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  1. ZSU-57-2 sucks vs aircraft, but with its anti tank abilities it should not be going too low.
  2. ground vehicles

    Was this meant for world of P2W premiums and anime tanks?
  3. ME 262

    To be completely honest, I don't seem to have spark issues with the Mk.108. They always kill in 1-3 strikes. My biggest issue is they are extremely slow moving
  4. Does the chain fence cover the gun sight in the model? Or just in the Camera
  5. It's pretty decent spaded, especially in arcade. In RB its also decent. P-47s are better performing though, and with the good state of .50s, they hit hard.
  6. Over pen )))))))))))))
  7. It's the mind of alot of people on the forums. Not just US fan boys
  8. No. I am at school in the middle of exams. When I get home I'm going to joint that spam. It'll pass like the ru 251 and t29 spam but they did change the shells yes?
  9. So, New micro patch but the m103 and M46 changes weren't in the patch notes, have they not corrected these shells yet?
  10. People are just salty they get penned
  11. I really doubt it, but I know 99.99999999999% that Post-war and ww2 won't be separated.
  12. M41s would absolutely erase PT-76 teams from existence. Separating WW2 and Post-war is just not gonna work at this point
  13. T29/T34 vs Tiger 2 10.5cm/Maus vs IS-3/IS-6 vs Tortoise (lol rip) vs ..... Now that I think about it, gameplay sounds like it'd get pretty darn boring having a bunch of late ww2 heavies trying to pen eachother
  14. It would turn into "late war heavy tank prototypes smashathon" XD
  15. I personally don't mind postwar with ww2. Besides US and Germany would wipe the floor with the other nations if it was ww2 Separate from ww2
  16. It looks so bad! Absolutely.
  17. ASU-57 too op make 8.3
  18. I don't wanna sound rude or mean, but that sounds like a horrible idea. Even if the APCR was buffed, APCR is no longer subject to the all-around 60 degrees = half your 0 deg. pen it once was a long long time ago. The M46 with APCR could never be good enough again to kill as it used to. Also, the M46 is considered a Tier V vehicle. So it should have HEAT-FS, and it can be put at 7.0 with fixed M348. It fired m348 historically anyways. As for ST-A1 and A2, both should have their models fixed and then can be 6.7 and 7.0 with HEAT-FS respectively. Currently, a buff to 90mm APCR wouldn't do anything for the M46, as its the angled pen that matters, not the vertical pen.
  19. But then there's no point in using those vehicles anymore
  20. Have you played the M46? It really sucks firepower-wise. You either have: 1. High damage M82, But extremely horrible penetration. You can't hurt half the tanks you meet frontally, and if so, they are 1 in 100 shots. 2. High penetration and velocity APCR, Yeah APCR 'nuff said. 3. HEAT, Decent damage, Extremely poor penetration. I also find in most situations that if you can pen with the incorrect heat, you can pen with the M82. Now, with HEAT-FS these vehicles will perform better, and it could also lead to an uptiering if Gaijin feels the need. The M46 is technically a tier V after all.
  21. I will get to play the M46 now without needing chemo
  22. Hey so maybe they won't be useless either
  23. They're finally fixing the M348... I cry for joy. The M46 won't be garbage anymore Gaijin was drunk when they added it. It currently in-game is completely wrong. It's underperforming extremely (Dev server is accurate) and it's classified as HEAT in-game but had fin stabilization IRL.
  24. Aircraft/Loadouts

    while alot of lend-lease planes were used, I'd say probably no. There's more interesting vehicles that could be added as premiums than a copy-paste P-51
  25. I really like the look of the bubble canopy ones
  26. I agree. The 279 could also have a nerfed reload if need be as that's the only value gaijin is willing to heavily mess around with for balance. It could sit at 8.3 and wouldn't be so invulnerable. In areas HESH could kill it, and it would be vulnerable to heatfs and properly performing Chieftain APDS Also, while it's straight line mobility would be quite good, it had very poor hull traverse speeds iirc so it wouldn't be heavily armored leopard or something
  27. Yeah tank RP gains are fine *shakes head*
  28. For the x4 MG-151/20, You can select the ammo type, however, it has ALWAYS bugged me, and still bugs me now as I try to fly the Ju-87D-5 with the 7.92 gunpods. Does it use your turret ammo selection, or is it stuck with the ineffective default 7.92 belts? Also, does anyone know why there is no offensive 7.92 belt for it?