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  1. 1) I can demonstrate my more or less completely white Me-262 w/o custom skins in any random battle to any player but 2) + Hunter makes me wonder: is there a possibility, that we got Hunter before said patch?
  2. So breaking news: and what we can see in list^ dannyGrim So, dannyGrim can you say us how long and what type (no real name, please) of software?
  3. But I can't understand how you managed to create the room with one German player and one USSR on the same side yesterday - one of you joined as a creator, but the second?
  4. Promised option of manual creation of room is enabled. At least US vs JP manual room creation is working OK.
  5. We can choose what to remove in options: 1) title only 2) nick (including title) 3) type of vehicle ( in that case all you can see is tiny blue "triange" )
  6. Not again this "umlaut-all-the-world". "ü" and "u" is the same for normal educated people, who knows, that their alphabet is not the one on the entire globe.
  7. Happens for most SB users for the last two days - but only in "regular" battles, not reproducible in custom or test flight. One player even created a bug report with video on RU forum. Guess what happened to bugreport..
  8. Latest DEV server - not live yet. DM AI small boats in air maps: will now use the armor system of tanks rather than the outdated system they used before. Also changing from 15mm to 4-5mm of RHA Thanks to _mike10d P.S. But I have feeling that Lobby is our window to DEV: as of yesterday 1000 rounds of 7.7mm Ki-27's MGs can kill 3 landing crafts and 300 rounds of Ho-5 can kill 3 too.
  9. You have zero SB flyouts in J2M4. Plane is nerfed to the hell 4 days ago and currently shittiest japanese fighter.
  10. Germany: only 219, unless you prefer be flying pinata due to scripted stall for 154 at the end of normal for any plane pulling the stick Russia: P-47D-27 if you like to BzN or Dolgushing's La-5 if not UK: Typhoon 1b is the best option Japanese: Ki-87 is a beast, yes, but.. but you will see only endless hords of B-17 -> A-26 -> B-24. And this is not exaggeration - 2 of them will destroy all carriers in 7 minutes, and your 30mm and hi-alt power will not help you due to turreted 12.7 brownings > 30mm in this game. So buy 190 for BzN and head-to-head vs B-25 and A7M1 - after latest FM update this is very good turnfighter.
  11. Ok, my old topic cannot be found after forum upgrade, so new one. (server update) DM: Ho-155 (Type-5 the same): HEF: "explodeHitPower": 25.0, -> 30 "explodeRadius": [0.2,1.2], -> [0.2,1.56], HEF-I: "explodeHitPower": 16.3, ->19.5 "explodeRadius": [0.1,0.5], ->[0.1,0.65] HEF-T: "explodeHitPower": 20.0, ->24 "explodeRadius": [0.15,0.7] , ->[0.15,0.91] Мк103 (Мк108 the same): HEI(minen): "explodeHitPower": 30.0, ->36 "explodeRadius": [0.2,1.0], ->[0.2,1.3] HEI-T (Мк108 only): "explodeHitPower": 15.0, ->18.0, "explodeRadius": [0.037,0.2], ->[0.037,0.26], Source: