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  1. Lul, the bv can land safely with only 1 aileron and flaps. I dunno but it seems like you guys need to work on your aim
  2. Its a baby tu4, but as you can see there are ppl who cant make it work :s
  3. You know, wikipedia is such a reliable source that it is forbidden to use/quote at my university.... Still 7G are more thrn enuff to make it bleed speed faster than anything and turn sharper than an i15. The horten is an excellent plane and basically made for rushing the enemy team on berlin.
  4. Gunship mode! Use standart belt on 13mm and universal on 20mm. Im using 500m gun convergence. Just go and drop your load ( huehuehue) on bases and do gunship things while going there. And getting gud with the 13mm also helps a lot with surviving. Im maintaining a 2.5ish k/d in it:)
  5. M82 has less engine power than the m71 gotta be moar carefull with your manuevers... Keep some speed in your Turns, no need to do full elevator turns all the time. Fly it less agressive. The m82 is a lot of fun, good fighter at 4.0!
  6. "outturning" welp, you know that i can outturn a griffon spit in a fw Dora, or do 335? It depends soley in your speed(and the enemys speed) whether you can outturn a plane or not. Its not a fixed value/characteristic of a plane! And who needs good turning planes anyways:)
  7. P40 is not a turnfighter, its not like in arcade turn and burn in every plane. Most important thingie you wanna learn us how to conserve energy and hold your altitude while dogfighting! Also stallfighting and scissoring are usefull manuevers to know! You might not wanna watch somebody like jengar flying a plane... He isn't that good tbh... Bismarck's or Messersmitt's channels are more educative than most others. Dont even try and play like phlydaly or like a similiar YouTuber. They just seem good bc they use their best matches to showcase planes!
  8. Flew the d12 tday, still shreded when i hit the enemy! Maybe you were hiting with the 151/20's and not with the mk108?
  9. Sturmpanzer II !!! Best used in city maps! You can kill enemys whilst shooting next to them = kill arround corner :3.
  10. Yes, but its just like that in replays. They are far from precise.
  11. I have the same issues. The fw190 D9 jumps arround when doing an reversal at higher speeds, +500kph ias). Its roll is absolutley broken for me. Even rolling on low speeds, +220kph ias makes the plane wobble tremendously, just like if the nose would be to heavy and then the instructor over comoensates and the plane becomes next to impossible to aim! It seems like the bf110 and also some sabres suffer from this! My computer is connected via cable to the router (fiberglass 120mbits d/l). I had 0% pl and 30ms ping on eu servers and 72ms on ru servers. That shouldnt be the issue! Yet it feels like the plane is lagging! Its not only a rb thing:
  12. There is no way one can spawnkill in RB. :'D
  13. EC is always a test for WWM!
  14. Replays arent that accurate, neither local nor serverside! For not getting killed in headons: 1. dont headon 2. dont just roll to one side, change directions mid dodging 3. dont give them your planes full profile. Give them the smallest area to hit -> your planes side!
  15. Well, if ur flying spits, i guess its sorta a l2p issue combined with the lack of german attacker:) And wyvern is much better than the il10...
  16. No, they are just overhyped, especially the p47 and p51. Its the same with the tigers, overhyped af.
  17. Welp thats basically EC or hopefully worldwarmode!
  18. Welp, high altitude is actually simulated quiet good in WT. Just bc the p47 is good at high altitude dont except it to be ufoesque. You know if you go 280ias at 1km or 10km doesnt really matter bc air pressure will be the same, cus IN AIR SPEED. You might have more Engine power than other planes at high alt. But thats ALL what changes. The p47 is a heavy brick at all altitudes, it likes to go fast. Thats it. And yes murica 4.7 will get dragged into ger 5.7 bc there are litterly no murican planes at 5.7. brits wont fill that gap bc griffon spits will get dragged into 7.0. to fill up the game the MM will drag all the 4.7 planes into 5.7. also murica gets a lot more played than germany. And ger 4.3 will get dragged up to 5.3 for the same reason. Especially since the fw190d9 is at 5.3, and therefore gets spammed for obvious reasons. And you will never get uptiered by more than 1 BR unless your squaded and some one picks a higher br plane.
  19. Try a 4.3 Lineup, pz 4 H, G, wirbelwind, 109g2 + me410 or the hs 129 "Duck". The falltruck fits in there, i thinl the dicker max too. Or try ostwind and ever other lower br aaa as tank destroyer, ull make allied rsgequit