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  1. Just happened again but with the "10 victories with 70% or more activity" However on this one Im pretty sure i've only gotten 9 victories since it was at 8 before i started the battle. Not sure what is going on but it seems to be able to affect all the tasks. I'll go try to win another battle and see if that helps. -Regards! EDIT: I got another victory and it registrered it now. Got myself the beautiful STG 44
  2. I looked the replay over again and noticed this. I landed to get ammo and a new bomb after taking out 3 enemis, maybe that reset it? However I took out another Yak-1 straight after taking off whereafter I crashed due to ping spike. I managed to take out another plane and bomb a tank before the match ended. #2017.04.16 13.45.53.wrpl
  3. I jumped in a combined battles RB event and started playing my Bf 109F-2. During the match I managed to kill 5 enemy planes and 1 enemy T-28. However after the battle when I looked at my progression I noticed that while it had registered the kills on the "Destroy 30 player-controlled vehicles" task, it hadn't registered them on the "Destroy 10 player-controlled vehicles in 1 battle" which is quite odd since I destroyed 6 total and there is a x4 on the last task for RB. I don't know what caused this. If it means destroy 10 of them without dying, then first of all, its really badly written, and second of all, I destroyed 4 enemy planes in my first flight out. So that doesn't really make much sense considering the x4 RB. 2017_04_16_13_09_55__7680.clog
  4. erhmm a surprisingly speedy heavy tank with a good gun, sabot round and full stabilizer?... come on
  5. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yup. Most of the people here are just saying "NO SOURCES! NO SOURCES" despite there being a list of sources on the first damn page -.-
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    All the calculations were made, it was cancelled before reaching mock-up stage however because it was projected that the time to contruct would be too long. So they decided to cancel this project and work on the Fw 183
  7. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I still want this.. Seriously would be a very fun plane!
  8. Tanks/Vehicles

    ...still waiting