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  1. Heaven forbid that people in an air combat game mode would want to fight each other.
  2. There are a few reasons fighter players rarely escort bombers: The bombers all dive away, making it impossible / pointless to escort them. The bombers don't wait for escorts to get to them, and fly straight into enemy fighters. When fighters do escort bombers, they will usually get a lot fewer opportunities to kill enemy fighters, and a lower score. A lot of this is to do with tiny maps, or only a tiny part of the map being used, plus the general lack of importance of losing any number of aircraft as long as you kill ground targets, plus bombers need to be low to make pinpoint attacks on small targets (ridiculous behaviour for heavy bombers - but there is little incentive to stay high, games aren't normally won by getting the (boring) area targets they are provided with) As a primarily fighter player, I do sometimes escort friendly bombers if they stay high - I'd happily do it more if gameplay encouraged it.
  3. It's bad gameplay design that both bomber and fighter players don't really enjoy.
  4. A bad selection of choices, and an odd initial concept that air domination happens enough for this to matter.
  5. [conspiracy theory #43]
  6. If you ever get in, you'll just find that it has no link whatever to Dunkirk.
  7. Another wasted opportunity, and a huge disappointment, for all the reasons already stated above. EC could be a shining gem, but no effort whatever seems to be put into it.
  8. Because they don't know any better. It takes actual research to discover that aerial combat is more than turning as hard as possible to get your guns on someone, and repeatedly die.
  9. How to make things worse, instead of better.
  10. If only it was AI killing other AI. But it isn't. They just self destruct after a time limit, no matter what the AI vs AI tactical situation is on the ground. If killing enemy AI resulted in friendly AI engaging with numerical superiority, allowing them to break through - that would make sense. But that doesn't happen. They just lob irrelevant shells over the battlefield, and then suddenly blow themselves up. Not immersive, not intuitive, and doesn't make your actions seem relevant
  11. Fighters need to cooperate and fight against other players. Bombers need to attack mostly harmless AI. Understood.