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  1. tanks/vehicles

    Might be due to its projected role as an anti-aircraft mount, texto from the book: Also deleted was the PLM mounting, which Raymond Briggs had declared was no longer to be fitted to tanks during the 42nd AFV Liaison Meeting on 14th March 1944. Altought in the event the threat of aircraft attack in the Northwest European theatre would prove to be negligible, the Vickers "K" gun would prove to be very popular with armoured car crews as the most effective weapon against Panzerfaust operators, so the removal of the PLM may not have been a wholly inconsequential decision. Apparently the attachment point for the PLM also existed on Churchill turret, altought the mount itself was never seen on it. Additionally I can tell that it was decided not to mount it on the Challenger from the start as it extended an already high turret, hindered the crew inside the turret and obscured the vision across the roof.
  2. tanks/vehicles

    Might have existed, and if so it could have been the Lakeman mount but apparently that thing was so unwieldy that the crew used to throw away that thing at first opportunity. http://www.o5m6.de/bren_gun_lakeman.html then there were the field mod... https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/106736-coaxe-for-tanks/#comment-2048269 About the twin mounting also known as PLM mount, it can be seen on Cromwell but it is rare https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/46/e4/16/46e4163622e1d6a503335ab36261e2b2.jpg, This was due to a decision about deleting that mount on production line around March/April 1944, this is why it is so difficult to find pictures of it, and I guess the only ones available are from tanks produced prior to that date. However this decision didn't concern armored cars, you can find them mostly on Humbers, it was well appreciated by their crew at the late stage of the war to clean up wooden areas and such without the need to stick out their head.