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  1. If they did they apparently forgot to make a note of it.
  2. I ended up miking my own capture zone. Not perfect, but it works.
  3. Sounds more like CBT will start in 1.67
  4. It's an educated guess based on former experience and the fact that the next test was promised to be the same as the last one, because PS4 players couldn't participate.
  5. And as the prophecy foretold: A sea vs air event today I expect the announcement for the next naval test in about an hour.
  6. A PvE event with boats? Sounds fun.
  7. Interesting. Looks like regenerative steering isn't as far away as I thought.
  8. It was the official reason why the AVRE won't be in game without mentioning which version. You could ask again , or make a new suggestion, as I couldn't find one.
  9. I guess it was more the 300 m maximum range of the mortar.
  10. Sounds like it, is do you know any other alternative steering methods worth implementing?
  11. As long as it is up to the standards for RHA Specifications[edit] For current United States Army use, RHA is produced to military standard MIL-DTL-12560[1] by several manufacturers. Another standard is MIL-DTL-46177;[2] however, this standard has been inactivated, and all new designs should use MIL-DTL-12560. MIL-DTL-46177 RHA is similar to SAE 4340 steel alloy.[3]
  12. A Japanese one I would guess.
  13. No, this all we know about.
  14. Air: USA P-40 is being reworked https://vk.com/wtblog?w=page-13137988_51972229 Douglas AD-4 (data finds) P-66 Vanguard (data finds) Hawk III (data finds) CW 21 (data finds) P-43a-1 Lancer (data finds) Ground: Germany Pz.35t Romanian (Premium): (CDK finds) 15-cm-sIG 33/2 auf Jagdpanzer 38 (Q&A) Russia PT-76 (data finds) T-55 (Q&A) Great Britain Churchill Mk.I 31 December 2015 - https://forum.warthunder.ru/index.php?/topic/117037-bvv-dshnaia-2-strogaia-moderatciia-tolko-voprosy/page-156#entry5175983 USA M4A4 (data finds) M3A3 (data finds) T30 (Q&A) T34 (Q&A) T32E1 (Q&A) Japan Type 60 APC MAT Type-87 SPAA,(likely to be added Q&A)
  15. Aber nur solange man Schlachtschiffe spielt. Warum jemand etwas anderes als ein Schlachtschiff fahren sollte und wie das alles in 20 minütige Schlachten passen soll konnte mir noch keiner erklären
  16. Das ist aber mit jener suggestion verknüpft. Es dient dem Author dazu mehr feedback zu sammeln.
  17. This for example All players that have both the Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm and Heavy Tank No.6 will receive the “1st Sinsha Rentai emblem” decal as a gift At at least another one as limited time decal.
  18. Just about 20 m, 32 mm, and 80 men off (compared to MZ 1) The biggest difference is the large crew. At the moment it would take a considerable time to kill 160 men, especially on a vessel of this size. I would say that we need ton conduct more test until we figure out how to cut bigger vessels down.
  19. I'm trying to create a user mission, but I can't get the capture zone to work. It should start capturing as soon as I fly through the zone or land in it, but nothing happens. Did I do something wrong? missionMarkAsCaptureZone{ army:i=0 timeMultiplier:r=1 disableZone:b=no name_for_respawn_base:t="" target:t="capturezone01" canCaptureInAir:b=yes canCaptureByGM:b=yes onlyPlayersCanCapture:b=yes }
  20. Nowhere they mentioned that airplanes should kill these tanks. It should only apply to shells. Which raises the question: Why the heck did you complain on all available channels, but didn't file a bug report ?
  21. Krupp/Styer arbeitet gerade ein Spieler dran und dem von Ardelt steht nichts im Wege. Immerhin parkt einer ja ganz in der Nähe des Schneckenhauptquartieres
  22. We had a single picture. Now we have the "DevBlog" and the designation. Turned out it is the D-1 version and not the D-3 as we thought.
