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  1. Conqueror cannot even be called a Heavy Tank cause of that LFP, it's a heavy turreted TD in game and so was in real life, designed solely to take out Soviet Tanks from long range. In the meantime this cannot happen in game due to two things. 1. Map design : Maps are too small and to funelled to make tanks like the Conqueror viable in it's "top heavy" tank role. 2. Gimped ammo due to Era compression and I'll detail this further on. Era compression. Yes it's a very serious problem in War Thunder and is why you have adjusted/buffed/nerfed ammo performance in the game. Let me explain. Gaijin is well aware of the correct performances of US and UK ammo (yes I point these because these are the ammos people have been shedding tears over since years due to them being vastly underperforming) However with the current BR's of US and UK tanks and the current compression from 6.0 and on. realistic performances of these ammo (especially for Cent Mk 3 and on and T29/34 and on) simply cannot happen. Why ? Because the technological gap ammo wise of what was indeed serviced at the end of WWII and what was being researched at the very end of WWII in order to be serviced and/or was serviced after the end of WWII is HUGE. For the UK, it does not really hurt vehciles abilities to clash eachother effectively all that much in the current state of the game. E.G, it's not because you'll get proper 84 mm APDS or 105 mm APDS penetration at 0° obliquity that you'll be able to point and shoot at KT and delete them, you'll still have to aim for the exact same spot at the exact same place, in this matter it does not affect British tanks all that much between 6.3 and 7.0 BR.... Don't get me wrong, the fact that Cheiftain and Conqueror gun still frequently bounce on IS4 and the like is downright outrgaeous i agree. For the US, the tanks they have between 6.7 and 7.0 namely T32/T29/T32 were all designed as an answer to the Tiger II and so are in game in pretty much all department, however US, which did not lose the war and designed ammunition for these tanks that would have rendered the Tiger II armor protection as we know it obsolete while their tanks were already designed to whistand KwK 43 and pretty much any range frontally therefore would have ended up being significantly superior to the Tiger II in the end, calling for an improved Tiger II which of course could have happened in a perfect world but bever happened due to the reasosn we all know. In the end, what we have in game now are US heavy tanks being "equal" to the Tiger II without that "could have happened" scenario, and for now, it should remain as it is. We can already argue that T29 and T34 by design are already superior to the Tiger II because of much better turret armor (50 mm better if we account for the spalling shield) and since they do not face the british, but only the Russians and Germans which mostly rely on APHE, they currently are sperior to the KT (H) due to facing WAY LESS potential threat that could hurt them frontally compared to what the KT (H) faces. Long message but all in all, I just want to explain that gimped things in War Thunder are there for a good reason and this reason is not the devs being stupid or not trusting sources. It's all about giving everybody viable vehicle in each bracket without any being outrageously OP compared to the opposition even if we azll know some exceptions like the IS6 and the T54-47. In the end. I want the game to be 100% historical about vehicle caracteristics including ammo. However requesting it now day and night for some tanks is like asking a free ticket for a club fest and/or a free ticket to see your beloved vehicle finally fixed, but useless due to BR compression.
  2. Well you better wait serious BR decompression before getting these shells because then the T34 could easily be a BR 7.3 vehicle granted it's already an undertiered 7.0 vehicle if you look at the Tiger II 10.5 which is at 7.0 and is similar in performance. Currently you'll end up with a glass cannon which will get screwed over by HEATFS again and again. Ideally if BR's were capping at least to 9.0 T34 could go to 7.3 with these ammos without much issue. IS3 would also be at 7.3 and the Maus aswell and this would be balanced I think, but now. EVen with these ammos, T34 would be either very OP at 6.7/7.0 or totally useless at 7.3 and onwards currently. It might not be historical now, like pretty much 95% of the tanks in game, but it performs fine, and does not need any sort of buffs where it currently sits, if anything it's the IS that should go to 7.3 at the moment, not buffing another tank that doesnt need it just for the sake of history. As I said already you cannot cherry pick history when it does fit.... Everythign in this game is gimped for reasons, not saying these are good ones, but gimped ammo, not in game ammo have a reason to be or not to be and it is called balance, at least the vision has Gaijin for balance which is debatable at best.
