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  1. I do not know if the M56 HEATFS of the M56/M47/Type 61 act the same. but the one of the Ru 251 acts very random, it seems to bounce very very very often when it simply shouldnt and when it pens sometimes, it does not create any shrapnel or the shrapnel just sticks to the path of the shell actually actink like a simple laser beam... I literally put 14 penetrating shots on a T34 which many bounced despite it being impossible according to the stat card or penetrated but dealt literally 0 damage turning some things and crew yellow... After 17 sehlls or so, I ammoracked it finally. (this were 1700 meters shot on Kursk, the T34 was slightly sideways and was not facing me directly) Either way, the survivability of the T29-T34 is way to high anyway. I think they should rework the crew Knock out mechanics, tanks with 6 crews are way to survivable. 50% of the crew dead Inside the tank should equal in crew knockout.
  2. It's even silly to compare this two tanks. IS6 is of course not neraly as armored that the Maus overall but it's a freaking lighter IS4M with more mobility and LESS WEAKSPOTS to exploit ! Yet it sits at 7.0 with a xxxx reload of 15 seconds with only one loaded and even more cramped turret than any other russian tank, only the brits with hesh can reliably take on this tank frontally and deal a significant amount of damage. The RU 251 HEATFS act literally as a NEEDLE like if you had a 20 mm super high pen APCR to throw at your ennemy, American tanks are by far the worst to face this tank.... The IS6 can literally cahrge onto T29-T34 face hun them and ventilate them through the mantlet, only tank able to hurst this vehicle is the M56 Scorpion... Not to even mention the tank was a complete Failure, even the Maus worked better than it... This tank simply must be rebalanced hugely. First giving it a reload rate of 20 second with aced crew would be more realistic, fixing the optics hole, give it BR 471D or even HEAT and APDS shell and send it to 7.7 (because we do not need a better IS3 at 7.3)
  3. balance

    it happens to the regular one aswell... Every xxxx new update there is a bug regarding Tiger tank serie, either they get set on fire by the first MG bullet that hits them or this On the top of that they release a broken russian heavy tank with unpennable armor at it's BR by anything frontally. GG gaijin
  4. yep you'reright, however I think the Maus at 7.0 would be pretty game breaking aswell
  5. same, this tank is way too unbalanced to be at 7.0. It's like if the Maus was at 6.3 or 6.7 lol
  6. at 7.7 with BR 471 D it's be a more mobile IS4M without the driver port weakspot and stronger LFP. Ive seen this thing bouncing tons of shots from the German long 88 to the american 105 and even 120 mm of the M103, it's total xxxx whether it's DM gets fixed or not, it belong at 7.3 minimum if not 7.7
  7. this tank is xxxx xxxx, it makes even the 20 Pdr APDS and 12.8 cm Pz Gr 43 shell obsolete ! Yes just flank it ! It has the mobility of the T54... SURRREEEEE. Send it to 7.7 with Br 471D ammo and basta !
  8. It'd be fair for everybody to get a decent light tank tech tree.
  9. I dont even know why this tank was added to begin with, Russia is already the most powerful country at 7.0/7.3. I guess adding idiot proof tanks at stupidly low BR is the new way Gaijin has found to make money. As much as the T29 complain was not justified due to the tank itself, this tank at a BR of 7.0 is total BS.
  10. balance

    You'll still pen the T29 turret from 1300 meters with the long 88 but you'll only damage the breech past that distance, T29 mantlet is about 190 mm thick with the cast modifier and the spall shield about 15 mm in effective thickness. Another prblem with the King Tiger is that the bottom fuel tanks seems like they are in the crew compartement when they were actually beneath the vehicle's floor. That being said it's still a solid vehicle, King Tiger can take shots that would have blasted the T29 away, however it's not wha it used to be, it's survivability was nerfed and so was it's pon pen effect. Tiger 2 10.5 cm however is a pure joy, the accuracy issued seems to have been solved and the gun can ventilate the turret of a T29 or a T34 from further than 1500 meters, also it does not have the bad armor modifier and it's rof of 15.4 sec when aced is great My go with Line up at 7.0 with Germany is Tiger 10.5, Panther II, Jagdtiger, Ru 251, Tiger II (H), Arado, Horten 229
  11. balance