  23. And AFP D-1 confirmed
  24. 1 post in this topic Stona Чебура Community Manager 33,575 10,077 posts Gender:Male Location:Poznań, Poland Posted 8 minutes ago · Report post Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 The following vessels will be available for testing: armoured AF D1, MBK Pr. 186 and torpedo boats with powerful armament - Fairmile D 617-632, Elco PT 314. This weekend, participants of the Naval pre-beta test will be able to join a “Naval Battle” mission in the familiar location “Scandinavia” or the brand new “English Shore” . The schedule remains the same: Friday 10th - 17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT Saturday 11th - 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT and 17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT Sunday 12th - 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT and 17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT Monday 13th - 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT
  25. I can't say I like these changes. Now I have to redo all my linups. Nevertheless they seem to be balanced. No just a +0.3/0.4 Br increase
  26. Und hier die versprochenen BR Änderungen
  27. The same is true for bombers returning to base with critical parts of the plane missing.
  28. They were used from Norway all the way to Belgium to guard the German supply lines against the British Costal Forces. And of course a number was used on the Danube, where a at least one was lost to Romanian monitors and two others to US tanks.
  29. Since we already have dedicated air-to-air rockets in game (Bf 109 F-2), I would say that they meant and probably said missiles.
  30. Unfortunately denied by the devs in a recent Q&A
  31. 62 men +3 officers Seems realistic.
  32. I don't really consider these "boats" since they were filled und landing crafts. But maybe it is time to extend my list a bit
  33. I added the Japanese CAS planes to the OP and MiG-21 and F-100 to the denied list. Thanks for checking. I guess we have to wait a little longer.
  34. Please Hold your feedback about Br changes until they are officially announced
  35. Because that could mean anything from 9.0 Br to 0.3 Br decrease for Japanese tanks
  36. These are the guns http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_41-45_skc32.php
  37. Probably the AFP D-3 we saw earlier today two 10.5 cm guns and three 8.6 cm rocket launchers
  38. Not exactly the armament of the production version according to my sources, but withhin the limits of field modifications.
  39. Hier ein Paar mehr Details Artilleriefährprahm Typ D, 3. Ausführung (AF D3) Diese letzte realisierte Variante des AF vom Typ D entstand 1944, als gut bewaffnete Kanonenboote für den Einsatz im Schwarzen Meer und in den Küstengewässern des Balkanraumes dringend gebraucht wurden. Zu diesem Zweck wurde für diesen Typ eine Verstärkung der artilleristischen Bewaffnung gefordert, während er sich sonst eng an die beiden Vorgänger anlehnte. Artilleriefährprahm Typ D3 (klicken zum vergrößern) Als Hauptbewaffnung wurden zwei 10,5 cm S.K. C/32 n.S.[19] in 10,5 cm M.P.L.[20] C/32 g.E.[21] ausgewählt, die dank ihrer maximalen Rohrerhöhung von 70° auch zur Fliegerabwehr eingesetzt werden konnten. Allerdings machte deren Rückstosswucht von 22,7 t – das waren über 80 % oder etwa 10 t mehr, als bei der bisherigen 8,8 cm S.K. C/35 – einige Änderungen erforderlich. So musste die hintere Kanone direkt über dem verstärkten achteren Querschott des Motorenraumes positioniert werden, um diese Kräfte sicher aufzunehmen zu können. Beide vergrößerten Munitionskammern wurden nun durch einen 100 mm dicken Betonpanzer geschützt. Bei der Luftabwehrbatterie blieb es bei der üblichen 3,7 cm S.K. C/30 in Ubootslafette C/39 ohne Schutzschild vor die Brücke in einem ringförmigen Betonwall von 100 mm Stärke, der aber hinten offen war, und den beiden 2 cm - Vierlingslafetten C/38. Ledigleich ein zweites 15 mm – Maschinengewehr unbekannten Typs wurde hinter dem Steuerhaus aufgestellt. Vervollständigt wurde die Bewaffnung durch drei Raketenabschussgeräte. Bekannt ist bisher, dass AF 113 bis AF 118 zu dieser Ausführung zu zählen sind. Diese Boote kamen aufgrund der Kriegsereignisse nicht mehr wie vorgesehen bei der 3. Artillerieträgerflottille im Schwarzen Meer zum Einsatz, sondern wurden als AT 912 bis AT 917 - das Kürzel „AT“ stand hierbei für Artillerieträger - auf der Donau verwendet. http://historisches-marinearchiv.de/projekte/landungsfahrzeuge/artilleriefaehrprahm/beschreibung.php
  40. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_86mm_AA_Rocket.php
  41. the 15mm were behind the bridge. These are probably two of the three 8,6 cm Raketenabschußgeräte http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_86mm_AA_Rocket.php
  42. English shore DevBlog
  43. Keep in mind, they are only listed for, not accepted into the program. Some day we will probably drive/fly all of them, but they will only be added into the game if Gaijin accepts them.
