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  1. Working as intended - you get minimal RP both ways for too big a gap between Tiers. Best option is to load up a rack with a Premium tank close to the BR of the M8 and the tank just preceding the M8 will have a research booster for researching the M8.
  2. Darbo2, which shell? the Heat or APHE? I have been using the Heat, with APCR as backup - do you reckon the APHE is the one to go with?
  3. Must say Penny - I have been playing a lot of sub 6.0 BR and I haven't had any sub 5 minute games in ages. Something has indeed been tweaked, not sure if it is a combo of damage models, more targets, tougher bases or better fighter hit detection on bombers, but I see pretty much the same number of bombers, but the games last much longer on average than they did. And that makes me much happier indeed. If it was intentional and planned by the Snail, then well done Gaijinn, if not then I am still much happier. Haven't been up in Jets for a while so not sure if the Jet-bomber, super bomber spam is still an issue though.....
  4. DB3 was okay. Just unlocked the first Ki-67 and not looking forward to spading them at all.......A26, haven't unlocked it yet, but I remember the event A26 plane being pretty meh to spade up. It's only redeeming feature was its speed, the offensive forward facing Mg's never seemed to get the job one (unlike for example the A20). Also not really looking forward to the Lincoln when I unlock it. Tanks: Liked the Russian TD - Su-5-1 - only drawback is only 8 shells. Good part is that every shell is almost guaranteed a kill if it hits the target. M8 was meh, Sturmpanzer too. Battled with the shell drop on those two - especially the Sturmpanzer on any distance over 500m - probably just LTP though, based on what others said. Busy with the Sherman II - brings back nightmares of trying to spade up Jumbo with the useless 75mm gun. The gun is okay at close range, but over 600m - you know it is crapola when it takes 6 shots to kill a Pz-III. Agree with Capn Sumting - would've been nice to get a new fighter.
  5. I tried, I really tried, but just couldn't get it right. I spaded it, but only got 2 or 3 kills via the 20mm - the rest were via the big cannon. Only thought I have now, is maybe you can bind the firing of the Shrage somehow without switching to the Shrage cannon view, that way you can still fly and aim your bird to fly under the offending red, while spamming the 20mm cannon. For me, the view switch put me off completely - but in retrospect, maybe there is a work around?
  6. PennyWort is correct. The only thing you will learn is NOT to attack a formation of 10+ bombers unless you don't mind your plane getting badly damaged. Hopefully the other half don't work out that 5 x (Tu-4, BV238, B-25, B-29) flying in formation would be pretty much unstoppable. I played it once, it was like shooting fish in a barrel. But GameBaron is also correct, play it if you like it, but don't expect to see me there....
  7. Happens to all of us - most commonly when first approaching a bomber. My only suggestion is to initially close with the bomber WITHOUT zooming in. After first pass the problem normally doesn't exist and you can zoom in without the warp occurring.
  8. whats your build

    Yeah - you get XP on the crew overall experience. There are 3 levels - 1st level costs xxxx gold to upgrade crew from expert to "Ace" , 2nd level (about 4-500 kills) costs les xxxx gold, and 3rd level cost Nil gold. Just go to Crew qualification tab on crew stats - there is an XP bar there to track progress. If you have Tier 5 planes AND Tier 5 tanks - then you get 12 presets to use however you wish. Otherwise you just get the standard 10 presets. Just go to Presets and hit Add (it will tell you if you have any available or if you are short a tier 5 plane or tank)
  9. My experience - it was one of the easiest and fastest planes to spade up in Tier 4/5. In AB it is a BEAST too.
  10. +1, I always groan like someone has kicked me in the nads if I get this map with a 8.0+ lineup.
  11. whats your build

    Wow Friz, I have every plane (except for Premiums - but I do have the I-301) and 99% of Tier IV Tanks (again - not all the premiums) - and you still have 65 more vehicles than me. You must have a lot of T5 tanks I am guessing. Like you I spade up all vehicles (even the shatty ones). Currently spading up Tier IV and early Tier V tanks - I have pretty much abandoned Tier 5 planes - queue times too long - games too short, nerfed flight models etc - so I have about 10 left to spade there. If you feel like you are grinding and not enjoying - then mix it up. Camo grinding can also be fun, but I am selective there - planes that I do not enjoy flying or that are mismatched in their BR range are not fun to get 500+ kills in - and that would be a real "grind". I like to get planes I enjoy up to at least 1000 kills. Busy now with 109-G2, XP-50 and J2M2. Also, by getting 1000 kills you normally get the free "Ace'" crew upgrade. Oh yeah - and I am grinding for my first tier 5 Japanese tank so that I can get the extra two Presets (just one of those completionist things)
  12. Unfortunately, the Japanese line up at 6.0 is woefully empty. You are almost forced to buy the Heavy Tank no.6 to progress. I feel your pain mate. Luckily I am past the 6.0 hurdle and guess what, the new hurdle is 6.3! Try fighting T32 and Jagdtiger with Sta-1, then having to pull out your M41 (at least now it has the Sabot round) to try to make a difference.
  13. I remember when Crater island map came out there was this huge volcano on the eastern side, and it used to have 3 medium tanks in the bottom of it. Airdropped in or came in through underground caves (a la Sanctum) ? Pretty sure they are not there anymore though...
  14. 4000 ft = 1200 metres. If I feel like I have to engage head on - I will start shooting at 1500 metres and pull out / barrel roll out / disengage at 1000m - never, ever wait for the aim indicator to show on a headon - by that time it is normally a death for death trade. In Jets you start shooting at 1800m and start disengaging at 1200m. Also, your Yak has a single 20mm cannon and the P51 either has 4 x 20mm cannon or 6 or more (not sure of the exact number) .50 cals. Way more firepower than you have.