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  1. The only explanation is it was a Panther, about the ricochet, I guess the Panther was in an odd angle or the shot was HE shell.
  2. Este hilo se convirtió en una discusión sin sentido, controversia, off-topic y demás cosas negativas. Lo cierro antes de que se ponga peor, lo siento por lo jugadores que si aportaban algo bueno. Hilo cerrado
  3. Despues de haber estado jugando esto días he visto montones de Ru 251 siendo destruidos, al igual que los IS-6. El IS-6 si esta algo OP, pero no es P2W, además como todo buen premium tiene un BR que subirá en el futuro, nada de que preocuparse
  4. Armor is classified, right? If the answer is yes, then it will never be on the game
  5. A veces hay descuentos en la conversión de aguilas, pero de aquí a que hagan una promoción lo mejor sería un avión premium o cuenta premium
  6. Remember that V-2 were made in Peenemünde, a zone that was captured by the soviet army
  7. Aircraft/Loadouts

    As far as I know only two were built, so yeah but as a premium +1
  8. One of the most brutal necros I have seen Locked
  9. Trataré de jugar muchas partidas este fin de semana y dias posteriores para demostrar que no hay un P2W, ya les contaré los resultados
  10. Bueno esperemos unos días
  11. 'Cause the maximum BR can face +1 and -1 BR tanks. If you got a Panther with 5.7 BR, then you can face from time to time 6.7 tanks. So no wonder why you face 6.0 and 6.3 tanks. Answered and locked
  12. P2W? Apenas ha salido el parche y no se ha visto que ni el Ru 251 ni el IS-6 esten despedazando a los rivales, porque eso es un P2W, un tanque/avión premium exageradamente bueno
  13. El Bf-109 es un avión excelente, yo suelo usar los cañones extras para que sea mas fácil derribar al enemigo, generalmente una ráfaga no basta. Es fácil escapar del enemigo haciendo picados o haciendo espirales verticales. Lo único malo es que es algo frágil y la velocidad horizontal es menor a la de otros aviones del mismo BR sin importar que versión de 109 sea.
  14. Never heard of it, but looks really good, +1
  15. Que son esos x10 que se ven en el tech tree?
  16. I want to see them as gift planes
  17. That sounds really bad, I guess it will be a hard time for the Ki-84 pilots
  18. Sorry, no pude tenía mucha tarea de la universidad y solo alcancé a moverlo en el momento
  19. Yup, in theory
  20. I wanna play the Ki-84 again, since the last BR update it seems a good option to fly in realistic, any tips? I haven't played it since ages and probably the FM changed and the enemies changed too.
  21. After the end of the war in Europe in May 1945, Churchill planned an offensive against the soviet forces on occupied central and eastern Europe, this to prevent a further advance of communism over western Europe, the very first sign of the cold war. The plan was to launch a British offensive with the help of the allied countries USA, Canada, France, polish forces in exile and POW german soldiers. The total amount of allied troops on western Europe were about 2.5 million men plus exile soldiers and ex-wehrmacht troops (about 100,000 german soldiers). But the soviet numerical superiority was about 4:1 in men and 2:1 in tanks. The planned was abondoned due to the great risk of a new big world conflict and the highly probable soviet victory (who knows) and didn't become public until 1998. This is the map that showed the positions of the allied armies at the end of the war, western allied armies were much less than soviet ones, but each army had a bigger number of soldiers, although soviet total numbers of soldiers was bigger, still had a 4:1 ratio. But the soviet forces had their own allies too, the yugoslavian, bulgarian, romanian and polish forces.
  22. I always upgrade the crew skills "repair" and vitality, because I didn't consider the rest important at all, now I'm thinking about targeting and rangefinding, since I have enough RP points, should I increase them too? shoul I spend some eagles? do they help at all? what's your experience about those skills? :dntknw: