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  1. Try both, both are fun
  2. Ok guys, if you think the opinion of another player is wrong, you can debate but be respectful, don't troll don't mock. I'm gonna be watching so I hope you behave You are warned, I won't show mercy
  3. Answering the original question: the main objective of a tank is not to fight another tanks, it's to break enemy lines and supporting infantry, so I guess they didn't use the HEAT-FS so often. And about the ww2 long range killing: who knows, there's no "official" way to prove it, just comments made by the men who fought. I think it was highly possible, during the war millions of shots were fired and the german guns like the 88mm was a good long range weapon, flat trajectory, great accuracy, on the open field with good visibility I guess it really happened.
  4. No solo es el mas hermoso, el P-51 ganó la guerra
  5. Well the idea was to stop all the kamikaze stuff in AB tanks, this wouldn't apply for Realistic
  6. Sometimes it happens my team doesn't have a single SPAA and we get clubbed by enemy planes, and if the enemy team doesn't have SPAA it becomes to easy to destroy enemy tanks. So if the enemy teams lacks of SPAA players don't allow us to spawn planes, same vice versa, if we didn't got any SPAA don't allow the enemy team to spawn planes. Second, the amount of spawned planes must relate to the amount of SPAA, if the team has only one SPAA (what automatically allow the spawning of enemy planes), then the amount of spawns for the enemy planes must be low, if the team has two SPAA then the sky will be filled with more enemy planes, if the team got 3 or more SPAA then the enemy gets more spawns and so. Also if the team didn't get any SPAA, but one of the players of the team has a SPAA in his line-up, but is not using it, then there's no spawn of enemy planes, the spawn will be allowed until the moment when one of the players spawn a SPAA. Do you support?