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  1. I have no idea on that one, but cross drives are very advantageous.
  2. M60A1 was not mentioned in there, it talks about T95E1 though.
  3. gameplay

    I can understand that, but I wanted era V because that is where these type of sights existed. Thanks for your input though!
  4. gameplay

    Well it would be cool to actually have real commander and gunner sights, although I don't know if people want the sim mode to be that difficult, but it would make a large difference between rb and sb. To be honest sim tanks is not really that much different from realistic, so I'll keep that in the back of my mind.
  5. gameplay

    Seems like a pretty good idea to me, +1.
  6. gameplay

    Thanks Sauber.
  7. Hi, I would like to suggest more realistic sights for ground forces sim battles in era V. So, what would be the advantages of what I am suggesting? Well, it would create a more immersive experience for sim battles of that era, and it would get rid of that annoying parallax that we get from when the gunners sight is very far away from the gun's position (M103 and era V British tanks especially). Here is a video from the tank simulator "Steel Armor: Blaze of War" that I recorded. (Please ignore that bandicam bar). As you can tell all you have to do is get the range set in the firing computer and your sight should allow you to hit your targets with a little less clutter in the way. You also don't have to deal with parallax as much as I stated earlier. Mind you it can be a little difficult to get used to at first as you can tell by my accuracy, but I think it would be cool to see, have as it is called simulator battles as well. Perhaps even set it as the default sight when you set camera to gunner's sight in the interface options. As far as functionality it would make since to use your ranging key and that would automatically set the sight to the correct distance when the task is complete. Also one last thing is that the Russian era V tanks would have to use a different sight style than the NATO tanks just for the sense of immersion to set in. Here is the T62's gun sight as seen in "Steel Armor: Blaze of War". You may notice that the sight is not automatic but you have to move that horizontal line up and down. However i believe that this sight is more usable than what we have in game for sim battles. The reason for this is that the little scale at the bottom right of the sight is actually used to range find very quickly. You fit a tank in between the solid and dotted line, and there are ranging numbers above that, if you are good enough with it you should be able to get reasonable first shot accuracy.
  8. An ultrasonic gauge would give a very accurate measurement, which is why they use them for this, however if you want to change the m60's armor you need to measure the M60's armor, they will not take the values from the M48 and apply them to the M60.
  9. Here is a representation I recorded of the tank simulator "Steel-Armor: Blaze of War" of the Fire-Control system of the M60A1. Who would want something like this for gun sights on top tier? I have an aversion to the ones we have in game sadly. Ignore that bandicam bar by the way =p.
  10. To be honest the case of it's gun shield is very complicated, it is made of 2 cast pieces and welded together, I'm working on getting the over all gun assembly to be correctly shaped, as I find that if we are going to go anywhere to accurate values we need to correct shape in order to get the most accurate armor.
  11. I don't have proof on that as armor schematics on the m60's are very hard to find, but the thickest parts on the turret are the areas where the gun shield goes in to, you see those protrusions in the hole where the gun shield goes in, however anthing past that does't have near that amount of metal that is hard to measure with methods of true thickness, see my earlier post about how i think the gun shield was measured. The armor past that very much relies on putting the turret front towards the enemy. Also in general mbt's of the time then and today generally are very well protected in on a 60 degree arc of attack on the front of the vehicle, this is for efficiency in weight and protection.
  12. This sounds like a good idea, but I wander if the system that battlefield games does artillery would be nice as well, instead of using a camera to follow the rocket, you would get pings/splash marks where the rockets land on the mini map, just giving ideas.
  13. The turret cheeks on the m60a1 had a change. the 230mm and 215mm parts are smaller, and the parts after that have been change to 152-142, although I'm not going to complain about that because i feel like that is more accurate to the tank in real life.