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  1. This is just a list of planes I think would make great additions to the upcoming Italian Tech Tree. The list will include pictures & specifications and a link to where you can read more about the specific aircraft. Also, unless mentioned otherwise, all of these aircrafts were built. Enjoy! Fighters: Ground Attackers, Heavy Fighters & Dive Bombers. Bombers
  2. I want this as well as the Yak-3R
  3. Because who would ever want that But it would be a very nice high caliber SPAA.
  4. I still vote yes to this plane! I really want it!
  5. Japanese ferdinant? Yes please!
  6. That you dont need to shoot the rocket down the barrel of a T-54 to kill it. Besides the Katyusha was made to be a special event vehicle, it was never meant to be good directly against tanks, both ingame and IRL. Besides its quite easy to get kills if you play it smart.
  7. I killed a T-54 with a single rocket... :/
  8. In Arcade it doesn't really matter much but it does in SB and RB. If I'm flying my P-51D mustang out against the germans, I do not want to fight another P-51D mustang! If I wanted that I would fly arcade. It should be different nations flying different aircrafts, and NOT everyone flying the same planes with different skins.
  9. This is not a complete papertank! The gun existed and had the war continued the Coelian would have been modified to equip these guns! Why add this? Simple. It's a much better top tier SPAA for Germany than the Coelian. Also it's the perfect counter for the ZSU-57. Along with the fact that its as much a papertank as the Coelian, I see no reason for it to not be added. (yes information on the guns could be harder to get, but still possible) History: Pictures: Specifications: Sources: AMMO - AND 55mm Gerät 58 VS ZSU-57 LET ME BE VERY CLEAR! The 55mm gun that was to be mounted only had a few prototypes made but it was tested as far as I can see. What this suggestion is for those who want it simply, its a normal Coelian with 2x 55mm guns instead of 37mm guns. You are very welcome to post additional sources bellow however I thought, as the guns had been made, the chasis had been made, the plans were there and we already have the Coelian in the game... Would be a perfect top tier SPAA for Germany untill they recieve their Gepard. -Regards!