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  1. IL-2-37 is a total slug to fly though. Not very pleasant. I just love matches where there is light tanks, then I can actually strafe stuff successfully, then you have Germans with Mk.103s just laying waste to entire convoys in 2 passes
  2. Attackers used to be really good, but sadly not anymore :c IL-2 used to be able to pen medium tanks with its 23s
  3. Still, during test firing 183mm HESH split a conquerors gun mantlet in two
  4. Yeah, There's alot of vehicles that don't that probably should. Also, FV4005 S.II should also hullbreak most of the tanks it fires at.
  5. Add a past 9.0 option on the poll
  6. Same, but still it doesn't make the game any fun for said people.
  7. Yeah, I never understood 5.7 for the challenger. If it had really good reverse speed and the same post-pen the British had on launch, Then yes. 5.7 But until then, I say Challenger should be at 5.3, It's more equal to the comet than anything, with the comet having some better traits and the challenger some.
  8. 5.7 BR is basically get ripped by 6.7 BR.
  9. After it's nerfed
  10. ground vehicles

    I mean it. It'd be funny XD
  11. ground vehicles

    They should also add a toyota with terrible brown paint and a ZU-23-2 on it
  12. tanks/vehicles

    I imagine a similar weapons system with some sort of 7.62 machine gun and ATGM launcher ontop would be really useful in urban fighting these days.
  13. tanks/vehicles

    Shame it never made the cut. Would probably be very effective, and cool.
  14. Gaijin: Muh queue times
  15. tanks/vehicles

    Oh good god what tank is that?
  16. tanks/vehicles

    This thing would be the ultimate fire from cover :O
  17. Doesn't matter what history is guys. Tvrdi_76 has given us some anecdotal evidence which makes buffing all underperforming shells irrelevant. What you've said isn't what is true, for some maybe they perceive it that way though. Still doesn't change the fact they should fix all apds rounds.
  18. I never use APHE as default in my T-54, Because the SECOND I load APHE I come across a tank that I cannot easily penetrate with it.
  19. ZSU can beat it, If it can't pen the tank so be it. Though T-54 and T-10M both have HEAT and APDS
  20. Not really. Only 59mm, and top tier shells have very low chances to bounce against well sloped armor. HEAT-FS has a 0% chance to bounce at 65 degrees, and APFSDS has a 0% chance to bounce at 76 degrees.
  21. Shared spotting is realistic though. Irl people would call out planes
  22. IS-6 is basically an IS-4 with a few mm less armor
  23. Though it could be argued it is superior to the leo armorwise
  24. But still gets the "muh no composite" argument out of the way :P
  25. In tanks it is quite different than in air, Games will become really frustrating without markers, Though I think markerless RB would be cool.
  26. Yes, it's just to get the "no composite" technicality out of the way.
  27. Mercedes answered, it has NERA which is a composite armor
  28. Tanks/Vehicles

    Then before.
  29. Tanks/Vehicles

    We don't need any more HEAT-slinging Tier IV premium post-war tanks. I think this would go good before or after the Sheridan.
  30. The Centurion is nearly unarmored, and slower than the Caern at 6.7. I don't see the point of uptiering it.
  31. 125mm cannon, also that 245mm is at 2000 metres, that 350mm on T-62 is at point blank.
  32. From what I've gathered fighting it in my Caernarvon and KT 105 I've noticed the hull no matter what is immaculate and should never be fired at, the turret also seems to be alot trickier to pen than the T29 and Tiger 2, Though I suppose the horrid depression and long reload is supposed to balance that out. I don't see it as OP, The russians just finally got themselves a "Must play wackamole" to kill tank.
  33. 1. 100mm at 68 degrees on UFP, Turret is 350mm of steel iirc. Now that's without any composite 2. Gaijin does not convert any soviet sabot from soviet standard, So sabot wouldn't be that impressive. 3BM-9 APFSDS = 245 mm at 0° at 2000 m, 150 mm at 60° at 2000 m 3BK-12 HEAT-FS = 420mm at 0°
  34. Maus V1 Turret ))))))))))))))))))
  35. Yup, if we were to suggest a change like that gaijin would ask for two primary sources, yet they are able to do whatever they please. It's quite disheartening
  36. tanks/vehicles

