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  1. funnily enough, The only tank in the game that can almsot ignore the IS6 is the Maus, I bullied them so hard in the event that ended on midday.
  2. Not doubting about the all the qualities of the design of the Centurion, but that's a propaganda/capability exhibit of the tank. It doesnt correspond to an actual battle situation.
  3. As i wrote in the topic mentionned above, APCR and APDS are very very unlikely to get fixed. I also explained why.
  4. i'm all for historical accuracy but at this point, it'll be very difficult to fix HVAP/APDS rounds while maintaining balance between nations especially between 5.7 and 7.3. Yes US had historically more tungsten to put into their rounds making them killer rounds, but historically US never fielded tanks like T29/T34/T32 firing that kind of rounds... These tanks by themselves were equal in design and performance if not superior to the King Tiger. These ammunition could be introduced to the game but currently it's difficult because it'd increase killing ability of US tanks quite dramatically and would need a higher BR to compensate... We all know it's not quite possible. Don't get me wrong, all of this is nice, but implementing it in a game that scrapped technical and historical accuracy to create balance would do everything but good things currently, that's also why Gaijin should never have gone down the way of "prototypes for balance" but should have put it's efforts on gameplay and game mechanics instead of always more and more content.
  5. Type 1936 A and B for Germany
  6. I think BP and Centurion MK 1 should switch place. Both Russia and Germany have many vehicles that can kill it frontally even at 5.7 (Tiger E APCR in that case would be very useful). BP to 5.7. +1
  7. Mhhh I can see this tank very placed at 4.3
  8. German tanks need for sure an overhaul in their DM for sure being by far the worst and the eldest of all DM's around. Heck Tiger II (H) is literally missing it's crew compartment floor platings above it's two fuel tanks which means you can literally OHK any Tiger II (H) from the turret front since it's two fuel tanks seems to magnet every shrapnels
  9. Every Ace with a Cent Mk 10 firing Hesh can kill an IS6. It's not harder than killing an M46 with a Tiger II or a Panther II. Cent MK 10 is one of the few tanks that do not have trouble to pen and kill the IS6. This video does not show many things.
  10. This thing is literally a slightly less armored IS4 with worse gun but is also more mobile. It's 7.3 material just like RU 251 is 7.7 material and just like T29 is 7.0 material. It's the new Policy of Gaijin, releasing Something OP at it's BR to make money and keep players playing their game despite it being broken instead of actually putting efforts into fixing their game. However how could they since they show a blatant inability to adjust the gameplay and mechanics to the evolution of the game. IS4 and Maus still at 7.7 and 30 years of tank deveolpment compressed from 7.0 to 8.0 is the prime example of this. Oh and also, the whole, we can't extand BR cap due to not enough of content is BS, MM uses a very simple algorythm according to set values (BR of tanks) expanding the BR is indeed very much possible but Gaijin doesnt want to for whatever reason.
  11. Japanese tanks are also much harder to come along when it comes to bug reports and stuffs. The whole bug report system is just flawed. Bugreporting Something German will require primary source which Gaijin very well knows that cannot be found, while denying the books that uses these very primary sources in them. In the mean time, US/UK community can bug report whatever they want by using hunicutts or every other random book that claim what they want to be in game and get away with it.
  12. Because the premium IS2 really brings Nothing over the standard one. Tiger II Sla 16 is a very special version of the Tiger II that was built only once by Germany for testing purpose, but it brings much better mobility and better armor on the turret thanks to tracks while retaining all the quality of the Tiger II (H), good armor and good firepower. Premium IS2 is more like a patriotic chronicle addition rather than a vehicle that really brings Something over an existing one if it's not for the income due to it being premium.
