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  1. I'd also prefer if the crew lock penalty would take into account effort and results somehow. As I see it, atm it's strictly timer-driven. So it's actually possible to fight a match where you kill enemies, get killed, respawn and kill somem more, get killed and yet still get a crew lock... This I find annoying - but it's not an extreme problem because there's still other countries to used in the meantime.
  2. Hi Schindibee


    I'm writing you because I want to report this guy VCI_POFIG_SNIPER for Team Killing

    Is not a simple TK but a slow and sadistic TK.

    He pressed me against a downed tank, lifting the back of my tank. Making me an easy target for the enemy


    Look please the first minute of replay ( in the capture point) and say if this guy deserve or not be banned permanently.


    I think warthunder  should get rid of this kind of players.


    Thank you very much


    Here the replay of the match and 2 screenshots.




    2017.03.21 16.35.19 BAN VCI_POFIG_SNIPER.wrpl



  3. Naja, ist mir vor allem wegen Monthy Python's "Knights of the Holy Grail" in den Sinn gekommen, mit den Rittern die als Tribut immer ein Gebüsch (a Shrubbery) fordern. Du weisst schon, the "Knights who say !!!"
  4. Depends. Afaik, when they were introduced one could purchase 9 different types (3x deciduous, 3x coniferous and 3x palm leaves) and of each type 6 could be placed (on 6 slots). Then the sets were stopped, and the different types could be won in Warbonds, I think, but then always just 1 per type. Then later two other types ("desert shrub style") were added, also just 1 piece each...
  5. Hab den Kleinen erst seit gestern im Einsatz (RB), damit aber schon ganz interessante und überaschend erfolgreiche Spiele gehabt (wenn ich's rech tim Kopf hab den allerersten Match mit 2 Kills überlebt, beim zweiten nach 4 Kills eine Rache-Bombe von einem meiner Opfer auf den Deckel gekriegt), speziell wenn man bedenkt dass ich ihn noch nicht modifiziert hab! Dabei habe ich aber mindestens einen Tiger II H mit einem Schuss weggeklatscht (also HESH...), und auch sicher ca. die Hälfte der anderen angegeriffenen Ziele geoneshotted... Im Allgemeinen zeigte sich bei mir die HESH als "sicherere" Wahl, und ich für momentan nur die mit. Die geringe Munitionskapazität ist sicher sehr schmerzhaft, aber sie zwingt einen auch dazu - zusammen mit der sehr fragilen "Panzerung" - sehr vorausdenkend und behutsam umzugehen, was ein interessantes Spielerlebnis erlaubt. Eine feine Eigenheit sind ja die beinen unabhängig abschiessbaren Rohre, das kann in Situationen in denen der erste Schuss nicht die erhoffte Wirkung hat wirklich über Leben und Tod entscheiden. Der Kleine ist auf jeden Fall ziemlich einzigartig, und macht viel Freude! Relativ mobil, sehr gut versteckbar (nur wenige Fahrzeuge lassen sich so "verblumenkleistern" wie der Type 60...). Ich nenn meinen "The Ninja-Shrubbery"... = )
  6. That's exactly why I put "realistic" in quotes. COuld also have said "realisticish"... ;-) Immersion is the more important factor to me, as well as the "watering down" homogenization issue any more thorough mix of vehicles woulr result in...
  7. Well, it goes against my perception of "realistic" if mixes of countries which never fought side by side have to fight with the same mix - including their own country - as adversaries. That'd even be wors e than the very common "captured vehicle" issue. I already find today's method which most comonly mixes countries which were friends, but actually did not fight together in the same theater as pretty far fetched ang counter-immersive, but I understand it as a useful method to reduce queuing times... What I'd personally prefer however would be a more strict separation by countries and theaters, e.g. (in these examples WW2 only - it does look different of course if we go post--war...): US vs. JAP US & Brit vs. GER USSR vs. GER What I always wrinkle my nose at are e.g. USSR & GER vs. US&Brit, or any other similar, historically nonsencsical combination. I find however that this got much better with the introduction of the Japanese tree, which led to a very high frequency of Axis vs. Allies, pitching GER / Jap agains US / UK / USSR. Also, each contry has it's specialities and peculiarities, and mixing everything together just results in one big uniform "goo". Here I always like to bring the comparison to WoW, which atits beginning featured factions, races and classes with very distinct differences, which then with later updates and at least partial "homogenizing" of capabilitis within and between factions/races/classes led to a situation where more or less everybody could do more or less everything, with little perceptible differentiation. That's where they lost me as a player...
  8. Afaik usually we don't know the exact mix, but basically yes. The "specialized" ammo often is very good for something, less good for something else: A full HE belt for example is exellent against aircraft, but won't help you much if you want to defend against enemies on the ground. Full AP is good against ground targets, but has less killing power against aircraft. The (usually) mixed default belts lie somewhere in between, and are good against aircraft (although you may need more hits than with HE-only belt) AND against ground (although you may need more hits than with an AP-only belt - you see the trend...). So you see it's pretty much depending on the situation, and the question you probably ask yourself is always: what targets do I expect in this match? I personally almost never spawn in a SPAA (almost exclusively RB player), but will bring the SPAA as second or third vehicle. If I know that there's little opposition in the air, I focus more on armor piercing ammo, if there's a lot of enemy aricraft I'll focus more on high explosive ammo. And if I'm not sure what to expect, I briung a more "balanced" mix, which then often consists simply of a full oad of the Default ammo...
  9. Ha! Hahahaha! Just got that little thing yesterday, and only had two RB matches, but those were extremely fun! Sure, it is as fragile as a raw egg, and the low ammo count is very painfull, but it's - depending on the map ofc - very well possible to hide in unusual places and get some kills in before geting spotted. It is certainly on eof the most unusual vehicles in-game at the moment, and needs to be handled accordingly - which is probably one of the reason why it is so enjoyable...
  10. I have had my first really good Centi match yesterday (Centurion Mk.10, RB Poland vs. Sowjets, uptiered), and quite possibly exactly thanks to those points (but actually without having read this thread here - just a coincident that I took that tank out of the hangar since a loooong time, haha!). I ended up in a moderatly good hull-down position, and managed some kills over the lake, before getting te deadly attention of an aircraft...
  11. Hello, 
    my warthunder ID is Carius_tiger217 
    I remove my account accidentally at 22/03/2017. Please help me to recover the account. 
    There are T29, stvr-81, is-2 revenge, and tiger II in the account.

