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  1. They were not useless, if I remember well those 128mm guns on the top of the towers were used against ground targets too, great firepower, so when they were not shooting at planes they were shooting at ground objectives from high ground, giving them good sight.
  2. No Esto no es wows. En wows un destructor es invisible a 3km del acorazado, hecha su humo y de pronto te mata con torpedos. En la vida real se puede ver cualquier barco desde muy lejos, así que esas pequeñas lanchas torpederas serán destruidas de un tiro con los 380mm del Bismark, son tan poderosas las municiones del 380mm que bastará con una explosión cercana en el agua para acabar con las lanchas torpederas, no tendrán ni oportunidad de acercarse.
  3. The 37mm of the Yak can kill tanks. "If we fly anything with anit tank guns we can never penetrate. Is this intended?", nope, it depends on the caliber and where does it shoot the tank. Tank (most of them) have thin armor on the sides, back and top. So if the shell fired by the plane has a good penetration value (for example the duck 75mm) and hits the tank from the rear then it can destroy it. About the Yak 9, I guess it was a lucky shot considering the ammo is not so powerful
  4. You already made a thread about it: Please use the former thread Locked
  5. No lo arreglan porque no es un bug, solamente sucede que al juego no se le asignan los puntos a otro módulo como ya lo expliqué, no es un bug
  6. Lo que sucede es que en la partida se cubrió la cantidad total de RP necesario para el módulo, y como entraste a otra partida sin que terminara la otra y se asignaran los puntos, los puntos sobrantes no quedaron asignados a ningún otro módulo. Un tip para que ya no les suceda: Cuando falte muy poco para desbloquear un módulo esperen o mejor aún entren a batalla con otro avión/tanque, así al terminar la partida anterior los puntos que sobraron no se pierden y se pueden pasar a otro módulo
  7. I started playing the second Churchill of the British tree, it's awesome, its armor is insane, 152mm front both hull and turret, sides are 95mm, it's impervious to anything. It rules at any 4.7 (along with the Sherman Jumbo, its front armor is impervious for any weapon of its tier), it's a good tank if you wanna research rank 3 and 4. But I think it's a little bit unbalanced, other nations should have their own monsters at 4.7 I just had a crazy match with this tank, I upload the replay if you wanna watch it, it's insane how much damage it can take Churchill Impervious.wrpl
  8. Evita cualquiera que sea "ball", busca las fragmentarias "F", las explosivas en los cañones "HE" y las incendiarias "I", no tanto las perforantes "AP" ya que siento que no hacen tanto daño ultimamente
  9. Si has encontrado un bug lo mejor es que lo reportes aquí: Hilo cerrado
  10. Como ya lo dijo Smin, si detectan un bug esa url es la única parte del foro donde se deben de reportar, no aquí Hilo cerrado
  11. Creo que no jugamos al mismo juego, con mis 12 mil partidas en wot solo pude desbloquear un tier 10 y algunos tier 6 en otras naciones. No tenía cuenta premium pero a veces había promociones y eventos y así conseguía días de premium y algo de oro, sin embargo el avance seguía siendo lento. No hay punto de comparación
  12. Which tank? for example with the M36 the aims takes a lot of time to stabilize (same the M18 and many other tanks), sometimes when I round a corner I don't search for a weakspot, I just shoot, because some players are very experienced and they already know where to shoot, sometimes it's a matter of instinct
  13. Se que a muchos les parece una exageración los RP necesarios para desbloquear tanques/aviones, pero si lo comparan con el "otro juego" verán que no hay punto de comparación, en el otro juego es mas tardado sin duda
  14. I just notice there are different sources depending the language of the article
  15. Pero que necro tan brutal Hilo cerrado
  16. No estas "baneado" tal cual, las partidas personalizadas son administradas por los jugadores y tienen la libertad de elegir a quien dejar jugar y a quien no. No hay nada que hacer, simplemente mandale un PM para que te permita entrar, es la única solución. Intenta volver a entrar, si no te deja envia un PM. Un ban real es cuando alguien del staff te impone una sansión, o el sistema mismo en caso de que hagas mucho team killing.
