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  1. The main problem is that optics should not be able to absorb full shells-shrapnel, in average i agree that there is some overeaction as i find that american teams mostly win vs USSR-GER the times i play (late night European time) But optics absorbing any kind of shrapnel-shells is highly unrealistic and should not be the case for any tank, not only the is-6, if anything else, a shell hitting optics should generate even more fragments-shrapnel than the shell simply passing through armor, if that is fixed the tank is fine where it is, it's just that other heavy tanks around its br (tiger2-t34 etc) should be able to counter it frontally, and not rely on gimmick vehicles like the m56-type60 sprg etc
  2. When the patch rolled out, i had just bought the type 60 sprg, after 15 games, i had 9% w/l in it due to terrible rushing RUs and the is6 spam, i tried to keep playing it, suffering loss after loss playing japanese at 6.7, along the then quite terrible german teams on average (sub 10 % w/l, even after only 15 games is telling enough) When i spaded the jagtiger just before the patch hit i got a respectable 60% w/l, indeed i'm quite a bit above average and can sometimes carry mediocre teams, but not terrible ones In any case, after getting too tired remaining at a sub 30% w/l with the sprg for the first days of the new patch, i just bought the m103, and it was the perfect solution, those unkillable is6s became easy kills, and i was no longer paired with rushing blind tanks like the RU, also due to the huge amount of is6-RU players, i was 60% of the time fighting along in the 6.7-7br bracket even using a 7.7 tank What i want to say with this wall of text is that if you can't adapt to the meta using a certain vehicle, just try to make the meta have to adapt to you (insert "in soviet Russia" jokes)
  3. Took out the chief yesterday and went 13-0 during two games using solely apds, mostly oneshots shooting at ammoracks, and didn't notice any difference to before shooting at crew, guess you were just unlucky :S
  4. The m103 is fine at 7.7, quite a bit better than the conqueror that i had a miserable time spading at 7.7, the m103 is a joy tbh, imposing, well armored frontally, good acceleration and amazing post pen damage this patch, no way does it deserve to go any lower than 7.7, it is fully competent where it sits, also currently and due to the amount of RUs and is6s downtiers are far too typical, where it mostly obliterates the opposition (also due to the amount of is6s it rarely fights IT-1s and stays in the 7 to 8 bracket instead)
  5. It seems like the machine gun bullet passed through the hole made by the cannon, didn't know that was modeled :P
  6. Once we took two days off at primary school because they found a german 250kg ww2 bomb near my school in athens, staying home playing crash bandicoot and need for speed 2 is quite a nice memory that day, occasionally bombs save your from boredom
  7. Thing is the meta has changed, every nation has tanks that can nullify the is6 such as: m56, cent mk10, type 60 sprg, m47, jagtiger, sadly in the current state of the game and with the current damage model of the is6, those vehicles are key to victory when used well, tigerIIs t34s-29s etc are not good enough atm, lets hope for a turret armor fix asap Ps also smart players can use 7.7 br vehicles and take advantage of the current is6 spam, my m103 loves oneshotting them, and if you thing about playing the maus, now is the time, as 7.7 gets downtiered very often atm, and the maus is basically immune to it frontally
  8. In an unrelated note, i think it's time the bad steel modifier of the tigers gets lifted
  9. I'd say it's better than both with appropriate playstyle, if you mindlessly rush though it's worse than the is3... each vehicle requires a certain playstyle
  10. I would start by changing the turret, i believe that the damage model is slightly bugged, and shots that should easily penetrate in some cases get absorbed, if need be i'd also make its optics not absorb shrapnel, this tank needs a frontal weakspot vs ap-aphe, the optics acting as a spall shield is too much, ideally i'd want another change though, make the maximum br for tanks 9-8.7 and keep the spread at one, move it to 7.3-7.7, if it currently wen't to 7.3 it would indeed be a bit too easy to kill, as it is anyway for some tanks like the cent mk10, m56, type 60 sprg etc, problem is that atm the is6 spam overwhelms the opposition in most cases, also many good players just bought it to have brainless fun, as they saw how effective it is, same thing that happened in the past with 6.7 germans, many experienced players used them to relax and club a bit, when panther II got changed to 7.0 the experienced club nation(ya all) migrated to other nations, making the current german situation at 6.7-7 much worse than it should realistically be (ranting a bit)
  11. Aye, i experience this too and it can be a bit frustrating, seems to be a bug with the model
  12. I quite like the effect, though a 60ton tank acting as a sail can feel quite silly i searched for this happening in real life and found some evidence of it being possible even for the heavier vehicles
