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  1. I remeber quite a while ago (I think 1.35) they changed jet flammability to what it is now so AFAIK current fire mechanics for jets are intentional
  2. Aye, assuming Gaijin wants to, it felt like just getting the hunter was a struggle
  3. The only reason I can think that the Mk 8 is higher is the rockets it gets, other than that it might have a slightly better P/w than the Mk 4 SW but it is an 8.0 jet in every respect and its current BR is mostly just a hold over from when this was Britain's only top jet.
  4. Wargaming to my knowledge literally made up the O-Ni and O-Ho, so why on earth would we discuss them here? Also the Type 4/5 is too up in the air at them moment so unless Mai finds something definitive on it I wouldnt expect to see it any time soon.
  5. There is a whole thread dedicated to solving all these balance issues, If you where in the CBT i'd link you the thread, but it does cover pretty much everything you've raised here
  6. I think the main reason they have not been discussed much is because for all intents and purposes they would not be too much more powerful than sub chasers or corvettes which are most likely going to be implemented but the second reason is that Gaijin seem very determinant to push the Coast Guard on us regardless of the feedback given, People where not too fond of test weekend 2, which involved mostly Pt boats in a conquest game mode but people Really liked tests 3 - 4 which involved sub chasers in the convoy game mode, but with test 5 they went back to a mode like test 2 with mostly river boats/Pt boats again and that has not been received well at all, so its less there is no point talking about it when we are only talking to ourselves.
  7. Like.said above, its a nice idea but what would be the motivation to play them in say Air RB or AB for that fact? it would be pretty odd to research aircraft that ypu could only use in ground battles dont you think?
  8. N n n n necro thread! Kamikaze and also radio controlled bomb planes are not planned afaik
  9. From what I remember this plane was built but never actually moved, when they started up its engines they found the engines matched the structural resonance frequency and it was effectively shaking itself to bits so they decided to scrap it due to cost and there was no demand for it. edit; It infact had about 7 test flights before crashing.
  10. Sadly it feels they have already decided on the fate of real ships, the whole "testing will see" argument is as paper thin as their reason for not doing large ships in the first place. The Current BR's and maps are enough to make me even most disillusioned.