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  1. You will see this pretty often - normally soon as you get a reversal on an opponent and you are now on his six. They have normally trained their index finger (as well as most bomber junkies have trained their thumb) to zoom across to switch off their internet connection - poof gone. Restart Internet Connection and the scrub will be allowed to rejoin the battle.
  2. Like Iosifs Organ and YoMama said above: every player has their own objective when hopping into a battle. Sometimes those objectives coincide with the winning objectives of whatever random game you find yourself in, and more often they don't. So much depends on the individual player, here are some examples: 1) Player is trying to research new vehicles and spade some vehicles - here they always have an eye on winning, because he will earn more RP and more SL. 2) Player has all vehicles researched and spaded - he is now chasing a rare decal or camo on a specific plane - requiring xxx number of kills. Here the player has no interest in winning - only in getting kills in a specific plane (and the longer it survives the more chance of getting more kills in it - so surviving is his main objective). In a air dom match - this will coincide with winning objective, in an airfield dom - nope, he will bounce the furball or spawncamp, no capping so not chasing the win objective, in a groundstrike - same, will not bomb anything. 3) Player is doing a warbond task : IF task happens to coincide with game's objective -then the player will care about winning or will actively contribute to the win, otherwise he will not (and there are plenty of warbond tasks that are counter to the game's winning objectives). 4) Player is on a wager : Golden eagle wager - now those players are only interested in winning games - completely aligned. Other wagers - see Warbond objectives above. 5) Player just enjoys the graphics and scenery and loves chasing butterfly's - has no clue whether game is being won or lost (these are the players you most often get auto-assigned to your auto squad when you are desperate for a Supporting Fire award - typically during Events). 6) Player is only in the game long enough to determine that a loss is in progress and stays just long enough to type "N.oob team". Normally this player is bottom third of the board by this time and even if he wanted to win - he has absolutely no clue as to how to go about it.
  3. Pros: Amazing zoom on its optics, Low profile, APHE round is excellent for post pen damage, gun is pretty good (pen is not that great - so you have to hit weakspots - once you pen though, the enemy is pretty much dead), good top speed, reverse speed adequate, angled - your armour can be pretty trollish and bounces more than it should. Cons: can't pen IS-6, battles to pen TIger II H through turret cheek (II P is an instakill), crapola acceleration, poor turret traverse, buggy switch from 3rd person/commander view to sniper view - often your gun will be pointing nowhere near where you were looking when you switch to sniper view - and with the ultra zoom on its optics and slow turret traverse, this can become an issue.