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  1. Did anyone do anything in WWII? that is the real question here
  2. Indeed, most aircraft will being flying much faster than it haha
  3. According to Smin1080p they feel that 4 crew is fine for the Chaffee, siting that the crew is 4 or 5 and they thinknthe 5th crewman "wont be doing much" or something along those lines
  4. Hes talking about the forum moderators...
  5. Right, look closely at the Gun on the IS-2, notice something? no? if the gun went any lower the gun mantlet would get stuck on the hull roof, its the design of the turret that stops the gun moving down any further, this is the case with most soviet turrets of the time.
  6. The ST-A's are missing about 7 inches from their turret rings and about 4 inches in hight, which doesnt sound huge but when you consider its domes and cuicles it means the turret is miss about 3 feets worth of space, so its completely plausible they the shermans turret is too small
  7. that might only be thd case with the in game model though, they might have the turrent modeled too small. The reasently released ST-A1/2 have turrets which are too small compaired to the real tank, if you look it up youll see that the real life sherman can infact depress its gun that much.
  8. Did you concider the idea that Gaijin have simply modeled how far the gun recoils wrong? because the people here can bring up sourses for almost anything, also the burden of proof is currently on you, find some historical documents saying the Sherman couldn't depress its gun that far and you might make progress.
  9. After playing more RB games with it I really do like it, yes its not as good as the Chi-to but Ive had the auto loader really save me (and screw me) a few times, being able to get 3 rounds out quickly a god send, specially with my apparant good luck with 1 shots so overall I wouldnt say its the worst tank ive played at 5.0
  10. To say they did nothing is quite the understatement, as people have shown they've done a considerable amount, unlike the boats we currently are getting..