  13. Pz IV G and H have way smaller profile, comparable armor (like if 25 mm on the turret were going to make the difference when all gun you face cab pen you from 1500 meters and +) with comparable mobility with sliyghtly inferior top speed. The gun of Pz IV H and G is superior duie to them firing APCBC which fare way beter against slope. That being said the Chi-To is equally great. Late Pz IV's and Chi-o/Chi-Nu II literally roflstomp anything they come across unless it's a jumbo or a churschill Mk VII. They have vastly superior guns to what can be found at their BR. That being said. Japan aint of a great help at 6.3/7.3 for the German tanks. Type 61 is an M47 which trades armor for mobility but it ends up without any armor and without enough mobility. Ru 251 is simply better than it and lower. Japanese needs a relevant 6.7/7.0 heavy tanks might aswell be prototype half finished obscure vehicle for all I care, they need it and Germany needs it too. It doesnt really matter how good you team is, Germany will have very hard time to counter RU+US+UK at 6.7/7.3 almost on their own.
  14. Oh yes a 350 km/h flying plane wiht manoeuvrability of a whale is a good comparison to even a Hurrican with rockets... Not really.
  15. That's due to the overpopulation of Ru 251 that do not do how to play the vehicle. I do not consider myself as a bad player, I think i'm actually a good player and it's true that RU 251 is not Something you can simply get your hands on and straight do fine in it if you are not used to fast glass canon gameplay, my stats with this vehicle is the best proof of it since I'm a German tanker and that my stats even if not negative, do not reflect the real capabilities of the vehilcle which honneslty should vary between 2-3 K/D ratio across the board if everybody knew how to use it. Moreover, even if it's not my case, it seems that most of the RU 251 players use the vehicle to spawn in a plane just like what allies do with their AAA crusader, M18, Russian flak truck, they just want to cap deal some damage and spawn as a plane and wreck form the air like allies do... Problem.... German CAS across the board sucks, let's be clear. Me 410 B6/R3 or FW 190 F8 or Ho 229 simply are not as effective in the CAS role (Ho 229 used to be bu that's another subject) as allies fighters/fighter bombers/attackers, and here we hjave a problem. Yes a Bf 109 equipped with a bomb will be able to kill Something, but just one thing.... Panzerblitz are not nearly as effective as HVARS rockets and the two big rockets that you can find on some german fighters are powerful but they do not cut it... This leaves German teams with moslmty innefective air units and outnombered ground units... I think it's pretty urgent to fiw german CAS ability along with the Japanese one, first, ehance Panzerblitz effectiveness so they are the HVARS counter parts, as well as adding more FW 192 variants that can use those along with adding ordinance to already existing planes like Ho 229 and Ta 152. CAS became very much a decideing factor, especially since allied had no real counter to Tiger II, their way out was their CAS ability and any serious allied player is now mastering it. But now they also have comparable tanks to field against the Germans while still having this way superior CAS ability. This creates an imbalance too. Of course, as a last word, german tankers quality decreased, they have Nothing to groind anymore, they moved to other nations and most of the new comers will play germany of course.
  16. Where was I complaining about prorotypes ? Did i say somewhere they should not be in game or went the "muhhh Shermans fought tigers in real life" way ? No I didn't the proto tanks and ammo things was simply an answer to yopur accusation of the German community complaining the most when actually now it's the US tankers that are crying left and right to get correct penetration on prototype ammunition, it's simply true. Would it be great if penetration got corrected ? Yes it would if ammunition had their correct penetration. Would it be balanced with the BR's we have currently ? No. BR's are simply too compressed for such changes because T29/T34/T32 along with a lot of APDS firing british tanks will inevitably go up in the BR range. It's no secret that if these tanks had correctly performing ammo, they would trash pretty much every late/end WWII German Soviet vehicles. As of why, claiming historical accuracy is pretty senseless anymore when the basic design of the game simply doesn't allow it right now. Just to make my point clear.
  17. Talking bout ground forces RB
  18. 75% of ammo penetration in this game are wrong. Fictitious tanks we never asked for in the first place. Also you cannot pick historical accuracy when it fits you, yes solid shot vs APHE is imbalanced because of how Gaijin designs the game, but it's not the German community that decides such things. And please stop with war reports, this is a game. I do not think british tanks/crew were the only country aware of lap loading and could reliably fire every 6 seconds non stop. Many many things in this game are tweaked in order to acheive balance (which is very much doubtful i leave you that)
  19. Indeed, not mentionning the fact that Tiger 105 is missing Something like 40 mm of pen on it's APHE already got bug reported. Same for Pak 44. This being fixed would nullify the need for proto ammp, but then again, I completely get these are nerfed for balance reasons, in the case of the Maus it's hard to understand why though.
