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  1. No wonder when you make 4x the RP per battle. A non premium player would have only made 25k RP in such time and honestly, I ain't gonna pay 40€ for a single tank for a single nation in a F2P game.
  2. Just went back from BR 7.0 to 6.3 with German tanks. A LOT more fun! Playing a Ferdinand is just pure fun-time, sniping everything while you stand like a friggin fortress. No T54, no Centurions, no post war crap, just pure rolfstomping with Germans.
  3. HOLY MOTHER OF.... that's a MASSIVE kick in the balls right there! On topic: I concur, the grinding has gotten WAY too much, especially with Ground Forces. I mean, if you make 10.000RP per day, you will need over a month for a SINGLE Tier V vehicle! That's just rediculous... And we got 5 Nations, each with multiple Tier V vehicles. I am still grinding German Tanks and haven't even started with other nations Ground Forces trees. EDIT: Another thing I need to add here, even though it isn't on-topic (but kinda related): The Silver Lion income is FAR FAR FAR too low at Tier IV-V tanks. I am unable to sustain playing tanks by playing tanks at the moment; I lost about 200k(!) SL in a single day, by only playingy my 10,5cm Tiger II, Panther F and Ferdinand (95% of the time playing the 10,5cm Tiger II), even though I am flying my FW 190 D13 whenever I can.
  4. One thing I must add: The rediculous ammo costs. Some tanks NEED the better ammo (like the 10,5cm Tiger II) and paying 410 SL per shot is just anoying. Even when I have good match where I wreck 3-4 tanks with it; I still make minus, because I shot so much ammo.