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  1. Si en tu alineación el tanque con mayor BR tiene 5.7 es imposible toparse con tanques de 7.0 - 7.3. Lo máximo que verás son tanques 6.7. Revisa tu alineación de tanques ya que debes de tener algún tanque mayor a 5.7 sin duda
  2. Nope, the american idea of air combat was to have a more powerful engine, climbing better than enemies, then diving on the enemies. The japanese idea was (at least during most of the war) to have agile planes, that could out-turn enemies. The zero could not be turnfighted by any enemy, so the americans choose the boom and zoom doctrine, the american planes climbed a lot and then dived over the zero, if the attack was not succesful, then they escaped by superior speed and superior diving, then climbed again and repeat the attack. There's no way the Corsair would fight the zero with turns, could easily lost. If the main advantage was the climbing power and the speed, why to turn if the zero was more agile?
  3. En teoría no podrían verse los proyectiles al caer, ya que la artilleria cae a grandes velocidades y dudo que el ojo humano sea lo verdaderamente potente para verlos antes de que impacten, nunca he visto videos o fotos de la artilleria a punto de caer, imposible de captar a menos que usen una camara de ultra slow motion
  4. Guys please try to cool down Also please don't post videos of on-going wars
  5. Exactly, there's no way it can kill a tank, neither planes nor ships. It would be useful only against infantry, but there's no infantry in the game
  6. Every heavy tank is well armored at the front, that's one of their main features, so always try to flank them no matter what BR is it Also I don't see the Jumbo Sherman being put at a higher BR, its gun is too weak
  7. Esta no es la sección correcta, por favor utiliza el link que Armamalvada ha propocionado, en esa sección podrás encontrar clanes para unirte y jugar en equipo Hilo cerrado
  8. Tal vez sea mejor sacar el sea meteor, el primer meteor es lento y dificil de volar, bastante dificil
  9. Si se tienen dudas es mejor abrir un hilo nuevo en vez de revivir viejos hilos Hilo cerrado
  10. Maybe some of you remember that scene from the movie "Windtalkers", during the assault on Saipan a marine with a flamethrower attacks a japanese tank and it gets destroyed. I wonder if that ever happened in real life, I can't find any report/story about flamethrowers being used against tanks during ww2. In theory a flamethrower can kill a tank no matter how well armored it is, the fire can go through the vision ports, hatches slots and so. Also the steel conducts heat very well.