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  1. aircraft/loadouts

    I was just talking about this vehicle yesterday =p +1.
  2. It's all up to how quickly the devs want to work on it, the M60A1 is by no means bad if you have a nicely trained crew and have all the upgrades. The M103 before the armor fix was a sad heavy, now it's pretty nice, so I imagine that the M60A1 will not have the same kind of urgency the M103 did because the M60A1 already can compete if played correctly.
  3. Well, based on how long the M103 tank took, I wouldn't hold my breath on it.
  4. The turret shape is different at the bottom because the in game version uses an earlier version of the turret, the one I like to call the pre-Yom Kippur war turret. the overlap on the tank one the left was added to reduce shrapnel from jamming the turret as much. However since our M60A1 got turned into the AOS it should get the post-Yom Kippur turret.
  5. gameplay

    I would definitely like this. Moar realism.
  6. Hello, I would like to report on the incorrect gun-breach on the M60 tank. here is the correct gun-breach as seen in the manual in several pictures. (That bottom left picture shows the pins/studs where the gun-breach would be attached to.) Here is the format the gun breach is in game. As seen here that breach is definitely now the one found in the manual (highlighted part in the in game screenshot). My suggestion for the fix, is either make it look like the M48A1's in game, or get close enough to the manual representation. This also means getting rid of the big block on the gun-breach in game that is attached to the gun-shield. also here is the source of the manual pictures. clog: 2017_07_10_07_39_25__21892.clog dxdiag: DxDiag.txt
  7. Hi, I would like to suggest more realistic sights for ground forces sim battles in era V. So, what would be the advantages of what I am suggesting? Well, it would create a more immersive experience for sim battles of that era, and it would get rid of that annoying parallax that we get from when the gunners sight is very far away from the gun's position (M103 and era V British tanks especially). Here is a video from the tank simulator "Steel Armor: Blaze of War" that I recorded. (Please ignore that bandicam bar). As you can tell all you have to do is get the range set in the firing computer and your sight should allow you to hit your targets with a little less clutter in the way. You also don't have to deal with parallax as much as I stated earlier. Mind you it can be a little difficult to get used to at first as you can tell by my accuracy, but I think it would be cool to see, have as it is called simulator battles as well. Perhaps even set it as the default sight when you set camera to gunner's sight in the interface options. As far as functionality it would make since to use your ranging key and that would automatically set the sight to the correct distance when the task is complete. Also one last thing is that the Russian era V tanks would have to use a different sight style than the NATO tanks just for the sense of immersion to set in. Here is the T62's gun sight as seen in "Steel Armor: Blaze of War". You may notice that the sight is not automatic but you have to move that horizontal line up and down. However i believe that this sight is more usable than what we have in game for sim battles. The reason for this is that the little scale at the bottom right of the sight is actually used to range find very quickly. You fit a tank in between the solid and dotted line, and there are ranging numbers above that, if you are good enough with it you should be able to get reasonable first shot accuracy.