    well that a problem regarding the way the armor is simulated, King Tiger can still penetrated and detonate Inside of the T29 turret up to 1200-1300 meters, after that due to the spall shield you'll only kill the gun breech. Spot on, the vehicles are equally vulnerable on their turrets at distance than the other, the problem is the T29 can take a ridiculously high amount of damage and it's repair time is ridiculous. T29 is simply more survivable because stupid mechanics in the game allow it to be. Even a 10.5 cm shell with 343 g of explosive penetrating it's UFP will be enough to kill the whole crew. From my experince only a KwK 44 shell can OHK it from the front. King Tiger is and will remain a sniper, the tank it self is excellent and it will feast on anything below it's BR but recently added heavy tanks are simply better than it in the current META (small maps, third person view, go hull down and camp) I'm having a break with the Tiger 105 they reworked the X ray model enlarging the turret ring so the second loader doe not take the breech to the face anymore. This tank is amazing, T29 and T34 can be penned on their UFP up to 1000 meters straight on and the 105 pack the penetration the 88 lacks at huge distance to hurt the crew Inside of the turret. You still cannot empty the turret of it's ammo. I hope it'll get fixed or that we'll get an option to arrange our ammo storages the way we want. problem is that the T29 in the current META became the new universal heavy tank. It's worse than the KT at sniping and tanking shots from afar, but is slightly better at everything else. Also the fact that the T29 never faces the UK 6.7/7.0/7.3 tanks which are very Deadly also helps it to perform even better.
  12. I guess I was just Lucky intil now, but indeed thats the most idiot proof tank in the whole game. SHould be sent to 7.3 without giving it the best round, it's mobility more than makes up for it's gun
  13. so now we have 2 real tank combat maps good.
  14. taking the kugel is an horrible mistake. That thing aint Worth carp to kill planes or tanks.
  15. This game is not a contest between the King Tiger and the T29/34 it's a contest between lineups and nations and how these work together. German 6.7 lineup is the new UK 6.7 line up when it first came out in 1.55 with very few vehicles to rely on. Panther II got moved up to 7.0 and IS2 Mod 44 moved down to 6.3 causing 6.7 to be quite depopulated. As of now US/UK/USSR team are often figting all together with Germany and having only 2 heavy tanks 1 standard, 1 premium and one light premium tank no matter how effective this one can be simply doesnt cut it. versus US and UK team which have much more vehicles to field in a 6.7 match. Allied CAS abilities at that BR is also completely destroting german teams regardless due to planes being way to cheap to operate in tanks game. German new 6.7 is 7.0. Here you have Tiger II 10.5 (this one does NOT have bad armor modifier) which is immensely superior to both T29 and T34, Panther II, Jagdtiger, Ho 229, Arado, Ru 251 and Tiger II H can easily be uptiered to give you good back up vehicles. The problem is not the performance gap between T29 and King Tiger in the current Meta, yes T29 has the advantage because it's simply much better at medium, close range combat whereas the King Tiger is much better at long ranges. The problem lies in the lineups, you simply cannot build a viable line up with Germany anymore just like you couldnt built it with UK and never could with USSR. King Tiger remains an effective vehicle, but it also belongs to otherdays where they did not have to face APDS/HEATFS and protomedium/heavy tanks that were designed specifically to counter it, add to this the maps getting smaller and smaller and that's it. If you want to have fun with Germany play 7.0. Forget 6.7 until they fill it up again.
  16. I'm not crying just exposing facts. cent Mk 1 is not equal to the Tiger H1 but superior to it. Obviously there is a difference between a vehicle that needs to aim for weakspots and a vehicle that can simply shoot at the entire front without caring for weakspots. Angling does work to some degrees, yet at some range and you cannot angle when you're moving, well you can go sideways but you see what I mean. I know the weakspot of the Centurion, I know how to exploit them and beat them in a Tiger 1, that's not the issue. The issue is pretty much the same comparing IS2 Mod 44 and King Tiger, yes both are able to kill eachother at the most common fighting distance, yet one is way superior to the other being the King Tiger. How is that ? german tankers community cannot expose facts anymore without being insta bashed by the non german tank players community that carry so much hatred towards anything german that they are mistaking being given a downright superior vehicle for skills ? that doesnt take more skills to kill a Tiger 1 with a Cent Mk 1 than it takes to kill a T34-85 with a Panther.
  17. EVO is about sports cars
  18. T54-47 is a xxxx tank that should go back to 7.7 where it belongs however the T54-49 should not come down either APDS or not. Soviet 7.0/7.3 line up would remain tremendously powerful. T44-100, Object 906, IS3, SU 122-44 and now IS6 have the firepower, mobility and armor combo to smash with a Hammer both US and German tanks without much fear. The only serious threat to those lies in the British tech tree with HESH.
  19. The game was dumbed down so much for the sake of balance because Gaijin is simply failing at giving us a proper BR range.
  20. M26E1 is pretty much what the Panther II was before it got it's engine upgrade but was fighting IS4 and T54-51 on a regular basis
  21. The bad armor modifier being impemented on the King Tiger making it's turret actually 180 mm in effective thickness while it should be 190 mm and the hull 142 mm instead of 150 mm since GF release is both unhistorical and unfair since no other tank in the game gets "gifted" with such things. Yes you can rague that it will not change much but it would still make it slightly more survivable, also i'm pretty sure if any tank in the game got hit by a thing of the sort, players would also complain.
  22. balance

