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  1. Pretty much this. My suggestion for a Fi.103 loadout for certain He111 variants was documented years ago and not implemented.
  2. Can only beat powercreep with more powercreep, amirite?
  3. Put this quote I took from the wikipedia article into google translate:
  4. German wikipedia and a german book in the source for the 44mm at 1000m
  5. Smaller shells lose velocity faster, which means if it pens 44mm at 1000m, it must pen vastly more at low distances and the 20mm cannon there uses APDS and not a solid slug. Actually, that 20mm APDS does pen better than the GAU-8 30mm DU round. GAU: 38mm at 1000m 20mm: 44mm at 1000m
  6. It's APDS can penetrate 44mm at 1000m. I am unable to calculate that down but when I look at other autocannons, it's probably over 100mm and thus extremely deadly from sides.
  7. Fast, very small silhouette, 6 TOWs. Think of it as of a RU 251 that will sneak up close to you in the first few seconds of the game and put a rocket in your tank when you just left the spawn.
  8. Hardly a "tank" though.
  9. M18's zipping around give them Tigers real pain
  10. Quite fine. Can't say I find them particularly worse than what they face. Most important thing in tank combat for me is first shot and as long as my first shot can pen my enemy, I dont mind the tank I drive.
  11. 168mm when taking into account it still has the "bad armor" modifier.
  12. Yeh, but I am not the one asking for a change
  13. I think you may have missed the point where he said his enemy was 1700m away. I would to see you pinpoint hit modules at 1700m distance, especially when the target is not directly facing you and the modules thus dont line up perfectly behind each other.
  14. F.e. I find night battles very much more entertaining than perfect weather 24/7 or sun rays burning my eyes.
  15. Really? How common are they anyways? One in hundred? One in 200? I can count the amount of RB ground forces night battles I had on one hand.
  16. Gotta wait until they made enough shekels from it before that happens.
  17. After all I've seen and what managed to sneak it's way on or close to that BR, I am not that sure anymore... or if it would even matter.
  18. M8, M10, M18, M36 Light chassis, powerful gun. All of them are in line with the US WW2 Tank Destroyer Doctrine. So it is a Tank Destroyer and doesnt get Artillery but lower SP requirements.
  19. At least the Maus has it's turret as a reliable weakspot with no optics to soak all the damage.
  20. You sure you dont mean SB? In SB gun optics are offset to the side of the gun which makes your shots go to the side when firing at close ranges while in RB they are in the gun itself.
  21. I met two T-29's recently. Both died to first penetration through their LFP by the long 88mm.
  22. So what do I get when I kill a Tiger I crew with a 17pounder non-APDS shot?
  23. The funny thing is, I went into those events as Allies or as StuG or Panzer IV. It was great fun the last time, and more often the germans lost.
  24. No. Just no. This is absolutely not what this thread is about, I am afraid. There were WW2 scenario events and those werent bad or one-sided.
  25. Sry, I already put enough money into the game and didnt get enough development in the right direction. By enough I mean quadruple or more worth of a year of premium account which I had for a year.
  26. My experience too. My cats are more afraid of British APDS than US heavies.
  27. Somehow the non-premium user has to boost his pathetically low RP income.
  28. Not that I agree with his conclusion, but he is saying british "tanks" not players are weaking allied teams.
  29. Sdkfz.234
  30. So I wasnt that bad without looking at any numbers.
  31. I'd say even though getting used to Solid Shots may be a struggle at first, it is still far more fun than grinding T4 or higher. You can still start Japan if you dont want to leave APHE right now.
  32. Historical accuracy would be something like 3 M4A2's and a M10 vs 1 Panzer IV H and 1 StuG III G.
  33. Let me try: "Oh, Gaijin will never raise RP gain in Ground Forces to sensible levels that dont make me want to skin my face with the nails of my fingers." "Oh, Gaijin will never get a matchmaking system that doesnt create pockets of screwed gameplay." "Oh, Gaijin will never make maps bigger, less funneling and more interesting and add a better gameplay than Deathmatch-King-of-the-Hill." ... ... ... Did it work?
