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  1. That's either a typo or a very weird statement... The current blac Prince is outclassed by the Centurion MK1 in every aspect aside from lower front plate armor and side armor. The Turret is equally strong, the gun is the same, it has APDS and has MUCH better mobility. And you want to tell me the Black prince is better than the Centurion? lol
  2. In my opinion the Black Prince is not superior to the Tiger. Yes it can penetrate is easier, but the Tiger can do it and is more than twice as fast. Both deserve a BR of 5.7. The Black Prince suffers badly on larger maps where it WILL get flanked. Especially when facing Ru251's.... I know that even at 5.7 you would face Ru-251's but they would be less common and you can at least kill them.
  3. "much better armored" in the case that every long 88 penetrates it anywhere from further than 1km... Not only that but also most russian 122mm pen the Black Prince from almost any angle. Even the Panthers have no trouble penetrating the turret up to 1km. Tiger I's can penetrate the unangled hull and turret, too. This tank is now a 5.7 tank at max. Jeeze we have a Centurion MK1 that everyone thinks is nice on 5.7 when its basically a more mobile Black Prince that traded the lfp and side armor for more mobility. The Black Prince deserves to be lowered to 5.7 I don't see any reason for it not to be.
  4. Ahmm.. there is certain angles involved when lookign top down. It rounds up to the top which is why it seems to be thicker at the right side. It still has the same thickness of 100mm all around.
  5. No they are not. Take-off flaps will lower your overall turn radius but decrease your speed and therefore your time to turn stays relatively the same. If you use the flaps when at medium speeds and retract them half a turn later to gain speed again and repeat this you turn tighter than before. Just get into the "localhost:8111" map and look at the pulled G's. The second you hit the takeoff-flaps key you will pull more G's. If you leave them lowered you will, once you slowed down enough, turn worse than without though. As long as your engine power is not enough to keep you at cornering speed with flaps down. That is the almost the case with the Ta152H for example. If you deploy combat flaps you can almost hit cornering speed with flaps.
  6. Same as a Panther F against a T34. Or a T92 against a King Tiger. Unless you hit a very small weakspot you are doomed. Some vehicles are simply outmatched by others at the same BR while outmatching others. A T-44-100 for example is worse than a Panther-II in my opinion and could go to 6.7. If I am honest the Panther II can go to 6.7 again now that the US got their T34. We are in dire need of some BR changes after the introduction of the US heavies and some other tanks / planes.
  7. Usually I pop take-off flaps at most as you want to keep as much speed as possible in a FW190 and landing flaps are basically giant airbrakes. I do it as you described: Pop them in the middle of a turn and retract them after maybe half a turn later. If I got speed again I repeat that.
  8. There are still planes that don't have this feature implemented.
  9. P-51D-30's would be fine at bomber spawn (4,5km) IF P-47, 109's,190's J2M's, A6M's bla bla spawned there. If we had higher spawns there would still be lawn-mowing P-51's though
  10. I even wrote this in the other thread but missed it here^^ I think I was taking 30min on both just as I was lazy and wanted to climb quickly. I guess with 45min the FW190 would have a lot better authority.
  11. Okay now that's a thumbs up! Very simple and easy to undertsnad for everyone so that should clear up a lot of questions. Thank you for the time! So now that its so clear that 45min is way better at high speed turns doesn't it make more sense to just use 1 hour of fuel? Because if you use 45min then you start with the optimal amount and once in the battle you are already shifting your CoG towards a bad spot again. I guess 1 hour of fuel won't cut that much rate of climb. (Not sure if the Doras can even carry more than 1 hour worth of fuel, th Ta152's can for sure though.)
  12. IIRC 45min is the best option for the Antons and the Ta152C, too. =)
  13. Okay I guess that's true. J2M sitting too high is not game breaking that's for sure^^ Lets just hope the next BR update will come quickly so we can all enjoy the J2M's in a playable habitat Hats off for answering that many questions and excuse me for not wishing a happy easter earlier
  14. I can understand that. Although I could give you 2 example of server updates where 1 or 2 vehicles had a BR update on their own shortly after a patch. So reducing the performance that sharply should at least drop the BR one step (o.3) down in my opinion. Nobody can actually think they are fine at a BR when their performance got reduced by quite a lot.
  15. One thing I noticed is that you need to climb at a way slower speed now. I don't play AB but in RB I get a way better rate of climb if I stay around 250km/h rather than 300km/h once I hit 4km height. This might be because of the lower top speed at altitude now.
  16. Aside from the fact the whole J2M line was changed and is now 40-50km/h slower than they were making them horribly overtiered?^^ I don't get it why they introduce such heavy FM changes without changing the BR... The J2M's were already arguably tiered a bit high for the M5's. But now they are simply overtiered. Of course time will tell. But how is it in any way logic to reduce a planes top speed by 50km/h rendering it way slower than its opposition when one of its key strength's was speed? I would highly suggest to remove the J2M's from that changes list and revisited their current BR. Because if those "statistics" saw it fine where it was then taking away 50km/h of top speed is surely a reason to drop that BR without a giant BR update for all nations. It should be considered lowering the J2M's to a more reasonable BR of 4.0 (J2M2)- 4.7 (J2M5) (My opinion which is of course not the only possible option ) And the repair costs seem again to penalize the axis way more than the allies while there are at least some changes that went against this rule so thumbs up for most of them!
  17. I would highly suggest waiting with the increase in cost of the entire J2M line. It just got rather drastic changes and without a BR change those planes a re heavily overtiered now. They don't need a +30% repair bill when they are already much worse than a week ago at their BR. I would say wait for the next BR update and don't change the J2M's costs yet. As it received major changes that are not reflected in the current statistics.
  18. The P-47N for sure. Nothing more finished in its design in my eyes. And it was such a huge yet nimble plane. (For its size ) Just the feeling of sitting in a P-47N (or Ta152H if it was a german thread :P) at 9km altitude and enjoying the view down on the landscape.
  19. What about the J2M5? I liked it before but now it seems to be a lot better. Sure it lost some speed but the M5 gained a huge buff in climb and acceleration. If it was sitting at a more reasonable BR now I would include it to the list of the best planes for its BR's. As I see the current BR as a leftover and (hopefully) to be changed soon.