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  1. I'd suggest to remove jets of the game, they boring and bring no challenge, you'll win if you got the better plane, not the better play, I want pure WW2 battles, jets are irrelevant during that period except the early me-262, why the hell do we need the Korean era..
  2. The p-47 are at 4.7 BR most of the battles are up-tiered anyway so it will face the greatest of any nation prop planes, it is very heavy plane and not very maneuverable so it does stand where it suppose to, about the air spawn, it determined by the type of the plane, since p-47 were interceptors that's what they get, although p-51's were interceptors as well they don't get air spawn, so not sure what goes behind that.
  3. Since the last update, a 3rd UFO nation has joined us, the british are unplayable at lower tier now as well, allied players are awful too, generally the german/ spgatty ufo combo ruins allied game-play now.
  4. The few times I take out a bomber, the Default spawn must be at the airfield, not an air spawn, then when I quit lock my crew for 7 min because your code working well, NOT: If (vehicle type= Bomber) { Default select= Air spawn; else Available; } Pretty simple right? teach your "engineers", thanks/
  5. The weather effects ffs, ***** clouds 100km wide covering the entire altitude, where the *** are those clouds exist in reality ? and even if they do, keep them the **** away from the game, devs think every map is like in russia ffs, and it's always norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway norway , no other maps devs ?!
  6. It makes me feel better now that whenever I kill those italian spam n00bs it makes them pay.
  7. Was it really the case during WW2 of airfields being covered in AAA aimboting everything in sight ?
  8. ^^ Thank for sharing tips on how to kill those spam italian n00bs
  9. I got a few of them already, I came back after long period of break, but jets sucks and not worth it, the game would be much better without them, just plain WW2 combat excluding the me-262, I personally hate the jet era, I just want to get there because the greed make you to.
  10. That what makes japan and the game in general so unrealistic, planes that turn in a dime and aim in a second at pin point accuracy, even for the zero's being so good turn fighters they would never make such tight turns because the pilot would get his skin pulled down to his legs, mouse aim should be improved along with how the G forces impact the pilot.
  11. I'm struggling to get a single battle where I might have a chance to survive, I bought couple of premium planes and preimum account trying to get to the sebras, got in game today with 3 massive boosters which are effective as playing against japan (300% 200% and one more 200%) first battle in premium spit IX against ultimate UFO nation Japan (I usually quit but I gave it a chance- big mistake) spitfires can climb really well, but they can't reach the moon, so while I still climb I face all their team seal clubbing close to mars, once they engage you it's over, and it did, so first battle all gone in seconds, same for the first 300% booster. Second battle with a premium p-51-d10 at krymsk facing second ufo nation, again I face most of their team landed on the moon, nothing to do has half the team already dead, I hold J and quit. Third battle in premium p-47M I face germany, finally a non ufo nation (I'm tired facing aliens) somehow a FW-d9 get on my tail and shoot me down (ok NP well done). by that time all my boosters gone to waste, I'm frustrated, it's like there's no chance for the US to face their enemies, I quit the game, premium is worth nothing when you can't actually play, this game has gone to garbage.
  12. Again, this game has nothing to do with realism, this statement could be valid and practical at a simulator (IL-2 wise) I'm not sure what game you're playing, but the russian will out perform everything in their tier, high or low altitude, never seen yak3\9\lalas ufo's struggle at higher altitude, and they always appear there much faster, they only not so good in a dive but it is not valid since they climb faster compared to lets say the p-51 or p-47, the only plane that can beat them is the spitfire, being a better turner, which is the only thing matters in this game mostly, and russian use lasers, so a single hit is enough to get you in flames. * I almost forgot about one battle I was flying the yak3P, I was shot down and wings got both cut, I was able to fly perfectly well to the airfield and land, wings were cut so short there's no way they could produce enough lift, how'd you call that?
  13. I believe Japan is the ultimate UFO nation, russians comes at close second, the rest are ok.
  14. In the US line, what's the difference between the F-86-F2 and F-86-F25, which is actually better ? hard to understand since their stats are identical.
  15. Since this game is far from a simulator, any better turning plane is in full advantage here, since russian/japan planes never lose energy while turning, they can basically win 1v1 everything, except of course if a russian is facing a spit, not much tactics in this game, it ain't IL-2 series.
  16. ^^ my score is nothing to prove, I rarely play russian, and your believe in any type of table scores is pathetic, everyone have good battles and bad ones.
  17. Game slowly dying will be a good red alarm for the devs to change their greedy pointless progression system, I understand for it to take time, but it takes ages, I play this game over 4 years and I'm still struggling to get to tier V, the game-play there is ever more frustrating, paying so much in time to unlock a plane just to see you need another century to unlock it's full capability, and during that period it's really hard to get through a successful jet battle unless you got the best of them, since most low tier jets are really bad anyway.
  18. There is no point side climb when you face a UFO, that can climb vertically, don't lose energy, and shoots lasers, la7 for example.
  19. Spawn on that map again with p-51 against ufo nation, climb, meet a la-7 who's trying to head on me, try to evade (russian can only kill with head ons, they never dog fight, that's how Aces play) he hits me and engine dead (luckily I survive the lasers of doom) plane's a glider now a bit over 3K altitude and trying to reach the base, if I was on russian side I just had to dive and land on airfiled A which is close by, but of course I'm not so I had to glide over the Atlantic ocean, somehow I made it, the time I land my entire team except a whyvern is dead (total shock) so I repair and quit, If I play russian I get the yak3P, it is one of the deadliest planes in game, one hit and everything is smoked, and it is really good in everything except diving at fast speed, this map proven once again being unbalanced and russian being ufo's...again.
  20. The laughable repair cost and painful RP gain is not due to bad players, it's just this game being so greedy, I earn fair amount of SL right now playing premium planes and having premium account and I'm still struggling with the SL costs for tier V planes and in general everything cost an insane amount of them, a non premium account is pain in the a** in all terms, the game should be playful and fun, instead it's frustrating and unbalanced at most.
  21. Who would have thought, soviets got the most planes with lowest average repair cost
  22. Don't you think it's better having them regardless, compared to the single isolated one the allies have where if you damaged you need to cross the Atlantic, the russians can just land nearby.
  23. UFO nation has a "bit" of an edge on this map, with two airfields covering on both sides close to the center of the map covered with AA's giving them excellent route of escape and quick repair, now I've been playing this game long enough, this game always been, always will be beneficent towards russians, it's just on what level it is, and if you notice it, I made this post so you will know as a player who's not playing ruskies, this map will make hard time for you, I have an example on how uneven and unfair it is as for my recent match, I just don't have the will to write it down since it won't change much anyway, just to worn the players.
  24. Now tell me seriously, how does gaijin expect players to fly this plane? I took it for a flight after long long time, made a kill and got killed, got around 7K lions exiting mid battle, I tought ok that will probably cover most of my repair cost so I can fly again, nope, 23K repair cost, insane, is it a super jet? I know it has great armament, so what, it is quite a slow spit, and it stand against good fighters at it's BR, to get any near the repair cost of 24K you need to have an incredible amount of kills and win the match, there are many higher tier fighters and jets that cost less, ridiculous, gaijin doing everything to avoid players enjoy flying great planes, wasn't that the initial goal of this game ?