  34. It also wasnt significantly better because it wasnt significantly better. The blast pattern is too awkward, the explosive filler usually too low to do great harm by chemical energy but the filler improves spalling effect by blasting the weaker parts of the shell.
  35. Solid Shot =/= Solid Shot AP, APC, APBC, APCBC, APCR, APDS and APFSDS are all solid shots but very different. Count in that low calibre solid shot works way different than higher calibres and it gets even more differentiated.
  36. Taking off and landing for me arent even the worse things in SB. I have much more problems not flat-spinning or finding enemies and making meaningful aerial combat instead of merely trying to follow my enemy. Am probably too lazy to learn it properly (yet).
  37. There was that guy that offered to test WT on his laptop with weaker specs. Did you contact him?
  38. Ok, let's set the stage: My vehicle: must use 17pounder. Does ammo choice matter, or any ammo except APDS? Target: a Tiger I; variant E or H doesnt matter? And it must be a OHKO against crew, not ammorack or fuel tank? and when I do it you give me a million what? dollar, euro, yen or GE? Btw, I never said the 17pdr specifically can OHKO a Tiger by killing it's crew, but was more thinking about my Archer here and how often my 6.7 tanks got OHKOed by APDS. But when I am offered a million something for it, I might be willing to try
  39. Just realized 1st of April is in only a weeks time, so I guess "Ratte -> Goddamit!" means "goddamit, he beat us to our april fool! now how do we surprise this guy anymore?".
  40. Except for the question about the Italian and French tech tree, that Q&A was a big waste of bits and bytes. What about questions about actual game issues?
  41. I wasnt making an actual case for the T-34-100, you know. That was hyperbole... But I have? I was uptiered from 6.7 or 7.0 up to 8.0. Did it suck? Yes. Should the Tiger II H I used and was uptiered with be lowered to 6.3? Definetly not. Blame the BR system, and dont try to get vehicles unjustly down/up.
  42. I read it. The T-34-100 being a medium tank means quite a lot: 1.It has the T-34's mobility. Accelerates, turns, climbs well. Handling is good. It's no race car but rather compact and nimble. 2.Gun that rivals heavy tanks. That's insane. If you fire at the UFP of a Tiger II (without APDS/HEATFS), you have issues. T-29 has the LFP to aim for. Also it's not like the T-34-100 doesnt has the mobility go for sideshots. The mobility gap between the two heavies and the T-34-100 isnt small, it is considerable. Look at the Panther II: Irrelevant armor, similar gun perfomance, better mobility, but bigger and less sneaky, so it is on 7.0 For all of it's similarity to the Panther II, the T-34-100 could be 7.0
  43. What makes you think two heavy tanks are the counterparts to a medium tank?
  44. In fact, the patch also changed that randomly aimed solid shots that hit a hullbreak vehicle almost anywhere kills it.
  45. Then matchmaking has to be used as a fix for that gap which leads back to the third point in my list.
  46. These areas create a either-screw-or-get-screwed (top dog or underdog of BR in that match) situation and should be eliminated in any nation (or BR system reworked, alternatives created). Only if you don't include copy-pasta tanks (which I would not support) or blueprint/prototypes. My personal favorites would be a Panzer IV with sloped front or the VK 3002. Given that we already got all kinds of this already ingame, or some tanks whose prototypes were questionable too, I dont see what more harm could be done with these. Please forgive me my lack of knowledge in regards to what US vehicle could be added for the BRs in question. A start may be to fix the Jumbo hull. F.e. when the Jumbo was (almost) impervious to the Tiger I from the front, you would not find me among those that cried. A shell in the MG port put the elefant down.
  47. Obv not. But what about a "WW2 Event"-Mode in that tab? BRs for that mode would be orientated on time (and performance to some degree: a 1944 Hetzer isnt the same level as a KT H) and teams may have more or less teammembers depending on the strength of the chosen tanks. I think this is what the OP is suggesting. Making the time-based events a permanent mode in the "To Battle tab".
