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  1. About right....took them about a year to fix the J7W's elevator after they first introduced it. It would only fly straight and down and once in a dive it took about 30 seconds to get it back to level flight.
  2. p.108

    I must say Iosif, I am about to give up on spading this. It is a massive PITA. Cannon kills so far: 1 x Light Pillbox 1 x Light Tank 1 x BF109-K4 (used the HE round here - not sure if it aided or hindered, was a lucky shot - I had just capped the runway in an Dom match, 109 came in for the kill as I was lumbering up and ate a 102mm HE shell) 1 x machine gun emplacement (missed twice, got it with 3rd shot, then ploughed into the ground immed thereafter) Worst part of the plane is its total lack of handling. Makes it difficult to get the cannon on target and keep it there and makes it extremely difficult not to eat the trees/dirt/mountain once you have missed 3 shots at the medium tank / pillbox (got 3 direct hits on a pill - just a nice blossom of fire and no damage whatsoever). For someone like me to want to abandon the spade effort means the plane is abso-effing-lutely useless ( I spaded the J7W before they fixed its FM, spaded the Archer, spaded the Tempest Vickers and Mosquito with big guns, hell, I even spaded all the Sparvieros (twice) ).