  20. Your German bashing is funny to read everytime. APHE is not Something that is exclusively German. You can hold the hand of Fallenkezef you two together look cute. Primary sources comrade )))))
  21. It was just OP before but now they simply overnerfed it. it cannot aim and Mk 103 need approx 50 rounds to kill anything in ground forces granted you managed to aim. Wyvern and AD2 are placed at a way lower BR and are far more powerful than the HO 229 and can also end the game in 5 minutes. Talking from RB perspective
  22. They nerfed HO 229 to the ground due to constant complain from allied community, they nerfed it's ability to aim, they literally broke the accuracy making the plane shake left and right when firing Mk 103. It's the shade of the shade of the shade of what it used to be. Meanwhile Allies get things like AD2 and Wyvern at stupidly low BR and these are far better at killing ground than HO and any allied fighter/fighter bomber with rockets equipped is 10000% more effective at killing targets from the air than the Ho 229. It's repair cost is that low because it's that bad trust me.
  23. The next BR update is probably not far and I bet we'll see a lot of changes in all nations
  24. Tell me again what is the community that managed to get some solid shot buffed to completely unhistorical level of shrapnel and damage and that now proceeds to send a bug report for every super proto ammo they hope to be given to their super proto tanks as well as the existing ones being fixed ? Not German community really. Also guess what. Ever tried to get a German or anything German fixed ? because you know that apparently Germany needs to show only primary sources to have something fixed added to the game right ? Authors as Spielberger, jentz, Frohlich are simply completely dissmiessed by gaijin. Thats whay the Maus was never fixed, even upon release, all our bug reports got ignored. In the mean time British community managed to bring APDS for the Cent Mk 1 into the game using secondary sources, which is great for you guys. Only pointing that the bug report stuff is a flawed two speed system. Sometimes secondary sources are fine, sometimes it'll only be primary. Why ? Nobody knows, point is german stuffs is the most difficult to bug report and german community simpkly gave up really. I'm really not willing to bug report anything any more about German planes and tank because it's 100% sure we'll be told to get scan from official documents to have it fixed.
  25. Ofc it is you really have to be dumb not to perform perfectly in pure 6.3/6.7 matches with the T44
  26. Lesson, if you know you are driving a vehicle that doesnt not have the possibility of OS the ennemy on 100% probability gor for the gun or the gun breech. Thats what I do any time i come across an IS6 T34/T29 whetehr i meet them frontally or on the side, I always go for dissabliong their main gun of course some crew will die too and I know I have time to properly aim the Killing blow.
  27. Saying the current situation is balanced and justifying it using the current repair system is very silly, yes the repair system is not historical but it's for the sake of gameplay. Moreover, it's currently way too easy to get enough of SP to hop into a plane like a Wyvern or an AD2 which can on their own kill 3 to 6 tanks within the first minutes of the battles using their artificially buffed bombs and artificially buffed rockets. You know what was the CAS effectiveness to ordinance fired ratio during WWII ? It was close to Zero. rockets would 95 % of the time miss their target, and bombs would often deal very little to no damage to a tank unless this bomb was very big and landed very close to the tank or right on it. Yes that's the reality. In the very same way you cannot cherry pick realism when it fits again for the sake of balance. T29 and T34 were never a thing on the battlefield, Panthers and Tigers clubbed allied and Soviet tanks, German tanks broke down due to lack of maintenance and spare parts etc... Reality simply cannot be a thing because we must keep a balanced game (not looking to good at this point) The current groundpounding mechanic in the game is 100% flawed and inacurrate, planes or way to cheap. Something like an AD2 or Wyvern should cost something like 2000 SP to get since how much ordinance it can carry and how many tanks it's capable to kill. Any fighter equipped with rockets should cost 1000-1300 SP to get and any fighter equipped with bombs should cost between 450 and 800 according to how many/big bombs it carries. Why so high costs ? First because Air to ground ordinance is overperforming in accuracy and damages madly much, second because an air to ground kill is worth a lot a lot of SP the same is true the other way around. Period. Currently, you can try to defend current CAS mechanics as much as you want in the current game meta, using as much argument as you want, it will not change the fact that getting a ground Pounder into the air currently is way too easy along it's ability to destroy tanks. The cost or the effectiveness must be nerfed very hard if one of these two aspects remains the same. In short. Increase the SP cost to insane level if killing tanks with rockets and bombs has to remain the same. Decrease both the damage and accuracy dealt by rockets and bombs if the costs remain this low. Anyhow, both are good solution to restore balance. Things currently are plain broken, no matter how try-hard you are attempting to defend it.
