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  1. I think its 2.03 ATA^^ But yes it would be nice, it would give it at leat a chance against a P-47M at lower altitudes. It would basically mean 10-20km/h higher top speed at all heights. Even better would be the Jumo 213EB engine with 2200HP at take-off. That would really boost its performance to levels where it could fight Griffon Spitfires on even terms.
  2. Stat card is outdated, they reduced the boost from 2.03 to 1.92 ATA a few patches ago. It can still hit 736km/h at 11500m and 735km/h at 9500m. GM-1 IS modelled ingame although just with a 4th supercharger gear at 10200m. The Ta152H is my most flown plane at is surely the king of very high altitudes. Only the P-47M might get close but above 11km even they start to stuggle.
  3. So its still not fixed... 162mm pen at 60° still won't pen a IS-4M UFP at point blank. while 152mm pen at 60° from the T95E1 APFSDS will go through it like butter....
  4. What do you mean by pen chances? You mean the angles? Can you maybe post a picture of a Chieftain APDS shell? And test if it goes through the UFP of an IS-4M? Much appreciated.
  5. ?! Mike usually lists any changes made. Can you tell me what changed? Not telling you are wrong at all. Very curios about it. I am really hoping for my Chieftain to be able to pen russian heavy's again
  6. Where did you read this? I cannot access the game currently and didn't see Mike mentioning any APDS changes.
  7. I already unlocked everything currently and the G55S sits at a better place to grind currently (No Griffons :P ) But the G56 is the most poweful plane against any allied plane that's not a Spitfire or a P-47M/N.
  8. Ich rede von RB. Und in AB sind die meisten sogar deutlich schneller als in RB. Wirf hier mal einen Blick rein: Sind alle für RB/ SB. In AB ist alles nochmal 20-50km/h schneller.
  9. 654km/h top speed bei 4500m und 582km/h bei Bodenhöhe sin auch kein Witz.. Der Großteil der Maschinen, den die LF MK IX trifft fliegen über 600km/h auf Bodenhöhe und mehr als 700km/h auf optimaler Höhe. Vor allem in großen Höhen verliert die LF MK IX schnell ihre Leistung. Der einzige Vorteil ist ihre Steigrate und Turn-Time.
  10. ANyone else noticed the severe overheating of the G56? On the test flight map I can't even fly on 100% for 2 minutes without my oil overheating blinking red. On MEC there is also no control over the oil radiator so my guess would be that they forgot to activate it as it is still modelled in the X-ray view. Currently I'd say its unplayabale how bad it overheats from a few test in test flight. But I don't have the time to take it out in a real battle for now. Tell me if you got the same opinion or made different observations.