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  1. Hi If the offer persists, i am interested, to be an official streamer "partner" for Warthunder interested special to SB SIMULATOR GAME MOD, i love it, and I want to make them more popular SB MOD in the past I was already have streamed the gladiator.wt tournamet, and i will continue. and I offer you my services as a streamer and commentator I offer you live stream in multilanguage, SK, CZ, GER, RUS, ENG, I have the all necessary practice, skills, hardware, software, internet (FTTH 250/250 Mb), etc.. i can stream in 1080p@60FPS our comunity live stream channels Twitch: Youtube: If you are interested in my services contact me PM/s
  2. yes, confirmed german presets and british presets are broken and after relaunch the game presets are reseted.... tested today april.21.2017
  3. all warthunder files deleted in all dir, temp etc... game reinstaled via last launcher still broken and not working...
  4. Round FINAL Stream Start Apr 27, 2017, 17:30 GMT Watch online at
  5. Round FINAL Start Start Apr 26, 2017, 17:30 GMT Watch online at
  6. Round 7 Match B14, Stream Start Apr 25, 2017, 17:30 GMT Watch online at
  7. ROUND 6, match B13, Serbia Panzer_AS STREAM Start Apr 24, 2017, 17:30 GMT Watch online at
  8. War Thunder Coloseum Fire Front 4x4 Simulator Tournament (match B11) DISLIKE -0- vs -2- SERBIA Winner: SERBIA
  9. War Thunder Coloseum Fire Front 4x4 Simulator Tournament (match A15) DYNAMIGHT -2- vs -0- inat Winner: DYNAMIGHT
  10. War Thunder Coloseum Fire Front 4x4 Simulator Tournament (match A14) DYNAMIGHT -2- vs -0- DISLIKE Winner: DYNAMIGHT
  11. Helou you can watch daily stream ✈ Official Tournament Partner Stream ✈ Coloseum Fire Front 4x4 Simulator Tournament watch free on
  12. I I did not find him so and that wrong ? What should I do ? deelte whole dir SAVES in C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\WarThunder\Saves? or what ? thx for help
  13. ahoj, i explore problem with reseting technik in presets, with German, British tech tree maybe other nations are affected too, but other nations remember all main technik chosen in preset as i have i have set custom technik tank+planes in preset nr1 and after restarting the game, all main technik in preset (GER, BRIT) nr,1+nr,2+nr,3 are gone-reseted and they have the same or different technik as in preset nr.4 when i turn the gameOFF i have select all preset in all nations to nr.4 with default biplane after login to game all german and brit prests are gone an main custom tchnik in nr.1 are missing PS sorry for main bad english hope you understand me. HEMAN DxDiag.txt 2017_04_19_14_11_09__3472.clog
  14. Thx for all i still use Teamspeak3, we have our clan TS3 public server, i can make a special rooms for Tournament if you need... / PM-me and we have public twitch or youtube Live stream channels, what you preffer ? twitch or youtube i can stream to both of them just say
  15. hi dear Gaijin SUBJECT: official approval fo be offical turnament streamer i official ask you for approval to be an official authorised streamer for your tournament future too. In the past when begining the WT.Gladiators (on old Gj teamspeak) I have streamed the tournament if you remember and we stream in multilanguage, sk,cz,eng,ru I would like them turnament stream again as Officiali aproved streamer from Gj so I ask you for authorization to be an offical turnament streamer... best regard HEMAN
  16. ola, Zerbah main friend i have few qestions for you, because I did not find it in the rules for both game modes, SB & RB FIRST: about TECHNIK we must use in battle both technik tanks and airplanes? or can we use "single" only planes ? or tanks ? SECOND: about MAPS Who selects the maps ? or is it still automatically random chosen ? or how ? thx