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  1. Initially ground RB was 1 plane and 1 tank slot (less than heavies given two spawns) like SB. A team of all air just didn't happen. Mainly because it would be a quick loss with no ability to cap. What I recalled is people watched the score board on spawning to see how many were spawned. Sure there were games where there was an over abundance of air; but, not anything drastic. Heck, now that I think back it might be more frequent now to find most of my team in the air. Even still a limit of air units active would be beneficial. Say 6 per team to just throw out a number. I whole heartedly agree on your conclusions where the problem lies in unequal opportunities for introduction being a root cause of issues though. Along with a few others being the categories effecting spawn costs on subsequent spawns, strategic bomb sizes, and a disparity of point earnings between ground and air.
  2. My fear is that they like it the way it is.... "The Sky is for Heroes!" It doesn't appear at all that they approached this with goals of being fair and balanced.
  3. To simplify greatly.. Elevator authority is how effective you can pull up. A "Shallow Dive" is just coming in fast at not that great of an angle. What I do is more akin to "Skip bombing" and preserves your speed more. You come in fast, drop your load, and continue on. Doing that makes your reduced Elevator Authority less of an issue. What is more important is the ability to make minor changes in your Aim, big bombs, and 2 second delays so you don't blow yourself up. Sure, you can use a Stuka which is way more maneuverable, but they're way to slow and easy targets for SPAA for my tastes. There is a low BR stuka that carries a 1,000kg bomb at a pretty low BR if that's what your thing.
  4. I always use Shallow dives with 2 second delays. It's not much of an issue as long as you're not trying to come straight down on them. Sure, they're no American Aircraft; but what other nation can compete with those Birds of Freedom when it comes to ground striking? Quite literally the best you will get is the F-8 or two 410 models until the Horten and Arado.
  5. There are definitely maps that are easier to Ground strike than others. Some you can see targets a mile away, others are hard as heck. I should do a page on wwiilogs that filters it by map. You don't need to grind all the way up to be effective. For ground striking that Me410 that carries 2-500kg bombs is effective and will remain so all the way to 8.0 at killing ground units and is at 3.7BR. Other than that a Bf109F-4 for Air to Air is all you need and if you want to get crazy the Fw190F-8 at 4.7BR (that can carry a 1,000kg.) That's two Aircraft you'll be set with, in two different categories, and without too much grinding.
  6. In the current meta if you rush a cap, go full on aggressive until death, and jump into a plane you immediately gain Air Superiority; you'll also know where your targets are. In that current Meta the AD-2 is very powerful and rarely will I not get my load off. You'll also gain so many spawn points that you can follow it up with whatever you wish.
  7. I personally find the AD2 the best ground attacker in the game.... It has 2 drops of bombs (1st 2-1000lb bombs / 2nd 1-2000lb bomb) and the 12 rockets. It has a dive brake, is maneuverable, and 20mm cannons. It is also an Assaulter (in the bomber spawn category.) costing minimal spawn points. Basically, you can run the AD2 and a Fighter for about 1200pts total. It's a beast (albeit fragile).. Just need to level it up. Get that sucker in the Air fast and you are pretty much guaranteed 3 kills.
  8. Wow... I haven't encountered any of that and only sporadic rare issues with long range targets popping into existence in ground. Where I notice netcode issues mostly is when flying at high speed. I typically stick to the closest servers for me though (US/EU.) I'm comparing the old days of WWIIOnline though where there was a lot of warping. It was bad...
  9. It is not bad for as much as they have going on though keeping in mind they have Aircraft going 1000kph . It's also very customer friendly as I don't recall ever seeing any warping or other issues. Sure, sparks come and go, but I've seen far worse implementations.
  10. Gaijin is great at modelling, coding, and creating a beautiful game. Their ability to put it all together though leaves a lot to be desired. Their whole premise is flawed and I'm not even sure why they came to the idea to balance the way they do. It semi worked with Aircraft as all can kill each other regardless of BR, but it's still pretty imbalanced and has gotten far worse than it used to be since they introduced the modules a few years ago. It used to be way better before they had those modules that drastically alter your performance at no impact to you rating. Then they implemented tanks and instead of changing their stance on 1 on 1 balance by general statistics where it doesn't make a lot of sense for Tanks, they pushed right ahead and it has been realistic compromises ever since. I personally would have pursued balance by other means keeping Realism. Spawns, ELO, conditions, team composition, etc... Then they started Ships... .. The theater of Warfare that is even more restrictive and having a more power variance than Ground. Do you think they'll ever give up this 1 to 1 idea of balance or will they totally tank the Ships premise? The only hope I have for WT is the fabled World mode where hopefully they'll disregard the whole BR system or for new WWII games to come out.
