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  1. Pretty sure it is copy paste from B-24
  2. Guys since when do they release the pre-patch announcement with everything in it and NOT give us the patch in the next few days?
  3. Well see the patch go live soon...
  4. We still have not seen more on WW Mode now that I think of it, bet the patch will not come until they talk more about it.
  5. This is very vague
  6. April fools showed amazing implications of that "level" same with helicopters, and how well those things can work in game and how gaijin even knows how to do it right. Honestly like smoke, I would just give it time.
  7. Little late on that one, he was hinting at the M60A2 "Starship"
  8. Just harder to use, but the RaJaPa HOT gets the job DONE especially the annoying people that simply hide behind a hill and throw ATGMs over like they should play it
  9. Doubt they would do it into a sunday, so nah
  10. RaJaPa is pretty HOT though, so 3, which is about all you need.
  11. For 1.71, very likely with the Type 60 already in game
  12. Wiki says the M135 was (Which is on the M728 above) , not the M57, but I cant find the M57 anywhere.
  13. Looks exactly like the M728 CEV, why not get the real deal?
  14. Uh so beautiful, with that amazing hull angling you could just point the edge of your hull at the enemy for bounce city and the turret is already bouncy! What are all the T95E#s that got hydropneumatic suspension?
  15. Server is not up, people have to data mine it.
  16. Hmmm....I guess we gotta get the Canadair CL-215 then?
  17. Dont think we will need dev server when it will most likely already be released.
  18. For 1.71 most likely
  19. 1.)Also the hydroneumic suspension, from the T95E1, but no one has actually showed a sourse for what variant of like the T95E1s actually get those things, which this variant might not have. 2.)All APCR/DS shells are underperforming by usually 100mm. 3.) If I remember it is a more modern modification than the T-62, if I am wrong there then the shells it gets (underperforming) definately are at least. 4.) Correct 5.)Last I heard the Chief 5/4 or something was the only one to get those shells, and it was one of the steel brew variants which we clearly do not have. They are not adding the M39s to the B-57B so they should just not release the patch.
  20. What issues besides of course us tier 5 armor values/T95E1 variant confusion on what it did or not have? Maybe smoke canisters not being able to be used on tanks that have them modeled, I dunno.
  21. But, there has been FFAR pods and HVAR clusters for the US found in the files.
  22. T95E1 is APFSDS (300mm) HE and Smoke
  23. Ugliness always has the good side effect of bounciness. Only reason it is in the heavy tree probably is because it has an ugly mushed turret on par with the M103.
  24. Maus got massive buff, its 75mm gets smoke rounds, meaning it gets 100 free smokes to put wherever it pleases, it will now be the best support tank in game.
  25. Tanks/Vehicles

    Was talking about the mk5 that has been confirmed
  26. Will be really good for stratageys
  27. Russians...gonna br a whole lot less effective to make cover to cross into other lanes
  28. So not realistic, realistic would mean impervious on 90% of the turret to 400mm heat Why is it in front of the M103? Its worse without the 105.
  29. I meant what are the armor values
  30. What is the new US top tier's armor? Is the M60A2 right? Is that the 120 on the T95E1, and is its armor good enough for the heavy line?
  31. Pretty sure the US also still uses one as a trainer, might have better luck with that.
  32. MiG-15 still in service in North Korea
  33. Were toatally not getting another devblog today, right @Stona
  34. Pretty sure that one is a duh we are gonna get that vehicle
  35. This mean US speedy tanks can be un hindered top speed wise? Fastest tanks in the game all cap out at ~70km/h except for the object 906 for some reason
  36. I am guessing itslian plane and other devblog every day for marathon until realease of dev server at start of june...what else are we getting today? I am guessing an American, Japanese, british or german thing since we have not seen something yet, maybe new T-55 similar tier 5s?
  37. I thought all the early ones did? Edit: nvm, context issue
  38. And even now before the nerf in 1.69 those are underperfmorning with the simplicity of the game model we have now, you cant flip over tanks bu shooting them or rip off a turret front of normal tanks, hull break is limited to smaller ones. Having the highest kinetic energy of any conventional tank cannon should mean something.
  39. For some reason APFSDS has reallistic post pen damage, but every other solid shot is underperforming. And saying it is like other APDS is a lie, the files were extracted and was shown it has much more damage and shrapnel for having a fin strapped to the back.
  40. APDS-FS was changed into a nuke round, only it for some reason.
  41. That is where it gets into opinionated territory, does Russia not have enough tier 5 respawns? Are the T-62 and T-10M not good enough? What about poor Britain?
  42. The point is being iconic should not be the only reason to add something to the game, it should bring something else to the table. It is purposely a crazy example to make the point clear.
  43. So you are saying we should not add something just because its iconic? Lets just wait to see if every other nation gets new top tiers, like M60A2, Leos, Chief mk 5 and the like
  44. Little boy and fat man were very iconic parts of WW2
  45. Just realized, with the italian release we will get an italian release tree...does this mean we might see updated progress trees for every nation?
  46. But why would they put it on so soon, even if its the next blog it will be monday the soonest.
  47. O **** out of left field. Its gonna be impossible to kill anything with that, lets hope Italians get some DEFA cannons. How does this stuff even get leaked? I doubt this dev blog was supposed to come out soon, they like to work their way up the tree and they are in rank 1-2...
  48. And if we are talking about US aircraft, we need more Turboprop engine aircraft, such as the A2D Skyshark
  49. "I heard from a guy" Well the AD-4 is confirmed, P-51H is old confirmed (might not be anymore), and T30 was being talked about a lot.
  50. Can someone play some dig dug for some of that nice data