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  1. Which ones? I would suggest having all of the unique South African planes in a commonwealth tree. I have one in the works and it already includes all of the South African armored units.
  2. Which is these variants are actually unique to South Africa? Also the tank tree is more or less impossible with way to little vehicles to fill all of the vehicle spots.
  3. Well it had a projected top speed of 580 km/h at first which is a lot faster than the a6m2. Its projected armament is suspected to be 2x 20 mm madsen aa guns in the wings. 4 cannons might be a possibility too cuz the XP-0 where to have 4 cannons. Forgot to mention but it only flew once and then it reached a top speed of 547.
  4. When u read the original chinese documents it says build a fighter that can beat the Japanese zero. So it fits the same description as the american planes.
  5. @Z3r0_ do u know of this il-10 turbo prop?
  6. No more TU-4's unless we get missiles. Also can u find more info on that Il-10 turboprop? And the chinese fighter u found is called Yenchu XP-1 and here is a picture of it.
  7. that tree has 0 chinese planes and way too many pure copies.
  8. Nah lets make a full tree for them instead. Pan-Asia China Thailand Thaiwan Vietnam Air forces Fighter 1 Fighter 2 Attacker/Dive bomber Bomber Premium 1 Premium 2 I Hawk III variants Reserve Shiukwan xxxx-Hsing 1.0 Na-69 1.0 O-2MC 1.0 Liuchow Kwangsi Type 3 1.0 Boeing P-12 218 1.0 Boeing 281 1.3 Armstrong Whitworth A.W.16 1.0 Bellanca 28-90 1.3 Curtiss A-12 Shrike 1.3 Hawk 75H 1.7 Breda Ba.27 Metallico 1.7 Hawk 75M 1.7 Vultee V-11G 1.7 Martin M.139WC & WC-2 1.7-1.7 II CW-21 2.3 Hawk 75N 2.0 Vultee V-12C 2.0 He 111A-0 1.7 Boeing 247Y 2.0 Hawk 75N 11.35 2.0 P-66 2.7 Hawk 75A-5 2.3 Vultee V-12D 2.3 Zero 3372 (A6M2) 3.3 P-43A-1 Lancer 2.7 NA-68 2.7 III Tomahawk IIA 2.7 Chu XP-0 3.0 P-40E "Flying tigers" Tomahawk IIB 2.7 Kittyhawk IA 3.0 IV P-51K 4.7 Yenchu XP-1 4.0 Qing-6 6.3 Rocaf F-47N 5.0 P-51D-25 中国空军 5.0 LA-11 中国空军 5.0 P-51K PLAAF 4.7 V Gloster CXP-1001 8.0 Shenyang JJ-1 6.3 Shenyang J-5 鱼雷轰炸机 8.0 Harbin H-5 8.0 Shenyang J-2 9.0 34+7=41 12 10 5 7 6 1 Ground forces Light Medium SPAA Turreted TD/TD Premium 1 Premium 2 I Vickers E Mk. B 1.0 Chi-Ha 75 mm 1.0 II M3 Stuart 2.3 Type 97改 2.0 SU-76 với 61-K 3.7 SU-76C 2.3 中国SU-76型59型上层建筑 3.7 Gongchen tank 102 2.3 LVT Zis-3 3.0 III M24A1 4.3 SU-76 với ZSU-23-2 4.7 LVT Zis-2 3.3 M113 Amphibious 3.7 Type 64 5.3 M10 自走榴炮车 3.3 IV Type 64 “Prototype” 6.7 Type 58 I & II 5.7-5.7 Type 63 AA 5.3 WZ-141 6.7 Type 62 & Type 63 6.7-6.3 WZ-111 7.0 T-34-85 với AZP S-60 6.7 V WZ-132 7.7 Type 59-I & 69-I 7.7-8.0 W-88 7.3 Type 89 8.0 Stingray LT 8.3 Type 59-II & 69-IIA 8.0-8.3 PGZ-88 8.0 PTZ-89 8.3 WZ-122 8.3
  9. Reason nr 1 is that a bunch more countries have more priority than them and there is not a huge chance that the game will be alive when these nations have ben introduced. But i have started making a pan asian tree whith mostly original vehicles.