    He's right T29 as a 6.7 vehicle is a much better medium close range brawler than the King Tiger, however bad people playing all tanks do exist and I seriously beleive many of the German players that grinded the German tree for two years mainly using the King Tiger have simply moved on, only to come back in the Sla 16 or any other premium vehicle when there is new content to unlock. The META also changed and as he pointed out, the KT did not become a terrible by anymean but it's true that turret shot causing ammo explosion or insta fire death is laughable, the maps are also not that suited for the King Tiger to perform well.
  23. Again that German bashing.... That really does not serves your point. The Panther D is superior to both Tiger 1 (H) and Tiger 1(H) E so is the Centurion 1 and by a huge margin. Tiger 1 are not competitive higher than 6.0 matches, everything at 6.3 downright smashes the violently and they arent even decent back up vehicles at 6.7 ofc you can play it like a big medium because the speed is still good somehow but Panthers 1 and F are still better at it. Tiger 1's are simply another case of tanks that are now outclassed in their own BR by newly added tanks but cannot be downtiered for being too powerful to face 4.3 vehicles. The Centurion mk 1 shows that the BR does not work. You now have two tanks, one heavy tank which started to be designed in the late 30's placed at the same BR of a tank designed much later specifically to be superior to it. I'm not requiring centurion Mk 1 uptier or Tiger 1 downtier. Just exposing facts. The thing that most of the community seems to carry a grief against German vehicles due to Gaijin failing at balancing it's own game cannot justify any clubbing of anysort.
  24. Gaijin researching job does not really go in depth, they usually take the first source avalaible to them that is easy to get a grip on and that seems to be reliable (Wargaming book covering the Maus was used to model it in the game even after Wargaming stated that informations used in this book was outdated and flawed) If one thing is wrong, Gaijin will not fix it by itself, once the vehicle is released it's not their concern anymore, they are not the one playing the game after all. It needs to be reported, and i should not be be a difficult info to find.
  25. Agree it'll take few weeks still until all the british community unlocks the Cent Mk 1... However when this will be done the Tiger H1 and E will become obsolete.
  26. Tiger 1 design is not competitive at 5.7 anymore.
  27. Carnavon is the hull down king at 6.7 it's turret packs a huge amount of overlapping armor and the spot to pen is tiny but with 152 mm mm of armor so thats still tough, it's gun is the best 6.7 gun, amazing balance between penetration, damages, and that godly rof. Caernavon are much more dangerous than tanks line T29 or T34. Ofc they are also the least well suited to CQC combat, despite being the most mobile heavy, it's LFP is joke so are it's sides, the best is always to give your self the biggest fov as possible to secure your flanks and once you've cleaned them, advance. Also when hull down you have enough depression to fire from slight back slope the roof of your turret is childeasy to aim at and will be obermatched even by kwk 42 of the panther. firing from back slope prevents this.
  28. IS6 works so well because the maps allow it to do so to begin with, the IS6 is a bigger a bugger T54-47 with worse gun firing twice as slow. Yes in CQC it's powerfull but it's vulnerable up close hitting that frontal turret or the cupolas is not that hard. And that's true that it's DM is incomplete, the actual two holes in it's turret are not modelled as optics but as plain armor accounting for 150 mm of armor, when this will get fixed it'll become more vulnerable. It has 7.3 armor with 5.7/6.0 gun
  29. Sorry, i completely forgot that "the majority of the community" actually meant "all the community"... Ah yeas, no it doesn't... It doesn't mean you're involved... However, if you consider yourself being at least "average" player you should notice that the way most of King Tiger drivers play their tank could be called " how to **** things up with one of the two best 6.7 heavy tank" They absolutely do all what should not be done with a KT. KT must be played in a passive/active way. Let them allies cap all the point they want, just hold choke points as they'll try to proceed to spawn camp, ambush them and cap the points back and camp. Good job, game won back in the days that's what KT teams were doing, that's what created the complaint about the KT. Nowadays people play it like it it was a freaking medium... Maybe peopl are going reminiscent from the Panther II still who knows.... And FYI yes KT can pen the IS6 turret frontally out to 1000 meters and even more, it's exactly like shooting at a T44 turret, it'll bounce if you hit above or below but thats it. In return, what can the IS6 do ? Bouncing misrably on you ? All he can do is flank, and that only happens when King Tiger players are rushing in the middle of the fight.
  30. Benn fighting them a lot today in my Panther 6.0 line up, they are solid tanks but they seem to be fine at 5.7, even had two games on Kursk today when i though the newly added Cent Mk 1 would even the odds but not even; I could engage them reliably from more than 1.000 meters aways in my Panther and call it a day... The 4 Tiger H1 nailed by two centurions at the beginning of the game was just gorgeous to see
  31. Explain me how you are going to steam roll Tiger II's in any purely soviet or alied WWII tanks with WWII ammo on somewhat realistic tank maps ? No you definitely wont, allies and everybody would get their arsed kicked quick with the current game mechanics and thats why there are 1905's tanks fighting Tiger Ii's and Panthers to begin with. And if you tell me yes but T32 and T34 and T29... These were tanks developped during WWII but they did not see any actual production during WWII and were still being in development the day the war ended in europe, IS3 without it's post war round would get smashed by Tiger II's backed up by Jagdtigers and Jagdpanthers. History goes both ways. Give us realistic match up for all the community cares on realistic maps. Fielding 10 shermans (75 mm) for one Tigert or two panthers... Bye bye shermans. This simply cannot work in war thunder. Historical match up cannot work, Allies could win by air power though but their WWII tanks (no prototype included) woulmdnt stand a damn chance.
  32. Thats because the majority of king tiger drivers is brain dead. King tiger can penetrate the turret front of the IS6 from +1000 meters... Also give German tanks a bit more of openned area... Watch the tears of rusian tankers in the mean time.
  33. You're over doing it, Tiger II and T29 are perfect nemesis to eachother. T29 drivers tend to be more skilled and also have better back up with them but no vehicle is superior to the other.
  34. T34 would still remain a problematic tank. It's the typical show case of a WWII chassis with a monstruous gun firing monstruous ammo. At 7.3 it's going to be like the T54-47 club or be clubbed, none of which are balanced, at 7.7 ? Don't even try it. This tank could fit at 7.3 with decompressed BR on a scale of 10 BR along with the Maus, T32E1, IS3 and Conqueror. Uptiering, downtiering a tank nowdays means fixing one thing but breaking another. It makes only few sense.
  35. There is this reason, the fact that they have to face more often than not USSR/UK/USA with just Japan as an "ally" on mosh pit corridored maps where allied tanks will just have to wait for them and nail the first german vehicles that will dare to pop the front of it's turret in an attempt to take a shot, as pointed out before, RU 251 being played to cap points only, that could work if like M18 braindead players, you have a mighty ground Attack plane that will allow you to crush 2 to 3 german vehicles on the ground, but Germany does not have this option, and don't start with the Ho 229... It's not nearly as effective at ground pounding than an AD2 or a Wyvern spawning eraly in the game. It's a mix of reason, good players that are finished with the german tech tree moved to other trees, the few good players that remian simply cannot carry teams made of completely incompetent players and the map design also does not favor german heavytanks in general... Better maps would actually help to even the things out... Not that it should be Kursk only maps but maps leaving more gameplay possibilities. Being forced in constant close combat is not fun, not that german tanks cannot do it but they are at real disadvantage in fights happening below 500 meters, and even more when it happens at near point blank range. Adding more variety to gameplay would probably help german team a bit, in the very same way that reducing map size still and still helped the Allies. However gaijin simply went from one extreme to another, a lot of friends I have playing the game quit playing the German tech tree after they started to size the maps down and that Tunisia was added. Honneslty in two years no maps that were added were enjoyable from a gameplay perspective, Ill give Sinai some crédits for sometimes giving you the possibility to snipe from further than 1km as well as Mozdok even if the latest iteration of this map is terrible, but that's about it. Abandonned Factory is an atrocity Gaijin. Volokolamsk can be fun too. But thats it.
