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  1. dosnt have bad steel modi but shells have a +-10% on penetration
  2. u are right we are all waiting for it
  3. also not to forget there some mixed loadouts like the max bombload for the He 177 A0 is 2x1800 and 2x1700
  4. bombs

    u forgot to mentation the SD 4 HL (german PTAB) Bomblett in an AB 500 where 74 and in an AB 250 where 40 of them each of them has a penetration of 60mm at 60°
  5. no i mean these PB2 base is the R4M Rockets they have 120or140mm pen and do nothing
  6. ever tried the german Panzerblitz II
  7. here for the He 177A0 fromhttp://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/h/Heinkel/He 177/He 177 A-0 Teil 12 B Abwurfwaffenanlage.pdf