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  1. maus

    V1 turret had 240mm V2 didnt exist
  2. sigh every time have fun
  3. read this thread
  4. why not remove bombs from bomers cause they are to good at bombing some CAS are made to attack with theyr guns against ground targets and SPAA are not for that they are to defend against Planes
  5. ah my mistake thought he meant 37-45g filling XD well in comparison to that german 30mm Mienengeschoss 96g
  6. the heck are u smocking US rounds had around 8-12g filler or are u talking about the 30mm US
  7. its an specially designed AT gun better?????
  8. what buff?????????
  9. Here have fun but now i want an like
  10. my suggestion but those 300mm is for the base shell it has but u know gayjin