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  1. Support Petition for WW2 mod in SIMULATOR mod This is a prayer and an appeal for Gaijin Simulator friends and simulator flying enthusiasts The time has come for us to join forces in one unit and to support the development of the new World War Mod game mode for SIMULATOR, Support us, and vote also for World War Mod for SIMULATOR im almost 4 years of continuous WT play and financial support for developers by buying GE, and premium items, and etc... im almost 4 years of continuous and day-to-day WT logging and play WT 6-8hrs per day im almost 4 long years of waiting for WW2 mod And despite the fact that many of the old school of SB players have left and ended up with WT, I'm still here with you, And there are still enough SB players and new ones coming ...! Wake up SB community and support us to save our SB in WT and make SB WW2 mod I consider it a very unfortunate decision - that the WW2 mod will not be in SB I'm very disheartened and disappointed but I can not put it! I'm still here, As one of the few SB hradcore players I appeal to you developers Gj to listen to us prayer and make for us WW2 mod in the SB All of you SB need your Support your voice and we save the simulator for WT, and do a WW2 mod in SB for us. Thanks in advance for every one of your votes that and behind your support for WW2 SIM i you agree with me...just vote yes and type: YES +1 (and support us) people what does not play SB, this is not about against ww2 mod in RB, so please no spam.... if you not agree with me, its your right, you can support us or just leave us rest in peace...this its fight for us...thx Thank you all for your support With respectful greetings HEMAN (google translated) Thankyou to all, all of you for your support do not surrender and continue fight for our favorite SB game mod and for Future play, keep continue share and vote, this is our figt and we will be success, simulator mod play more people as we think, thath reason why SB mod still exist, say to all people we need their voice and vote to save our future Thx for you all Best regard HEMAN