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  1. gameplay

    +1000 Just been doing the Chronicles Event in AB Ground. Supposed to get 10 wins, I have had 13 wins so far but 5 have not counted because BA < 70%. I have no clue how this is even calculated. One game I spawned in, went YOLO, got 6 kills - died, spawned next tank then had to sort out kids, so just left tank idling in Spawn. End of game - BA =88%. Next game got 4 kills, ambushed a few then went on to Spawncamp, we steamrolled the other team - BA = 49%. WTF. WTF? Remove it - it adds no value - and like Pat McGroin/Gherkin says, smoke and mirrors and counter-intuitive measures do no-one any favours.
  2. Here's the first tip: Release earlier..... Seriously, it would help if you told us if you need help in AB or RB/SB. AB it is easy to bomb with Stuka - fly to above target, nose down when you directly above it, your cross hair lines will start to converge - when they do, release the bomb (the cross hair lines should also go red). Pull up by hauling on your stick or pressing Max Elevator. Without the aiming sight in RB/SB you need to practice - you can do it in test flight or create a custom battle in RB mode. You need to know where your bomb will land from different angles of attack. Take note of your altitude when you release - and tweak this until you no longer die in your own blast or are unable to prevent yourself from becoming a lawn dart.
  3. Mr Wong, not sure where you are located, but if you are Africa or Oceania then your Ping is going to be >200 to most servers. My lowest ping is 270 (US) and 370 (EU) - and that means the other player sees me about 1/2 a second before I see him - and that makes a difference. Does not make much of a difference in Planes, but in tanks you are hampered by playing "timecop". It happens often to me where I see another player, I stop, aim, shoot, see his shell incoming. I die, and he is not touched, because my 'fire' only happened on my side, I was dead in "realtime" before my shell left the barrel in "realtime" Other than that @cat5752 is right. But it also depends on your tank - if you are in one that bounces a lot of shells (IS2, T34, Jumbo, M10, Panther) , then it is sometimes worth it to pop out, take the hit, and then aim properly to try and oneshot the opponent.
  4. Gets my support too. Like I said in the Event thread - I will NEVER spend the 999 for a missed medal. But if I missed one task and could get the medal for 333GE, then I could easily do that multiple times. I am pretty sure Gaijinn's total revenue earned on the event will increase if this is implemented. Quick example. I got up this morning with 2/3 tasks done on the tanks - just needed 2 victories for the medal. I have exactly 40 minutes before I need to get to work and by the time I can get on again tonight, the task would have rolled over to the new one. Managed to squeak in 3 victories (1 didn't count due to me trying to rush cap to get the victory and getting steamrolled 3 times - not enough battle activity) just in time. If I had not made it - I would have happily tossed in the 333GE to get the medal, and if I had not made it under current scenario - I would've been mightily disappointed. AND would not have tossed in 999GE.
  5. Don't think there are bots. There are AI tanks which act like you describe - just driving and shooting ineffectually every now and again. Some maps do not even have AI tanks at all. If you see the tank type and no player name in the HUD then it is an AI tank. If you are playing Sim tanks then this may be true (bots) but I have no experience with Sim tanks. Arcade definitely does not have bots (just AI with little I), and don't recall Realistic having bots. In Arcade, the AI serve the purpose of capping points sometimes, and if you kill 2 of them (pretty easy to kill the AI tanks) then you get the opportunity to spawn in an attacker to rocket a poor red tank to death.
  6. oh god you butchered it again Thanks for that - always read it the way Penny did....only after you posted that did I really pay attention to the "spelling" of your name. And now, when do we get to see some of these Memes?
  7. This is an awesome idea. It might actually make GJ a bit more money than current. I speak for myself, but if I am about to miss out on a task due to time constraint, and I have only 1 task that is holding me up (normally the win 10 task, or the Supp Fire task), then I would defo consider spending 333GE for the medal. I would NEVER consider 999GE. So GJ "loses" the 999GE that I would never fork over, but might actually gain 333 or 666 or even get back the 999 GE - depending how my time goes and how many tasks I have ALMOST completed.
