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  1. The only problem the 262A-1a has is when it gets uptiered to 8.0 which rarely hapens. You should play jets like jets, not like props.
  2. I have not been able to replicate this issue, however it is not the first time I have had it. I have also tried it a couple of times on the first KV-1 however that was quite a long time ago. I cannot provide the server replay as it has only recorded two of the battles I have had today, despite me having played a total of 17 battles today, the last of which was when this bug happened. -Regards DxDiag.txt
  3. Do 317A can carry 4000kg. Do 317B can carry 9200kg. He 177 can carry 3800kg (same as B17G and B24) He 274 can carry 4000kg He 277 could carry 5600kg Ju 290 could carry 3800kg Ju 390 could carry 6200kg Ju 488 could carry 5000kg Me 264 could carry 13.200kg please explain how they are NOT heavy bombers? Honestly, it would be awesome if you would do some research before just agreeing to something that is hated by the majority of the community. No? It will be utterly annoying to have to protect AMERICAN bombers when flying GERMAN planes that were meant to shoot them down. Honestly if they add a german B17 or B24, im just gonna shoot them down as soon as I see them. If you want to fly German planes and have B17's on your team, play arcade. Also, the Japanese B17 isn't actually that rare. I play a lot on the BR and I see it quite often, equally annoying every time. Especially when going up against the Japanese B17 when flying something like the American P-51. Also the Do 217 has a higher top speed, dive bombing capabilietes, and a higher bombload than the B17G and B24. And the Arado is a lot faster and has a much higher chance of actually getting to dropping its bombs before being shot down, not to mention that the Arado C3 can fight back as a heavy fighter.
  4. I was playing a match in my stock Panther II, and I had my turret ring taken out. Afterwards I noticed how my shots were not going where my gun was aiming, as shown in this video. In the replay, the crosshair is shown as being further offset to the left, however not enough to show exactly where the round was going. The bug continued throughout the match, and in the end got me killed because I could not shoot a Russian Su-something. Also what is more strange is that in the replay, the round travels exactly where it was shown that it would, even making the small hole effect in the Centurions turret as shown here: Replay and CLOG can be found bellow. -Regards! 2017_06_27_18_30_53__13428.clog #2017.06.27 20.13.35.wrpl
  5. a Tiger 2 with a 200mm mantlet? yes please!
  6. A completely flat 80mm armor plate is just a death sentence. The small panzer Ive heard is quite useful however difficult, but could be very fun to take out at higher tiers. And the Tiger II.. I mean yeah its a Tiger II, which is very good but with the HEATFS shells being used now at lower and lower tiers, its armor will be less and less useful.
  7. The Die Hard bundle contains: Panzerkampfwage II Ausf. H Nibelungenwerke Panzer IV/70 (A) Tiger II Sla.16 4000 GE 3 weeks of premium "Die Hard" title 510th Heavy Panzer Battalion Insignia All for just 36,49€ which is VERY cheap! That's less than the original price for the Tiger II Sla.16 bundle. However I would love to hear some thoughts on the different vehicles, so if any of you own then, please leave your impressions bellow!
  8. but.. the French tech tree is confirmed?..
  9. Do 19 Do 317 FW 400 He 177 He 274 He 277 Ju 89 Ju 290 Ju 390 Ju 488 Me 264 They have plenty of stuff to add, a reskined B17 will add NOTHING to the game except being utterly annoying and hated by the majority of the playerbase.
  10. Dont count on it. I really wanted one too however the way they chose to implement it (The tournament) was just awful. And if they do it again, I wont participate.
  11. teamkilling

    I dont mind an auto kick / ban feature, but team damage in ground forces RB should come back. And team damage / killing in general should not be removed for one simple reason.. Sometimes the guy deserves it, and there are too many ways to screw over your team while they cant do anything about it.
  12. Does not change anything else about the tank. In my opinion it should never have gotten its heatfs and it should've stayed at 5.7. But then again, in my opinion HEATFS should be removed from the game.
  13. While I do hate the fact that it along with the Ru 251 has HEATFS at such a low battlerating, the Type 62 is NOT a 7.7 tank. No stabilizer, low velocity gun compared to its counterparts, horrific turret traverse and as you said yourself, no armor.
  14. By the time you would have completed two of the other tasks, you would more than likely have gathered the 20k total needed to complete this one Also, go for captures? They give good points, and help towards the other tasks.
  15. Please note: These are purely my thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to post your own in the comments and I might add them to the list So far we've had 4 ww2 Chronicles Events, and each time there has been a lot of complaints about the difficulty and grindyness of the tasks. Since summer is now here, we might soon see another Chronicles Event with 4 sexy new vehicles up for grabs, But before that, I thought I would give my thoughts on how to improve the tasks. Making them less grindy, but still not too easy. Previous Chronicles: Previous tasks (for the most recent chronicle) and my thoughts: Improvements for current tasks: My Own Suggestions For Alternate Tasks: Beautifully made illustration:
  16. Soviet tanks often had gaps in the armor. This is also the reason why Molotov Cocktails were so effective against then. If some burning fuel gets into the engine or into the crew cabin, its a very bad day for that tank. But in the game it would be more or less useless
  17. P.108A still hasn't recieved its torpedoes?... No?..
  18. Thats still 4 too many. And there shouldn't be a german tempest or a US FW and BF 109. And no Germany does not need the same treatment. adding another thing that is hated to the game DOES NOT MAKE IT GOOD.
