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  1. The second one was a "by the skin of my teeth" win, also fv4005 is quite amazing honestly, very survivable, the height the barrel sits at allows the utilization of many interesting positions depending on map, and the feeling you get oneshotting is-6s is quite amazing, though i thought it would be a very bad due to the long reload and no armor before i bought it, was very pleasantly surprised, it's not uncommon to survive 1-2 long 88 shots frontally, and with some luck even 122 ones (guess fuse sensitivity and 10mm of turret armor are a nice combination!) Ps the sad thing about the fv4005 is that once a plane spots you, it simply kills you with machinegun-cannon fire
  2. Russians Germans and Japanese mostly get annihilated! pictures for e-peen points :P
  3. Pre boris sound mod, jagtiger, after, pzIII j Oo
  4. A single tank getting 5+ kills carries more than you think :P, spawning in a fighter with rockets after and if you die and getting 2-3 more, carries even further!
  5. I get very frustrated when i spade a vehicle with less than 50% w/l, ideally i want 55%+ on everything, and if i lose 3 matches in a row i usually take a break, or change the nation-br i play at, i'd say i care a lot :P
  6. Bought the fv4005 two days ago, currently sitting at 72% w/l and 5+ k/d, if anything i find brits and brit teams very powerful, even is-6s aren't a problem if a small percentage of the team has a brain
  7. Those spawn points are a bit too harsh, atm and in general the problem is fighters equipped with rockets, a spitfire with 16 rockets should cost much more than a bomber-attacker, as once it expends its rockets (making 3-4 kills at least if the player using it is competent) it can continue on for air superiority, denying the other team any CAS potential if they use attackers-bombers, as it's easy to shoot them down (also, using an attacker-bomber effectively in ground battles is much much harder than a rocket equipped fighter) A plane using 8+ rockets should imo cost 1000sp or more, attackers bombers etc, i find mostly fine with the current costs, and the ho229 and similar planes are too little too late most of the times, as they can't be used effectively with the current plane spam, due to the requirement for them to fly slowly to be used effectively against tanks, something that makes them free kills for spaa-enemy fighters Ps sp gain using planes in ground battles has to be reduced indeed
  8. For someone with experience i'd say 2-3 on average, with my p80 it's not uncommon to kill 4 tanks in one go due to getting (very)used to their trajectory, rockets are on average much more effective than bombs currently, pre 1.67 patch rockets had noticeably more inaccuracy, or that was my experience
  9. Completely agree with those points, rockets are becoming a big balancing problem in ground battles, more so if we take into account that basically only brits and americans have planes with a big number of them(8+), that leaves USSR-Germany and Japan severely lacking in CAS potential, a solution might be to increase cost, or nerf the accuracy, but i'd go with increased cost for realism sake, for example, a plane will cost its base sp plus 100 sp per rocket salvo to spawn, so if you want to take out your spitfire with 16 rockets lets say, then you have to do well in a match, and pay around 1300sp to spawn, a plane with 8 rockets would require around 900sp etc , i would also reduce the sp for capping a base to 150-200 instead of the 300 it is now, making it harder to spawn in a plane during the first minutes of a map
  10. I'd love for spaas to have more realistic-reasonable upgrade costs in rp, as i'm an ocd spader, i just don't buy high tier spaas due to the ridiculous amount of rp needed to spade them, if upgrade costs were more reasonable i guess that more players would use them, and maybe wouldn't be forced to hunt tanks to get any reasonable amount of rp out of a game, having to play a t5 spaa for 500 games till you spade it is a bit ridiculous, make rp required equal to a t5 medium tank or slightly lower (now they are equal to a heavy-tank destroyer of equal br)
  11. I agree on both is6 and ru251, the t29 though might be slightly worse or better than the tiger II depending on map-situation, things were fine and balanced with the t29 at 6.7, with the is6 and ru251 at their current brs though? your final line speaks the truth
  12. Moaning about doing worse using a joystick than a mouse, in a game mode designed around using a...mouse, is like going to a car race, driving with your feet, and moaning because those using their hands are faster, go play sb where using a Joystick gives a big advantage compared to using a mouse, not rocket science, is it?