  36. They still had the thechnology and the scientists on their side, Another assembly launching site could have been found pretty quickly. By 1945 yes IS3 had the IS3 in production but the thing was only good at parading, The KwK 43 would still be able to crack open the welded pike nose from prettu hure range and the IS3 couldn't have engaged the Tiger II (H) as far as the latter could engage it, inital problems with welds would have caused the loss of much more IS3 than Tiger II's, not mentionning the fact that the Tiger II could have easily received some US style sharp nose APCBC solid shot, HVAP or APDS which would have trashed the IS3 completely from a relatively safe range. Bulk of the soviet forces would have still consisted of a large majority of T34-85. T54 would have started to become common by the beginning of 1947 far after Soviets having actually exhausted it's supply lines and lost the control of the air, also Yak 3, Yak 9 or even La 9 wouldnt have been the shade of a match even at low alt for any fighter jets being able to fly literally 200 km/h faster, with far better high speed manoeuvering qualities. Deployment of the T34/T29 would have been the nail sealing the soviet casket. Soviet army suffered immensely much at the east despite having huge numerical number versus only a one legged army, I don't imagine a single second the soviets breaching through allied front for a single second, the terrain is not at their advantage anymore, they might have the number, but they dont have the tactics nor the logistics which, let's not forget it, were able to sustain a full war versus germany only thanks to Allied supply. which would have stopped in the case of a war. USSR after world war two only managed to become the power it becamse thanks to the ruling and ressources of all the Easter Europe country it occupied, USSR trying to advance further to the West was one of Stalin's biggest wishes but Joukov was highly conscious that they did not have the numbers, and the means to do it. USSR trying to break through europe as soon as 1946 would have been like a bee cloud attacking a guy with a flamethrower.
  37. Actually I think the RU 251 is not even a true light tank due to it's size being almost as big as the Leo 1. It's a medium tank which got it's armor removed for the sake of mobility like the Type 62. I rate the T92 above it because while it may not be as fast nor pack an equally powerful gun, it has more soft qualities which makes it a more effective flanker/ambusher than the Ru 251 being very low profile, cover the T92 is bushes and you will barely be noticed in the correct environment, this low profile also accounts for it's amazing gun depression, it also has a very high RoF that allows it to shove more rounds into a target than the Ru 251. Ru 251 is a more mobile leopard and thats it, it's not a good close range brawler due to it's size, RoF and lack of stopping power most of the time. It's has to be played as a long/very long range sniper and/or large flanker and spanker reaching unexpected position to bring down fire on the ennemy.
  38. Yep. I beleive the vehicle would have ended being better with central mounted casemate
  39. ^^ This and frontal turret armor too.
  40. Yep, that being said Panther could easily go above 30 kph in a green grass flat field, so could T34's and other tank of the time, it all dépends what you hear by off road, but yes it had excellent handling characteristics. That's debattable, Leopard is an highly specialized tank. Patton ? Dépends what Patton. Up to the M60, centurions were easily the superior machines, afterwards development of the centurion pretty much stopped since they move onto the chieftain and soon after Challenger 1 Power to weight ratio is also only one side of the story, a good power to weight ratio can be ruined by horrible handling characteristics or messed up gear ratios etc... Centurion had pretty good acceleration ahd handled really well barely loosing speed even on sharp turns, managhing to succeed where german failed both about efficiency and reliability with the technological advance WWII brought. SO thats not only the gun that was good, the tank itself was very solid.
  41. Well i've often been in teams in the past two days which did not die instantly in the RU 251 so players are getting to know how to use it, and my W/R with it is increasing, honnestly Tiger II (H) is not the tank to spawn in in the beginning especially on maps that forces direct frontal engagement constantly where the allied team, will be the one waiting for the german tanks to pop up, giving them a tremendous advantage. I never take my KT first in the game unless i get Kursk or Poland
  42. How to face a Maus ? First, spot it, not that hard. Then in CQC situation do not engage if you are not sure that he is not reloading or if you are 100% sure that he did not notice you were on his sides or rear, if it's the case, set in on fire permanently and move along let it burn. In cqc situation and face to face, try to be the fastest by hitting it's turret cheek,.. be careful it's well rounded and the armor value is only worth 207 mm of armor at gun level, shoot there, even with solid shot you should make his breech unusable giving you enough time to cripple it even moreor even maybe kill it. From afar however unless you have a perfect side shot, do not engage, further than 1000 meters away theres nothing you can do vs the Maus with your ammo but he'll certainly blow you up not breaking a sweat. At last, when top tier, the Maus, even if it's really powerful in such case, is very vulnerable to team work, it cannot handle really more than one target at once due to how sluggish it is and slow reload, attacking it with a team mate from two different direction works wonders, the best being the one being on the side delivering the first blow to distract it and the second one to cripple it again, rince and repeat.
  43. Centurion were not really meant to really nimble and mobile in terms of speed, however i was a very very sounded tank design, designed to perform better on a defensive position than on the offensive. It's a tank built with a completely different purpose in mind than the T55. It's the best tank produced by UK in history, they'll probably replace their Challenger II sooner than army say they will, since they are already outclassed by the latest iteration of the other western design.... i'm curious if Britain will want to join the Fra/Ger cooperation program to develop what will become the new MBT of France and Germany, combining the asset of the Leclerc and the Leopard II sounds like hell on tracks... Would be nice if UK brought it's experience in terms of armor.
  44. If Germans had wanted to design a tank that was more dnagerous to it's own crew than ennemy tanks, they'd have designed an IS6.
  45. They are being given a very generous sutained RoF for their lack of damage
  46. all tier map. Tanks maps should be at least 4x4 km large with balanced areas and landscape
  47. look at bastogne... the map is huge and it's topology is somehow accurate... BUT WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE RANDOM TREES GROWING IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERY FIELDS ?! It's barely possible to snipe on this map if you are not running ULQ. I got so sick of every maps.. They do not involve even a lot of skills anymore, it's all about if you are lucky enough to drive somewhere without an ennemy tank waiting somewhere and randomly crossing your way blasting your sides Goodbye. Plus the horrible sun which makes me quit straight if I see we have it straight in the face. I'd gladly play SB but nobody plays it anymore due to one sided lineups. WoT community definitely destroyed Ground Forces. It's design is a dead horse highly favouring a certain type of tanks while being a complete let down for others. Honnestly I think that WWII based games will always turn to trash as long as they'll be F2P based . I'd gladly have 20 times less content with only 15 tanks per tree plus paying 50 € per month to play but having a non frutrating realistic fighting experience with a much deeper gameplay and match ups rather than the mess ground forces became with the lazy
  48. spahpanzer

