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  1. They will probably make a big deal out destroyers and show the fighting together with some escorts and PT boats. Like: "From that fast to this big, you can play everything in our game" Then they will present the wwm as the next big thing and livestream a full 2h session. If we are un/lucky they will hint or even show Italian tanks.
  2. Zeitlich gesehen ist WT vor SE natürlich Schwachsinn, aber in Sachen Kampfkraft könnte es Sinn machen. Nashorn ist immerhin die letzte 88er in der Linie.
  3. Maybe because the Krupp variant has all around protection. Excluding the top of course. Don't forget that one is still parked at Kubinka
  4. Also selbes Test Prinzip wie bei der Marine. "Wir sagen mal nicht was wir geändert haben und warten auf Feedback dazu"
  5. Not really. Relatively slow, medicore gun, and no amor. Now compare it to the Panthers and Tigers at 5.7
  6. Did you mean dog? Rage. Lots of rage about never used, copy past, wtf, ..., people didn't like it.
  7. Stona Posted 35 minutes ago · Report post UPDATE Assault mode disabled temporarily due to technical difficulties Should be fixed soon™
  8. Remember when the japanese B-17 was added? That's why. Confirmed to be a bug.
  9. Basic changes on how the damage model is created. Most of it shouldn't have any effect.
  10. Neue, noch ungenutzte presets in den files A-26c 8x250lbs A-26c 2xMk13 torpedoes Me. 410 A-1 U2 4x210mm rockets
  11. I can even add some info to this New weapon presets (still hidden): A-26c 8x250lbs A-26c 2xMk13 torpedoes Me. 410 A-1 U2 4x210mm rockets
  12. And for everyone else, here the official patch notes
  13. These are just the skins. Nothing interesting in there. I will look up the stats of their historical counterparts later.
  14. This should offer a better insight. Versuchsdruckanzug mit Helm in einem Horten Nurflügel-Flugzeug Anscheinend soll der Anzug von den Gebrüdern Horten entwickelt worden sein (nicht Bestätigt!), es ist jedoch nie damit geflogen worden. Das Bild wurde aufgenommen in einer Horten 9 (IX), wahrscheinlich in der V 1 (Segelflugzeug). Translation: Apparently a pressure suit was developed by the Horten brothers (unconfirmed), nobody ever flew with it. The picture was taken in a Horten 9 (IX), probably in the V 1 (glider). From http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/web/new site/frames2/Dokumente.htm
  15. Try this http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/h/Hoehenatmer/Dreager-Hoehenatemgereat/Dreager-Hoehenatemgereat.pdf This should be about the suit. I can't, cause I'm on mobile atm.
  16. Maybe two game changing betas at once aren't enough while also fixing bugs and improving the main game.
  17. How many were built/developed by Greece.
  18. That isn't how it works. To create a techtree you need a framework of native vehicles. Foreign vehicles are only acceptable as a filler for gaps.
  19. Name 30 planes build and used by Greece from 1935-1965
  20. When did these appear?
  21. Sounds like a virtual tank museum.
  22. Will probably get changed by the editor any way. But he posted that it will contain 88 pictures
  23. You need to buy six tanks of a rank to unlock the next rank, not only research them
  24. Haben wahrscheinlich das WoWS video gesehen und Panik bekommen.
  25. hier ist ein schönes Beispiel. https://gdoc.pub/doc/1DSxbo6293-Cm87ntAQIb1KUCsLMB7EbI1kFEtEl6biI
  26. If you carry less ammo, less ammo racks are filled. Only filled ammo racks can detonate. The chance of detonation doesn't change, but there are less potential targets. No ammo = no filled rack = no ammo explosion.
  27. Welcome to the game and the forum You might want to take a look at the wiki http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Main_Page Not necessarily complete, but it contains everything you need to know. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.
  28. I hope you didn't forget your camera.
  29. I wish they would just use an old on, like the TB-3. I could use a break.
  30. One internet point for you (not edible). Either that, or I missed the flags in the hangar during the past tests.
  31. Welcome to the game and the forum Actually I think you are the first one I see doing this. Maybe you mean http://thunderskill.com? Other than that there are you in game statistics, which are also available in the war thunder assistant app, I would highly recommend to install this app, because it is required for the two-step-authorization. Oh, and stats are available if you click on the number with the two crossed swords under the profile picture. Fell free to ask if you have any further questions.
  32. Faint hope for something french, a PV-2, or other amerikan planes
  33. They are updated almost every update. I guess they are constantly improving them. Or they just want to keep the intern busy. Almost the conclusion I drew. Almost.