  17. Ya habías hecho un hilo sobre lo mismo, cierro este y dejo abierto el otro Hilo cerrado
  18. No se puede desactivar, no es algo malo, en una de esas aparece un x200 de RP
  19. I always upgrade the crew skills "repair" and vitality, because I didn't consider the rest important at all, now I'm thinking about targeting and rangefinding, since I have enough RP points, should I increase them too? shoul I spend some eagles? do they help at all? what's your experience about those skills? :dntknw:
  20. Warning: This suggestion is LARGE wall of text, so please be patient and please try to read it all, I promise you gonna like some of the ideas.   I've been working on it for some time and I hope you like it, I must warn is not an historical MM, maybe semi-historical + performance, the planes I put in the first table are examples only I have made it mainly for Realistic and Simulator, I'm not sure how would be apply for Arcade because the multiple respawns, but I think there is no problem because arcade has simplier mechanics, and yes it is for both planes and tanks, but I decided to make the example only with planes   We want differents kinds of matching, somebody says historical somebody says perfomarce; well whatever we choose there are potential flaws so I tried to make this, and the idea of the ranks is not mine at all, I must thank to I_MIKE_I  for the idea of eras for the tiers, something like this (sorry for the horrible letters, I'm bad at design) [spoiler][/spoiler]     This is just a fan made example of 10 tiers and reserves divided by semi-history performance/duels, the can be change if they have better overperformance than an enemy and I repeat these are examples, the real problem is how do we avoid jets fighting props? how does the Me-262 fight some historical battles agaisnt the P-51? how do we avoid the Sabre fights the Me-262? well that's why I suggest that every rank has a value for every plane The system in general suggest battles of players of the same rank and occasionally 2 or 3 of the next rank if there are not enough players in the rank and for a fast queue   Values   I made a table of the value of every plane in every tier, I tested with many numbers and many were failed and led to fail teams being outmatched, until I found theses numbers are the minimum to goal a good match; multiplication tables in this case the 3rd and I missed some numbers to seperate props from jets and korean jets from ww2 jets, the best solution seems to be even higher and higher numbers, again sorry for the bad image   Ok now here is the explanation of the thread: Every plane/tank has a value corresponding to their tier, for example every reserves has a value "1", you add every plane + every plane so the team gets a total value called "team value". If we have 15 reserve planes the total value of the team is 15, if we have 16 planes/tanks is 16 and so..., then the enemy team must have a similar team value that will lead to the same amount of planes at the same tiers or something approximate, so the match gonna be balanced   Good, now an example of higher tiers: let's imagine the La-5 and the Bf-109 G-2 are at the same tier 5 and have a value of 15 each plane, so a battle of 12vs12: Bf-109 x12  vs a team of  La-5 x12 is balanced because both team has values of 180 (you know 12x15), but... what if there are not enough soviet players of the same tier? imagine only 10 La-5, well the nearby tier (next of previous) can participate if they dont add a much bigger value to the team, example a pair of Pe-2 enter to the team and everyone of them have a value of 12, so now do the math: La-5 x10   +    Pe-2  x2 =   (10x15) + (2x12) = 174,  174 is close to 180 so maybe another Pe-2 can enter to fight, no problem because one more plane would mean a team value of 186 for the soviets, still close to 180 (german team value) and balanced because is a match of 13 planes vs 12 planes, the soviet team has more planes but there is no problem because the extra planes are from a lower tier And this can go the same for the Bf-109, if they are not enough they can add more planes from a different tier   Now another example, the Me-262 vs P-51, how to get balanced: Maybe you want to fight Me-262 in your Mustang and vice versa, but if we put them at the same tier we can get full teams of 262 fighting props and that would end bad for the props, but the system I suggest will allow some historical matches with chances for both sides:   Now imagine an allied team of 8 P-51 and two Tempests, so the team value is: every planes is tier 7 so.. 21x10= 210 Now the axis team must have a similar team value but they must include some 262 jets, so we get  7  Bf-109 K-4 (tier 7) and 2 Me-262 (tier 8), the german tier 7 planes have the same value of the allied props  7x21=147, now that + the 262 value, every 262 is tier 8 and they have 27 value, 27x2=54, ok then 147+54= 201 Yeah the total value of the team is similar to the allied, so the germans will have 9 planes and 2 of them are Me-262 vs allied 10 top props   With that we avoid full teams of 262 against simple props, we can a have a full prop team fighting another prop team with 2 jets but not more, same goes for the Me-262 they will fight against 2 or 3 cold war jets but not a full team of cold war jets   Spread of the Values   Now, how are we sure the team value doesn't go far and the the 262 example is true? Ok, there must be a limit between the difference of the team values, so we ensure the teams contains players of the same tier and only 2 or 3 of the next tier, here is another table and here is another sorry for the image   It goes similar to a multiplication table like in the other value table, the higher the tier the higher the spread but this doesnt have a big spread in the last ranks so we avoid even more the korean and early cold war jets in the lower matches, this last sounds rare but I already tested with maths and almost the korean war jets will only fight themselves   Following the last example the spread of the allied team and the 109 K-4/Me-262 team was 210-201= 9, the maximum for the rank 7 is 16 so the match respect the limits but doesnt allow to add another 262 (value 27), so yes the example showed a possible balanced match, 10 props vs 7 props and 2 ww2 jets If you remember the other example of the Lavochkin-5 and the Pe-2, check it too: 180-174= 6 and limits for the tier is 12, the match macking accomplished it.   If the MM respect the limits of the maximun spread every battle will be balanced and the most of the planes will belong to the same rank, come on do the math with the different ranks, I already did many scenarios and looks good at the moment  ;)s   Possible flaws and the solutions   Nothing is perfect, for example 7 Me-262 vs 4 Sabres: 7x27=189  vs   4x45=180  they have similar team value, you dont even need to watch the table to see the limits of the team values and see the flaw of the MM Solution:   1) Increase of the Sabre's value 2) MM would not allowed teams with numerical advantage bigger of +1 on high tiers, making impossible the match because is a 7vs4 players match, so the 262 team will be 5 players then the MM wont allow the battle because 5x27=135, that's out of the limits   3) Don't allow battles if there are not intermediates ranks in the team, making possible battles of 8 vs 9 vs 10 but never  8 vs 10, 7 vs 9 and so...   MM can take into consideration the spread of the higher ranks, so it would pull lower planes to fight much higher tiers Solution:   I think it won't be a real problem if the MM considers only the spread of the lower tier players or the tier of the majority of the players, it would say "this is a x tier match, take the values of this tier only" and announce the tier for players comfort   When the spread of the team value is small for example 3, the MM can take a reserve plane and put it in a high tier battle to fill the small gap, like in the P-51 vs 262 example the difference was about 9 so the MM can perfectly put a german reserve biplane or any other plane with a value of 9 or less Solution: There should be a limit to put players of different tiers, for example 2 ranks spread as limit or so     Any other flaw you find post it, and feel to comment anything related Basically the system will use arithmetics, so I hope it will be fast to queue and simple to understand I spent 2 hour typing this thread so if you find an orthographic mistake please you know, feedback is needed and welcome  :salute: