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  1. light tank

    The sheridan one shots everything and is fast enough in reverse to get into cover if it needs to reload in a battle. I generaly play it as a brawler and rarely snipe with it. Its a light tank with a kv2 cannon. Figure it out.
  2. light tank

    Sheridan unplayable? Another bad player. But 1+ non the less.
  3. I want gaijin to fix the british and japan trees. Uk needs more heavies and SPAA's and so does japan.
  4. This thing is from the late 70's and its a copy of the folland gnat. The HF 24 Marut. on the other hand was designed as the Pulqui III but moved on to india when kurt tank moved there.
  5. Well i liked it much better back in the beta when u could bring ur own plane into arcade.
  6. Meh its just one life, besides if u hit him with ur mg u will get the kill on him too. And a plane gives more points than a tank.
  7. The la-11 was added in the e100 patch
  8. ive seen a few tempests and bearcats but i havent killed any of me yet. But im gonna have to end it at 3 games. Im at school.
  9. Well its one of the better bombers the americans get. The B.26 is not to common yet.
  10. On my third game now. Win win win, no bombs, 2 b25's down.
  11. Ye, 7 kills with the kth and then we won.
  12. The AC AA is ok but the crusader is under gunner for its br unless u play it in a downtiered game maybe. the 40 mm is complete **** though. It doesnt even perform well as a td either. And the falcon is over tiered.
  13. ive had very good games in the truck compared to the hell that is the crusader aa.
  14. Getting 5 kills in one tank isnt hard. Ab is full of idiots.
  15. Well brittain has officially the worst spaa's ingame.
  16. Well thats even better since the plane is free.
  17. Y wont u use the centurion mk1? Its a very op vehicle.
  18. I dont have tier 4 japan yet since i wait for the O-I but i have all german tanks and i have never had any problems with planes in any tier. The cugelblitz is my favorite german tank in the game.
  19. The problem lies in respwn. If i can turn my plane into a hoaming missile to get a guaranteed kill that will give me enough sp to respwn in a new vehicle then ytfn.
  20. If u look at the tech tree u will find arrows between the vehicles. If there are arrows all the way from the centurion mk1 to thw mk10 then yes u need it.
  21. I generally drive up on a rock or something when they are to high but u cant always win against planes. But i can cleatly say that planes are not problem in any mode. And br 6.0-7.0 as u said is defiantly no problem. The 229 which everyone complains about is only dangerous until someone spwns in an spaa or counter fighter.
  22. I have nearly all tanks in the game. Not to mention all planes. I rarely touch arcade due to the broken dmg mechanics and lastman standing. I know the game inside out. And fighter bombers are even easier since u can effectively kill em with regular tanks. When they bomb they generally need to go in a straight line towards the target. Thats when u just aim at them with any high velocity cannon and pull the trigger and boom. And yes im making quick asumptions when u go on the forum and complain about general mechanics. Its because of theeads like this bombs got nerfed to unhistorical values where the plane takes dmg and not the tanks.
  23. The LA-11 was in the game as a hidden vehicle for over a year until it was added as a premium.
  24. Well that one was only armed with 5x 7.5 mm's.
  25. Its basically either sky cancer u cant see or skycancer u can avoid and shoot back at.
  26. Tanks/Vehicles

    I dont know how that happened. The maus one shots everything. But yes i agree a 210 mm gun would not work. It would take ages to load and u would only be able to carry like 3 shells or something. Thats 3 kills. The 170 mm would atleast have a reload of around 25 secs or something.
  27. Planes are not a huge problem if u play the game correct. If u play correct then only rockets will be ur enemy and only a small persentage of players can aim them correctly. Im just an average tank player and i rarely get bombed nor rocketed. The use of SPAA and fighter planes is the doom of bombers.
  28. 6pdr?
  29. Tanks/Vehicles

    Well this could be in the lightly armored td line.
  30. Will probably be an event plane.
  32. Well im working on a new project.
  33. The original project is dead. QuarterNinja and all the others dont play no more.
  34. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Well Sweden and Russia has always been archnemesis's to each other.
  35. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Tanks mm is a mess atm. But Sweden would generally fight russia.
  36. Aircraft/Loadouts