  28. They pushed the IS2 down because it never was a real 6.7 heavy in the first place, D shell or not. German community mostly did not complain much, but allied community certainly did, managing to move the Panther II to 7.0 at the same freaking BR than the cent Mk 10 which is miles superior with L7 gun. kek. But yes sure, German community is the one complaining the most... Maybe you missed all the US whine and struggle to get their super proto ammo with the hidden hope their tanks will stay at the same BR to club the hell out of everything they see ? Or the threads suggesting the M46 and T26 to go to 6.3 and 5.7 respectively ? Sure German community is the most complaining...
  29. The only German source we could find is that German exhanched Vanadium for Molybdenum or the other way around, it had to do with the lack of one ressource which made their plate more prone to spalling but not weaker. Again, German primary sources are much harder to find than sources for other nation, for obvious reasons. This also should see a change and secondary sources from reliable and versed authors on the subject should be given more value since what they write is written according to primary sources which they spent time to ask/look for and in some if not all cases spent money on them.
  30. And my point still stands.. You introduced Maus to balance IS4M out, but added HEATFS in the very next patch and powercreeped the end tier since then, without extending the BR cap and without lowering the BR of Maus and IS4M so they are not useless vehicle because that's what they are at 7.7... What do you expect a 188 ton tank that is slow as **** to do when facing ennemy that can straight ignore it's armor with a gun and ammo that can barely penetrate what it sees without aiming fro weakpsot or a tank with what is literally a 6.3 gun with ridiculously low RoF to perform sitting only 0.3 lower than tanks being 20 years more Advanced in their design ? Why does it take so long to Gaijin to expand the BR's up to 9.0 or even 10.0 ? Don't tell me about technology, the MM algorith is just there and it's simply about changing the BR of each vehicle and maybe changing the cap value of the MM algorithm it should have been done since more than a year now. Why ? Why ? Why ?
  31. Except that the game should not model design flaws of any vehicle wether it's design related or historically related. Do T-34 hurt it's own crew when driving too quick on uneven terrain ? No. Does Yak 9T get's structural damage when firing it'w own gun ? No Does La 5 pilot suffer from smoke coming from it's own engine ? No Do German tanks randomly breakdown ? No Tiger II (H) bad armor modifier is cherry picking Something that was never clearly etablished. This modifier was justified by devs from a test conducted by Russian at the end of the war when they fired all guns they had at a King Tiger wreck froml various distance repeatedly until the armor would break and that's it. This does not need to be bug reported, it should not even be in the game in the first place since armor quality across World War two suffered variations in quality for all nations. It's just plain stupid. And Yes Tiger II suffers from it since it literally removes artificially 10 mm of armor from it's turret front. Don't tell me 10 mm of armor cannot make the difference... The worst is, it's not even listed in the armor viewer since you advertise the King Tiger like having 190 mm of armor of it's turret front accounting for the angle when it is only 180 mm effective. Same applies for it's UFP. This thing must go, there is no way to report it, it was an arbitrary decision from dev team. You cannot report or prove Something that was never fully etablished. Again about the T-34 flwas due to availability of ressources or process mistake should not be modelled, no tank should suffer from it. You cannor cherry pick such things. It's either do it to the extreme or do it not. That's basic game management logic.
