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  1. Rockets are the problem. Bombs require some serious skill and they are limited to 3-4 useful bombs at max for a fighter. 16 rockets on a Sabre? Easier to aim, more guaranteed kills, same SP cost. Balance.
  2. Please whip out your Panther II and kill some IS-6 and report back in. Every potato can kill one with HESH or HEAT, no skill in that.
  3. Oh stop it man you're embarrassing yourself.
  4. So? If you've ever played a good game, you know that sometimes being able to change shell silently can be more important than a short reload.
  5. The clouds have been looking like that since Gaijooby changed them. They are all like 2D sprites that are bent around your point of view. They tried reducing it a while ago, but it never really helped. IMO the old clouds were way better.
  6. Personal attack, your argument has been rendered invalid by yourself. Besides, if there's one guy that posts actual sources to backup his claims, it's Choogle.
  7. Can you at least try to put some effort in your posts so other users can actually understand your point?
  8. Here we go again. "Few British tanks and HEAT-FS can kill IS-6, therefor it's balanced comrade))" That's not how it works. The majority of the tanks at 7.0 range don't get HESH or HEAT and are getting stomped by the IS-6.
  9. It means the gunner will approximate the range to the point at which your sight is aimed. You simply press the binded button for rangefinder while in scope view. It will appear in the upper right corner of your optic in scope view. The gunner's estimation works on any tank. Tank that have a rangefinder module equipped and researched, can rangefind at further distances with better precision. Tiger I didn't have such a rangefinder. The earliest rangefinders you'll find in the German tree are Panther F and Tiger II 10.5 cm I think. Target lock? Realistic doesn't have a lock, as it has no markers. I don't know, you can't lock targets in Realistic.
  10. The rangefinding option is on every tank. The gunner will manually determine the range. This only works up to 800 meters or so I believe with maxed crew. To do so, bind rangefinding in the controls. Several tanks have a rangefinder module/modification which allows them to use the rangefinding at bigger distances, up to 2000m if I'm not mistaken. There actually is a way to adjust the sight. It can be bound under the controls. I believe default is set to page up and page down, but I'm not sure about that.
  11. Not really, it will be an event vehicle. God knows for what event though.
  12. You're seriously the first person I've ever seen complaining about having optional APHE.
  13. I'd say the IT-1, T-55 and T-10 are quite decent.
  14. Whatever you call legendary. In reality it was nothing more than a ditched project. Otherwise just add the Objekt 279, because it was "legendary".
  15. Hey, Currently the sights of the T-55A are bugged. The X-axis isn't properly aligned with the aiming cursor. Also, when driving close towards an object, the sight starts to show parallax and also deviates from the Y-axis. This all happens in the non-SB optic mode, which is where it shouldn't happen. Sight in resting mode. Notice how the X-axis is in the top of the cursor. Close to an object. Notice how the sight completely deviates from the cursor. DxDiag.txt 2017_06_19_19_28_46__388.clog
  16. That's strange. AFAIK the Cougar is the only plane in game that automatically rips when rolling.
  17. The IS-7 doesn't have a place in this game. If any, it will be a tournament reward at BR 8.0. It won't be OP at all there, since most ATGMs and some tanks can pen it quite easily. It has no place in the main tree, that's for sure. It will end up just like the IS-4, long forgotten.
  18. I'm not gonna wait 3 days until my preferred sim lineup shows up. Sim is fun but not good for grinding if you plan to use one tank.
  19. Type 59 is a T-55 clone, unless you count the improvements as a unique thing.
  20. I made some screenshots, highlighting the Type 62 alongside a T54-1951
  21. 1.69

    Q. Any news about the T-55? A. We plan to introduce the vehicle, we are working on it. So it's finally happening. I can't wait to club the living hell out of Leopards with this thing. Improved traverse, stabilization, more powerful engine, bore evacuator. The only con of it is the depression, as with all Russki stuff. Thoughts?