    As I told you do not look for the flanks, mostly come from behind the ennemy team to begin with.
  49. spahpanzer

    Plan ahead and use it to back stab the ennemy team at the beginning of the match, taking out 1 or 2 of their vehicles then move and find a safe place until everyone is engaged and ask your team to mark targets with MG, come from behind and ALWAYS, ALWAYS aim for the gun breech, HEATFS do not one shot most of the time so give you some time to kill your ennemy. Never tunnel on a target, if you see that the guy is not dead with you second shot, move along. Stopping for more than 15 seconds will get you killed. You always have to be on the move and look at the minimap and always plan ahead. Don't expect to solo in this tank, your role is to support and harass the ennemy team, you can also be the very long range sniper of your team.
  50. What we need are maps like Kursk, you can do whatever you want on this map without risking to be one shotted 20 seconds after leaving your spawn.
  51. The big question is, what about German late German tanks such as Tiger II (H) and Jagdtiger now facing nerfed ally ammuntion so they can fight equally ?
  52. maus

    Gaijin does no make big plans, they uptier/downtier vehicles according to what they think must be done at the instant "t" without caring bout how it'll affect the game on the long term too much. Also the argument that a tank will not be able to penetrate it in case of a full uptier is pretty flawed since there are already cases of such bad things happening. Tanks like IS3, T29, T34, KT are literally feasting on 6.0/6.3 vehicles when they are top dog on the battlefield. A Maus at 7.3 would not be more OP than a conqueror or an IS3 or a T32. Yes they have the best armor and the best gun but they are sooo slow, making their impact on most maps moot when the goal is to capture and hold points in a middle of a town where almost every tank will be able to wait the Maus at the corner of a street and kiss it goodbye by setting it on fire constantly or straight blowing it up. Not counting the vast majority of the tanks that are already able to punch right through it's turret from reasonnable distances... If the Maus at least had the mobility and reactivity level of the Tiger II it'd be a worthy 7.7/8.0 vehicle... However it's not the case and it's soft stats being so unfitting to the game META really balance it's superior hard stats. We already have the proof that the two types of tanks that work the best in War thunder are. 1) Very mobile tanks with what it takes of armor frontally to be safe from SPAA and MG and packing a powerful gun. 2) Good rounded tanks, with good enouygh armor to make use of it in an encounter, adequate gun and adequate mobility Following design will not perform really well in war thunder. 1) Heavy armior, Heavy gun, more than trash mobility 2) Heavy armor, subpar gun, okay mobility Either way, the mobile tanks with good guns are always going to be superior to heavily armored vehicles with rather subpar mobility and heavy slow firing gun. The only moment you see Maus clubbing are when it's top dog or a squad of 4 people sticking together and covering eachother.
  53. Actually first gen had the highest theorical vertical armor penetration. WWII APDS was more or less an APCR in a sabot. Second gen was designed to performed better vs slopes. Third gen APDS is APFSDS it increases both the vertical and angled penetration using longer and densier penetrators. I'd gladly see this being implemented, but only if it's done properly with BR decompression and adjustments, also the maps would need to be bigger to take full benefits of such changes since what will be buffed significantly is the 90° and 60° pénétrations values with the 30° values being slightly decreased. Having 150 mm of penetration more or less on garden sized maps matters few. I voted yes regardless.
  54. balance

