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  1. Looks like the French are getting their air tree before the ground tree.
  2. I'm sure there's a better choice than introducing an Argentinian tank for the Germans.
  3. Oh dear... Nice knowing you.
  4. Did... did you just un-ironically use "it has composite armor" as a reason for the KPZ-70?
  5. Normal tree for the vickers MBT makes sense, as it is a mass-produced commonwealth tank. Vickers MBT in the heavy tank line, however, does not.
  6. You might as well call it Autumn Madness if the bloody thing starts in August.
  7. God I hope so, the alternative of his being serious this entire time is too terrible to comprehend.
  8. No, the Fiat 6616 has a 20mm cannon. The relevant Fiat 6616 Scorpion, the one being suggested, has the 90mm cannon. One was built.