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  1. With that, the Typhoon and Tempest pilot's note also mention that when rolling, Speed should be at least 250 m.p.h. I.A.S. and the roll should be "barelled" just sufficiently to keep the engine running and to avoid any risk of loss of oil pressure. However I can't seem to find similar mentions in the Spitfire pilot's notes.
  2. Might be of use... I also have a trial report mentioning a Typhoon fitted with a Sabre IIa and a S.U. type A.V.Q. 30/200 four-choke up-draught carburettor. Sabre II, IIa, and IIb were fitted to Typhoon, but it is very hard to find official document precisely mentioning the type of Sabre, the only difference between the IIa and IIb being the increased boost pressure of +11lb, same for the IIc plus a higher boost pressure in economical cruising conditions.
  3. Yup, just noticed that today, the slow revv at the engine start was a problem years ago, it was the only fighter with such a long time before the engine finally revving up, after many complaints they finally corrected it... but with this patch it seems that they reverted it back... The carburetor failure is new too and I don't believe it should be a thing... I was initially enthusiastic after the patch notes mentionning refining about the whole Typhoon/Tempest line regarding the thermodynamics and was awaiting to see if the overheating mechanism changed but apparently not...