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  1. There is only 1 late .50 p51 worth flying! Thats the d30 ditch that slow xxxx d5 and get to know a new plane with the d30.
  2. Plz no
  3. Next mistake, lf mk 9 doesnt outrun a k4.
  4. Well, as i said, you might wanna get in touch with your provider to work out your problem. There are many points in a network which can choke on that data. Issue is not the size of the packetd transferred but more so the mass of them. Might also be an issue how your router prioritieses packets/connections of certain devices. But that issue is pretty shure a network issue somewhere between your computer and the providers server!
  5. Yes, cannons shrapnel and do massive damage even at long distances. Also not evetytime the critical hit system shows up, even if you got pilot sniped. Get a higher vitality value for your pilot and you should be better off. Never the less, you dont wanna get git in the first place:)
  6. I took the He100D in a couple of Br 4.7 matches, apart from the really bad firepower (before small calibre buff) it still was competetive and could kill(tickle anything to death). its a great plane, really fast in every single way and high perfomance! if it had 1*20mm it would easily be at 4.0/4.3 or a bit lower due to fragile heating. but if you wont get hit, its not an issue and you can hunt down and outrun most planes you face (@4.7). P51D5 is slower than the heinkel 100.
  7. im sorry but what you are experienced wasn't server side issues. IF those pings would be server side all of you guys would just had the same issues. Thats your connection goofing up and getting packet loss and choke on some random data. Or its a problem your isp having. more planes in close area = more work load for the network bc the close you get the more precise the flight path will be transferred. Thus making YOUR connection choke up on something. If your playing on Wifi, thats your first thing to work on!
  8. thats your issue right there...
  9. Never do spiral climbs against a 109 at low to meduim altitudes (0-7k). They are lightweight and get a really powerfull engine! The most ufoesque 109s are F4, G2, K4. All of those are powerfull and a master in energy fighting at their tier!
  10. Welp its okay for me, but as soon as the average pleb dies so fast to the enemy that they come faster to you than you can reload something is terribly out of balance. And tje w/l represents that quiet good!
  11. Until you get swarmed by enemys, cus your team died in 2 seconds....
  12. Yes there is bad pilots in every team, usa planes just cant handle turnfighting and climbing. Thus making them less forgiving. You can not fly an us plane without brains, but you can turn and burn in spitfires and zeros all day long
  13. Better get used to ridicolous BR's on the japanese side. Gajin does Br adjustments with win/lose k/d statistics of each and every vehicle. If there are enuff ppl who watched red tails and believe in the shown planes performance you get high brs for good turning planes. In pearl habor, as they jump in their p51's :" they might be faster, but we can turn better" Thats sadly a pretty good representation of the american hypetrain playerbase. Thats also why america has incredible handouts in terms of br!
  14. Tbh ru is more or less on par with panther2. The panthers gun is an ohk if pens, ru pens everything but doesnt ohk. Speedwise they are quiet similiar in going forwards, backwards ru is faster. The ru would b toptier with gunstabilizer but without its not easy to break and place a carefull shot, if you got pressure In you. The ru is more of a better armored scorpion!
  15. D10 and d20 are the exact same as d5. Better put a talisman on p47n15 or d30
  16. Tbh 7.0 is kinda fun, atleast for me. Im running Panther2 as primary Ru215 secondary And sometimes the tiger 2H, +ho229 and coelian (cus o dont have the kugel for now. Its rather good cus 2 fast guns wich are rather powerfull! 6.7 is still painfull. The long 88 on a fast tank is way different than on a slow chassis.
  17. K4, d12/d13, g56 are all very Competitive. Spitfires might be good but their pilots are bad in 99%. Apart from that spit pilots dont seem to know how to fight a plane that is not a zero but still outturns em. G56 at least is a hard counter for spits. A spaded k4 will do loopdieloops above spits
  18. 4.7 jumbo when downtierd does exactly that. Its a road blockade only a few tds can stop!
