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  1. Didn't the maus only reach 13 km/h off road?
  2. But Excelsior! :P
  3. Here's mine, Share yours maybe if its more efficient even. Tanks: Get the 40 kills/12 kills in one game in Tank SB, Because in SB its only 14 kills/3 kills in one game. Then for a final task such as 4 times on top of the team I go into tank RB, start with airplane my first two lives, Maximize as much score as possible. Then finish in tank, however this is usually near impossible as everyone has the exact same idea and this makes it really difficult, so as an alternative getting the 10 wins I go into tank AB use the KV-1S/T-34 1942/KV-1 L-11 and play in that for the objective, and get wins while hopefully getting top of the teams at the same time. Aircraft: Get the 40 kills/12 kills in one game in RB while getting the Top of the Teams/Wins for tanks so by the time I focus purely on the plane missions 2/3 are already done. For the 4 fire supports (I find the easiest achievement) I go into AB and fly US planes because .50s suck, I then follow closely my auto squaded teammate (or find some people to do it with) and shoot their target before they do, and hopefully they then kill it. So yeah, This is what I do when trying to get the ww2 chronicles tasks for air/ground. How about you guys?
  4. Yes, You need that annoying crap "70% battle activity" to get it. It basically means you gotta be in action nearly 24/7 to get it.
  5. M348 will not be modeled correctly if this tank is added. M348 is the "HEAT" round on the M46, If addded, It will likely be severely underperforming and won't add much to the vehicle aside from being a 210mm pen. HEAT round, however incorrect it is, as it is on the M46. So I'd say BR 5.7 as well, or 6.0
  6. How long does it take you guys to finish the tank event for WW2 Chronicles? It takes me 3-5 hours :I The 40 kills and 12 in one battle? Thats nothing. Half an hour of SB. It's the other 3 that are complete ****
  7. APCR had to be nerfed because people whined alot about it and it made APDS look bad
  8. It did penetrate, It was eaten by that crew member. It happens alot actually. a single crew member eats a shell regardless the size or power
  9. If it does this it isn't a penetrating hit, you just caused spalling when you failed to penetrate.
  10. APHE got nerfed, and rightfully so. The round type was far too good.
  11. Atleast its not as bad as the open beta when the Tiger 2 10,5cm had the post-pen explosive damage as the long 50mm )))))))))))))))))))))
  12. Probably, but then again whenever one puts a booster on as a 5.7 you get 6.7 :^)
  13. Yeah I always seem to flop whenever the booster goes on
  14. Really it is a mix of all statistics that judge how good, or bad, a pilot/tanker is.
  15. They're tracks. So I say yes remove them. Then its only 101.6mm of CHA which is tricky to penetrate, but under the right circumstances the long 88 and other guns could.
  16. Tanks/Vehicles

    This'd actually be pretty cool! +1 Imagine a Tiger 2H with the short 75mm XD
  17. I think that this is wrong, I have seen a lot more germans with Jagdtiger, Tiger 2 10.5cm, and Panther 2 in their lineup
  18. So in-game that translates to track blown off
  19. 6.3 would only be fair
  20. Hesh is one of those shells where being eaten by side armor/tracks is logical. HESH uses a directed explosion and relies on transferring energy to a point. If it hits tracks or side skirts it detonates having more room to lose or transfer energy to
  21. client update

    I wish you guys would go more in depth about how you improved it Programming is cool
  22. 240mm WHA*
  23. It's okay when absolute top tier and very few 6.7s, but otherwise it's garbage imo. It has to flank to do anything as the APCR and HEAT rounds are underperforming garbage. The M46 has basically no armor and has an awful gun. T29>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>M46
  24. They have pyro vision goggles on
  25. Centurion mk1, Churchill VII, and Comet are the only tanks worth bothering with at that BR range, and Churchill VII is only good at 4.7 top tier
  26. I believe they are aware but gaijin doesn't want to change the maus because either A: Too much work B: They think the maus is performing fine (muh statistics) and don't think it needs a buff
  27. Happens all too often.