  8. 95% of your deaths in a Ferdie will be to 3 fires...... Fire is the bane of this beast. You get hit, more than 50% of the time a fire will start. And even if you don't hit 6 immediately - you are still hampered cos the fire burns in front of your sights and you cant see ****. Other than that - it certainly has a big enough delete button to cope with all equal BR adversaries - though it struggles with 7.0 and up.
  9. With the extraordinary 7:1 posts to battle ratio.....
  10. Do217. Ju88C. Ju87D5. Ju87G. Brigand. Do335. Canberra (with offensive Cannons). A26. A20. B7A2 (and the American equivalent - can't recall its numbers - oh yes BTD). IL-28. B25. PBJ. AD-2. A36. Japanese Jet bombers R2Y2. Ki-83/87. P61. Can't think of any more.....
  11. You might need to work more on this. You need to understand what your intended victim is doing - and you need to understand what the landscape will look like at the moment of engagement and what your extraction plan will be. There are many factors at play here and some of them will become second nature with time and practice. If you are picking targets in the middle of a cluster-f, then it is only logical that there is a good chance they will be toast before you arrive on the scene. Pick outliers or players that are trying to climb up to you first. Look out for reds that are obviously target-fixated (target is not you) - happens a lot when they have a nice fat Welly or Lancaster or Stuka in their sights. Once you pick your target, ascertain that there will be no problematic reds that are co-energy with you (even if they have a fairly large horizontal separation) at the commencement of your attack run. They could be setting you up as their victim as soon as you try to extract from your engagement. Watch out especially for players that are squadded up (not just the WGT assigned squad, but the purposeful squad - shows up on the 'board with a highlighted squad number). Once you have committed to the attack run - be aware of what your victim is doing - 1) Is he flying directly away from you - ie you are diving on him and he his diving for the ground? 2) Is he turning sharply, and is he turning to meet your attack head on, or turning sharply to evade, or just turning because he wants to engage another blue in the cluster-f. 3) Is he coming straight at you. 4) Is he aware of you You need to place yourself and your guns with an effective firing solution in an energy efficient position where you think the victim WILL be (Penny highlighted this as one of my shortcomings recently - but in the context of a dogfight - not in an energy efficient bounce). Sometimes your victim will pull a manoeuvre (for whatever reason) that means you will have to pull a sharp energy stealing turn to achieve a firing solution. At this point you have a choice - abandon the bounce, and like Tina says - boom, extend, then shallow climb - don't just zoom - unless your pre-engagement routine has informed you that there are NO potential threats and should be no threats at the point of disengagement. Or, if it is the only red in town - you can pull a few G's and maintain the attack. You can even decide to dogfight the victim depending on what planes the two of you are flying - but with a P38 or Corsair, your best bet is to just abandon and extend and reset your attack. There are times when you can get 2 or 3 victims in a single bounce (airfield dom is good for this - fly to enemy spawn, then swoop on the airfield and pick up and victims on the way - then extend and climb back to your own spawn. Normally I do this if there is nobody above 3000 alt in the red team). And, there are many, many times when you will get nothing, not even a single hit on a bounce. Often, once you successfully bounce a player, he will become the gift that keeps on giving, and will helicopter up into your stall trap straight from spawn time after time, until you eventually feel sorry for him and let him try a few headons out of sheer boredom. If your targets are getting killed before you get there more often than not, then my gut tells me that you are picking the wrong targets... Some of what you posted contradicts this. You say you are 2km above the victim, but when you are about to engage, another blue sails in at ground level and takes your victim out...... That means that you are flying at 3000m looking for targets. That is not conservative. At that alt you are the next victim of a real conservative flying at 5000-6000 and about to bounce your **** or the next victim of someone who has just spawned in at 350km/h. Side climb at the start so that you can engage any 5000m + fighters and once they are cleared, then you can begin your victim selection process. Often it will get very empty in the skies above 3500m - then you can engage more aggressively and even boom targets at 0 - 500m - so long as you have your escape plan ready - ie don't end up at the end of a bounce at 500m alt and facing the enemy spawn and in their territory.