    Germany needs one non premium, back up vehicle with good mobility. Panther F with Maybach HL 234 would be perfect for this job at 6.3 or even 6.7 as a flanker with that improved RoF for the 75 mm i can see it doing quite well. Removing bad steel modifier from KT frontal armor would be good too, having a mere 180 mm of effective armor on the turret instead of the 190 mm it should have. I don't even know why they decided to implement that modifier to begin with... It's there since the release of Grounf Forces and i can understand it made the vehicle balanced vs best russian APHE... But now having it STILL is pretty awkward, especially when the Tiger II 10.5 doesnt get the modifier and is far from being OP
  55. balance

    penetrated one from 1400 meters through this point on Kursk. The 50 mm plate is not located in this area it seems
  56. balance

    aim for the right of it's gun, that's a nice 150 mm thick that the only viable weakspto when facing it.
  57. What I mean is that you should not be able to put bushes on the front of the turret if the gun optics are located there, it'd then give an advantage to tanks whose optics are located at the top of the turret, like late German tanks and UK tanks. What you are showingnow, already does not work in simulator because good luck aiming when a bush is on your optic however it should be plain impossible to even put a bush if the optic is in the way. Yes, the armor profile of this tank is too good for 7.0 but it's gun is 6.3 performance, it's odd to balance.... But when i see it, it makes me Wonder why the Maus is still feeling itself at 7.7 when it should be 7.3 with the IS4M
  58. I hope that these valuies will help people to understand that while british APDS was nerfed vs 90 and 60° plate for balance reasons, they have better performance vs 30° angled plate.
  59. This should honnestly be forbidden, and hope it will.
  60. Or be a good shot.
  61. maus

    Just like the Conqueror and the T32, I have good hope the Maus will be downtiered to 7.3 in the upcoming BR changes update which should come within a month now
  62. balance

    stabilization is greatly overperforming on all tanks it's been implemented on, they basically behave like 80's stabilization system, the stabilization before the FCS being set through informatics didn't allow for more than few deg/sec and was only effective at medium speed on hard ground and at nearly march speed on cross country, granted that one was not too bumpy making the stabilizers irrelevant then, too sudden stop would also override the efficiency of the stabilzation system
  63. balance

    It recently became more of an issue with all allied gun being stabilized at least on the vertical axis, That's what i'm talking about, before it was all up to players reflexes and skills now it takes german tanks easily more than one second more than US/UK tank to aim afterr full stop.
  64. balance

    gun elevation on german tanks is much slower than on US/UK and RU tank
  65. The only wrong choice they made about the Panther was to ditch the request for MAN to use an epicyclic planetary final drive like they did on the prototype due to lack of machining Tools and the cost increase as well as the production time that would have taken longer time. This solely based on the flawed idea that pumping 2 flawed tanks out of the factory is better than pumping only 1. It's plain wrong since a Panther with this epicyclic gear would have been of a much greater reliability after the initial problems of the HL 230 being solved. that and repliacing the welded LFP by at bolted LFP with reworked transmission compartment for easier maintenance. Funny enough, due to this simple silly decision, the Pänther which was supposed to be the German MBT, ended up being less reliable than Tiger II and Tiger I which proved quite reliable machines after their teething problems being solved, the engine remained a problem because of overheating.
  66. balance

    Wellit's not even behind, both vehicles are on par, the T29 is simply better for medium to short range combat, KT is better for combats happening at 1000 meters and onwards. One unbiased player will not deny that the maps and gamemode design is certainly not balanced and fair towards all the nations, most of the map seems to be conceived to reduce the fighting distance as much as possible. The only realy map that we could call "German biased" is Kursk, however i might play on it once every two weeks. Germany dominate on long range maps thats but gets absolutely destroyed on sub 500 meters fighting distance maps due to much inferior gun handling than allied vehicles. Not that this game should be a permanent Kursk fest, but more maps allowing fights from 800 ro 1200-1300 meters more regularly would actually be fait to everybody.
  67. balance

    Id have thought the T29 vs King Tiger had ran it's course already but no... So once again, T29 is slightly superior due to the map design and not because of the tanks hard stats which are better (despite having it's frontal armor nerfed) on the Tiger II. Tiger II fires 1.5 times faster than the T29, has a more and flatter accurate gun, much better hull armor, turret that is harder to shoot at, and can actually angle itself up to 25/30° and distance and go adamant to anything thrown at it... Angled T29 can have their sides pen by the KwK 43 up to 1000 meters. T29 has better gun handling which helps a lot on small maps and city fights. It also fights along tanks backing it up perfectly. Both of these excel in their own department.... T29 is more the short medium range heavy tank whereas the Tiger II is a long range support heavy tank that is to be played in a more passive way. There are only two problems. Experienced people that used to play Germany went to other tank trees or simply went uhnhappy with game design changes and simply left. Germany often being teamed vs RU+UK+USA ending up in a total massacre. on most maps due to germany overall lasting less time on the battlefield and horrible CAS abilities. An ally player that gets one kill + cap assist or just a cap can hop in a CAS plane loaded with rockets and bombs and kill 2-3 german players... I've noticed allied team often get their Victory in the air.
  68. Ta 152 C is broken dont use it
  69. Either way I also think that as long as we do not have a BR of 10.0 for tanks, fixing all APDS, Solid shot, APCR is impossible since Br's will have to be rework a lot after this with several vehicles going up in BR range significantly.
  70. I'd give T34 correctly performing ammo including the APDS and put it at 7.7. Would be a very good back up for the M103 and would then have to be played like a turreted TD mostly, while being simply much better than the Conway. I think it'd work, I'd replace it with the T29E3 at 6.7 and put the T30 with correct HEP pen and ammo at 7.0 ?
  71. IS6 will fail to penetrate KT turret past 650 meters, hitting that spot is doable up to 1000 meters if you are used to the KwK 43 killed one from 1400 meters away from his turret on Kursk just now, got called cheater for this, ended up with 5 kills being 1 IS6, 2 T29 and 2 M46 all past 1000 meteres kill, all they did was bouncing on me
  72. What is funny is that IS6 as a design would have been about as functionnal as a Maus. Goodluck finding midhet crew, good luck kill your own crew by driving cross country and hittin their head on the roo of the vehicle at the first bump
  73. Please tell me what vehicle Germany can take apart KT and Panther II in 6.7/7.0 matches ? None ? You too jumped on idiocy German bashing train to the point you cannot even use your brain anymore before spoutting BS ?
  74. balance