  11. Where did you get they die more than they kill? I've always seen then hold better than average in Ground RB. Also, they hold about a 30% suicide rate. Air to Air is a wash as for every kill there is a death. I will concede it is a factor in balance though, just not when considering air to ground dynamics as you originally made the comparision too. BR also is a mess in Ground RB as it is completely calculated from Air Rb which is a completely different game type in darn near every way. It is kinda comical that it is used in Ground RB for aircraft. It has been proven time and time again Air earns more both in score and spawn pts. I will lead the board with just 3 kills as an aircraft past usually ground players with more than double my kills. Tanks just dont earn enough. Here is the thing on diversity of play. Not all players want to play all roles and in a team game they shouldn't have to either. There should be balance to the units that encourages diversity across the team.. Right now this isnt the case and as a player if you just want to play tanks, you are at a disadvantage. As Spaa isnt on parity with aircraft and you have to earn the right to fly I think we agree though at least partially in the whole equal introduction aspect. That is a big part of them getting easy kills.
  12. How is Air to Air kills relevant? Shouldn't those be neutral as there isn't any determination if those kills are Fighters taking out Bombers or Fighters taking out Fighters... They are Air to Air kills... If you look at individual Aircraft or popular ground attack Aircraft you will see their K/D is higher than normal across a broader range. You'll also see that Suicides take up a substantial portion of their deaths. I still believe this is more so due to the introduction and strategic bomb loads being possible. Guaranteed Air Superiority makes for some easy kills at first. Then the increased spawn point earnings set up more of them being available and a overall balance shift as they can impact a players spawns so greatly. It seems you are looking at this as a pure Unit balance taken out of context with the actual game meta and what it does to a players ability when they diversify versus someone that doesn't. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're arguing that everyone needs to play the game a certain way to counter these, when the game itself should set the game up to allow counters to be naturally employed. Frankly, it's not set up that way.. You have to game the system to get to Air and doing so is vastly rewarded in every way imaginable. How can they not be overpowered in the RB game meta? Try earning 5,000 spawn points without using an Aircraft....
  13. Their K/D is typically higher than tanks over a larger BR spread; in addition, if you take out Suicides that climbs much higher.
  14. It really starts becoming apparent with higher BR faster aircraft that get access to 1,000lbers/500kg+, rockets, and the longer grind. Existing solutions aren't satisfactory for a higher percentage of players.
  15. The current system is pretty convoluted and not very intuitive. If you want spawn points.. Rush a cap in a SPAA, then take a Fighter Bomber, and bomb those late spawners before Defensive fighters can spawn. You'll than have more spawn points than you can spend. I personally like the concept and advantages spawn points bring (a much greater balance mechanism with varying costs;) however, the point earnings and double costs of additional spawns in the same category ruin it. A flat 1,000 points with no doubling or earnings would have fixed a ton of issues with the current system.
  16. You could look at the "Top Ace in a day" per vehicle to see what is possible in the hands of a good player. That stat is the top score for that vehicle in one match. On the vehicle detail shows the Leaderboard (top 50) for that vehicle also so you can see frequency and how many missions along with unique players have been observed. As RektPanzer pointed out... It's the mechanics of it. They just earn way more per kill than a Ground vehicle does making them expendable and allowing mass spawning of them. I have spawned 4 Aircraft many times in one match and shooting for 5 now with my new lineup.
  17. There also is diminishing returns on scoring in one game it appears. So the quick hard fast one life rush, then exit out into another game seems to play into that. Just arrange your lineup so you only have the one vehicle you are using else you will get crew locked.
  18. I read a post of a player that was grinding by rushing caps, going full on aggressive until death then dropping out of the match to do it again in another. From what I remember it was extremely profitable for them and quick.
  19. Yep.. That seems to be some people's beliefs. Don't like being bombed by tanks unfairly in Ground RB? Then don't play Tanks.. I commend people's perseverance in playing just tanks in that mode. I definitely don't have the determination in consistently banging my head against that wall. Balance in Arcade GF is better though as they limit the ordinance and have a more equal introduction, even with enemy icons, Target cross hairs, and far less SPAA used.
  21. I'm going to agree with you with the caveat that is is not the planes themselves but the mechanics of how they are introduced. It is just going to get worse now that people have figured out the convoluted Ground RB spawn system and are taking advantage of it. They really need to fix the system.
  22. If you adjust your plane lineup to carry a mix of Fighters and Bombers (they are different categories) even on a suicide as long as you kill the target you'll generate enough points to spawn another plane. lately; I've been running with 2 fighter bombers and 2 bombers/attackers; however, I'm thinking of upping it to 3 fighter bombers and 2 attackers as on matches with a lot of Aircraft I should be able to spawn them all.
  23. I believe it's mainly because people have figured out how easy it is to get to planes, how many points they generate, and keep spawning them. Rockets are still highly inaccurate and not the easiest to use. The really need to tweak the spawn system... Until then... I'll be using the planes in ground RB and I'd recommend tanking with the knowledge that you're prey.
  24. There's probably a good mix of ground players that just gave into the system as well... I wasn't always an Air scrub; but, figured if I couldn't beat them, might as well join them.
  25. Its pretty easy to get 4 aircraft spawns if you structure your lineup right. I bet I could get 5 or 6 if I really tried too. M19 M4A3 M18 P-47N F6F-5N F6F-5 A26B SB2C-4 Would be interesting.
  26. "Correctly" Players will play units in a manner that is effective for them and for their team. I use SPAA as scouts and TD's and they are very effective. I personally find them way more effective in that role within WT as they don't use up a Tank spawn. A title is only a name and not a strict guidelines of effectiveness. Being able to spawn fighters early shouldn't lead to more SPAA being spawned initially as they aren't the best unit for taking out Aircraft. Heck, the ground is better at taking out Aircraft than SPAA are in WT. Fighters would be that early spawn and a much more viable solution.
  27. The P-38 started a Fighter Bomber role early on its development. Starting with the F model of P-38 it was equipped straight from the factory with 2 independently triggered pylons capable of carrying 1,000lb bombs. These pylons were strengthened on the G-10 model to 1,600lbs each and finally on the L model to 2,000lbs. The P-38D through P-38G Series, F-4, F-4A, and F-5A Series Airplanes" manual attached; the description of the bomb release procedures are on page 70, section I. The P-38's standard pylons were quickly put to use in North Africa in late 42 to early 43 for doing dive bombing and skip bombing against German ships and ground forces. Moving up through Italy P-38's continued to ground attack and some were converted to droop snoots with a Norden bomb site to lead formations of 38's in strategic bombing raids. Taking place in the Famous Ploesti raids. In the ETO with the addition of the P-51; P-38' groups were transferred to the 9th Air Force and used extensively for ground support to support D-Day and beyond. Please add the historic bomb loads to P-38's to represent its frequent use as a ground attack platform. One that was praised for it's stability and accuracy earning the nick name "Der Gabelschwanz Teufel" due to i's ability to strike deep behind lines and interdict supply. The G/XP-38G is currently lacking Bombs in game and the J and L are carrying only 500lbers. This ground striking aspect of the P-38 is missing with other Aircraft greatly overshadowing the P-38 and dismissing its historic deep multi-role capabilities. P-38F-1-LO+ offered 1,000lb bombs per pylon, P-38G-10-LO+ offered 1,600lbs per pylon, and P-38L-5-LO+ offered 2,000lbs per pylon. Variety of other loads were offered as shown above; however, straight from the factory the P-38's came equipped to carry these standard loads. Sources.. P-38 pilots notes TO-01-75F-1.pdf Technical publication also attached that show the same bomb loads capabilities across models. 147023343-P-38-Lightning.pdf 147023343-P-38-Lightning.pdf P-38 pilot talking about skip bombing with 1,000lbers.
  28. I'm not sure if I follow what you're asking; however, if you asking about suicides where there is not a player awarded the kill, it is covered under the Type of "Accident." If you're looking at the Game type summary page it's listed under the Player Death tables and is why those numbers are higher than player kills. Yeah, exactly proving my point. If you allow players to spawn fighters from the beginning you'll drastically hinder the impact CAS Aircraft can do to the tankers. Right now that action is drastically limited as you have to CAP rush or beat them in the point generation race to get into the Air.
  29. I personally don't find the advantage in using Premium as my play is not very long sessions at a time. I personally find my money best spent on FPE, Parts, and Ordinance upgrades as past tier IV the module grind is real.... Once I have the necessities for the vehicles I want to play, the game is a lot less frustrating and the grind more natural.
  30. A couple things I'd like to see change.... 1.) Gaijin take ownership of the outcome. What I mean is that they appear to have the mindset that they are not responsible for how players use their creations. Shifting responsibility away from the creator to the player. 2.) Gaijin to approach design from a customer experience view. Is this a good experience for the player? How can we make this better? 3.) Gaijin take a holistic approach to balance versus their current stance. I'd like to see a more ELO focus and personal rating used as there are way too many factors involved here.
  31. That's the way I play and I gave up on playing Tanks a while ago. I primarily play SPAA and Aircraft with the occasional tank thrown in when the others are unavailable. Out of 225 logged spawns this patch in BR 5.0, tanks only made up 33 of them. I personally feel Tanks are the last option and the least rewarding unit on the battlefield.
  32. The P-38 started a Fighter Bomber role early on its development. Starting with the F model of P-38 it was equipped straight from the factory with 2 pylons capable of carrying 1,000lb bombs. These pylons were strengthened on the G-10 model to 1,600lbs each and finally on the L model to 2,000lbs. The P-38's standard pylons were quickly put to use in North Africa in late 42 to early 43 for doing dive bombing and skip bombing against German ships and ground forces. Moving up through Italy P-38's continued to ground attack and some were converted to droop snoots with a Norden bomb site to lead formations of 38's in strategic bombing raids. Taking place in the Famous Ploesti raids. In the ETO with the addition of the P-51; P-38' groups were transferred to the 9th Air Force and used extensively for ground support to support D-Day and beyond. Please add the historic bomb loads to P-38's to represent its frequent use as a ground attack platform. One that was praised for it's stability and accuracy. The G/XP-38G is lacking Bombs and the J and L are carrying only 500lbers. This ground striking aspect of the P-38 is missing with other Aircraft greatly overshadowing the P-38 and dismissing its historic deep multi-role capabilities. Sources..
  33. You are missing the Wirbelwind and Ostwind... Freaking monsters and great point generators. If you only have 5 slots... I'd go Ostwind, Tiger, Panther, Fw190, Me410B (the one with two 500kgs.) In Ground RB SPAA doesn't take a tank spawn or double subsequent spawn costs. The German SPAA just destroys those light tanks at equivelant BR. The Ostwind is a Hellcat destroyer too...
  34. Yes I am... In addition to the changes I mentioned before... Keep spawn points but get rid of point doubling. (Keeping Diversity but allowing Specialization not to be penalized) Start Aircraft on the runway (creating a greater time to battle for Aircraft and allow Ground to relocate more effectively) Restrict bomb sizes to 500lb/250kg and below. (Standard CAS sizes that bring better balance between nations as all focused on Ground support.) Throw out point earnings and Give a standard 1,000pts per player. (Simplifying the system and standardizing player opportunities.) Fix disparity in score point earnings. (Tanks earn drastically less per their contribution. Fast firing, damaging weapons earn way more points than 1 hit kills.) This in effect is allowing pilots to start earlier with a greater time to battle allowing Interceptors to set up screens, taking out the Strategic damn busting bombs used in a hotly contested battle and bring better parity in nation capabilities. In addition not penalize players for not having Aircraft or not wanting to use them.. Yeah, that 5.0 BR range is horrid for that in M18's.. I've had matches were no lie most of my team were in M18's at spawn rushing caps or just straight charging ahead. M19 is better as it doesn't take a tank spawn for that.. If for whatever reason I don't generate the 576pts for my F6F-5N I can fall back on a 76mm Sherman.
  35. AD2..... Everyone should use that thing. Easily the best ground striker in the game; but, is oh so painful to level up. It's pretty fragile though, but as long as you don't take any hits and can get in the Air first.. You'll crush a whole offensive. Again, you won't get 10 kills with it but those 4 kills you do get will be heavy hard to kill targets and you'll generate enough points to bring out another great attacker or better yet Fighter with bombs.. edit- well as long as the rest of your team aren't lemmings in M18's... If they can hold the line for just a few moments you'll pretty much win it. Yep, and you can see if you compare Arcade and Realistic... There are 4 times as many SPAA deaths in Ground RB than AB (proportionately.) SPAA are not a great deterrent to Aircraft.