  19. Yes armor is armor and metal is metal there is no differences. Not even when you use modifying alloys.... Thats why planes are made out of cast steel and weight only 3 tons. Ffs no, there is a lot more to Armor than just metal plates...
  20. There is nothing wrong with These guns, they are less shotgun and more precise. So the 109 doesnt kill its your own fault, not the plane :).
  21. Errr nope?
  22. Lul, .50s are fine and by far most consistent, purly bc the ammount of pew pew they spit. But everybody believes himself in here, so meh, plx buff .50's... And drop tiger to br 2.0!
  23. K, absolutely butcher that conparison. Apart from that its not like that finns shot down russian planes with peashooters and biplanes... There is a massive step between biplanes and a D9. There is much less difference between a p51& 262. it is noticable but not thaaaaaat massive. Also you stated 100 p51 on 5 262. going with that youd have 100 biplanes on 5 d9's. If they would use the glorious american tactic to defeat 262s on the runway, yes 100 biplanes could absolutely work out against 5 d9's. If you wanna see a more equal number of experienced pilots and more advanced planes take a look at the first few month of the Fight above the British channel. Brits got slaughtered back then. Untill they could improve their spits performance 109's and 190's butchered them. Apart from that, a 262 might only have a flight time of 15-24hrs on their engines. But you could swap them in 30 min each...
  24. Air superiority was won by numbers of planes, not by their quality/performance. Yes muricans did build good planes, but no where as close as propaganda hypes them :).
  25. Meh, thats just not true, fw d12&d13 were 6.0 for a looooooooooong time. Havin them downranked is nice but they did fine. I flew the d9 a couple of times in 7.0 its doable if you know your Stuff. But if you turnfight in any german plane, you'll suffer a lot... And if many ppl do, fw gets downranked to a sealclub br
  26. If you say so....
  27. The 162 gets better with more upgrades. It redlines in a dive close to ~970kph ias. It retains energy in the vertical really good, but you dont want to turn sharp, if your not aligning for a killshot and need to adjust in the last second, do reaaaaaaally big turns. Doing that wont bleed its speed and keep you fast. Also when you wanna turn arround fast do it with going in the vertical. Mine is spaded close to beeing spaded, it isnt the jet with the highest acceleration but its enuff and surprisingly fast. Another thing you wanna do is take off w/108% then throttle to 100% for a few secs and then up to 104% again for the climb. You want to climb to 2-3km and then get to the fight. If your unfamiliar with the 162 dont go in and try to brawl in a 1v4 dogfight, thats the hortens job, the 162 is the little fast plane many allied ppl will just overlook in a dogfight and then get jumped by it :).
  28. Lol, k4 is one of the props with best pwr. 2000hp on ~3.2t would like to have a word with you. Mk108 is also unpleased. No need to jump any one, you can spiralclimb everything to death. Its way better then so "op yak 3p". Why the hell is everybody so focused on turning, its gonna get you killed anyways....
  29. Learn the maps and their sneaky spots, dont lemmingtrain, play with friends
  30. K spade the k4 then we can talk again how bad of a fighter it is... Rly man u got 12 battles in it. Apart from that most ppl in tank rb suck when it comes down to a proper 1v1 dogfight. Spits arent bad at all. Just sain that germany got some really nice fighters up its sleeve. Espcially havin the 162 in 6.7 tank battled is in many cases instant win when toptiered in terms of air superiority...
  31. no need to swap ammo, hvap kills planes and tanks , yes all those planes might not have the über ground pounding capability, but the can clear the skys fairly good, even facing the "so feared" griffon spit... and then there is still the me41B6r3, that thing is better than the 219 in every aspect... and yes having air superiority is also a pretty good way to win a tank batle if the enemys cant get any CAS...
  32. 50mm on the 262, and a arado b2 for cas. A fw 190D12/13 for cas and excellent planes. And the mk108 is death to all open top tanks! And if you deal with enemy cas fast enuff most of them will probably end up in a spaa or in the hangar...
  33. 109 k4, Ta H, he162, me 262, all the counters you need.
