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  1. Yes please, great idea. it is a zoo in the suggestions, I go through about 4 pages and I'm done. And with the CDK, I've stopped using it cos there's just not enough info. you have my support
  2. Equip flying boat/seaplane with tow rope. This suggestion is to equip seaplanes & flying boats with a tow rope, (like that for ground forces) giving them the ability to be towed by ships, boats and even other seaplanes. The roots for this suggestion are from history. Here are two examples. A damaged Sunderland flying boat put down in the Atlantic Ocean off the East African coast and was towed by HMS Auricula back to port in Freetown. A distance of about 350 miles, It took 74-hours in a heavy swell and violent electrical storm. They made it back safely. Sunderland's were maneuvered in harbour by fast boats commonly known as dinghy's (Pictured). With changing tides flying boats when moored to a buoy, weren't always facing the same direction they were left in. It would have been a lot quicker and cheaper to get a fast boat to tow her into position and also to lead them out to the take off area, as well as towing them back into port. Hopefully this small, but important detail will give a little more historic realism and allow teamwork between players, maybe awarding players points (but this should be a separate suggestion I know). It may also give the developers options for creating repair areas for both boats and flying boats in harbours. The tow rope like in ground forces might only be used in an emergency situation, but when it does it will be worth its weight in gold. I believe this is a worthy suggestion and hope it will be implemented in the near future. Many thanks Max