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  1. Have you given Ground RB a shot? I find that to be a much better meta for Attackers/Fighter Bombers. The only down side is you have to play a mini-game of "earn enough points to spawn" prior.
  2. That's right.. It wouldn't upload; however, if the player that runs OSS stays and spectates the battle to the end it will upload the complete match information. Including, all players in the match that died to an aircraft and quit out. In the year of doing this; I've never seen that go over 10% in general; however, it does vary nation to nation and BR to BR range. It's important to remember that this is predominately a tank mode though, with Aircraft entering the match late, and with a high percentage of players that just don't fly. For every aircraft that takes to the Air; they had to sacrifice a ground death to get there.
  3. If you want to shred M18's.... Play Ostwinds and Wirbelwinds early as they actually are Raid for those Roaches. As a side benefit; you'll still preserve your Tank spawn.
  4. The problem with this statement is that Gaijin has always said that their BR system would balance inequalities. I'm all for realism and Historical Accuracy, hell even historic tiering; however, that isn't what Gaijin's stance has been. It has been quite the opposite. I'm not arguing if Aircraft are OP anymore.. It's just not going anywhere. One thing is certain though (backed up with stats,) the US is far more effective at ground attack than RU/GE/JP and you are far less likely to be killed by Aircraft on the Ground while playing US.
  5. My suggestion is that if you are frustrated with getting attacked by Aircraft... Play USA and not open topped vehicles until they fix it (if they ever do.) German/Japan/Russia who will be your opponents in Ground RB; just don't have enough attack power from the Air to do too much damage. You'll also have the added bonus of having the best ground attackers in the game. If you just don't want to grind up to the Tier III P-47D and I understand that; you can also purchase the P-47M and save the grind. That cost will save you the grind headache and give you a vehicle that will be effective all the way to end game for a few ground kills. After 5.0BR; I have a tough time playing anything but US anymore.
  6. Yep.... Gaijin has never officially explained the system either.