    My Game Account: 

  12. Customer service Hello, I am a game player from China, although I play the Thunder Thunder game there will be a lot of packet loss and so on, but I can guarantee that any unauthorized vpn software into the game, But also did not use any cheating software to play games, hope customers find out, to lift the account of my account, because my English level game this statement is written in Google translation, hope understanding, thank you!

    My Game Account:

  13. @chrisinkcmo, the lead argument / complaint your bringing is in my eyes due to a vast misconception about that vehicle you name there specifically, the M18: That thing is very fast, and can be easily used to get to a cap before anybody else, and thus is often used that way. I also use it that way myself sometimes, e.g. when capping points is an unlocking requirement for a decal or something - but then I'm fully aware that I paint a big flashy target on my forehead... Meaning, just because the Hellcat is good at capping first, it doesn't mean that that's the best way to use it! One thing shoulöd be 100% clear: If the enemy sees a point is capped early, he can safely assume it's one of those nimble but soft fast-movers, and start salivating because of a quick and easy kill: You have taken away one of your key advantages (mobility/stealth-combo), they know where you are - so they'll drop some arty on you or kill you with direct fire - which even with MG's doens't need a lot of skill when facing a M18. A "safer" way to use the Hellcat would be to go around the battlefield the long way quickly and most of all stealthily, and set yourself up at strategic locations where you can ambush the enemy and then quickly get the hell out of there and relocate before the enemy can return fire! Plaiyng the M18 Hellcat in my eyes needs quite a lot of patience and care - something that's easily overlooked when looking at it's fast speed as one of its most well known features...
  14. Has the cost to enter a battle been increased or was it always 350? Or is that level dependent? The issue I have is that I need to get a good army together, which costs easily 20K-25K credits, plus then need to find an opponent where the rewards of a win are significantly higher than what I need to spend on an army. But to find such a match I need to easily flip through a dozen or so maps/opponents until I get one which is profitable enough - only to have the profit reduced massively yet again because of the high price to pay each time we look at the next opponent... To sum it up: at the moment at my levelit's nearly impossible to advance any more money-wise, with only a net profit of 10K credits or so per day... How do you guys see that?
  15. Yes, but you forgot one important point: 5. report the player who harassed you! I'm aware a lot of people don't believe in this or in it's efficiency, but trust me, such players only learn to behave well towards others when frustrated if they have some consequences. So if harassed, send a report - we'll take it from there! = ) Edit: actually your point 4 can be very tricky - such short-fused-people tend to have their limited supply of fuse even shortened by "smart" responses, whcih can easily lead to even more escalations - and that won't help anybody. So simpl yignore and report...
  16. Hi folks Now with a recent installment of the new biweekly decal tasks we were able to unlock the Decal "Emblem of the Cavalry School in Chiba": I find it looks very nice on my Japanese tanks, but sadly I do not know what the symbol means, and so far I couldn't find anything anywhere in the webs... So, is any Japanese or Japanese speaking person here who could kindly explain the meaning of the symbol? Same actually goes for the symbol we could earn when Japanese ground forces finished closed betta (sorry, couldn't find a pic of that just now) - what's that one mean? Little anectode about the importance of knowing those symbols: one of our company's cars is decorated with two chinese symbol stickers, and I once observed our visiting japanese distributors seeing those decorations and starting to laugh: seems like on one side of the car someone put the symbol for "dragon", and on the other side was written "chopsticks"... I just hope I don't drive around in my Chi-Nu with an advertisment for ramen noodles or something, haha! Thanks in advance for any hints, Schindibee