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  1. Just as an update.... Bovington Tank Museum seem to be very busy and I'm unable to get any information until at least the summer, so that's on hold for now. I've found no further information on the SS.11 so feel unable to submit as a overall ATGM bug report. If anyone else feels like continuing this thread then please feel free. To be honest my personal views are now why bother, so many things in game are obviously wrong (Japanese SPAAG having composite armour, Avro Lincoln incorrect bomb loads, HESH pen. values etc. etc.) and these are just with the recent update. It seems to me that historical accuracy is no longer a requirement for vehicles as it's now mostly about balance, whatever that means (i main British and they're horrifically unbalanced compared to almost all other nations at almost all tiers).
  2. I was wondering if anyone is able to help out with an issue I'd eventually like to submit a bug report for. Basically it's the arming distance (not control distance) for ATGM missiles. Below is a link for a thread I started last year. As far as I'm aware all information is correct (in the attached post) for the British and German ATGM's in game, however I need help with the Russian IT-1's 3M7 Drakon missile and the American M551's MGM-51 Shillelagh missile. I can find next to nothing (which will be accepted as a legitimate source) for these damn things. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. So far these are the minimum distances (meters) I have sources for and I'm confident in: FV438 Swingfire {Swingfire} : 150 RakJPZ 1 {SS.11} & Centurion Strv .81 {Robot 52}: 500 RakJPZ 2 {HOT}: 75 Revised from input from this thread, sources still pending: IT-1 {3M7 Drakon} : 100? And not so confident in: M551 Sheridan {MGM-51 Shillelagh} : 60?