  48. I'm wondering whether this may have to do with the Event tab being that separate instead of regular "Pick mode, queue up" that is available via the drop down menu in the top mid of the screen.
  49. You could simply have added your valid concerns of a lack of vehicles with that BRs performance for USA (and to some degree GER too: there virtually are only Tiger Is and Panthers at 5.7, 6.0; a proper german 5.0 or 5.3 battle tank could really help alleviate pressure from the cat-ladden BRs) without focusing that my main nation is Germany. No worries, I played US and RUS up to that BR too and my experience is not different. Regardless of nation, these BRs are not enjoyable for me for the exact same reasons.
  50. How do you measure what "trying" is? A reserve tank in the lineup to j-out in order to get out of the match without crew lock virtually costs no SL.
  51. For me, BR Ground Forces +5.7 is simply ****ed. My personal reasons for that are threefold: - maps. Air Battles at least get different map sizes for very low BRs and medium-high BRs. Tanks fight on basically the same cardboard box maps regardless of BRs (except SB) - economy. grinding without putting actual money into the game is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in any f2p or otherwise grind based game. - BR compression. aka tanks with years difference in tank design evolution fighting each other with the "capability" of taking each other out (under specific circumstances etc.) I still play it once in a while, especially when interesting vehicles such as the Sturmpanzer II are released, but the hype and almost childish fun I once had is washed out.
  52. How do you stop ppl from spawning, then J-ing out or simply driving into enemy firing line thus avoiding the crew lock? Takes only 3-30s longer + repair to avoid 6 min crew lock. Ppl may even put a small, fast and cheap tank in the lineup especially for that.
  53. Just wondering: Can WT CK create maps? never seen or used it, only heard from it. If yes, why not open a contest for new maps?
  54. The Mk. IX is one of the best and easiest to fly planes for it's BR.
  55. I assume high calibre HE below the IS-6 to hit the soft belly armor.
  56. A screenshot or replay of the killcam would probably be very helpful.
  57. IS-6 turret front is 200mm. However, it has 2 tiny stripes of 167mm turret cheecks.
  58. Grinding RP and SL in RB planes takes 0 effort. 0, null, nada, zero, niente. Just grab any plane, fly at sealevel, bust some AI ground targets until you get shot down and you easily make twice the gain than an average/good RB Tank game grants. I know because that's how I grind my planes lately. With bombers it's rather similar: Spawn, fly to far direction of the map, aim for a base, drop, RTB or die, rinse and repeat. 0 effort, 0 brain involved, I dont even need to make input most of the time because the plane keeps itself up. For me, it is the other way around. Not being able to grind at a sensible rate despite good match outcomes at higher tiers has disaffected me from having that much fun as I used to. It doesnt feel like good gameplay is rewarded properly. Money input (premium, talisman) and braindead gameplay (cap rush, taking hits, aforementioned Air AI groundpounding) is rewarded equal or higher with much less effort.
  59. The side of the IS-3 is not sloped regularly but inverted. The outer side is only a few mm and mockup of a slope. Try to hit the lower sides instead of the upper sides.
  60. There were quite a lot of forward V2 launching sites/bunkers on the west front (with parts or even complete V2's). Also KZ Mittelbau-Dora, which was a major site of production for V2s and V1s was captured by the US army.
  61. I was in a SU-85M so make a guess Anways, the shot would have 100% disabled him (at least) regardless of ammo as would have went through frontal ammo storage, gunner, commander + engine.
  62. Met my first Ru 251 ingame on RB Domination Sinai (or "the forsaken map"). He was capturing mid B point then moving further to our spawn. I came around a rock and put a round right into the midst of him. Not much else to say. German/japan team got stomped by us Allies. Didnt even die in that match.
  63. Now you sound exactly like the common KT H driver the allies so like to mock.
  64. panfilovs

    Wonder why noone recalls the movie "Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz" or "Cross of Iron".