    Leo 1A5 in the current game state would be identical in performance to Leopard 1A1A1, aside from looking different there wouldn't be much else.
  37. it's simple as modelling a certain type of composite + RHA or other steel tank armor as a single plate. Now, obviously it's an oversimplification, but our current way everything else in the game works is too
  38. Here's a model of it just to show what it looks like
  39. Fire a HEAT-FS at maus gun mantle and tell me it auto ignores armor values. It has very high penetration, but it does not ignore armor values.
  40. ATGMs can fire from complete immunity to fire in most cases, and because the maps are very small shooting galleries a single ATGM can render an entire massive portion of a map lethally impassable, and there is very little you can do against an ATGM only poking his missile out at you. Also, Tank rounds have nowhere near the same penetration. The highest penetration HEAT-FS round in-game has 440mm, RakJPz 2 and 2 HOT have 600mm and 800mm respectively, and infact, Rakjpz 2, Swingfire, and a few other ATGMs fire equally as fast/faster than their adversaries. HEAT-FS does not ignore armor values, and it should do really high damage. It's your fault you choose to artificially gimp yourself. I can't help you there
  41. I am aware, If I had the patience I would search out for primary sources, But I'm not that patient. Plus I can only search english sources, which really hurts your ability to find things
  42. I have not seen anything to contradict those numbers stated, Those seem to be the most common ones.
  43. Well, Then it's good to know because rarely do any engagements take place outside that range.
  44. But L7 Monobloc penetrators, such as German DM23 with 390mm penetration at 100 metres, or US/JPN M735 with 410mm penetration at 100 metres could penetrate T-64 and T-72 Ural with relative ease.
  45. Ru-251 Advantages: - Speed - Acceleration - Maneuverability - Gun Depression - HESH - Massively higher velocity with HEAT - Higher pen with HEAT - Turret Traverse Type 67 Advantages: - Reload (very slightly) - APHE, though only usable from sides - Armor ( barely better)
  46. Not OP because 20mm armor ))))))))))))))))
  47. I hate to break it to you, Composite armor can be RHA/Aluminum/RHA too.
  48. Yes, Aluminum has different effectiveness than RHA. Still, It is still composite armor, and it is still in-game. Also, Using your definition of composite armor being "different RHAe for CE and KE" would mean that: Tracks are composite armor Spaced armor is composite armor RHA/Air/RHA ect. ect.
  49. It's RHA + Aluminum + RHA currently
  50. As I've said 2.6 billion times, MBT-70 - USA KPz-70 - Ger T-64/T-72 Ural - USSR Chieftain Mk.10/FV4030/2 - UK Type 74G - japan
  51. The stabilizers as are are really fun though *cries*
  52. Type 87 has composite armor modelled right now
  53. The cannon seems quite unreliable, Not so much with 3BM3, but absolutely with 3BM4. I would use more HEAT but the reload is way too long to make HEAT viable
  54. A British tier 4 vehicle that isn't garbage ?!?! Am I dreaming?
  55. Yeah every patch a few posts like this show up. Not really alot that can be done unfortunately. Also, on a side note is the Centurion mk 1 good?
  56. The Japanese tree is very much still a WIP. If they fix copy pastarino japan 90mm and such I think they'd be in better shape. Also with an addition of a lot of the missing shells should leave Japan with a much more competitive state.
  57. Ru-251 should be 7.3, and JPz 4-5 should be moved to 7.0 Obj. 906 should also be moved to 7.3 because it's just as good but in a few different ways.
  58. Ironically, OP, US 5.7-6.0 is in a worse position than German 5.7-6.0... By far.
  59. Since we have composite, MBT-70 Soon )))))))
  60. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Yes comrade. (obj. 685 or 934 first pls)
  61. Cent. 3 is awful idk how people like it. It's gun is good at penning, but not doing damage. It's also big, really slow, and horribly armored
  62. My thoughts exactly. I was unlocking Cent. Mk X because I hated the Cent. Mk.3s wackamole, but now I'll have to do that with the Mk.X too
  63. Hate to break it to you, War Thunder is a fantasy game.
  64. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) RIP HESH 2017. Maybe they'll see the backlash and not nerf it
  65. War Thunder usually models a best case scenario, There is no reason to give HESH the lower end penetration. If Gaijin wanted to have realism they'd make the komet explode from being hit anywhere in the engine/fuel area just to use one example, Though there are thousands of other examples that could be given. I really don't see why HESH should be nerfed. HESH should have x1.5 calibre. 90mm = 130mm with HESH 105mm = 155mm with HESH 120mm = 180mm with HESH 183mm = 275mm with HESH Now, at this maximum penetration, damage can be modeled as lower end, and have its maximum damage capabilities at say the sub 1.3x like you said. Because IRL Hesh could either go up or down, but in war thunder it is quite concrete, and 127mm with L7 will make it really bad. Because currently 105mm HESH has a x1.2 now (nerfed)
  66. Because people need to buy more HEAT-FS ))))))))))))) Plus Russia doesn't get HESH so its not fair for them ))))
  67. No point in playing Cent. Mk.X anymore. Might as well take the Cent. Mk.III now since HESH is now pretty much useless
  68. Wait, They first really buffed HESH, now its really nerfed? wtf
  69. I would say that IRL an autocannon could VERY easily knock out a main gun, perhaps even easier than in-game, Though usually in real life it doesn't come down to the "Spaa spamming bullets in the face of a tank" situation
  70. Right. HESH is unreliable and must hit armor 150mm or less, and 105mm APDS is trash at 8.3 matches, the M60A1 and Type 74s APDS is a bit better, but Leopard does not have that.
  71. STOCK VS STOCK? That's a horrible comparison. V 30 HEAT 10 HESH
  72. No, It isn't. If it had a fast reload and good gun depression, It would be. However with the two downsides of a slow reload and poor gun depression it remains situational
  73. Yep. Leopard 1A1A1 is the best tank in the game (probably) It is quite fast, with 19.4 hp/t power/weight ratio, a 65 km/h top speed, 7.1/s reload on it's powerful 105mm cannon with a mix of APDS (not so good), HESH (getting buffed next patch), and cHEAT-FS. It also has a stabilizer which makes snap shots easier than the regular Leo 1, and has more armor to grant a higher change of surviving ZSU-57-2 attacks.
  74. Maps are so small. I struggle with wackamole weakspots against tanks with my 90mm armed US What do people say? Just flank bro! Can I flank? No, no I cannot. The maps disallow it in 90% of cases I've flanked entire enemy teams in my maus before
  75. It should actually have a 25mm Bushmaster and TOW ATGMs On a serious note, Going to two .50s could atleast help it a bit. It's a pretty poor vehicle as is.
  76. ground vehicles

    please no.. That's just far too many ATGMs
  77. It's not Pay-to-win, It's Pay-to-sonic-the-hedgehog Ru-251 Anthem:
  78. I noticed today the 115mm had its APFSDS Over-performing velocity fixed from 1650m/s to 1615m/s, Yet the penetration remains unchanged... I'm guessing Gaijin refuses to change the shells because it doesn't fit their meta does it