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  1. Like I said, its a Cesna in Fancy dress but lemmie quote you some numbers here; M8 API Ball contains 15 grains (0.97 g) of IM 11, 0 HE of any kind M20 API-T contains 27 grains (1.74 g) of IM 161 again 0 HE content M23 Incendiary contains 90 grains (5.83 g) of IM 28 and 0 HE The M211 Mod 0 API (which as far as I can tell was developed in the 1980s) contains 13.1 grains (0.85 g) of #136 and a whooping 13 grains (0.84 g) of HE Comp A-4 So unsurprisingly the 50. cal will never do as much damage as a 23mm cannon or any cannon until they are in the 6+ mounts and even then it has been proven by history that even only 4 20mm cannons will out perform even 8-10 12.7mm MGs, But that you've already been told 100 times
  2. Okay so you might have flown a REPLICA of a 190 which I can guarantee handles almost nothing like a WWII factory new plane, hell that plane you linked isnt even full sized, its only three forths the size and only has a 360hp engine, If that is anything to go by the thing you claim to have flown is not a Fw190 and is closer to a Cesna in fancy dress.
  3. OS2U

    From what I remember (this was like 2 years ago) The OS2U's were removed due to some serious bugs with ot but they seem to have fixed them and never returned it to the tree.
  4. Judging from the spread pattern in the video it looks more like the incendiary component is being spread out as the round shatters, seeing as it mostly flat against the plate, so while technically I suppose you could say that is an explosion its not quite the same as the contents causing the explosion like HE, its more akin to spalling with the filler being spread out.
  5. Given that I enjoy arguments with you, Ive done some research and guess what? for all of the .50 rounds modeled in game absolutely none of them contained explosive of any kind, the only round I was about to find for the M2/3 MG that contained any explosive was the M211 Mod 0. which as far as I can tell was only ever used in the Gulf war in 1991 and is based on a Norwegian design, so I doubt it was around for WWII dont confuse Incendiary filler for explosive filler, the former wont explode, the latter will. But as said by someone else, I very much doubt you've flow a FW190 F or WEP'd for 1000 miles.
  6. Now THAT was comedy gold, I cannot believe I forgot that wild ride.
  7. Depends how good your aim is, I personally would recommend air target on the any hispano armed plane.
  8. This is what happens when I reply to things at 2am haha, I thought you where talking about tank battles, but as othres have said, certain BR ranges are just more popular
  9. It seems to have gotten better in the list couple of micro patches..least I havent been loosing my wings so often
  10. Certain B.R's are just more populated than others, currently 1.3, 3.7, 5.0-6.0 and 7.0 are all "problem BR's" where you are pretty much guaranteed to get upteired due to the inbetween BR's being popular for one reason or another also check the other vehicles in your line up, one might be higher than you thought.
  11. ki-67 hiryu

    Afaik the second bomb wasnt attached to a bomb pylon, it was affixed more or less straight to the fuselage so it couldnt be dropped
  12. Isnt the "Reference" Option in the test flight window fully spaded? because afaik spaded aircraft should line up with the data sheets, this getting you a reference to pull from if you need to make bug reports?
  13. I forgot about the revinue share system! but I remember that, I think I have some tanks still painted all black
  14. As much fun as this is Id like to remind everyone this is a Quadace thread, the Op of such threads as "Why cant the F6F out turn a Zero" and such but while fuel does help cool engines at such high pressures and RPMs the difference would be negligible compared to the increased amount heat generated by combustion it is simple logic afterall.
  15. Well its dreadful to look at, Honestly thats prolly one of the worst Ive seen but anyhow, I do not believe a CS:GO type skin deal would work very well with WT because regardless of how well it achives it WT is trying to be authentic to how the real aircraft where in real life which does include how the aircraft look (The single exception being the thunder league skins, but that was a limited time 1 time thing) also youve got to think about whether it would fit thematically, CS:GO is a arcade areana shooter, WT is a WW2 light vehicle sim with arcade eliments, do unhistorical skins fit into that? not really so thats why I think the current user skins is the best compromise between people who like funky skins and people who want authenticity.
  16. Hmm must have skiped over that, still I doubt it was a commen occurrence and that is was acturally the whole wing, rather than the mid section or tip. Ill see If i can find you some, BoB footage is hard to come by due to not mounting Gun cameras till the middle of 1940 afaik This video seems to be BoB, I live in London so I just went down to my library and they keep alot of WWII footage for the local museums.
  17. After reading though that interview he seems to contradict himself, at one point he says that the 7.7s where not powerful enough at 150m then later he says that he cut wings off with them so I doubt his tellings are completely true, as are most pilots recounts also aftee watch more BoB era gun cam footage I saw 0 wing breaks due to machine gun fire.
  18. Could you recite some of those for us? I've heard of 20mm getting wing to rip off in maneuvers but I don't think I've ever read anything about 7.7's being able to sever wings, most account I've read say they where ineffective, even in with 10 MG's Edit, So I decided to watch some gun camera footage from spitfires and in the whole time I saw 2 wings get severed, 1 was at the mid point and was due to a fuel tank explosion and the second was the wing tip which got ripped off during a snap roll. So I very much doubt that "30cals" will cut wings off.
  19. For once Warpig I think I can agree with you on something, as a MA user it would absolutely make sense to loosen the instructors grip on the aircraft to allow for flatspins and snap rolls, to me that seems the most agreeable solution to the discrepancy between MA and JS
  20. If I remember correctly it is somewhere in the area of 3000000 RP or 67000 golden eagles to free RP it ( if you are only unlocking the planes not spading them)