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  1. As @Karamazovnew said: Switch Mouse Joystick mode from "simplified, tovarish)))))))))))))))))))" (which is default) to "standard". As you found out, simplified will not allow you to fly inverted, and limit you to +/- 90° in pitch and bank. Basicly completely useless for anything but heavy bombers. And it inverts the pitch axis too. Tbh though, chances are you'll want a seperate control setup for SB. So might be best to save your mouse aim setup, and then set up mouse joystick controls and save those too. I've made a tutorial for MJS btw, may want to take a look:
  2. At least for the kicks, it also matters how often you shot the friendly. If you oneshot a friendly, it's assumed it was and accident - if you keep fireing at your target, it's assumed you wanted to kill a friendly. Might be that that also counts towards bans.
  3. "Bf" is short for BFW (Bayrische Flugzeugwerke) AG. "Me" only became official once BFW got renamed Messerschmitt AG in 1938 - which was after the 109 was designed. Germans also often called and call all of Messerschmitt's designs "Me", even before it got renamed, and I think I've even seen some official documents (on the internet) where the 109 is called Me 109. Doesn't matter much really, as Me is not used for any other designs. Just don't call it "ME", or "TA", or "HE" and stuff. BF makes sense, BV is even official I think, but why would the "e" in Messerschmitt be a capital letter?