  36. yeah, the average numbers doesn't show how good they are for sure... That just shows the frequency of occurrence in matches; however, doesn't show capabilities. Drilling down shows a better detail on vehicles; especially, popular ones. It's a whole other lineup that people have to level up too and often times don't. Even beginning BR aircraft with ground ordinance last a really long time and are capable even in higher end play. Any Aircraft with 500kg/1000lb bombs or rockets are capable all the way. The US gets them in spades too and are far beyond other nations capabilities. The eariliest of which I believe the Hellcat at 3ish BR? The US gets crazy around 4.0 BR... F6F, P-47D, SB2C-4, SB2C-2. 4 ground striking Aircraft in a lineup and it just gets better from there with Bearcats, AD2, F-84, B-57B.. (14 rockets and 4,1000lb bombs I believe.. I have it but waiting on my tanks to catch up.) I prefer playing 5.0+ with the M19 though.. Nice fast SPAA that will kill Tigers from the side. I run with F6F-5N, P-47N, SB2C-4, SB2C-2, M19, 2-76mm Shermans, and the Jumbo 75mm. I just unlocked the A26 and will move up to 5.3 shortly when i unlock its ordinance. I need to play tanks more though to unlock my 8.0's... I have the B-57B now and some good striker jets; however, I'm not a fan yet.. My Aim is way off with bombs due to the speed and it's a lot less forgiving getting down and dirty. Awesome, we miss you! Thanks for the compliment also.
  37. I'm already against it. Just because I do it doesn't mean I think it's good for game play and shouldn't be changed. I'm just saying it's not the numbers or the fact that Aircraft are over powered from a unit perspective. It's the mechanics of it that are broken allowing Air Supremacy for whoever gets up there first and tons of point earnings for those that get there.
  38. I for one am an Air exploiter... and pretty much every match I play in Ground RB I'm capping to get to Air or abusing SPAA's quick point generation to get there in Battle game types. It's full matches though, with me being just 1 of 32 on a full game, and I can only impact it so much. Other OSS users might not play the way I do; however, I believe we want to see complete data without it showing just how one specific player plays though, right? The P-47N being a rare plane flying; It's pretty much my stats on it. You can see that in the popular player tab with me being 105 of the 126 kills captured with it. I'm still only averaging 2ish K/D with it and a normal run is pretty much 2 kills with 5 being my top (as shown on the Top Aces in a day tab.) I really don't think it's the quantity though, it's mainly the fact that I can pick out who I want to kill as I gained Air Supremacy for free, and the point earnings is so insane it starts off a chain reaction of Air spawning. I really am just hovering around straffing or play with SPAA waiting to be killed, so I can bring the next Air craft in my lineup. I can spawn 4 Aircraft in a game if I try too.
  39. Here man... Basically those stats come from users that run the OSS app and it uploads complete match data to the server. It's broken down by Match BR, vehicles, and summarized by a variety of different ways. It only uploads complete matches so there is not watering down of the data by just early match information. The summary for Ground RB is nearing 10,000 Player deaths logged for this patch and Ground player deaths killed by Air is still less than 10% of the deaths logged. It also can be broken down by Nation, patch at the top, and vehicle types in below. Last patch was nearly 37,000 deaths recorded in Ground RB with near identical breakdowns. 10% might not seem like a lot; however, it's a horrible experience and way to easy to do as an Aircraft with good ground ordinance. It just feels cheap and should be addressed. It's not the quantity, but the quality of those kills and reward for doing it. Getting Fighters up to contest those early strikers would go a long way to make it a better experience. I know some can pull off defending with SPAA; however, my experiences flying and playing SPAA is that they are not an even match for Aircraft and logged data supports that. Pretty much all my deaths by SPAA as an Aircraft I can honestly say I deserved it and was flying carelessly or just begging to be shot down. In addition as players that want to play tanks; do you guys really want to play SPAA constantly? Let fighters up there and you'll have people that want to defend against those hordes of attackers. Hell, I run into them now if they can manage to get up in the Air before I do as an attacker...