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  1. This. It didn't pander to people who: want to attack dumb AI on the ground can't be bothered to learn air combat skills
  2. I'm recently noticing hit detection issues more than damage issues with cannons.
  3. bomber

    AFAIK it lets yo get waaay beyond wingbreak speed, and definitely allows high G manuevers far beyond what the aircraft / pilot / internal stores / gunners could handle.
  4. The server's model of what is happening doesn't use graphics, it;s just a data structure of positions, vectors, flight models, etc. - so in that sense, prettyness and complexity of graphics make no difference. If your client FPS is so jerky that it's difficult to fly and track targets, then yes, but that needs to be REALLY low FPS. Developmentwise, the visual effects team are likely completely separate to the team who codes hit detection.
  5. Depends if you play the game for the game, or for grinding. If grinding is your thing, Google "Progress Quest" and play that, in your browser.
  6. Regarding lag/loss/jitter; the servers understanding of where everything is is the only thing that matters. Low ping/lossless players will see everyone where the server thinks they are - because they are told it quickly. High ping players have to rely on client side predictive compensation, which might not be correct - especially if there is also jitter. Lossy players will miss updates, and suddenly be shown corrections (teleporting or rubberbanding). The server doesn't ever rubberband players in its own internal data sets*. If it misses instructions sent to it due to packet loss or gets them too late, it just carries on without them, and keeps telling the clients what IT decides is correct - this corrects the view from the problematic clients. The end result is, players with good connectivity won't tend to miss players with bad connectivity, because what they see and do is far closer to what the server is hearing from them, and updating them with. However... sometimes the servers do seem to just have *bad* hit detection, irrespective of the quality of connection of everyone involved. This could be bad coding, server side tinkering of hit detection, or overloading, etc. *If the server did update its own datasets with rubberbanding or teleports, then clients could be modified to teleport at will - avoiding this is the entire point of having a server side game.
  7. I think you are optimistic. Open beta release perhaps.
  8. I don't have an all fighter lineup. Notice how nobody said they did or complained about that. The idea that bombers are getting the short end of the stick is unconvincing, when 95% of games it's predominantly their actions which determine a win, with 5% of air domination where fighters determine it. Better get rid of that 5% too! Sure, fighters can shoot stuff down in ground strike - but it's pretty irrelevant to the outcome.. even slightly counter productive. I don't blame bomber pilots for doing what the game lets them, I blame the gameplay design. It could be modified so that flown right, each type of aircraft has a useful role, rewards, and, importantly; an effect on outcome.
  9. If someone, when I simply approach them, bails out, dives into the ground, or suicides by AAA, I just take it as meaning that I'm *that* scary. I don't worry about the loss of a kill on my stats.
  10. I think you misunderstand how latency and packet loss affects WT. Laggy/lossy players will see everyone else in slightly the wrong place and/or rubberbanding. Non lossy players will be shown where the server thinks laggy/lossy players are, and they won't jump around at all. I have verified this by observing squadmates when one of us is having a lag/loss issue.
  11. You don't need to have an all bomber lineup - unless you want that many to repeatedly suicide bomb with.
  12. bomber

    I wonder if bombers and fighters were spawned according to your first point (like 15,000 and 20,000 feet), that the fighter dogfight would happen more realistically, instead of at ground level. Probably not. Not implementing wingbreak - but limiting speed to wingbreak speed, and G limiting manuevers to airframe limits for all planes in AB would help somewhat. Also, removing third person bombsight from heavy bombers so they find it more difficult to do low level pinpoint strikes.
  13. 300 kph is 83 m/s 0.23 x 83 is about 19 meters. This isn't the amount of error you're going to see in their position though, because that will be based on the amount of change of direction / speed they can make in that time. So unless they just dropped from 300 kph to zero (by crashing), it;s going to be a LOT smaller. However, games usually have a certain amount of lag "correction" - which can work fairly well as long as clients don;t have packet loss, or constantly varying latency (jitter).
  14. The game is intentionally designed so that having only one plane in an AB lineup is actively encouraged BRwise, so it's unlikely to be fixed.
  15. Players who want to improve, analyze why they died instead of getting angry ;-)
  16. Won't they just get massacred by fighter aircraft?
  17. This is exactly the problem.