  34. Actually these aren't new. The most of them have been there a while now. These are the texture files for the ships. But the pkg_ships\ui\countries folder contains something new, as of (just for the record: No datamining required or used to obtain the information) One internet point to whoever draws the same conclusion as I do from these new files. It's bigger on the inside
  35. Unfortunately out of budged for me at the moment and not luck obtaining it otherwise so far. But the blueprints posted under the Albatros(1955) kept me busy for a while
  36. What we currently have is the never finished Go. 229 V3 prototype. Never intended to carry bombs and never had any armament fitted.
  37. So far only changes to WWM.
  38. That would be the lazy solution. So probably yes. For the sake of higher realism I hope we will someday get the real deal. It would definitely add more purpose to manual shifting the gear.
  39. which already has been made and passed to the developers
  40. No. The Tiger used a different system where your turn radius depends on your selected gear.
  41. Well, there is the promised, odd, Russian attacker. And of course the two Italian fighters. Other than that I think we can expect some more Japanese tanks. If the designers reworked the STs they are already working on them, so they could trow in some needed tech tree extensions. Like the Ho-Ris
  42. Unless you can outrun them, no. There is no way out. To prevent such situations you should always check your surroundings before and during the engagement. You typically have only a small time window until someone notices your low, slow, and distracted fighter. So you should work fast and don't follow your target into enemy territory.
  43. So ist es einfacher als zu erklären
  44. Vier Schiffe und ein Flieger. Beliebig viele respawns. Dazu kommt noch ein Punktesystem wie in GF RB. aber das wird garantiert nicht so bleiben.
  45. These and the naval versions.
  46. Good'ol forum filter. It kinda changed the meaning of "being an ace" a little bit. Don't worry, everybody knows what you mean. We do our best, but there are some poisonous topics out there. Now for some general tips. Always post in the right forum section. The mods are quite picky and this should have been posted here. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/423-welcome-new-recruits-check-in-here/ Or at the academy. I'm sure a mod will move it soon. We have a really nice wiki you should visit http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Main_Page And the most important thing to learn is how the matchmaking works.
  47. I guess we need some more context, as I know multiple boats, authors, films, and even some sweets with that name.
  48. And there are more attractive premiums. Like the "Zerstörer" variant with two MK 101.
  49. Yellow means "not implemented yet". And it's unlikely that both versions that are being worked on currently will end up as premiums.
  50. If all is going according to plan we saw two squadrons with 25 players each. So 50 players in total. Even if all of them joined all battles they would be spread very thin.
  51. You wish. But you also know how to work the CDK.
  52. Dafür aber einige sehr interessante Escorts und Torpedoboote.
  53. Hier ein kleiner Ausblick auf die kommende map
  54. And there's even more. War Thunder Unofficial Patch Notes By _mike10d July 13th 2017 Ships: Ship spawn throttle: 50% → 100% New map: Fiji new unused torpedoes: • It_torpedo_533mm; 533 mm steam turbined Si 270 torpedo • Us_21_inch_mark_8; 533 mm steam turbined Mk.8 torpedo Skins: • G56 marco aero “Viva l’Italia” camouflage • G56 marco d1a “Herringbone” camouflage Events: Capture the flag missions added for Abandoned Factory and Tunisia Italy arcade tabletop mountain race: 5 wins for the G56 marco aero skin 1000 event rating for the G56 marco d1a skin Upcoming ships CBT event: Fiji conquest https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PAbW00zb6mbDhfWHVfeTFJcWc/view
  55. Immerhin gibt es auch einen skin für ein MAS500. aber ob das jetzt bei den Italienern landen muss ist fraglich.
  56. While you are here, the article says 4 x 1 25mm AA guns, but the video and the pictures show 4 x 3, 4 x 1 25mm guns. Which one is right?
  57. badges

    Correct. In that case you should contact support.
  58. Dank einer Änderung in den live.warthunder Regeln müssen user Modelle nicht zwangsweise Premium sein. Es könnte also durchaus sein das einige Modelle im techtree landen.
  59. Wobei ich sehr hoffe das du in Zukunft dazu wenig Gelegenheit bekommst.
  60. Hab ich mich auch gefragt. Aber achte mal auf die Missionsziele der Briten (bei 1:11:20). Die müssen nämlich nur einen einzigen Sektor halten un zu gewinnen. Erobern ist also gar nicht das Ziel. sondern eher ein geordneter Rückzug und das aufbauen einer Verteidigung.
  61. I'm still a WWM tester. But since my squadron isn't participating in the test I would like to trade it back for naval test access. edit: all working now
  62. No wishlisting! Unconfirmed/General Overview of New Stuff (To be updated regularly): Air: Release trees: Ground: Naval: Confirmed: Denied: Developers Q&A since 1.69: Datamining tutorial: