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  1. So no new graphic improvements, bug fixes, new vehicles then? "Released" in your language seems to mean: "Completely done without anything going to be changed ever again" "Screwing with it" is called balancing. Overwatch is a released game. They still tweak thing to create a better balance. Is Overwatch not released in your opinion? They still "screw" with it. So it can't be :P
  2. Type 62 is not comparable to the RU251. The RU will most likely have a faster reload, much better accleration, neutral steering, hydropneumatic suspension a MUCH faster reverse and better gun traverse. So a MINIMUM of 7.3 would be balanced. Look at the Jadgpanzer 4-5. The RU is basically a 4-5 with a turret better Power to Weight ratio and a fancy suspension.
  3. Yes it is. EDIT: It got better acceleration than before, better sustained turning, a slight climb rate increase a 10km/h speed increase at SL and 20km/h at critical alt which means its now faster than a FW190 A5 at all altitudes where before the A5 would at least have a tiny edge at SL. It goes as fast as a Ta152H now at SL or as fast as a Ki-84 Otsu (Ko and Hei, too) and is slightly faster than a J2M3 which all sit at 5.7. Its not the slowest of all 5.7 planes and not the fastest. It is however one of the fastest climbing props in the game and has one of the best turn times in its BR range. The LF MK IX fits the game META perfectly -> Fast climb, insane turn. That is all you need for an easy flight experience. Its neither unbeatable nor underpowered. At 5.7 it found its place in my opinion, If the statistics change they can lower it again if they feel the need to. Which is unlikely given the performance it already had. EDIT II : Oh and why the D13? D13 climbs worse, turns much worse, has worse acceleration. LF IX rolls worse, keeps energy worse, is slower. One plane (D13) needs to stay fast, the other (MK IX) tries to lure its enemies in a low speed fight. Different play styles. Not really comparable but the LF IX still has quite a lot of advantages against even the D13.
  4. All Spitfire models received a new FM last December. The LF got a 10km/h speed increase at SL and almost 20km/h at 4500m.
  5. No it is still applicable as those are balance changes. Even games like Battefield, Overwatch and even singleplayer games change their content for balance purposes. So if they lower the top BR range to 6.0 your Spit would fight Hunters and MiG17 if you won't allow them to change its BR. Balancing changes are needed and the LF MK IX clearly had no business being a 5.3 plane after the new FM update. (Which made your bought premium a lot better performance wise btw which you seem to overlook.)
  6. Cute. @ Bellezza03 Don't risk a warning, he is clearly not worth the effort.
  7. They removed the german / UK lineup a while ago. Don't know why. Just happened on an evening and it wasn't possible since then. I hope they messed something up and its not intentional. Can't really believe the 120mm APDS won't go through the IS-4's UFP...
  8. Was playing the Chieftain for around 100 Battles I think and never had the idea to do that. Because it would lower the effective thickness. But it makes sense as HEAT-FS and ATGM's usually have no trouble going through it either way. On the other hand: The best thing you can do with the chieftain is getting not only hull down but at a 10° angle. On most maps you have a few spots were you can basically hull down on a 10° inclination. This gives you almost 90° on the front hull and 120mm at 70° at the weakest point. Even HEAT-FS struggles to pen me there and I hit a lot of IT-1's doing no damage other than track me that way. It won't help you much though as it can't be used in any other way than being hull down camping all game long. Yours is more versatile and I am surely going to test that out. On a side note: I read a lot about the Chieftain's APDS being unable to penetrate the IS-4M's and T-10's from the front now, but I couldn't find a Bug Report on it. Since the Chieftain APDS could penetrate more than 160mm at 60° it should go right through the UFP of an IS-4M even at a slight angle. I can't currently play War Thunder as I am on Vacation so I can't make a proper Bug Report wihtout a .clog file and some ingame tests. Would anyone be kind enough to go ahead and make one? It seems to be APDS in general after the AP, APC changes.