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  1. Ground vehicles

    Guys on the dev server the M60A1 is now the M60A1(AOS), so no point in arguing.
  2. Ground vehicles

    Yeah I saw, need to get this put in implemented
  3. Ground vehicles

    I was looking up stuff on wikipedia (Im a scumbag, I know) and I came across the M60, specifically the M60A1 which has been confirmed for the game, I noticed the M60A1 had 2 sub variants to it,  the M60A1/AOS and the M60A1/RISE. The RISE only had minor improvements all around that would not really be noticed in game, but the AOS had one specific improvement that would change the way the M60A1 is played, and make it more different from the current in game M60. The M60A1/AOS had gun stabilization, similar to the in game T-10M, and the confirmed Leopard 1A1 and T-62. Introducing the M60A1/AOS would not only make it more balanced to the other new tier 5 tanks, but it would let the M60A1 play like it should be, a shoot and scoot tank.    What do you think? Should the M60A1/AOS be added over the regular M60A1, beside it, or not at all?    1st Party:   3rd Party: