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  1. no exact figures on the how the planned armour values for them worked are really out there. With the design of the turret front it could be another case of for example how the Ram was handled, they only list the external cover and nothing else.
  2. All depends on where they want to stick it in the lineup. At the very least having the initial specs as set down would be nice.
  3. American's were firing the M86 out of 6 pounders they had. They were also firing 6 pdr ammo out of their M1's. But yes there's no mention of any British units using US 57mm ammo. If anyone did chances are the Canadians would have.
  4. M6A1 (in reality) was up there as well with 15+
  5. Tanks/Vehicles

    If I had a photo I would have shared it last year for sure. No doubt they existed at one point, and if the report still exists in some archive they would be in that.
  6. posted this in may 2015 The APCR was not that great in the 85mm. the 57mm round has a core almost the same size and weight as the 85mm a bit over 1lb. Compared to the US 76mm with a 4lb core, 90mm with an 8lb core, 105mm with a 8-10 or 12lb core. The core is the largely the only thing that matters on a HVAP round, the carrier will not influence fragmentation much and would disintegrate when it hits the armor, it's job is to only get the round out of the gun and on it's way to the target. thus the 85mm round only has a 0.625 kg tungsten core for determining penetration, fragmentation and spall.
  7. none that I know of off hand.
  8. The US 105mm T5E1 used a similar system of blowing air after each shot. the T5E2 version also had two different more traditional designs proposed and mounted, and the T5E3 was to have one as standard.
  9. http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/video/fifth-war-loan-parade-down-pedestrian-lined-fifth-avenue-news-footage/504408483