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  1. Tanks/Vehicles

    I will want to see how T-55A will perform now that it's coming in-game. Will be interesting
  2. Is the 5s rof accurate? I mean I appreciate that alot but will it stay?
  3. Some day maybe, but with T-55A coming to the game Russians should now be on par with their western counterparts.
  4. Better flankers T-34-100? The T-34-100 is quite medicore, with 3.7 BR armor, and a gun that you run into on every other vehicle basically at that BR for Russia except the other vehicles are better.
  5. I'm okay with Captured vehicles if they were used in combat, If not, It's usually just a lazy copy paste then.
  6. bf

    Hmmm... I have recently had the displeasure of flying my K-4 alot (Not sure why I just wanted to) and some extra engine power would be well deserved!
  7. gameplay

    Some sort of assist system for helping bombers would always be a welcome sight. Because currently if your bomber doesn't have a huge amount of guns, and if they aren't cannon (I'm looking at you US bombers :c ) you're toast, but there is currently to incentive to help bombers, and this could be it!