  44. He registered it for revenue share. So if Gaijin is interested...
  45. Umfrage zu letztem Test http://warthunder.com/de/news/2509-marine-pre-betatests-der-marine-umfrage-de/
  46. No wishlisting! Unconfirmed/General Overview of New Stuff (To be updated regularly): Air: General Drop Tank mechanics (CDK finds and available in user missions, currently deemed not necessary by devs) RATO mechanics (CDK finds) Germany German heavy bombers "are being worked on" Russia plans for Sukhoi machines Great Britain British heavy bombers "are being worked on" Spitfire IX If c (data finds) USA P-40 is being reworked https://vk.com/wtblog?w=page-13137988_51972229 Douglas AD-4 (data finds) P-66 Vanguard (data finds) Hawk III (data finds) CW 21 (data finds) P-43a-1 Lancer (data finds) Japan more CAS planes ((Q&A)) France MS 406 C1 (data finds) MS 405 (data finds) Potez 630 (data finds) Potez 633 (data finds) Vg 33 (data finds) Vb 10C 1 (data finds) Mb 157 (data finds) Ground: General Tank Map: Ardennes (data finds) Smoke rounds (possible Q&A) Regenerative steering New gamemodes Germany Pz.35t Romanian (Premium): (CDK finds) 15-cm-sIG 33/2 auf Jagdpanzer 38 (Q&A) M47 Patton (possible, Q&A) Russia IS-7 (planned, promo/event tank) PT-76 (data finds) T-55 (Q&A) Great Britain Churchill Mk.I 31 December 2015 - https://forum.warthunder.ru/index.php?/topic/117037-bvv-dshnaia-2-strogaia-moderatciia-tolko-voprosy/page-156#entry5175983 USA M4A4 (data finds) M3A3 (data finds) T30 (Q&A) T34 (Q&A) T32E1 (Q&A) М103А2 (possible) Japan Type 60 APC MAT More Japanese shells T1 premium tank similar to T-35 Type-87 SPAA,(likely to be added Q&A) Naval: General Smoke (Q&A, data finds) Mines (Q&A, data finds) Germany Artilleriefährprahm Typ D3 (data finds, picture) Type 150 Jaguar (data finds) VS 8 Hydrofoil (data finds, probably AI) Italy MAS 500 Russia Project 1124 ack (data finds) BMO (data finds) Elco 80ft (data finds, probably premium) MBK 161 1943 MBK 161 1944 MKL 186 MKL 186 mk85 OD 200 Ya-5 Pr-191 Pr-191m Great Britain Fairmile D 601 695 Bigcaptain (data finds) Dark Class MTB (data finds) USA Elco 80ft (with rocket launchers) Destroyer Anderson (data finds, probably AI) Japan Kusentei W-13 1942 (data finds) T14 class mod 1 (data finds) Confirmed: Ground: Germany Ru 251 (premium) Great Britain Centurion Mk I Japan Type-87 SPAA Naval: General British shore map(CDK finds) Scandinavia map (data finds) Naval Domination gamemode Convoy Attack gamemode Germany MPK 122bis MZ-1 Artilleriefährprahm Typ D1 Denied: Developers Q&A: Datamining: Old Stuff: