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  1. There's a difference between "can" and "could". With what he's written here, I don't exactly assume he takes help that well, nor has the patience to use trial-and-error. But I'm going to agree with what others have said. SPAA and fighters can keep the sky clean (especially because many pilots in combined arms don't expect resistance, or don't know how to deal with it), and smart driving helps not getting bombed too (allthough you'll still get killed occasionally - but it's somewhere along the lines of once in a dozen matches according to my experience).
  2. Assuming you have a twistable JS (aka 3-axes JS) you should be able to use rudder with it. May need to bind the twist to rudder control if it's not that way by default. If it's a 2-axes JS, you'll need to bind rudder to a pair of keys (simply for max and min). Not ideal, but enough to win dogfights (you'd use more-or-less the same with mouse JS). Very few cases where you actually need rudder, and using keyboard is sufficient for those. With the keys for max left/right rudder you should be able to stay on course during takeoff. Or with the twist of a twistable JS. May want to try if it's easier to take off by increasing throttle slowly (~50% until you are moving at 10-20km/h, then gradually increasing to 100%). Heard some say it makes it worse, and it's definitly possible to take off just setting throttle to 100%. If you have to use rudder during landing, you're probably doing something wrong. Flying with your engine at 0-50% (depending on approach and plane) at ~200km/h (again, depends on plane), you shouldn't experience too many issues here. You'd only run into trouble when increasing throttle very fast (so make sure to increase throttle gradually if you need to). Just make sure you're flying at a slight pitch-up attitude (while still losing altitude) to not slam into the runway too much. As for spins: Stop pulling (!). This is the most importand one. Some planes will profit from pushing. Use full rudder against spin direction. Some planes may profit from ailerons with spin, or either full or idle throttle. But that shouldn't really be nessecary. It might be a good idea to practise "riding the stall" (pulling as much as possible without stalling) to react quickly when entering a spin (if just barely starting to roll, you can often prevent entering a spin simply by pulling less). Possibly also recovering from a fully grown spin (climbing to about 3km, then pulling and using rudder until the spin stabilises before beginning recovery).
  3. Keep in mind that you will not be succesfull in SB right from the start (unless exploiting, or a natural, or experience from RL or other games). Not having that much time isn't really an issue if you manage to fly once every other day (flying a little often helps more than flying alot rarely), you'll learn eventually. Also, do one or two testflights first, to make sure you can take off, recover from spins, and land (feel free to ask for tips if you can't). As for EC, it can be both. You can focus on killing as many hostiles as possible (-> Deathmatch), taking out specific skilled/dangerous opponents, or on objectives (typically: bomb base, help ground forces (includes soft targets, so you can do that as a fighter too), kill/escort bombers/spotter, destroy AF).
  4. It depends on the JS. It's not as much a tool for making planes easier to fly, but for working around hardware issues. The JS I currently own has the axes jump all over the place, especially near the centre. Would make many planes uncontrollable to use max sens and no non-lin. The reduced sens averages the input out, so the "jumping" of the axis doesn't do as much, and the non-lin helps with accuracy issues near the centre.
  5. I don't have any specific settings (using MJS atm), but I think your sens might be too low and non-lin too high. Low sens may cause excessive input lag, leading to you overcompensating. High non-lin will only help with the JS near the centre. If doing any more extreme manoeuvres, it'll make matters worse. That being said, I don't know for sure if that's the issue. But worth a try.
  6. Well, I got 2 lucky matches too now. The teamwork on one of the two matches was so great, both teams worked together - not each team, but both teams really. They had somebody exploit captured planes, getting 20 kills in his personal AB++ match, only dying once. And when we destroyed all AFs (about 20-30 mins before it was over anyway, so nothing gamebreaking imo), he landed in a forest. Luckily, somebody from the enemy team was in spectator mode, and told us he was, and was also able to tell us the grid. Was pretty sweet dropping a bomb on him. Next match I met him again. Some guys on our team decided to hunt him down. He started insulting after he lost a 2 vs 1, and quit after he got hunted down again. Great teamwork on our team, and one of us quit the match afterwards too, saying he had only flown to bring that guy down. That being said, it's typically still just 0-3 other guys giving pos regularily.
  7. I heard that replays do not have the accuracy required to prove this kind of thing. More visible in air vs air deflection shots, where planes recieve damage when not getting hit, and getting hit without recieving damage. So may really be that the shell just barely hit him, and is a little off in the replay, compared to the server-side calculation.
  8. @Hunternz I just did an EC flyout. Got 2 kills (3 if you count the NPCs that were at one point "Tetsuo and friends"), landed, left the plane after repairing. Then I looked at the rewards, and found no bonus reward for landing, even though it logged my landing ("Landings 1", but no SL behind it). Despite surviving the flyout, and landing the plane on an AF. Could provide screenshots (of the rewards), replay and/or video (of the replay) if nessecary. Would be nice if somebody looked into this.