  13. Spaded the jagtiger just before the introduction of the dreaded is6, 4k/d and 60% w/l, i mostly died to planes, currently the problem is not the jagtiger, but the is6 and general performance of german teams, if used with care and intelligence the jag can(could?) carry hard when top tier
  14. Time to upgrade my poor 650 ti boost, i bet at the start of the current update it'll make as much smoke as the tanks on the battlefield
  15. The fact you are doing bad at the game doesn't mean bias exists, if anything, german vehicles clubbed at 5.7-6.7 for years, brits clubbed and still club at 5.7-6.7, russians currently sometimes club at 7 due to an undertiered is6 and br compression that is a general problem, but if you want to scream "bias", there are other nations better suited to be accused of being favored by the developers than russians, and with some skill, you can do ok with nearly every vehicle at any br range, imo your approach of screaming bias instead of trying to improve and adapt is childish Ps Points made are regarding rb, ab is too chaotic and mixed to be taken seriously in a balance discussion imo
  16. The real question is, does it really accelerate nearly two times as fast due to that 100hp? if yes they it's surely more than worth it
  17. If it really accelerates nearly two times faster to 30km/h i guess its worth, it's like trading a 320 for a m3
  18. If you drive a fast tank either skip the cap and go asap for flanking, or wait for slower vehicles to catch up, you capping and not waiting hinders your teams chances of winning(sometimes greatly) due to the reduced spawn points others get, when i drive something fast, i usually skip the cap to take an advantageous position at the start of the match
  19. I use British vehicles of 5.7 to 6.7 br to complete golden wagers with great success, around 3000 free eagles the past three months, i honestly find them to be quite spectacular, and usually stomp the opposition (cent mk1 80% w/l+, fv4202 68%, cent mk3 74%... like what more can you ask for?)
  20. I currently want : 1 : cheaper upgrades for spaas, they require far too much rp to spade, they are meant to be taken out after your main tank dies, and are situational, the rp required to spade a spaa of 7+br is simply bogus when taking into account their situational nature (equal to a same br heavy-tank destroyer) 2 : realistic zoom levels for optics of tier 2 and above 3 : reduced rng when a direct hit of an ammorack is achieved 4 : nerfed rocket accuracy, i take out my sea fury with 16 rockets, and if the skies are clear, i can get 5-6 tank kills in 3 minutes, quite insane 5 : maximum br for tanks increased to 9, maybe gaijin is waiting for more advanced vehicles to do that, but with the introduction of the is6, the problem is magnified, put simply, some tanks can't be properly balanced with the current 8.3 max, more wiggle room is required
  21. Aphex twin intensifies
  22. Wallet warriors kill the game as much as they are keeping it alive, it's a symbiotic relationship, the is-6 is arguably the first case of a "wallet warrior" vehicle, ru251 is one too, but requires some brains to do well with, the 6.7 br for it is even more laughable that the is6s 7, both have to go at 7.3 asap, and if developers are worried for people buying their way to top tier, just increase the maximum br for ground vehicles to 9 as it is for planes, it's about time to spread some things out, the games population is healthy and can take it Ps drunk typing corrections
  23. I doubt that the majority of income for gaijin comes from Russia, tho the playerbase is the biggest there i'd guess that Europe-america are spending more money on the game overall
  24. Adapting is a sign of intelligence
  25. I never leave due to an uptier, i stay and fight it out, i'll occasionally leave when i get the same map 3 times in a row or frozen pass in high tiers though, so it balances out. I find that in most cases you can still be very effective even in a full uptier.
  26. I remember seeing a video in the far far past, where a random rocket shot from a plane killed someone landing in an airfield 10+ km away, dunno if the same range applies for tank shells too though, but rockets, at least 2-3 years ago, could travel for as long as they had to meet the ground
  27. I play the game for 4 years and rb nearly exclusively for 3, be it in planes or tanks, moving to something else has nothing to do with difference in gains between different game modes, but i'm sure i'd have moved to something else if only arcade existed
  28. The use of English might be a bit unique, but there is a problem indeed with the CAS potential gap between nations, basically around 6br Brits and Americans have by far the best, leaving Germans Russians and japanese in the dust, something that many times is the difference between a win and a loss, as someone competent in a spitfire-ad2 can solo kill 4-5 tanks in one run, something no ho229 or g8n can do, the problem starts with the current effectiveness of rockets, imo they need to be rebalanced to be slightly more inaccurate
  29. As others have said you need to start from the...ehm, start! Go at tier one, in realistic or arcade, doesn't matter, but i'd suggest realistic as it helps you further your situational awareness and become a better tanker, watch videos at youtube of others playing the game, watch-play tutorials and test drive tanks to see where to shoot etc! soon you'll see that 4 kills are possible in one game, not 300 , and i bet you'll laugh looking back once you get a bit better!
  30. I get quite surprised at how well i do at most "bad" tank destroyers, things like the isu122s-challenger-m36 back when it was at 6.3 etc, maybe it has to do with being extra cautious due to the inherent limitations and flimsiness of such vehicles, but in many cases i find that i do better with them than tanks that are objectively better
  31. m4a3e2 (76) w

    Just came out of a game, where using it i soloed 3 t34 85s and an is1, at around 400 meters at the north part of eastern europe, don't think a tiger or is-2 can do the same, indeed the armament is worse compared to those two, but the reload rate and overall survivability along with gun depression etc makes it an absolute beast when top tier, it going at 5.7 can be slightly problematic for those poor t-34s, but it might be a slightly better fit than 6br indeed
  32. m4a3e2 (76) w

    6 is slightly too high, 5.7 is slightly too low, i'd go with 5.85