back up. You have got to laugh! It does have a heating problem that cold maps hid from me though. So instead I reaped revenge on the bomber mouseaiming spam with my Ta 154, the A-20 Hartmann included. It shreds bombers that plane in a very satisfying way, should be tier IV surely. An expensive night for the spam I'm pleased to report. Game lasted several hours as others were targeting them in heavy fighters too. Meanwhile the single engined fighters enjoyed themselves, and the ground attacker did their bit.. It can be done. PS I wasn't the only one with biplanes in EC3. Someone took a Swordfish! Felt rotten turning that into woodpulp.
  6. The general consensus I think you will find among long time sim players is it's a UFO clownwagon. A week of flying that and you'll put your flying progress back months.
  7. The little Henschel Hs 123 seems to be another annoying thorn in the side of must turn EC2 Spits and Hurricanes. Fun wee thing. Thorn perhaps not - that can draw blood, a nettle sting perhaps. Similarities appear to be- take an earlier lower tier, slow but good turning plane against teams composed of players used to being able to out-turn opposition in easy flying planes, Britain vs Germany, Japan vs US for example and have lot's of fun paint chipping them as they fly in circles. 10% do the right thing and extend for a bit but that might be because the sensible ones aren't down low where I am. Inevitably you end up fighting 3 or more and die. But it is truly a glorious death. Might take it to EC3 Sicily next! See if I can force a repaint on some MkV Spits
  8. It was a heavyweight with extra armour and less cannon for ground attack work. A dog to fight with.
  9. What made the Zero's and early/mid Japanese scenarios balanced and enjoyable in old IL-2 was the Zero's and other Japanese planes fragility and propensity to burst into flame when hit with 50cals or 303's which I believe from what I read is correct. Flying one you simply couldn't risk being hit as that was usually the end. Meanwhile US particularly Naval planes could absorb a lot of punishment. Here this seems skewed. I've unloaded all my 50's into a Zero and seen nothing but a few wisps or seen them put out there own fires ....yeah right! The Wildcat vs Zero was one of the favourite historical scenarios in IL-2 Pacific Fighters because of their strengths/ weaknesses, Here it would simply be a massacre. I haven't flown a Zero for over a year, even the late Japanese premium I bought has been out 2-3 times. Doh!
  10. Skill for me means being able to turn around a disadvantage. Discipline is not dying. The irony being you can fly easy mode planes to be surer of the latter yet in my 15 years in sim those that do that have neither the balls nor ability to do the former.
  11. Disciplined isn't going to take you further than killing the fighters turning above the potato field. Don't be fooled into thinking discipline is the answer. The real answer is skill.
  12. There you go. Sim by what Gaijin call it. Clueless of what sim is. I got a plane yet I can't fly any better than the last one plane I magically earned......
  13. What happens when you unlock planes? What you gonna do when you have unlocked them all and still can't fly? Move on? How about learning some skills for learning skill sake. You know, not just being a boring, useless, sim couch potato. Take some interest in the genre like sim pilots you fly alongside do. It's hard though, always is, that's what makes it fun and challenging and why we real sim players fly it. Join us. I have lots of Premium planes they are mostly interesting but ****. I spent money on them. When you get why anyone would do that your getting sim flying. It's to improve by challenging yourself. I've unlocked xxxx all here if I haven't unlocked my desire to improve.
  14. I haven't flown the LaGG 66 for over a year but trying it a lot yesterday it competes perfectly well in Tier 3. It's perhaps too stable, it surprised me how well it flew...a bit like on rails. Had no problems with F4's or G2's and 190's either but none of the latter in last nights games were particularly good in the defensive flying category, which makes a big difference in a plane that is not quick to slow down and has a poor roll rate like the LaGG. The LaGG 35 was less competitive but OK. This earlier plane had a 23mm cannon variation, it would have been nice if GJ gave the option. Both BR's are too low though I'd say. Thanks GJ. It's really reawakened my interest in flying this up- tiering. Challenging and fun and I even get to fly in mid/late war Russian maps without resorting to later Yaks and La-la's which are far from challenging to fly.
  15. Or take an MC200 and watch as them do what they only know how.....turn. A few smarter ones fly the Mrk 9 than the Mrk 5 perhaps and the 150lb boost one is a bugger but generally they all engage and slow down. Haven't had one outurn me yet even in the vertical, although by the time it takes to kill with that plane the rest of the opposition are behind you :). That added with the joy that you are in a crap plane from 1940 -41 with meatballs makes it all the more fun. A lot of Spit pilots must curse up-tiering.