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  1. 1. You quite obviously didnt read my sources, the state that the first RECORDED weaponised use of blackpowder/gunpowder was the 9th centry, but it is well established the GP/BP was invented in the 7th centry. 2. True I may not have any certificates from universities but I do have 5 years of work experiences with engines and my A-levels in Car Mechanics and Engine maintenance, plus enough time and knowlage to do research. 3. I never said Bellows where used in engines, that would be silly, I said they had the same purpose which is to provide more oxygen to aid in combustion, both are air compressors when it comes down to it, so surely can compare them right? RIGHT?
  2. 1. Ive been saying that for 2 pages, well done for seeing te light. 2. Yes the are apples and oranges, but they have more in commen than a Jet engine and turbo ever will, Afterall the purpose of a Bellow is to feed more air into a fire, as a turbos purpose is to feed more air into the cylinders. 3. The only one making dishonest claims is you, ive got sourses to back up everything Ive said, you unfortunately do not. The sabre most likely would not help the british as they already have the Hunter and possibly Swift in the future while America does need a new top teir (max BR) jet I do not believe this one should be it, afterall its not an American Sabre.
  3. Gunpowder and blackpowder are exactly the same compound until you start talking about modern smokeless powder. By that logic Quadace, the jet engine was inpired by a simple pair of Bellows, afterall they are just an air compressor right? Riiight? Im not exactly helping but this thread is about as much fun as a bin fire
  4. There you go, finally seeing what ive been saying. The "compound" you keep refering to is blackpowder and so you kmow what they started calling blackpowder after the invention of the firearm? gunpowder. You are still wrong though about the Jet engine though, that has been proven several times seeing as they share nothing in common, not concept, not design and certainly not purpose. I would really like to know were you get this warped world view from
  5. J7

    its pretty late for me, I had it as 90 being conpletely vertical from the ground xD
  6. J7

    Do you have any evidence that is shouldnt be possible? yes you managed to hit maybe 100 but it stalled the elevators as soon as you hit it.
  7. Britsh TB 3 then? love it (the TB is my baby)
  8. Wew that looks like it flew straight out the 20's. what kind of flight performance are we looking at?
  9. How do you prepose these fireworks worked if they predate gunpowder? Magic? Ill give you the image I showed may not be the original document but a recreation from the original for display purposes. plus Ive already told you 2 source that both agree that Gunpowder/blackpowder where around long before fireworks.
  10. Care to prove my claims are false? Here our my sources; The Gunpowder Age: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History - Saltpeter: The Mother of Gunpowder Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, & Pyrotechnics: The History of the Explosive that Changed the World I really could go on forever with these. Also for good measure here is the first known written formula for blackpowder circa 1044 AD
  11. Gunpowder/blackpowder are the SAME thing when talking about it historically, the distinction wasnt made till the invention of dedicated fire arms. Due to sourse material not exsistimg anymore, weaponised uses of gunpowder started from AT LEAST 900 AD, but obviously could have been used before hand and the records have been lost to time add it was during the 1100s that the usage became widespread due to widespread trading. I have never claimed anything different so your point is irrelevant.
  12. You are correct, Im very direct and to the point which can be seen as condecending but misinformation is a major pet peeve of mine. I always visit the aircraft descussion because Im very passionate about aircraft and I visit your posts because on the rare occasion you do bring up good points such as the itTT F-84, that is a legitimate question to ask. I also do become condicending due as above, misinformation annoys me to no end (an example is that the stat cards show rudder turn time, that myth got perpetuated for years) and 9 times out of 10 a simple google search is enough to either completely crumble someones aregument. to me it boggles the mind that people dont do their own research before posting.
  13. "AD" or "anno domini," "the Year of Our Lord" is how we refer to time after Christ was supposedly crucified, or basically the last 2000 years. My talk refers to the first written description of something that sounds like Gunpowder but Thats not what you just said as I qoute; You stated right here that they invented Fireworks before gun powder. Gunpowder if you don't know is an incredibly broad term when it comes the the composition seeing as Gunpowder/Blackpowder had already been around for hundreds of years before the invention of the "gun". Tearing down poorly written articals with false claims and little evidence is not bullying, everyone gets the same treatment, you just happen to make most of these threads and alot of these claims Quadace, Its all because you do no research before hand and just take words at face value without concidering them.