  13. At first i thought you cure small animals
  14. It keeps my orange fur in style
  15. I prefer reading the EVO magazine
  16. Using a booster past 200% applies psychological pressure to me and nearly always makes me struggle and play sub-optimally, that's why i prefer the evenly spread out 15% for 10 battles etc, getting a 500% booster feels like a threat
  17. My iq dropped by 50 points reading this post
  18. You can put an untrained monkey into it atm, and it'll win 90% of the games vs germany, in any case, try to remain hull down and avoid close quarter combat, hiding your lfp is hugely beneficial, as is keeping some distance, when top tier the centurion has top notch armor, vs the long 88-122 etc though it's armor is mostly butter, if top tier you can be more aggressive and push using hesh for oneshots, when bottom tier i'd use mostly apds and try to deny the enemy an area (sniping-watching over a larger part of the map hull down)
  19. what they need to do imo is fix the issue of optics absorbing shrapnel, the is-6 has a very big aiming optic, and a quite big cannon breach(compared to the size of the turret) those two nearly always absorb shells in full at a frontal confrontation, if this was not such an issue and successful turret penetrations hindered-killed the tank outright, then it would have been much more balanced
  20. It's damage model needs to be overhauled, the hull is good enough for 7, the turret is also very good due to being short and well rounded, but penetrating it and having the optics eat the whole shell is too much, if that doesn't change it easily has to move at 7.3 and maybe get better ammo along with the br change, atm it's a solid shot tanks nightmare (try killing it frontally in a tigerII-t29 etc...) Ps let's also move the pantherII back at 6.7 and put the ru-251 in it's place or 7.3 even, german teams need all the help they can get atm, and a fast high skill cap light tank such as the 251 at 6.7 doesn't help at all
  21. Every time i see frozen pass at anything over t3, i just leave, every time i see tunisia with the cap in the town, i leave too, my sanity is worth more than a crewlock, and being pigeonholed to silly situations and knifefighting is not something i accept unless it's my choice, not the maps
  22. Dunno i always found british tanks very enjoyable, and with a slightly more passive playstyle they can work wonders in area denial due to their good rate of fire, the cae is amazing, the cent mk3-10 are also above the powercurve imo, chieftain is close to the perfect t5 tank (if only it had a slightly better engine and lfp)
  23. Aye i experienced this test driving the m60a1, though it's indeed a (slight?)issue i still believe that it's better overall than the hugely artificially buffed gun elevations speeds we had, also i believe that this might be accurate, as if the gun can stay so stable in rough terrain, i expect it to be able to adjust very fast in a certain range of motion, though i indeed don't know the mechanics of gun stabilization in depth and if that is accurate to real life
  24. balance

    Aye, the situation of 6.7 germans having around 65% w/l some months ago is reversed, thing is germans still have the best 7br lineup all things considered, throw in the tigerII-tigerII 105, panther 2, jagtiger and bring along the best ground attack planes any nation has at that br or any for that matter (ho229, arado, me262 50mm etc) Indeed germans 6.7 lineup is lacking compared to usa(due to number of vehicles) but it's 7br lineup is top notch and maybe that's the new sweetspot (if we exclude the current is6 extreme spam, that can be countered by the ru-251...)
  25. As is the case with nearly anything popular, it attracts more people with varying interests and skill levels, it's no coincidence that most yuppies-lottery winners go for a Ferrari-Porsche only to crash it into a tree a week later, change the Porsche with the king tiger(with a henschel turret) and the tree to an enemy shot to the side
  26. The funny thing is that gaijin screwed over many buyers by giving it such a low br, if it got the 7-7.3br that it deserves i guess many players would not have bought it as they would have thought that it can't perform so well, thing is, armor in such a vehicle is completely irrelevant, it's all about the one driving it, even if the RU-251 got a br of 4(lol) german w/l would have dropped substantially, as a (very)fast vehicle just gets you into trouble faster if you don't know what you are doing, now if it launched at 7.3br lets say, a larger percentage of buyers would have been experienced enough to use it more effectively, at least that's what i thing...
  27. Atm and judging by the quality of players using it it's mostly PTL
  28. My thoughts exactly, the situation is sad really, a 7.7br tank @ 6.7 getting steamrolled by the opposition, tonight playing the 122-54 germans just get steamrolled, in city maps, in open field maps, in every map really, had like 8 wins in a raw against rushing ru-251s, let's hope buyers of ru-251 adapt and find a playstyle that suits them, else i see german-japanese w/l dropping substantially for a while