  65. Easy when the russians have an obsession with tanks whose interior space can only accomodate midget crews...
  66. Oh yes, we can. Put all HEATFS including the RU-251 to their proper BR places that is 7.3+
  67. Sry, I lost track of it too.
  68. That's why it is time to support the APHE rework thread. Especially low-medium calibre APHE seems to be overperforming. In all of my games in British Aircraft at that BR, I have been shot down: 80% enemy planes 10% game ended and I was still in a plane 5% I crashed on attack run 5% killed by SPAA So either the german SPAA aint that foolproof or I did pilot my aircraft better. Or this is merely anecdotal, but anyways, this is my experience so I can only tell from that. I'm far beyond that BR in my german vehicles, and beyond that BR in my US and RUS vehicles too. UK I am currently in it and not making negative SL and most of the time top 5 of my team after all the lemming dived off the cliff.
  69. Take it out of your lineup until you have some of these tanks too: - Panther D - Jagdpanzer IV L/70 - Dicker Max - Nashorn The Tiger I H gets uptiered too often to be able to fight it out with the Panzer IV's as secondary vehicles as you used to in the past. Also do never ever rely on your armor because with the ammo choices of the allies and their years of experience fighting the Tigers, they will be able to pen you most of the time. You can still increase survivability by angling your tank, but dont rely on it.
  70. Third person view cannot be bought with GE though.
  71. British large calibre solid shots can OHKO enemies just fine (as I have been OHKOed in a Jagdpanther and Panther respectively by APDS from the front killing my entire crew with shrapnel) That's more of an issue in low tiers and with low calibre guns.
  72. Yeh, the British low calibres have serious troubles against the russian armor. Good thing matches are mostly US/RUS/UK vs GER/japan
  73. Here is the problem. Player input can eliminate the luck part. Just aim well.
  74. Can't say I felt that way when I played that BR. The Cromwell V may be the best, but the guns of the other British vehicles are the same or have very similar performance, which imo is the most important feature for a backup vehicle. Crusader III is a beast, Valentine IX and XI are decent (thought you mustnt ever rely on their armor in my experience) and the 3-Inch Gun Carrier has it's place too.
  75. Sry, then. I've seen too much bashing and blaming world crisis' on german SPAA recently.
  76. All fine until: Wat. So you established that the Allies misplay to rack up SP, misplay by hopping into groundpounder which they then fail to use (whoever gets shot down by AA in a fighter-bomber simply deserves it), leave their team in a number disadvantage and your conclusion is that the german AA line is to blame instead of the potatoehead allied players?
  77. Average combat readiness of Panzer IV, V and VI ranged from 60-70% over the war.
  78. T29, RU-251, IS-6... Gaijin is making some smart economic decisions. Now release premium KT H for every nation and they will drown in shekels.
  79. Same thing could be said about the Tiger II owners, only that they usually didnt pay real money on them.
  80. I dont own the IS-6. Now what?
  81. Indeed. Your point was that it should not take skill to drive german 6.7, which I cannot support.
  82. If he is moving towards you, the shot isnt that difficult and he cant shoot you. If he is moving parallel, away or in any angle to you, you can pen his sides or angled front.
  83. Yes.
  84. IS-6 looks like it has a small area with "only" 160-210mm at the turret front next to the gun mantlet. When aiming for the 160mm, a Panther KwK 42 should be able to pen that with the default PzGr.39 up to ~500m and the PzGr.40/42 can even pen the 210mm from very short ranges. I'm fairly sure a penetration with PzGr.39 kills the entire turret crew and disables gun breech, while PzGr.40/42 kills gun breech, gunner and commander. KwK 43 PzGr.39 simply pens that spot without hassle. In theory the KwK 43 should be able to pen the UFP at the lower part right above the LFP with the PzGr.39/43, especially with a KT as they are taller and diminish effect of sloping slightly.