  14. Yes, I do enjoy the quirky low teir planes
  15. This is very interesting, I suppose it would make a fun premium! or atleast a cool skin to add if a German Ju-86 is ever added.
  16. Heh, Yeah, either here or in the GF section, also check your PMs
  17. As above, a Quadace Thread. Its gotten to the point that I'm currentyl Developing Quadace bingo
  18. Ha! very cleverly done, I doubt he'd pick up on that also add this to the bingo sheet • Tangents so off topic its almost unbelievable (normally caused via poor anolagy)
  19. Unlike you Quadace I have done some research, even from my phone. Most sourse indicate the Firework was invented duing the 9th century (the Song Dynasty) while others say 7th, but most agree that Gunpowder discovered in the 7th century by a field cook of the people who mixed charcoal, sulpher and saltpeter (you know gunpowder) and found out it burned and then subsequently that it exploded when in a confined space but the effects of gunpowder have been descibed as early as 142AD. But that is completly beyond the point.
  20. Jesus even your anolgy is wrong. gunpowder was invented before the firework. weaponized uses where develeped fairly quickly after that, its obviously hard to pin down when because written texts dont exist anymore. The concept/idea for Jet power has arguably been around longer than the concept of a turbo charger, The first turbo charger wasnt even built till roughly 1915 so had no way to become widespread enough to have influenced Jet develpment The first Gas compressor was built in 1903, this by no means was a jet engine but it was a proof of concept, a whole 2 years before the patient for a turbo was filed. You are comparing 2 very different concepts and trying to make them the same.
  21. Dude, All a turbo does is be a fancy air compressor, it uses exauste fumes to compress and pump air back to the cylinders allowing them to burn more fuel with every stroke, A jet engines uses compressed air and fuel to produce thrust, working on a completely different set of ideas! The only thing they dhare in common is the fact they both use combustion, a simple googke search tells you that good god quadace. Edit; I did a quick check and not a single aircraft past the 1930s used rotary engines, unless you are talking a Radial engines, but then again a true mechanic would not get this messed up
  22. If what you are jabbering on about is true then you know without a doubt that Jet turbine engines are very very different to internal combustion engines, your own ignorance discredits your claims to be a mechanic and if in the slim chance you are a mechanic I cant imagine that any engine you fix stays running very long. Mitsubishi only assembled Sabres, nothing was changed from the american Sabre.
  23. Here I'll quote myself; I even bolded it for you so you can absolutely read it, we already have 5 Sabres spread across 3 nations, in THEORY every nation represented in game could have a sabre but could you imagine how boring that would be? if everyone had exactly the same planes? that would be boring as hell for me. There is your reason Quadace. And as you can see via the diagram there is almost no commen attachment to turbos as there is for Jet engines
  24. Ah yes Quadace's inability to use the English language in a readable manner : Check But as the post above says, you cannot turn a Diesel engine into a Jet engine... Edit; Thank You @SD501st To say i've been around the bush when it come to Memeace here is an understatement.
  25. Whew this thread is another Quadace Roller coaster, I think we've just about covered every topic now asking about a plane that doesn't really belong in any current tree (maybe British at a stretch) : Check Modern Vehicles : Check Tanks in the Aircraft forum : Check Quadace's fundamental misunderstanding of pretty much everything aircraft based : Check Anything I've missed? Anyway to actually respect the topic, No I dont think anyone should get it due to there already being 2 sabers in other TTs, 3 in the American TT and an F-84 in the ItTT, Variety is good and having relatively slimier (or strate up C/p) is not fun for me....Also how you'd turn a DIESEL engine into a Jet turbine is completely beyond me.
  26. They've only shown 2 vessles but there is technically a 3rd...its just a speed boat with the choice of A 13mm or 25mm cannon..T-14 I think? I dont remember the "reserve" test was very long ago..