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  1. After the weekend
  2. I will be away over the weekend, so if something new comes up send me a PM.
  3. New CDK pack online. http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Download_War_Thunder_CDK Who wants to make a Destroyer test mission?
  4. Looks like the old Destroyer model to me. In any case it's not nearly detailed enough to be used in naval forces.
  5. I guess we need some text with those pictures
  6. French tank without air support? Seems unlikely.
  7. Just in case you bought the premium Torpedo Fighter, torpedoes are sold separately. I think they actually had smoke barrels on the back. that would make more sense in the game.
  8. Added. Thanks
  9. first glance at the Black Sea Port naval map
  10. There is a small tutorial in the OP Corrected. Thanks The Re.s? Well, they are a safe bet and two are in the release tree. @Soric_ Thanks
  11. The Weekly Rumor Summary Archive
  12. No wishlisting! Unconfirmed/General Overview of New Stuff (To be updated regularly): Air: Release trees: Ground: Naval: Confirmed: Denied: Developers Q&A since 1.69: Datamining tutorial:
  13. No, they can't.
  14. Jepp. Aus dem grund wird sie auch entfernt und wahrscheinlich wird die F3F der neue Starter Premium.
  15. 30k mit der ordentlichen Bewaffnung. Dafür gabs dann auch noch 19mm Panzerung rund um die Maschine. http://www.navypedia.org/ships/uk/brit_c_f_denny.htm Ich würde mal sagen T2 in der Zerstörer Linie
  16. Ich wusste doch das dieses nette Boot kommen wird
  17. In the Luftwaffe manual I found, it's recommended to start shooting at 300m https://archive.org/details/Oberkommando-der-Luftwaffe-Horrido-Des-Jaegers-Schiessfibel
  18. Tunesien Air Arcade Und es gibt noch eine naval map mit Namen "Black Sea Port", aber das ist noch nicht offiziell.
  19. It's the same as the regular M18. I have one and I like it. I use it in a linup with the regular M18 with a talisman and the Cobra King as a backup. Saved my sanity while grinding through the Shermans. Talisman on the M18 is definitely the cheaper option and yields the same results.
  20. Thanks for the info. You safe me lots of time in learning Japanese
  21. To get back to the O-I Has anyone managed to get their hands on this book? https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4802150709
  22. Aus den .vromfs Dateien wird das meiste rausgelesen. Aber im Moment funktioniert das leider auch nicht. Keine Ahnung wieso.
  23. Hoffentlich lässt die neue Version nicht auf sich warten. Ohne komm ich mir etwas blind vor.
  24. This depends on the copyright these data is under. There are a vast number of different copyrights and things get even more complicated when there are extra conditions. Much like the "For educational use only" you see on certain programs. The O-I data probably has some restrictions on it that allows Gaijin to create a virtual model, but forbids the creation of a physical one or the publishing of the original files.
  25. Mein Optimismus ist nicht ganz unbegründet. Immerhin sind alle Daten die für den WWM notwendig sind schon auf dem DevServer.
  26. Sure https://warthunder.com/en/news/4677-development-world-war-mode-en
  27. Der scheint ehrlich gesagt fast fertig zu sein. Ich erwarte den ersten Test schon in 1.69.
  28. And some process has been made. But it still only works in a closed environment. It's not ready yet to go live. And to draw these potential customers into the game we will probably see a nice event revolving around Destroyers, Escorts, and MTBs. Last year they showcased this 4vs4, one cap zone event. This time they probably want to show the progress made.
  29. Ganz einfach. Publicity. Jedes mal wenn etwas "neues" kommt, neue Nation, Waffengattung, oder Mechanik, ist das eine Nachricht wert. Außerdem hat man dann etwas was man auf den Messen präsentieren kann.
  30. Actually I think that WWM will be ready for testing in 1.69. Currently there are no WW naval maps in the files, but everything else is there. Including the necessary strings to include naval forces. That's a very optimistic speculation. I would guess that the trees are almost ready for presentation, but there's lots of testing to be done before we can enter even the closed test. Keep in mind that they announced to change about 70% of the mechanics we already tested. Testing the new mechanics alone will take at least four test weekends. Not to forget new mission types and the Destroyer vs MTB balance.
  31. No
  32. Zeit die Grabwerkzeuge anzuwerfen
  33. G.56 laut dem internationalem. Die hatte nur eine Deutsche Lackierung.
  34. The shells
  35. Vielleicht ist es ja auch ein Town-class destroyer
  36. We usually get these info an hour before the test starts
  37. Yes you do and you probably already received it
  38. Dann sei so gut und sag uns doch in welcher Datei du diesen unterschied gefunden hast. Denn soweit ich sehen kann sind offensiv und defensiv Bewaffnung, bis auf die verfügbare Munition, genau gleich.
  39. Welcome to the game and the forum You could ask in the squadron section of the forum https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/156-squadrons/
  40. Zählt der Bundeswehr Patton als "deutsch"?
  41. Or someone you sent your invitation link has reached T3
  42. Tiers have no effect on matchmaking http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Matchmaker
  43. This mentions simulations. Weren't there some simulation tools to download at the website?
  44. Sieht allerdings eher nach 4 .50 cals auf, also R4.
  45. Kann man hier lesen. Wird nicht passieren. https://www.pcgamesn.com/war-thunder/war-thunder-2017
  46. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Due to the first ATGM tank arriving in game soon I feel that it is time to suggest some planes dedicated to guided weapons. The Do 217 K-3 and the Do 217 M-11 are almost identical to the Do 217s alredy in game. However they differ from the versions we already have in game in some important aspects. The wings were elongated by 5.75 meters to make room between the engines and the fuselage to carry up to two Fritz-X guided bombs. Two Hs 293 could be carried on pylons outboard of the engines. Usually only one bomb was carried because the aircraft couldn't depart with a full fuel tank when carrying two bombs limiting the range to only 800 km. related suggestion https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/252437-manually-guided-explosives-alliesaxis/page-5 The Do.217