  34. The 162 needs proper "energy" management, it takes some skill to fly it. But oh boy its fun if you fly in two fingers! And getting performance upgrades helps that lil thing a lot!
  35. Id take any jet (w/armament) every day over a prop. If you know how to, props will loose a fight 10/10. Also the he162 is probably the most underestimated jet at 6.7. its fast as f and keeps energy in verticals like nothing else. The biggest mistake ppl do in it are sharp turns, then it looses all its speed. If you keep doing big turns while maneuvering its a beast. Its basically a 190 with a jet engine with a few 109 genes. Uh and plz dont listen to somebody like orange doom, he is just not that "op". His vid on the 162 is just complete misinformation! And "only the topspeed is better" so it cannot be that good is BIG difference when it comes down to prop v jet. A 300-400kph ias topspeed difference will give you 1 - 1 1/2 km difference when going vertical, no matter what a prop does, he will always be lower on energy than a jet, thus will always be on the passive\defensive part of a dogfight. The jet however gets to choose when to engage and disengage giving him the option to choose wether to live/play carefully or to die! Speed is the key and will always be in planes. Thats a reason why i dont like spitfires.
  36. Sadly not everybody is able to spend ridicolous amounts of money just to get to top tier in ONE nation!
  37. rb

    Thats a Joke...
  38. Bc as rewards would increase so would the premium reward...
  39. Yes, its insane, it wasnt that bad back in the days. I'd love to see a faster grind for f2p players. Grinding tanks w/ premium feels just as fast as grinding planes without :o.
  40. 4.3/4.7& below
  41. 129? 162* its one of the faster jets in 7.0 and retsins energy like a champ. The 262 id basically a 109 with jet engines, just like the metoer is a spitfire with jetengines
  42. Yees yees, germany much op, brits so underperforming... Plz tell me more...
  43. if the shell "explodes" outside of the plane in a puff, thats a spark it will in 90% of the case not damage your opponents plane. if you see glittering on the enemys plane then your shells do hit and cause damage!
  44. always use airtargets on german cannons! nothing else! or stealth if you wanna be sneaky, airtargets will provide tho most bang in the belt for any german cannon!
  45. Welp yes but neither of those planes belongs to 4.7 or 5.3. not to mention the d9 d12&d13. Funny thing, the pasta g14 is amazingly manueverable at high speeds and feels really good. I havent spaded it yet but i dunno y the german and italian one has a different br. Nevertheless g14 is no 5.0 material. Its performing just fine in stock condition... Tbh id also showcase k4 vs d30 bc its a pretty common sight! Maybe d9 v d30 too.
  46. K4 stomps the d30 in low speed stallfighting/siccoring. D30 stomps k4 in highspeed manuevers... Its pretty even
  47. Nope, they also include the feature dont see were you shoot bc of bullets flooding the air in front of you...
  48. best ammo belt for .50's is usually stealth or universal.
  49. yes every 1 goes for italians, less ppl play germans 7.0!
  50. "sparks" are when you see puffs outside of the plane, just like tiny explosions. the shiny glittering you see is your shots connecting. Apart from that do .50 work with kinetik energy ripping things apart and not relying on chemical energy like 20mm mienengeschoss. you cannot compare those two gun types! API is not explosive, its incindiary, it will light fuel tanks on fire, is probably) a bit lighter then AP and thus will do less damage at higher distances cus less kinetic energy!
  51. its cus APHE, has an explosive filler, were as a solid shot (AP) will go straight thru the plane only destroing what is within its flight path. Always go for most explosive in belts if you want to kill things fast :).
  52. There you go with a nice Wingmanplay against an allied team which roflstomped the axis, except for me and my squadmate. In the beginning he jus tdidnt care thats why hes going to the deck, but also comes back up after realising that i'm all alone up there. Sadly i didn't record it, only replay. There is a mix of every "fighting-Style" more or less effectively applied. Flying a plane with a strict mind set will often not work, it will restrict you to very forseable manuevers! 2017.06.15 2v6carry.wrpl
  53. If you shoot below ca. 150/100m you'll hit with both gun types.