  32. Problem of this game is that developperts never come back on décisions they made years ago for balance purpose. Bad steel modifier of the Tiger II (h) implemented back in the CBT to make it balanced vs the IS2 without the D shell is the prime example of this. It's no longer needed yet it's there. Can @Smin1080p explain why it is still there when it's no longer needed but also when other vehicles also suffered from well documented armor quality like the early T-34 but yet do not get bad steel modifier ?
  33. I hope people wanting this to be a thing realize this will make the T34 a 7.3 (useless) vehicle right ?
  34. Most of the skilled players simply moved away from German vehicles since there is Nothing more to grind anymore in the tree. King Tigers are still very solid and capable heavy tanks even if not the best anymore since both T29 and T34 are slightly superior to it mostly due to much better turret front armor but that's about it. However the Panther II should never have been moved up and the RU 251 should never have been this low. It's all up to team skills. When Tiger II drivers have skills, they usually dominate the ennemy team because let's not forget that the Tiger II (H) weakness can be easily hidden by angling the turret very slightly to the left, meanwhile even slight angle from the T29 and T34 will make the turret cheek completely exposed to penetration. IS6 is a big slap in the face to all countries at 7.0 Maus at 7.3 would greatly help the German lineup in uptiers vs UK+US+RU. I honnestly have no idea why it's still at 7.7 when stats are simply quite abyssmal and that it is not player at all anymore. It's not even a good back up vehicle in top tier games.
  35. Only 800 meters for KWK 43 ? it normally should go through at 1500 meters and beyond straight on :O
  36. What a load of false information right there.. Russian shattering effect is not represented in the game nor for any nation in the game currently. RU shells have less penetration in the game than Germans and US guns of the same caliber because of their design. Most of their WWII shells were mostly APHE or APHEBC which had worse penetration than APCHEBC shots. Also more HE filler means that the penetrator will be less dense. A shell of the same caliber and design with one having 50 mm of HE filler and the other having 100 g of HE filler will make significant difference on the penetration capability of the two shells. The one with the lesser HE filler will penetrate more armor. The prime example is the difference in penetration ability between the two Tiger 1's APHE shells. The one with 150 g of HE filler will penetrate 140 mm at point blank the one with 100 g will penetrate 165 mm. Also, unless the shell had more than half a kg of TNT equivalent inside of it, the vast majority of the damage to the crew was dealt by the fragmentation of the armor being sent off inside the tank after being penetrate, the spalling caused by the HE filler of the shell was rather minimal since only a minimal amount of the shell's mass would actually be shattered since the penetrator of the shell would still keep on flying inside the tank but would not shatter, and this penetrator is actually what makes up the most for the mass of the shell... The Cologne duel is only a squirmish between dozens of thousands others that happened in WWII and IIRC only one crew member was killed inside the tank, the other died due to his leg being choped by the shell and another member was severly wounded but alive so that something like 2.5 creww kill with one shot which sounds realistic, the crew bailed the tank anyway. IRL it wouldnt matter if you lost one or 3 members of your crew or just haviong one being just wounded by a penetrating shot being penetrated means bailing out IRL. IRL is not war thunderf where you can spot who shot you in the 5 next seconds using third person view and return fire. Vision was very limited in WWII tanks and reacting in time to an unsuspected ennemy was impossible before him firing the next blow which might very well be the killing one especially when you simply do not have ANY idea of what fired at you in the first place. Crews of all nations bailed their tanks even simply bouncing one hit, being hit and not knowing where the ennemy is meant that staying in the tank was simply deemed suicidal. Again WT is not real life. Also about the 122 mm HE rounds cracking Tiger II bad steel quality, german late war steel was not bad, they canged the composition of their armored plate which made them slightly more prone to spall upon non penetrating hits by large caliber gun. Sovier 122 mm HE shell would not crack Tiger II UFP, however hit to the turret would probably jam the turret, kill the optics and the gun. therefore the tank would be inoperable. This has nothing to do with bad steel quality. If you want to prove me wrong and are thinking about the test that soviets conducted at the end of the war on a partially dismembered Tiger II wreck and fired all they had at it from various distance and yes, ended up shattering the armor after a huge amount of shots, then let me tell you that this test does not prove anything but that a tank will indeed start to break down if you hammer it repeateadly and all crew already knew it. Armor fatigue was a thing which again is not representes in War Thunder. That's why a Tiger II can bounce 30 122 mm shot on it's UFP and get away with it or why a T29 can tank 10 KwK 43 shot to it's monobloc cast mantlet without any damage. That's not historical but that'd be complicated to implement in war thunder. One last thing bout armor quality, Russians had by far the worst armor resilience across all nations during WWII, even than late war german armor, yet this also is not represented in the game despite russian armor being the most documented as being poor during WWII.
