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  1. Actually high altitude planes are the easiest planes to use ingame. While also being the hardest to master and easiest to avoid. Sounds weird I know^^ But flying with a P-47 at its given BR at 9km will grant you bascially immunity against any other fighter. The only planes that can challenge you up there are other high altitude planes which are rarely flown as its not the meta of the game. I am above 8-9km in 90% of my matches in my Ta152H and P-47M / N. Even in my P-38L. And more often than not I find Griffon spits up there with me. Or another P-47 or Ta152H depending on which side I am on. People always say: "There is noone up there" but there are quite a lot especially at higher tiers. If you stay high you will at some point realize how many fights actually DO happen that high. And it grants your team a giant benefit: If you are able to push down the enemy team you simply guarantee your team an easy fight energy wise. Having someone up high that can engage the players with more altitude than the rest of the team is a precious gift.
  2. Water Methanol is only for some planes. Not all. And yes it cools the engine, MW-50 in german planes still had a shorter limited time on WEP with MW50 than military. If you would be right then why did they restrict it? After your logic WEP + MW50 should actually cool down the engine. So If my car engine overheats its best to kick in the pedal right? RIGHT? xD BEcause more fuel = cooler engine, right?
  3. If you see the need to insult me over something I even highlighted with "Take it with a grain of salt" then I surely don't see the need to continue this discussion in any way. You can live in your fantastic world I will continue to live in mine. I wish you a nice day and maybe one day you might be able to have a serious discussion about a topic. Greetings Markus 752
  4. p-47n

    Yes sorry^^ Decrease in turn time. Increase in turn performance! Thanks for pointing it out gonna edit it in my post.
  5. p-47n

    I never know how to use the term "clipped" properly^^ I didn't mean they just cut off the edges. But in general "cut" as in "squared off" wintips result in a better rate of roll at the same wingspan. As the N's wingspan is slighty increased the advantage is slightly lower but it still increases roll rate over the elliptical wingtips of the P-47D's. What additionally comes into play vs the D variants is the higher amount of HP. Turning is also determined by how much power your engine produces and the N got 200HP more if I remember correctly. The wing is 13,06m long versus the 12,42m of the D variant. And don't forget the N has squared wintipd which means it has much more wing area. I curently can't find the document but it stated somewhere the N had a 23% larger wing area than the D variant. This together with the increased power means a big increase decrease in turn time.
  6. Although I don't really like to post something without a primary source this forum article discusses the performance of a MK IX vs a 190A. Take me with a grain of salt. They performed quite similar and as I said before with each holding its advantages the pilots skill mattered much more than the planes performance. And it was not only build to compete with it. It actually did compete with it. They were close in performance and once the german ace pilots of the spanish civil war got rarer and new recruits got to the front lines the side shifted heavily towards the british. How do you think the british fought off the germans? With Tempest and Griffons squadrons that didn't even exist at the time of the FW190A? As far as I know at the time the FW190 got introduced Tempests and Griffons were still in develpment and testing. Once the A5 hit the production lines the MK IX and even LF MK IX were ready for active service.
  7. Regarding the damage you receive versus the damage you dish out: Its sometimes a bit inconsitent. You can "one-shot" people with just one burst of .50 cals but the next game you need 200 rounds of 20mm HEI rounds to kill a plane. Regarding the advantage at altitude: The P-51D-30 has its best altitude at 6-7km where 109's start to loose their power. The K4 is only slightly slower across the board but rolls much worse especially at speed. The Ta152 and Ki-83 are high altitude planes. They perform best at altitudes above 9km. Same goes for the P-47M. The P-47M is unchallenged in speed at 9500m and very undertiered for its performance. 7km is not really the altitude you want to fight a Ta152 or Ki-83. Go even higher to around 9-10km. But not higher than that as the Ta152H will take over after 11km. The 109's in general are no match for a P-47M above 8km. A Ki-84 won't stand a chance against a P-47M above 7km. The P-47 is build for a very high altitude in excess of 9km. 7km is barely using its full potential. If you find yourself more around the height of 6-7km the P-51D30 would be a much better choice for your gamestyle.
  8. wow.... You do realize WEP on some planes means adding a Water-Methanol mix to increase boost pressure and RPM? higher RPM will lead to a hotter engine. Even worse on planes that just increase pressure wihtout an additive. Like the P-51D for example. But yeah you are perfectly correct when you think WEP would be better for an engines temperature than military lol. Your logic is flawed: While you are truly correct that running an engine on a richer mixture should cool down the engine on a given RPM, as soon as you enable WEP you increase manifold pressure to a point the engine will severly overheat even with rich settings. The added fuel might help to compensate for SOME of the added heat but by no means for all of it. You really think and engine going 75" HG or 2.5 ATA would run as cool on a rich mixture as an engine pulling 67" HG at a leaner one? That's just completly over the top. When I remember correctly then the colling impact of the added fuel will increase the colling efficiency of the engine by 5% at most. While the added heat can surpass 1.5 times of the military power levels.
  9. P-40E