  19. bombs

    I really want them to add the proper big german bombs -.-
  20. Can someone link me to where the French tech tree was confirmed? That is all i need Thanks in advance! -Regards
  21. Considering this was made to be an anti-ship aircraft, and it's armed with an anti-ship gun, is it even capable of damaging large vessels like Cargo ships, Destroyers and beyond? I doubt it is, but since I dont have access to the Italian Tech Tree, I cant test it myself :/
  22. Junkers Ju 488           The Junkers Ju 488 was Germany's last real attempt to create a four-engined, long range bomber. In early 1944, Junkers design department at Dessau made a proposal to simply and quickly produce a heavy bomber, using a minimum of new building jigs or parts. Basically, the Ju 488 was to be constructed out of existing Junkers aircraft. The Ju 388K was to supply the pressurized crew cabin, the Ju 188E supplied the rear fuselage, the ventral pannier was to come from the Ju 88A-15 and Ju 388K series, outer wing sections from the Ju 388K and finally the entire twin fin tail section from the Ju 288C. Added to this collection was a new center fuselage section and a parallel wing center section, to carry the four engines.            The Ju 488 V401 and V402 was to be entirely of metal construction, with the exception of the ventral pannier, which was constructed of wood. The fuselage had an internal bomb bay and five fuel tanks located behind the fuselage and above the bomb bay. The mid-fuselage mounted wing was tapered on the outer wing panels and featured a two spar, all metal construction, with a total of eight fuel tanks within the wing. Four BMW 801TJ 14 cylinder radial engines (driving four bladed propellers) were mounted in individual nacelles, with each nacelle containing a single main landing gear leg, which retracted to the rear. One interesting design workaround was that the outer engines had to be mounted lower on the wing, because the wing dihedral would have left the landing gear a little short from reaching the ground. No defensive armament was to be fitted to either the V401 or V402.            Proceeding in parallel with the first two 488 prototypes' construction,  a new, larger aircraft was being designed. This was to be the production model (Ju 488A), and four prototypes (V403-406) were ordered. This new version deleted the wooden ventral pannier and the wing was moved further to the rear. The BMW 801TJs were to be replaced by four Jumo 222A-3 or B-3 liquid cooled 24 cylinder four row radial engines. Perhaps the biggest change was the lengthened fuselage, which was to use a welded steel tube construction with a sheet metal covering towards the front portion of the aircraft, and a fabric covering for the rear. An extra fuel tank (six total) could now be carried within the fuselage, for a maximum total of 15066 liters (3980 gallons). Defensive armament consisted of a remote controlled tail barbette with two MG 131 13 mm machine guns and a single remote controlled dorsal turret with two MG 151 20 mm cannon, both controlled from the pressurized cockpit via a periscope.            Work was begun on the Junkers Ju 488 V401 and V402 prototypes in the former Latécoère factory at Toulouse in early 1944. The plan was for the fuselage and the new wing center section to be built in Toulouse, all other components would come from the Junkers Dessau and Bernburg factories. It was hoped to have the Ju 488 in operational service by mid-1945. Construction was well advanced when the decision was made in July of 1944 to move the existing work done to date to Bernburg by train, due to the rapidly advancing Allied invasion forces. On the night of July 16-17, resistance fighters led by M. Elissalde, a mechanic at the Latécoère plant, succeeded in destroying the Ju 488 V401 fuselage and center wing section to the extent they could not be salvaged. After the last of the German forces evacuated the city in late August 1944, the V402 forward fuselage section was found covered and abandoned on a railway siding. No record seems to exist as to the final disposition of this last remaining Ju 488 piece. The entire Ju 488 program was discontinued in November 1944, when it was realized that a new large bomber aircraft was not needed at this stage in the war. An attempt was made to offer the Ju 488 design to the Japanese, but they were not interested.   General characteristics Crew: 3 Length: 23.25 m (76 ft 3 in) Wingspan: 31.29 m (102 ft 7¾ in) Height: 6.10 m (20 ft 0 in) Wing area: 88.0 m² (947.22 ft²) Empty weight: 21,000 kg (46,297 lb) Max. takeoff weight: 36,000 kg (79,366 lb) Powerplant: 4 × Junkers Jumo 222A-3/B-3 (two of each type) 24-cylinder liquid cooled engine, 1,864 kW (2,500 hp) (take-off power) each Performance Maximum speed: 690 km/h (373 knots, 429 mph) at 7,200 m (23,620 ft) Cruise speed: 487 km/h (263 knots, 303 mph) Range: 3,395 km (1,835 nmi, 2,110 miles) Service ceiling: 11,350 m (37,240 ft) Rate of climb: 551 m/min (1,810 ft/min) Armament Guns: 2 × 20 mm MG 151 cannons in Fernbedienbare Drehlafette FDL 151Z remotely operated dorsal turret, and 2 × 13 mm (.51 in) MG 131 machine guns in Hecklafette HDL 131Z remote tail turret Bombs: up to 5,000 kg (11,023 lb) of disposable stores in internal bay   Personly I think the Ju 488 would br a good adition to the game and also it matches what people are asking for in a german 4 engine heavy bomber. While two prototypes were built, non ever flew due to resistance forces sabotaging the construction, however there were extensive testing on the plane and it fits better than most other german 4 engine prototype planes.   -Regards!   *IMPORTANT* I personly am not sure of the difference between the V401 and V402. I found some sources claiming the difference was its defenses and others saying it was simply to identify the two prototypes from each other. If you have any sources, please post them in the comments.