  85. Can only agree. Ppl say German 6-6.7 tiger drivers are braindead, but british/allied 3.3-4.0 teams are even worse.
  86. It is merely the continutation of Gaijins finance policy: 1.Release OP vehicle as premium, be it from stats or BR 2.Let owners of it enjoy a sensible time of clubbing and feeling of 420 noscope headshotting all the "VEHICLE XXX OP!!!!" threads burn the community and create wishes for revenge which will fuel purchases of the next premium OP vehicle 4.nerf/uptier premium vehicle into a position where it is actually balanced 5.prepare release of the revenge premium vehicle 6.count all the shekels earned from this To make it fair for the buyers and adversaries of that vehicle, it should have been on an honest BR of +7.3.
  87. I see this lemming behaviour with every nation tbh.
  88. Yes.
  89. Use HESH instead and aim at side armors? You certainly got the speed to get to an enemies side armor. You can keep HEATFS loaded as first shell, if you meet an enemy from the side, fire it into his engine, swap to HESH and finish him. I doubt there are a lot of tanks with +100mm side armor at that BR. You probably missed the great wave of "M18 OPPPP!!!!!" whine threads.
  90. I dont own it, but test drive accuracy is normal. Nothing like Tiger 10,5 levels of accuracy issues.
  91. Sehr informatives Video, sollte man jedem Tiger-Fahrer in WarThunder wärmstens empfehlen. Vielleicht fahren ihn dann mehr Leute so wie: statt Durchbruchswagen, schleiche ich mich durch Pampa und Geröll und genieße die Überraschung der Allierten, die von einem 57-Tonner flankiert werden
  92. Yes, which does increase penetration capabilties. Though Idk what a lack of the protection for the penetrator does.
  93. It's APBC, which means it doesnt have a soft cap to protect the penetrator. Using the 50/50 criteria for penetration may have come to this result when taking into account shells that shatter. But at this point this goes beyond my armchair historian capacities
  94. Its AP shell weighs 600-1.100grams less and thus probably carries less energy.
  95. Literally like shooting ducks. RB, Domination, Advance to Rhine. I spawn in my Panzerjäger I, advance to the closest cap point and then move to the corner of the long road on the far eastern end. Snipe two guys there and see the point I just capped got overrun by allied invaders. Turned my Panzerjäger around the corner and the hunt began: Shot after shot went into the sides of the allied and none thought it would be a good idea to warn the others or look why they are dropping like flies. Got 6 kills there with only one guy shooting back before he got downed too. Rest of the match merely was cleaning up. Duck hunting.wrpl
  96. - Panther II up to 7.0 - KT H turret - Maus turret - Kugelblitz up to 7.0 - crazy shell dispersion on KT 10,5 - nerfed JT gun and shell - T-34-85 up to 5.7 - hull-break, mainly affecting german and russian vehicles (US to some degree too) To say german and soviets vehicles never get nerfed or do not keep their faulty stats for long is simply wrong. Obv some of these changes are good and needed, and there were some buffs to german and soviet vehicles too, but to say they also dont get nerfed is objectively wrong.
  97. Kinda ignoring that the same (sensible, not common rabble every population has) people not wanting time travel vehicles say the RU-251 could easily be Tier V and BR +7.3.
  98. I had a fun moment recently. Played Jagdpanther on Poland, a T-54 (dont know exact model) tried to hurr-durr into our spawn, I was slightly above him and bounced two shots from him, while trying to go for his LFP (not much experience against these tanks, but long 88 vs LFPs usually works), bounced and then OHKOed him through his turret front close to the gun. My first kill against a T-54 from the front, yay!
  99. "Honi soit qui mal y pense.“
  100. Sudden Strike, CoD 1 and 2, CoH, WT, this is the timeline of games about WW2 I played. Panthers only really play a role in the latter two. Guess it depends on where you look for it. Do you recall where you saw it first?
