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  1. Ingame at the current time neither bomb type can, due to AI ships having a very basic damage model and most potential player ships have no armour at all
  2. I'm 95% sure that is just the generic AI Destroyer based on Z31 Destroyer
  3. Yes but it shouldnt be much trouble, seeing as they are mostly T1s and 2s
  4. Interesting hypothesis, has the I-15 even changed that much in 3 years?
  5. Holy necro batman, going on 3 years here.
  6. aircraft

    If the game would let us I would haha but Im not really sure what to suggest to gain lions because Ive never really been short of them.
  7. aircraft

    No worries friend, I knew this because I got the F-30 on day one (before you could actually get matches with it due to the MM) and it cost a huge amount then due to the fact the kikka wasnt in yet and you could go straight from the J7W (which came in that patch too iirc.) But anywho while I do understand your frustrations it is imaginary currency after all and generally if you play t3 alot youll have so many SL you can buy every tech tree twice over (currently sitting at 155,000,000 personally)
  8. aircraft

    The Japanese sabre started at 2mill so Im not sure where the 990,000 has come from
  9. so here is a picture of the Guns mounted in the Do217. As you can see I believe it says these are at a 70 degree angle, so you where correct raptor in saying they where closer to 60 than 90 but Youd still have to be almost right under the bomber for these to be useful. Seeing as these where designed to combat night time bomberraids it makes sense though as the most common bomber at night was british bombers which obviously dont have belly gunners.
  10. After looking at some diagrams it arppears to be between 70-80 degrees, obviously I haven't looked in depth due to being on mobile but Ill find a more accurate awnser when I get home
  11. Oh christ, THIS again! Mods please allow this thread to rest in peace!
  12. The ones mounted on the Do 217 are mounted vertically or atleast close to it afaik
  13. You can use the keyboard to fly bombers while using the gunners, all you have to do is turn off the auto level in gunner view option and you have full control with the keyboard.