    They shouldn't simply allow UK+USA+USSR to be teamed together, teams on the maps should be historical, like for Air
  75. balance

    What blows my mind is that people somehow refuse to play vehicles like Horten or Jagdtiger which both have the ability to turn the tide of the match when played properly.
  76. You will never acheive balance by shifting BR up/down up/down. T29 is not hard to fight in the Tiger II (h) the problem is that currently the takes more benefit from the map we currently play on than the KT, due to the gun handling being better and now stabilized even maybe ? Ru 251 will soon be only played by decent players, because it's such a frustrating tank to be honnest, the HEATFS is literally a dart. There is no damage cone whatsoever and the HESH is unreliable too. My K/D is going up in it now between 1.3/1.4 but had very bad games streaks where i damaged 4 or 5 vehicles per game without never Killing them but ended being killed anyway.
  77. It's BR should be raised but it's HEATFS should be fixed damage Wise, it seems that it produces a line of shrapnels instead of a cone, even slight one. I had several times HEATFS passing through tanks withou damaging anything nor hurting anyone in the tank.
  78. The developpers have never managed to balance ground forces properly, the game is a balance mess especially between 6.3 and 7.3. Germany completely dominated 6 months ago, Allied players complained, German players bashed them cause they though Nothing was wrong. 6 months later more and more content got added, some mechanics changed, some maps were changed and other went pretty rare. German players are complaining, Allies player bashed them because they think Nothing is wrong. In both cases Something was obviously wrong and still is, game mechanics and design are what cause this huge imbalance and mess, not the content itself. However everyone is too busy waging it's little personal pride war against Wehraboo, Alliboo, Sushiboo or Teaboo in a such pathethic and chlidlish way, being too happy to be finally to club what clubbed and vice versa, when we should all be having an objective pov of the game and talk about it all together to define whats right and what's wrong, how to balance it and make the game better. With such behaviour the tables will turn indefinitely and the game will never get better.
  79. I don't know if it's intended but the HEATFS on it is totally unreliable, i literrally have to fire between 2 and 4 shells to kill a tank.
  80. What is funny is that when germany dominated, they complained that it was due to uncompetitive tanks despite, according to them the skills being super high and the maps being constantly sized down, now the situation is reversed.
  81. This whole german bashing is getting very toxic, this community is getting toxic. That's pretty disgusting that the hatred went so far that players from a certain nation cannot even claim a point without being insta bashed.
  82. Please everybody calm the tone down, it isn't worth arguing when obviously both of you are right. Yes Germany is clearly at disadvantage most of the time at 6.7 due to players dying to quick in the Ru-251 which they think can be played like the Panther II, thus ending not being able to respawn and leave the game, hopefully this will change. Yes there is a pattern with German teams being less skilled than they were 6 months ago, due to actual skilled players leaving the game because of it's lack of balance at all levels. Yes there is a pattern that on spmall maze map and with only heavies and one paper tank that playesr still didnt learn how to use, it becomes pretty hard, whereas allied team can most of the time back up eachothers weaknesses. Germany + US or Ger + USSR vs UK/US does surprinsingly good with German tankers being at the top of the ladder. They also do good on pure 1 on 1 monoteam type of match. However they get stomped as soon as they have to be 3 vs 1 unless they get the Map Kursk or that specific version of Mozdok. On the top of that for what is about the IS6, it is not even that good, the turret is suprisingly weak it feels like the turret of the T44 when firing at it.
  83. My bad then but the the "winner" thing felt way too sarcastic
  84. -Deleted-
  85. In all honnestly Germany is doing poorlmy because too many people are dying too early in the Ru 251 which is Something germany is not used to as a vehicle, IS6 is a worse IS3 and is to be played as one. On the top of that you have: Map design offsetting German armor advantage Germany always fighting alone vs 3 nations. On maps like Kursk and one specific version of Mozdok Germany is still steamrolling the ennemy team. Putting the blame, on the Germany player community alone is both lazy and biased, Something is cleraly wrong with balancing in the context of the whole game design.
  86. If it wasnt for the unreliable ammo and the trolly HESH it'd be OP, it dies very easily yes and staying alive in the thing requires skills and time to fully learn trhe vehicle as well as the best spots to go to with that type of tank.
  87. And that's exactly why Gaijin completely fails ta balancing the game, they never plan a big picture but add whatever will please the community while failing to do the proper adjustment in the meantime.
  88. It would be I germans played Jagdtiger a bit more and knew it only has 150 mm of armor next to it's gun
  89. I'd not say king, King of direct frontal engagement yes But I still think the Tiger E is the better tank being simply much more flexible and reactive, and also far from being toothless.
  90. It always have been the case, distance is your friend in Tiger II, so it is in T29 or T34 or IS6. none of their turrets is really Worth more than the other versus what they risk to face and all can be penned out to 1000 meters by russian BR471D. Yes I'm usually the last RU alive in my team (not that I'm never the first to die :D) but I think many people will actually get sick of the tank and will regret of having bought it, these people being mostly attarcted by the "HEATFS 6.7 GERMAN TANK" label of this tank. Only will continue to play it the players that are really interested in this type of gameplay and the tactics it involves, because, beleive me, it has a totally different play style than the Leopard 1.
  91. Yes it's baffling, yet the vehicle is hard to do good in. I'm really not used to that kind of mobility and checking my surroundings going this fast and in the mean time looking where I go is definitely Something to learn I like it so far. Learning curve is steep, sometimes i rack 5 to 6 kills a game, then 4 games in a row I end up dying without getting any kill, due to the abyssmal amount of damage it's HEATFS deals. However I've figured out that the best way to play this vehicle is to get as far from the fight as possible and then to come back at light speed from behind, it's difficult because you must be careful of respawning ennemies coming in your back This vehicle is so much more interesting than the KT and it's point and click adventure in any 6.7/7.0 game... Again killed a T29 from 1200 meters on Sinai through it's turret ring, I felt dirty.
  92. Blackprince could be brought back at 5.7 in all honnesty, now that the Tiger E got downtiered aswell
  93. Panther A holds both turret rotation and manoeuvrability over the Cent Mk 1 so yes it's better. What's iffy about the centurion Mk 1 is that it's a bit better than the Panther D similar UFP armor, bit weaker LFP, stronger turret, better rof, and equal gun. It's like a BR 5.8 or 5.9 tanks. Panther Ausf A and Ausf G are both superior to it. That being said, I'm not saying it should be uptiered, it cant be. It's neither a 5.7 or 6.0 tank. I'm also against the Panther A and G being downtiered, because they get everything over their WWII foes Centurion Mk 1 included bar the vertical penetration. There is no real solution, Centurion Mk 1 was the result of everything the brits learnt from tank to tank combat and a mean to oppose the Panther in a face off. It was a powerful tank for it's time and so was the Panther. It should be powerful in game just like the Panther serie overall. I was simply making a point in my previous posts, expressing my opinion on the vehicle, just hope Gaijin doesnt uptier it in few weeks in the next BR changes
  94. It's superior to both Tigers undoubtably and slightly superior to the Panther due to more nimble and reactive thanks to better turret rotation which is very important, i'd trade top speed against good turret rotation anyday.
  95. Wonder how long it'll last thoug due to how superior Centurion Mk 1 is compared to both Panther and Tiger H1/E and D.
  96. except it doesnt penetrate king tiger UFP, only LFP with the solid shot and yet from close range
  97. happens to all. Blew 3 T29 in less than 30 seconds on easter europe, ambushing them from a street lel.
  98. Honnestly it seems to be a downside compared to the T29, your turret is artificially less protected due to the muzzle break being much tinier than on the T29 which will save you big times from turret penetration, the rof is also lower.
  99. turret rotation is madly important, Panther D might also have a non rotating turret that it'd be the same actually.
  100. Bushes confuse the players tremendously ive noticed, on any tank. Any way for the IS6 just shoot right next to the gun on the right side and it's kaboom... I see it like an uparmored T44-100
  101. Too sad because Tiger II H is about as equal as the IS6 and T29
  102. Angles vs APDS... Good joke. It's also undertiered, being superior to Panther D and vastly to Tiger E but I guess UK can have their Glory time
  103. I see the irony there
  104. What are you trying to say exactly ?
  105. I bought it too... Please let's not derail the thread by bringing up biased PoV or statistics, both of which are completely irrelevant when it comes to talk about a tank abilities and potential. Thank you.
  106. Let's keep personal préférences out of this thread, the point of this thread is to gather constructive feedbacks to preserve the balance Except this has few to do with personnal stats, yes I still have to get used to the tank but Ive played this game long enough to foresee the true potential of this kind of vehicle which is baltantly obvious
  107. If you think about the T92, It still has to aim for weak spot with every of it's shells, only light tank having this ability is the Type 62 but it's a reward vehicle, so the number of these in the game is pretty much set, it doe not have near as good handling as RU 251, only the "armor" is better. Object 906 also does not come close to the Ru-251 in terms of what it can do overall and is at 7.0 so. Let's try to look at things objectively instead of the redundant "yeah bad, armor, yeah other tanks can do the same" let's try to put the whole picture in it's context. Thanks
  108. Agree however it serves two purposes, not making WWII suffer even more HEATFS than they already do. Balancing the vehicle, it's a LIGHT TANK.. At 6.7 it's not supposed being able to take on anything it sees frontally when having such mobility
  109. So with the release of the update 1.67 Germany was gifted with a long awaited tank (maybe not in the premium section) being the famous RU-251 aka baby leopard. I have already played enough of games on enough of different maps to share with you, War Thunder player, my thoughts on this vehicle which has been higly expected as OP at it's current BR. All points are being analyzed with a fully qyalified crew manning the tank. Analysis Armor : Obviously at a mere 27 tons and it's big size for what is supposed to be a light tank, nothing will save you from ennemy fire and HMG like the 50 Cal or the Soviet HMG can get throug your mantlet from about 300 meters frontally, side armor and both UFP and LFP will grant you sufficient protection against HMG and 20 mm AA shells. Top armour is VERY WEAK, a strafing P47 or any Aircraft even with 7.7 mm can wreck you. Overall the armor is literally worth 0 mm overall so be careful and keep on the move BECAUSE. 2/10 Mobility : Three words to say. OH MY GOD. This tank will put EVERYTHING at shame in the mobility department, even in the pure acceleration department. You will rarely drop below 45 km/h driving this thing on flat or moderate sloppy ground, 50 km/h is no longer Something exceptional and the speed it can acheive on hard concrete makes you regret that Gaijin still has not released a map called "Autobahn". It's extremely fast, so fast that you can easily bu at the other edge of most maps without your team having even fully deployed on the battlefield, it's gorgeous for capping and reaching sneaky firing position before everyone since it climbs hills at almost light speed. However it's so fast most of the time that seeing what's around you becomes difficult, However being careful and keeping in mind that speed doesnt make you untouchable will make you think twice before yoloing like Vin Diesel across the map. 10/10 Armament : It's very good, even too good id say for it's BR given how mobile it is, It'll generally take 2 shots with HEATFS to kill Something, HESH is a guaranteed OHK granted you fire at your target from the front. The RoF is really high with 7.5 second shortest acheivable reload time. Muzzle velocity is also excellent more than 800 m/s with HESH and more than 1200 m/s for heatfs makes you a very good sniper and coupled with what is the best mobility in the game, this armament proved itself the most effective with lage flanking manoeuver. 10/10 Handling : Overall handling is very good, however the gun is not stabilized in any way and firing on the move, especially on the speed you will go at is not an option. (you can always try) stopping from full stop will also take a while, with a huge pitch on stop which will slow down your aiming process a lot. It turns superb without loosing much speed, reversing and neutral steering are both super fast and the turret rotation is of 24 deg/sec which is very good. So the armament handling without being terrible is nothing to write papers about but the tank chassis and handling characteristics are excellent. 8/10 Battlerating : Unbiasingly talking as promised, this tank, is too strong for it's BR and by a huge margin, what will get you killed at the beginning funnily enough is the speed (going from a Sedan to a Lambo cannot be done without some driving issues...) but once you'll have this Under control, battlefield id yours, there is nowhere you can't go before every one else and there is nothing you can't pen with powerful HESH and HEATFS, you'll quickly fell dirty bullying WWII mid 50's heavy/medium tanks in this thing because it is far too capable overall compared to what it plays against. This tank is literally a Leopard that gave up it's 105 mm gun, the few armor it has and it's stabilizer for 15 km/h more of max top speed on the average. It's a Tier V tank in desguise and is OP at 6.7. What we have here is trully a 7.7 light tank. Conclusion: Very very Very VEEERRRY solid light tank overall, currently being at a battle rating of 6.7, it's way too undertiered, however do not expect any BR change soon, statistics of this tank will not be very stellar until people that bought it will have it's speed under control and wont end up being stupidly killed cause of it including myself because where the speed of the Leopard 1 was barely mannageable for the common german tanker being used to Heavy tanks and moderately mobile meds bar the Panther II, that thing literally one level higher. However this tank can definitely not be the 6.7 fast tank the Germany needs. It's too capable especially cause of the HEATFS. remember, it's a LIGHT tank. If it has to remain at 6.7 due to it being premium or what not, tier IV vehicle, removing the HEATFS will be necessary. Anyway putting it at 7.7 would make way more sense than unhistorically nerfing it and maybe bring the Panther II back at 6.7. My last words will be. NEEDS TO BE BALANCED QUICKLY. Cheers. If possible can this thread be pinned untli the "1.67 Assault" update leaves the "feedback" period behind ? It could enbale people to exchange about the RU-251 in a constructive way. That's important because it is currently a problematic vehicle for the 6.7 balance. If you want me to add a poll, I'll do.
  110. 1.67