  37. UFP plates were taken from a German electric workshop, coefficient of 0.45 for structural steel is about right. The point of these spaced plate was mostly to protect the front of the vehicle against Panzerfaust/schrek. It would offer very little additional protection against high velocity AT shells... The plates were simply too thin.
  38. Some tanks would struggle more thyan other but Maus would still be vulnerable to 90 % of the tanks it'd face 1 full BR below it from flank attacks. Also given it's mobility and speed, it'd not be very uselfull to cap points. T-54 Mod 47 is indeed a problem at 7.3 since it's ridiculously overpowered there. It utterly clubs anything it comes across in the 6.7/7.3 bracket and only HEATFS or HESH are reliable against it. T54-47 combines better armor than all 6.7/7.0 heavy tank overall, with very good mobility. The turret rotation is the only thing that is left to be desired but is not bad with 13 deg sec when aced. When you compare the abilities of tanks like M46 and Panther II which are 7.0 medium tanks to T54/47 which is 7.3 medium tank you realize than the T54/47 has literally Nothing to do there since it's so vastly superior to both and is literally immune to them on it's frontal arc in 90 % of the situations.
  39. Yes I think the game is in an utter broken state right now both about mechanics and balance (Speaking bout ground forces) Best solution is to avoid playing higher tiers until next BR overhaul and/or major update
  40. All 6.3 tank can penetrate Maus from the flank. Maus also has a 100 % blow up chance from damage to ammos stored in the hull. I really do not see the problem with the Maus being at 7.3. Again T54 47 at 7.3 is way more trouble some than a Maus at this BR
  41. They do but they are prototype, in the same way, we can say americans do not have any tank between 6.3 and 7.0, yet it's filled with prototypes except for the M56 .
  42. Issue ? What issue ? It's not like if it only had 207 mm of turret armor, was ultra slow, with no zoom and no mobility and would have to fight on garden sized maps... Oh wait, yes it would be all this. Maus to 7.3 would create ZERO issue. The only 7.3 vehicle that should go to 7.7 is the T54 47. This is the real trouble maker at 7.3 mlatches
  43. VK 3002 for the Panther line. as 5.3 medium tank. VK 3601 for the Tiger line as a 5.0 heavy tank. problem solved. Maus to 7.3 as heavy tank for 7.3 bracket and M47 as 7.3 medium tank. Problem solved. Why does it take so long ? Gaijin is probably to busy working on another X Yak iteration or Spitfire iteration or useless low tier bomber.
  44. Turret ring of the T29 is not that hard to hit at any distance especially with the KwK 43 it will take few shots for an experienced KT driver to line up it's shot properly since it's just between the hull and the mantlet, not that you can also angle the KT turret slightly to the right and it'll deny any opponent your bigger turret cheek leaving only a very very tiny spot to aim at at the risk of hitting the mantlet. T KT can also angle it's hull at will thanks to 80 mm side sloped armor everywhere whereas the T29 still has to care about it's 50 mm thick side plate around the engine compartment meaning that angling will expose it dangerously to penetrating shots causing fires.