  9. Some notes on air SB: JS helps, but it's not "near impossible" to fly with mouse. Need to set up proper controls (default controls don't let you fly inverted), and will be at a minor disadvantage, but it's enitrely possible to regularily end up top of the scoreboard flying fighters with mouse (in EC as well, not just combined arms). (And if anyone needs/wants help for air SB, with or without JS, feel free to pm me, or ask on the forum). The manual engine control part is mostly not nessecary (only exception being "toggle engine" to turn the engine on). Trimming is optional, but takes some load off your arm if you fly with JS (with other words, it's usefull but you can do without). So while you certainly have loads of stuff that may give you a minor advantage (i.e. feathering prop if one engine dies), it's mostly about developing a feel for the few more importand things. Not as complicated as you make it seem (allthough not all tank controls are used either). As for the tank suggestions: Manual transmission: Keep in mind that while the plane and engine are usually controlled by one person in a plane, the tank has one commander, one gunner, one driver. One could argue that you simply tell the driver "move forward", and then he takes care of the gear himself. I would, however, like to see a slight modification of this: Choose automatic, but live with higher reaction time of the driver. Choose manual, get better reaction to your commands ("drive the tank yourself" if you want to put it that way), but get the chance to mess up a little. Engine failure, due to bad handling: What you mentionned seem to be rare exceptions to me. Should we ever get the option to have multiple players control one tank, then maybe. But up until then, I'd just assume that the driver has recieved enough training to prevent it. Otherwise, the player (being the "commander" of the tank) would need to pay too much attention to that, essentially making it a one-man tank. It'd feel a bit like an RTS where you have to tell your soldiers to jump for cover if a grenade lands near them, instead of them doing that on their own. As you said, SB shouldn't be more difficult than RL, and the closest "role" a tank player has to any crew member is that of the commander, not driver. And don't forget that even in air SB, every plane gets the option to have the engine automatically controlled, with bright red numbers showing up if the thing overheats. Engines are complicated, and imo, it's allright if you don't get forced to understand them beyond the point of "if red numbers, reduce throttle". The control method you described is allready possible btw. Set throttle axis control to "relative" after double clicking the axis in the controls. Can theoritcally be done for steering and whatnot too. What I'd like to see though, are improvements to aiming. Currently, it's mouse aim and relative to world. Having played Red Orchestra 2 in a tank, the aiming felt more sluggish than mouse aim - easy to over- or under-"steer" when trying to aim quickly. On top of that, if the tank rotated, the aim point followed, so you'd need to reallign manually if hitting a bump on the road - allthough one may argue that this is the gunners job, and can be automated. I think he may just be a little bitter about SB. Many players (at least the pilots) think that WT has great potential, but ruins so much with details - mouse aim for bomber gunners, again relative to world not plane (leading to people gunshipping and "wiggle dancing" in their bombers), the 1km Gaijin Sonar™ (ability to hear other planes, even with own engine on - I've seen some sources that say that simply shouldn't happen, none that say it should) preventing proper surprise attacks, captured planes (have yet to see a source on those being used for normal missions - only alone (when FFI was no problem), or for testing), etc. Note that I'm tired. Excuse typos and brainfarts please.
  10. Indeed. After all, mp refers to millipond (milli-kilogram-force). And I'd like to see someone convert millipond * hour to kilometres / hour. In all my German seriousness though, yes, that's what I meant.
  11. This can't be right. Otherwise good to know though.
  12. I play mostly EC III, but most matches there's one or two of them at best. That's not plenty. Hard to imagine that the higher tiers are even worse.
  13. Welcome to the average WT player. Wouldn't call for cover if the entire hostile team is on his 6. On rare occasions, writing "contacts?" in chat helps. Unless you get teammates who actually think, you'll have to rely on your own spotting though. Just deal with it, mark dots you see, give "follow me" radio command if near a hostile, and "cover me" command (at least every 10 seconds) if even remotely in trouble. Maybe that'll make one or two of them learn. If you want kills, I found it's often a good idea to fly above and in front of the most active hostile AF. The ones not giving pos are often the same that are spawning on the frontline AF, heading straight to the action without climbing, before respawning and doing the same again. Watch the AF for people spawning, wait until they are out of AAA range, swoop in for the kill (if possible with 0% throttle, because Gaijin Sonar™). Rinse and repeat until low on ammo or fuel. Is that spawnkilling? I'd say it isn't. If they had time to leave the AAA cover, they also had time to do a spiral climb within the AAA cover. Their fault for not being cautious enough.