  101. Sry, WT and fixiation on Tigers exists longer than your British Ground Forces tree.
  102. Panthers arent that famous tbh. Pre-CoH, I only had a shadowy image of them from Sudden Strike. CoH got me interested in them and WT Panthers finally convinced me. And that's coming from someone who was interested and fascinated in german WW2 tech since he was ~7 years old. Tiger's are way more common in popular media.
  103. It quickly gets lonely at the top of the scoreboard. It's just the fault of the Ger players who treated the Panther series as some sort of refused stepchild.
  104. I am sorry you fell into the Gaijin money milking trap that is: 1.Release OP vehicle as premium, be it from stats or BR 2.Let owners of it enjoy a sensible time of clubbing and feeling of 420 noscope headshotting all the "VEHICLE XXX OP!!!!" threads burn the community and create wishes for revenge which will fuel purchases of the next premium OP vehicle 4.nerf/uptier premium vehicle into a position where it is actually balanced 5.prepare release of the revenge premium vehicle 6.count all the shekels earned from this
  105. T34 can OHKO KT through its LFP.
  106. Countless request threads about that already. The answer on average is "maybe" or "likely".
  107. 284 sorties sample size against 19 sorties sample size That's wrong here.
  108. From killcam, post-pen effect doesnt look that much different from a 88mm or 128mm PzGr.39 (safe for the spheric detonation), so I doubt human player vehicles would be too happy about that either.
  109. Centurion: Post German WW2 surrender, so never fought Tiger 2's Matilda: operational history in North Africa until ~late 1941 Panzer IV F2: introduction spring 1941 While I dont want to say Matilda vs Panzer IV F.2 is fair (Panzer IV F2 will win like 90%), they could have met and didnt they meet in North Africa?
  110. In terms of prototype/blueprint or time travel?
  111. kappa
  112. I actually somewhat like Abandonded Factory. My problem is that it is in a weird spot being too confined for proper big map gameplay and too spacey for sneak and creep.
  113. That is not the actual problem with this suggestion, but that it comes from the worm can that is RNG mechanical failure, which could be applied to ANYTHING on ANY vehicle ingame at will. Unless you're willing to apply it equally on every vehicle, it would just not be fair. Anyways, I'm hypy for the PBE Solid shot post pen buff.
  114. No worries, I bounced a Sturmtiger 128mm PzGr.39 on a Super Hellcat turret a few months ago. Nothing new.
  115. Yeh, Fields of Normandy is a disgusting map.
  116. So, here is the answer from a techmod:
  117. > OHKO, doesn't exist if you are using AP I OHKOed 2 enemies yesterday with the Archer and took only 2 shots for 2 others.
  118. Leo I fine at 6.3? Now I've seen everything... Speed is just as much a weapon (or tool if you may) on a tank as its gun or armor.
  119. I actually PMed a TechMod whether he has info on this and would state them in this thread an hour ago. Let's see and wait.
  120. No problem: 16 kills for me with one shot.
  121. I was actually waiting for someone who could point out the counterpoints to my suggestion. I never considered that hit-registration may be affected. Hit detection healthiness should probably be held higher than this suggestion.
  122. One-Hit-Knock-Out basically kill with one shot.
  123. Hey guys, the recent complaint waves about SPAA being able to use armor holes and incredible weakspots such as the tiniest turret rings (and recently being killed by a quite turret ring OHKO on a Churchill by a T-34) made me think whether it is time to model shell diameter when taking into account where and how shells hit. Shells in a game that strives for (some sort of) historical accuracy should not have 0 diameter for any calibre. A large shell should not be able to smuggle its way into in between the sometimes tiny space between turret and hull to get a turret ring kill or something similar if it IRL was of larger diameter as the space between the two aforementioned parts. This would serve to 1.ease the issue SPAA are when they shoot at armor that is faulty modelled 2.improve immersion 3.reduce the occurance of shells with 0 diameter making their way into tiny weakspots that would be no issue IRL as shells IRL actually had a diameter and would be stopped by surrounding armor What do you think? Kind regards, Stahlvormund101
  124. My reaction? Hit his turret ring and OHKO him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)