  45. It's random, I have had T29 failing to penetrate my KTH turret front from about 800 meters flat on it simply turned my crew and breech yellow. It seems Gaijin is trying to model fuze activation according to the amount of steel the shell has to penetrate.. Even hull down T29 is far from being invulnerable to KwK 43 especially at range, again, at range the King Tiger holds the card. T29 turret ring can be penetrated even from 2000 meters by Pz Gr 39/43 while the King Tiger will be pretty much invulnerable to the T29. T29 really shines at close medium range, at longer ranges, it better not trade shots with a King Tiger. The biggest selling point of the T29 over the Kinbg Tiger is it's survivability due to 6 crew members and it's much shorter repair times, other than that when pitted against each other the deciding factor is 50 % the driver skills and 50% the environment. Being myself an experienced KT driver having almost 2 K/D ratio on both KTH and KT Sla 16 (ive only started to play them extensively recently since i never found it fun to club way inferior vehicle) I will never engage a T29 in a close range brawl in a frontal stand off, ill try to get myself a situational advantage or simply move along, however if he engages me straight on at long ranges, I know this boy got himself into some troubles.
  46. first gen APDS were simply discarding APCR mostly, The penetrator design was mostly the same, the performance gain vs sloped armor was marginal and shatter issue was really really a thing, which was also solved with longer penetrating rods. APDS only became a reliable round in the very late 40's early 50's. However you have a point, T34 APCR and APDS would penetrate KT UFP straight on from 400/500 meters in the game with correct performance. However that'd call for a BR increase.
  47. They did better than German ones due to bigger penetrator but APCR remained crappy agaisnt slope regardless, this was solely due to the shell/penetrator design. Even the monstruous T98 ÄPCR form the T34 with it's 498 mm of penetration woul strugglme to penetrate a Tiger II H UFP at range straight on, angled it'd be even worse. 1st Gen APDS were crap vs slope because the penetrator was too short. 2nd gen APDS and way longer rods scarificing 90° penetration due to longer core but this superior lenght allowed for much better normalization through the armor.
  48. It mostly seems like a bug rather than an intentional change shells are inconsistant at best, they simply fail to fuze sometimes which is realistic but then they should also produce more fragments when they penetrate. they just act like solid shot sometimes. I think 122 mm APHE, 128 mm APHE, 152 mm APHE should benefit from the large AP caliber preset
  49. King Tiger has it's correct turret thickness but has a dubious modifier since the release because Gaijin attemped to simulated the "poor german late war steel" so it's turret is roughly 180 mm thick taking the angle into acount when it should be be 191-192 mm. problem of the Tiger II is that it's missing a lot of internals in it's turret especially at the turret edges where it's lacking overlapping armor. Im pretty sure there are also things missing around the gun but i could never find an accurate picture depicting Tiger II turret internals. All I could find was a Tiger II cut open but it seems they took quikte a lot of things out of the turret.
  50. APHE did not change in the way they penetrate the armor, penetrated several T29/T34 mantlet with the KwK 43 today at distances between 500 and 800 meters, the shell will still go through the Mantlet AND the spall shield and kill crew in the turret. If you have to engage it form further away switch to APCR if he's hull down and penetrate his turret at will. Honnestly T29 is superior to the Tiger II only at short distance engagement, at medium distance it's all about who shoots first and further away the King Tiger hold all the advantage : tinier turret cheeks, better RoF, better pen and better accuracy that will allow you to penetrate the LFP reliably even at range while being mostly impervious to T29 shots if you angle your hull and move your turret slightly. T29 cannot go to 7.0 because Tiger II 10.5 cm is clearly superior to it. The only tank that could go higher is the T34 once it'll have it's gun performing correctly, but right now it's inferior to the T29. Tiger II H and T29 and the typical showcase of WWII era Heavy tanks at their best and 6.7 has always been the BR supposed to represent this. 7.0 is the what if BR if the war had went on 1-2 years more and 7.3 is the early post war period. T29 is a fine tank and is a foe to respect but is not more or less Dangerous than the King Tiger. It's all up to who is driving the tank and the environment they have to face. T29 is better at brawling King Tiger is better at sniping, like it historically was also not great at close range (it was only because Sherman 75 mm could not touch it regardless of the angle)