  3. Fw 190 D9 at 5.3 with full fuel is very powerful, it climbs like a monster below 4500 meters, barely anything can catch it below 6000 meters in the case of an uptier, it now has an elevator that works and that allows you to pull shots even on spitfires that are applying full elevator while still retaining energy like a god... In a downtier, and flown right, it's next to invincible unless there is a very skilled P47N or P51D30 around and yet, you're still afster than those to at most combat alt. Spitfires are a non issue unless your turn with them because there are still slower than you with much worse energy retention, just treat them like you would treat a A7M2 in a P51D30 and you'll be fine. The russin fighters are the only one I find to still oppose a serious threat especially well flown LA 7 or Yak 9U but other than that my D9 KD is going up exponentially. Now what I want are properly modelled Doras model wise. A lower boost Dora at 5.0 along with the FW 190A9 at 5.0, a higher boosted A8 at 4.7 along with an Higher boosted Ta 152 H-1 and I'll be fully happy
  4. Denial of what ? That SPAA are near as effective versus planes than all of you try to convince your self that it really is ? SPAA is not a hard counter to planes in GF, they are easy to avoid and kill by planes. Planes are the hard counter to CAS, the problem is, Allies can use air effectively to win a match because their planes can do the CAS job and fighter job at the same time just fine. As a result, several players taking planes when playing allies do not result in a loss of firepower on the ground because their planes can still kill tanks. For Germany, taking planes means only less firepower on the ground and it's sole purpose is to kill allied CAS which are often also very great fighters able to defend themselves against fully clean German fighters. The current situation is indeed problematic and imbalanced both due to how you access CAS and the difference in CAS abilities accross all nations. If you think that's not a problem, then the KT spam was not a problem aswell and the T34 and T29 werent necessary additions since you simply had to l2p and use what the game gave you to defend yourself aka CAS which is there since a very long time. Did you do that ? No ofc, despite still having a very efficient way to defeat superior tank, you still kept asking for tanks equal to the Tiger II (H) calling things unbalanced and things happened. Let me tell you my dear friend that german players are facing the exact same situation as you did some months ago and in fact, have the right to complain just as much as you did
  5. Well this thread at least has the merit to highlight the most denial part of the community aka "Allies CAS is not a problem" boys. Just imagine them if things were reversed with nearly all their aircrafts missing ordinance options, broken rockets (cough panzerblitz) when in the mean time they'd get almost instabombed in their very mass produced Caernavon, T29 or T34. They simply are not on the other end of the stick, they've been once with the KT spam wih no mean of fighting back and now they have their small revenge, it'll get fixed before something else will be broken again. The wheel is turning, never forget.
  6. bf

    Not necessarily, the 109 for sure cannot powerdive from 2 km, kill and pull 9G like a Dora 9 can, but it holds other strenght that can make it very powerful if used correctly and at the right moment. from G2 and onwards, you have planes (with the exception of the G14) with an excellent power to weight ratio, great energy retention in the vertical and you shouldn't go horizontal anymore unless you managed to drag an opponent out of all it's energy and there, good flap managment will grant you to outurn almost everything below 400 km/h bar eliptical wing spitfires especially the Mk 22 and the Mk 24 these being much heavier. Also flying the 109 quite regularly, flying it at 500 km/h IAS is still very managable, problems only trully starts at speeds near 600 km/h IAS at low altitude where it'll roll really bad (as it should), the elevator is still ok at that speed though not great(as it should). I think the K4 is not weaker than it's opposition, played properly, it can dominate. G10 and especially G14 are overtiered. In anycase, I find the 109's in the game pretty good going from excellent fighters to alright/good fighters (in the hand of an experience pilot)
  7. T34-85 is not even the shade of what it used to be, anyway, it has a decent turret and good mobility, however due to their new BR of 5.3 and 5.7 they are now mostly free kills.
  8. French indochina history is not what you say. It was a French colony ever since 1887. What happened is that, with the course of WWII and the end of the war the two great last great empires that were UK and France decayed very quick due to being themselves greatly weakened by the War, France more than great britain. In Indochina, a global uprising happened exacerbated by populist and communist movement backed up with both financial and military power of the new superpower the USSR became. France simply could not keep the Indochina anymore which led more or less directly to the North and South Viet-Nâm. There is not anything to glorify there. Great Empires simply did not survive the war, Great britain eventually did similar things through similar means but here is not the subject and for what is about the white flag joke, let me tell you that even USA got his arse kicked pretty hard in Viet Nâm which was a war they simply could not win.
  9. bf

    Honnestlty, the 109's flying reports are probably the most controversial due to the number of versions of the plane, the number of pilots that flew it on both axis and allies side and the construction quality of the said plane. In any case if you want to read reliable reports nowadays, you better not read post war allied reports about the 109 since they flew planes with construction flaws, damaged or even somtimes rebuilt in haste for quick evaluation. It must also be noted that 109 manoeuvrability at high speed, especially for what is about longitudinal stability and roll rate mostly improved over the course of the war by enlarging the rudder first and by making the wings more rigid. Of course at speeds above 600 km/h it could not match newer fighter designs like Spitfire Mk XIV, P47, P51 because the 109 was never designed to dogfight at that speed that could only be acheived in a dive until late 1942 and even at the end of the war, speeds above 600 km/h in a dogfight were rarely acheived even flying on the deck even if they were surely more common the dogfigght still took place at relatively moderate speed that were well within the manoeuvering capabilities of the 109. You can praise the ligh elevator of the spitfire, but in the end, such a feature at very high speed is more a danger than an asset to the plane and it's pilot, if not even pretty moot since a human pilot will not be able to pull more than 7 to 8G without G suit. In this regard, and I think thats also the philosophy of german planes during WWII, they wanted the plane to be safe in mostly all situation and despite the pilots decisions, which indeed came at the cost of plane limitations in some extreme situation, which in the end did not cause much trouble since IRL is not history channel where in documentaries P51 and P47 would follow 109's in dive as soon as they could, some epic manoeuver luike this happened bu they represent the vast minority of how dogfight lokked like and the number of kills acheived. If anything the 109 was only trully lacking versus late war allied fighters in dive situation, fault to it's growing age in it's very design.. Let's not forget that a Spit mk V or Mk IX has almost nothing in common but the name if you compare it to a Mk XIV or better a Mk 22. The 109 remained pretty static in it's design. Bring french, i'd say it's like comparing a Dassault Mirage to a Dassault Rafale. Same name, same purpose, but completely different planes. At last, yes the 109 was outdated at the end of the war there is no doubt. High speed manoeuvrability necame much more important than pure nimbleness in a dogfight...
  10. Sturmpanzer II, there are no mechanics in the game to make that kind of vehicle work effectively even at it's own battlerating.