  10. It is one the regular client but its locked as an achievement plane. But its just a worse p51D-25.
  11. Uhm if it saves one of ur comrades or ur own skin then yes its worth it.
  12. Guys planes has bee in the Game since it was called Birds of Steel. Planes has been in tank since 2 weeks into the closed beta. They are not going away. A majority of the player base has no problems with planes. We use planes and we kill planes, thats how the game works. Planes is not a problem its a feature. If u get killed by planes more often then u get killed by tanks it shows that u are a happy camper that sits behind the lines waiting for flankers and ruining the experience for the player ho takes the chance to flank but also ruining the experience of ur team since they are fewer on the front line attacking the enemy. If u play the game correct then u get killed by tanks 90% of the time and only get killed by planes when they are dedicated to kill just u. Use SPAA's, use Fighters and most of all use the xxxx 50cal on top of ur tank. Its placed there just to shoot down planes!
  13. Oh ye forgot to mention no after burner. (EDIT) After searching for a couple of minutes i realize that i have lost my source, but it was an attacker plane with pylons and no afterburner which more or less makes it slightly slower than the regular mig17. Its radar is removed since its an attacker and it has 3x 23 mm's instead of 2x 23 mm and a 37 mm.
  14. The PZL Lim-6M is a better pic since it differs both in look and armament. It has then radar cone but no radar and 3x 23 mm.
  15. I personally think that the italian patton is good enough for 8.0 and should be their end game vehicle unless they add the Of-40. Having more copypaste vehicles in the game will just make it more boring.
  16. Well i cant rly explain y but didnt it have a semi autoloader? But having a leopard with a superior 120 mm while it has the same reload as the 105 mm variant wouldn't that make one vehicle obsolete?
  17. I skipped on the 2002 and 2003 since they use radial engines and is inferior to the 2001 which would put them above the 2001 in the tree and the names would be ***** since 2000, 2002, 2003, 2001. The aerfer Sagittario I was a thing but it was more of a proof of concept than a fighter and was never armed nor did it have the performance of a fighter. The real Sagittario I is the Re.2005 Sagittario.
  18. Reloadrates are not historical ingame, if u have a bigger gun u get a longer reload.
  19. So its a truck with a 20 mm?
  20. I sugested 5.7 and u said it was too low and now ur saying 6.3?
  21. All tanks have weakspots.
  22. That armor is spaced. Im the creator of that image.
  23. What makes the leopard good atm is its reload. If it had a 120 mm it would be loosing to the t-62 a lot due to the longer reload.
  24. If u want to play realistic and want realism then planes comes with it, it aint realistic without planes.
  25. Can someone just close the pointless thread.
  26. If u angle ur frontal armor u have a fairly good chance of surviving a direct hit.
  27. Well since it is very huge and spacious and have 11 crew i would assume that it will be able to substain a lot of dmg but if it comes with a lot of ammo i have no idea.
  28. The sparverious. The Br.20 is probably the best italian bomber in the game. Its good at everything and could even be tier 3. The Sparverious on the other hand are completely useless at everything.
  29. A 150 mm heat shell with 150 mm of pen is good enough to kill anything at 5.7. And it will be able to penetrate anything frontally on 6.7 except the kth and t29/t34 but that doesnt matter since other ht's like the tiger cant do that either and does fine when uptiered.
  30. The 17pdr is underperforing and should penetrate 271 mm with apds. That tank can go up to 6.7 if it gets historically balanced. The O-I i can see facing tigers on a fair lvl and the tiger more or less is a tier 4 in disguise as a tier 3. The O-I with 150 mm should be 5.7 at tier 4 in my opinion.
  31. Explain.
  32. Nr1 im not for having yet more clones of tanks in the wrong trees. Second, that 90 mm already one shots if it penetrates. There isnt rly anything they can do to it
  33. My man.
  34. In arcade the bombs have a 5 second timer. If u cant move away in 5 seconds u have serious problems. Its not the games fault, its u. Go to a doctor.
  35. This isnt wot. Planes killed tanks irl. Go play arcade if u want to get rid of planes.
  36. Depends on the variant. There are the prototype which has 75 mm of armor which would be a tier 3 and then there is the heavier variant which had 150 mm of armor which would be a tier 4.
  37. I have info on a Swedish 400 kg smoke bomb. Its probably inspired by a british bomb since we did like their weapons a lot.
  38. Well what did i miss?
  39. I dont know how many have seen my fanmade commonwealth tree without brittain but im gonna repost it. I would vote for a separate commonwealth tree.
  40. Well its basically just a basic vickers mbt chassis with a marksman turret, no specifik vehicle. Its known as the VAAT Vickers anti air tank.
  41. This is what i have on my commonwealth tree as a top tier spaa.