    It has got its 1600HP boost. Just go into test flight and use your localhost:8111 map. You can clearly see that even at SL you have 1570HP and once you reach 300m you will have slightly over 1600HP.
  10. Usually I am all for holding the energy advantage. But if you are not epxerienced enough to take on multiple enemies (Which will happen with random teams..) you should first train your dogfighting and energy conserving skills. Try to climb right into the enemy with a P-51D30 for example. (Don't know which planes you have but this is the easiest to train). It has a very low BR for its performance and is a good plane for getting started. Level out at 3500m and build up speed. You will meet a lot of planes higher than you. But the P-51D30 is faster than most enemies it can face at 3500m. Just don't panic and try not to loose speed and height. This way you pull them lower. Try to look for 1 vs 1 engagments first. If you see another player joining the fight try to break off from the fight and escape with speed. Once you are disciplined enough you can engage and disegage the fights at will. You will die pretty often at first I can assure you. And you won't get many kills, too. But if you keep training that you will be able to hold off and even fight multiple enemies at once. And THEN you can sideclimb. Gain the initial advantage and if you got the hang of it you can then pick them off one by one. Engage. Disengage. Engage...... US planes are on the harder side to master but come with a very low (and even undertiered BR's) so it is quite doable to learn the mystical ways of US fighters. Good luck!
  11. p-47n

    Since when do clipped wings decrease maneuverability?^^ The wingspan got increased AND the wingtips were clipped. This improves roll and turn at the same time. In a field test a fully loaded P-47N would loose against a fully loaded P-47M in a mock-up but this is only because the N can carry much more fuel. With equal fuel the N is basically a slightly slower, more maneuverable M. Its a bit slower because of the larger wing area and added drag. (As well as having only 15 minutes of WEP instead of 30min for the M)
  12. It did not "club" the british. It was superior for a short amount of time to any british plane until the Spitfire MK IX and Tempest arrived. The A5's were on par with low boost MK IX in general performance, in some aspects the 190 won in other aspects the MK IX won. It was more dependant on pilot skill. And the Antons are one of the faster planes at the BR as well as having one of the best energy retention and a amazing roll rate.
  13. I would say Spitfires are still a bit easier. But japanese planes are a close second. Although every nation has their fair share of undertiered planes that can be used to club the hell out of their opponents.
  14. People tend to overlook strong buffs when all they see is a slight nerf. It didn't even really affect performance of the Leo. The HESH shells still pens everything it did before bar the UPF of the IS-4M. Which somehow is not even penned by the Chieftains APDS. But that is another story.
  15. The AD-2 has a wrong FM which in fact also got a "wrong" data sheet. It still matches the data sheet with ingame performance. The A-26 variants run on very slightly different engine settings and the A-26C seems to have slightly lower drag due to the cleaner nose. Data sheets say 597km/h for the C and 579km/h for the B. I personally don't own the C variant but my friend owns it and said it was performing like the data sheet. The B should be as well. And if they do there should be quite a difference in speed at SL.
  16. The FM Charts indicate the A26C to be almost 20km\h faster at SL Which would make sense as it has a clean nose versus the drag increasing barrels of the A26B together with the different designed nose which looks a bit more streamlined. The bigger bombs might be better in ground RB for example.
  17. Exactly. I outturned a Yak-9UT in a flat turn at 4km. This is a real gamechanger!
  18. The premium A-26 is faster at all altitudes and climbs better (sligthly) as well as having a 2x2000IB loadout.
  19. The FM update is glorious. Better climb above 4km (slightly) Better acceleration at slow speeds. Faster flaps extension (combat flaps removed though) WAY better turn. Instantanous and sustained! Dive limit increased.
  20. P-40E

    I was using the "localhost:8111" map to check HP values and I had more than 1520HP at SL and almost 1600HP at 500m.
  21. P-40E

    No no its fine at 2.3 :P The MC202 got a slight nerf in climb but feels more maneuverable now. It also sits at 2.3 and is actually faster than the P-40.
  22. P-40E

    Don't want to spoil the fun guys, go try out the P-40 xD 1600HP at 2.3 with over 20m/s climb. Never had so much fun in my life
  23. This is the part where I sit in my Ta152H and I just stay there until they either have to come for me or are all down low. If the P-47 falls for you you did everything right and he did everything wrong. Best case for him: Ignoring you and staying high.
  24. That sounds pretty fun to me I am really enjoying the air up high though. Nothing better than a Hammerhead at 14km against a stalling MK22^^ That was easily the kill I was most happy about^^ Up there it takes FOREVER to turn btw. The Spit pulled really hard but didn't even manage to do a 90° turn in the time I dove on it from 2km above :P
  25. Even if I play the D9 I take a minimum of 45 minutes. I don't like to always be aware that I have to land mid-fight. I want to be able to extend the fight and be able to intercept high flying bombers. The performance difference between 20m and 45m of fuel is minimal. The Ta152H only climbs bad on paper when it has its 1:52h fuel loadout. I can only advise you to try it out. You will find yourself in a much better place when you donÄt have to watch the clock. Or you just like the extra rush of adrenaline when you finish off an enemy and glide back to base the last second
  26. This also holds true for the Ta152H and the D13 The Ta152H and D9 actually have a quite comparable rate of climb at the same fuel amount. Its something like 22m/s vs 25 m/s until the Ta152H outclimbs the D9 from 7km onwards.
  27. You mean correct "non-penetration" mechanics?
  28. The point is: If you don't force the fights above 7km you will never fight there. Just stay up there, don't get pulled down by anyone until you can see everyone below you and you can reliably pick them off one by one. A Griffon pilot (Even an experienced one) is beatable pretty consistently. (Talking about early Griffons as late ones are the best props at the BR and basically unbeatable in a serious 1 vs 1 scenario) If you both meet at 7km for example which gives the MK 14 a slight advantage you just force the headon without really commiting to it too much. Evade it and fly straight. If the Griffon turns it will loose a lot of its speed and you can start a fast and shallow climb The Spit will not be able to keep up and you will end up higher than it with more energy. If you have a Spit on your six at that height simply do a split-S and gain some speed. If you level out the Ta152H will hold excessive energy much better than the Spit so you will again gain seperation. If you got more experience you can simply start to engage a rolling scissor between 380-470km/h. This is the range where the Ta152H turns and rolls best. You can easily outroll the early Griffons at that speed and even turn with them to a slight degree. The Ta152H has a continues turn time of 19 seconds. Which is not much higher than a Spitfire 14. In comparison the D9 has 23 seconds and the Spitfire 17 seconds I think. That's a bigger difference in turn between the D9 and Ta152H than for the Ta152H and Spit 14. Don't get me wrong the Spit WILL outturn you. But not by much and combined with a better roll you can engage 1 vs 1 against a Spitfire as long as you have some altitude to trade for speed. It is more challenging to fly than a D13, that's true. But it has some edges over the D13 and can be used in a different way. A Tempest MK II for example is a pain for a Dora 13 at low altitudes the Ta152H outturns the Tempest and therefore forces it to be very careful while the Tempest can just turn into the D13 and kill it with rather ease at low altitude. (Not that you should be at low altitudes with the Ta152H or D13 in the first place but when that happens the Ta152H holds a few tricks over the D13 and D9)
  29. How did the Macchis fly? I really liked the MC202 but the overreving and very bad automatic temperature controls made it stressful to fly.