    1st game 8 kills in 7.7 game this is the most OP thing of the creation
  111. I'd go more in depth about the Cent Mk 3 because it's a literally a mid 50's gun and ammo mounted on a WWII chassis. Pretty much like if you gave L7 to the Panther 1. From a competitive stand point, in the case of a 6.7/7.0/7.3 uptier, it's APDS grants it to be more of a threat than a Tiger II P for example due to the APDS being much betterves slope and also firted faster but it does lack the armor. It remains very competitive in case of a full uptier if you play it like it's meant to. Partially or fully hulled down and sniping, do not take risks with this vehicle.
  112. Yep. until another thing comes to takes it's place that's how it goes. I have yet to recall a 6.7 premium vehicle that got introduced which didnt create a massive hate wave. Strv 81 did create hate cause 3 poor ATGM's rockets, T29 created hate cuz kan kill mein KT, Ru 251 creates hate because this one is the only being really OP and is valid to complain about
  113. What I worry about the most is the actual mobility of the thing, it it has the same non sense non terrain effected mobility than the other russian trucks accelerating as fast as a city car on concrete then it's going to be pretty powerful, however it seems much easier to kill it than the Flak Bus, the thing having literally 0 mm of armor anywhere
  114. The Leopard and Type 74 which are the most mobile medium tank in the game are going 45 km/h on flat cross country. 55 km/h is enormous, realize it. It does not need to be bug reported, it's averagly 20 km/h faster than 80 % of the vehicle it'll meet. Faster than even the hellcats, better accel, better hill climb, this thing is hell on tracks
  115. Ground vehicles

    Still not a reason to give US a capture KT which was not even used in combat... Germany capture IS2 mod 43 and 44 and used them, but they do not get it. Arguably the Panther Cuckoo could be added to the british tech tree as a 6.0 premium/event tank. King Tiger however should remain exclusively german possession.
  116. 1.67

    Worth the money, I'll enjoy it while it lasts
  117. KwK 36 MV = 760 m/s for 165 mm of penetration at 100 meters 90° KwK 43 MV = 1000 m/s for 235 mm of penetration at 100 meters 90° That's 44% of MV for 42% more penetration. Something is definitely iffy
  118. I'm pretty sure Gaijin team dev is aware of the Br's overcompression, they are not dumb people. However I would like to know why wider BR like 9.0 to begin with cannot be implemented the goal in all honnesty being 7.0 with the addition of a tier VI. Eg. for the US. T29 (6.7) T34 (6.7) T32 (7.0), T32E1 (7.3) , M56 Scorpion (7.7) M47 Patton (8.0), M48 Patton (8.3), M103 (8.7) M103A1 (9.0), M60 (8.7), M60A1 (9.0) M551 Sheridan (9.0) for the Brits. Caernavon (6.7) FV4005 (6.7) Centurion Mk 10 (7.3) Conqueror (7.3) Conway (7.3) Chieftain Mk 3 (8.7) Swingfire (8.7) Chieftain Mk 10 (9.0) For the Ger : KT (6.7) KT Sla 16 (6.7) Jagdtiger (7.0) Tiger II 105 (7.0) Maus (7.3) (Maus fixed 7.7) KaJaPa (7.7) Spa Panzer 1C (8.0) Raketen Jagpanzer (8.3) RU 251 (8.3)Leo 1A0 (8.7) Leo 1A1A1 (9.0) RaketenJagdpanzer Hot (9.0) For USSR : IS2M (6.7) IS6 (7.0) T44-100 (7.0) IS3 (7.3) T54-47 (7.7) IS4M (7.7) T54-49 (7.7) SU 122-44 (7.7) T54-51 (8.0) Object 906 (8.0) T-10M (8.7) T62 (9.0) T55 (9.0) IT1 (9.0) For Japan : Thats the problem not enough tanks from 7.0 to 8.7.
  119. Agree, britain deserve a second decent top tier MBT, but mayble you'll get the Vickers MBT instead. Annyways, it's a pretty urging situation for UK
  120. We have two paper vehicles the community did not even asked for from the get go since Gaijin failed to realize designs such as IS4M and T54 could not be countered by german tanks that indeed saw service durring WWII bar the Jagdtiger which is a slow lumbering TD. Tiger II 105 is the same case as the Panther II, 105 mm gun was proposed but it would have needed the addition of a second loader to Keep the RoF acceptable for German standards, this called for a new turret design which got rejected due to lack of everything and the KwK 43 being entirely sufficient .Then comes the Maus which was necessary to give a heavy tank equal to the IS4M when HEATFS and ATGMS were not even a thing. Then you have the Sla 16 that is premium. Thats, 2 paper vehicles the community did not ask for, 1 prototype needed for balance and another for whatever reason being premium, and in few hours another one being premium again so thats a total of 3 prototypes added to the game that were not serviced and two prototypes that didnt exist at all.You could argue for the Panther Ausf F being a prototype aswell but some vehicles might have seen combat but that's about it. Germany is by far not the greatest offender when it comes to proto vehicles, neither is the British tech tree. US tree is actually the tree filled with the most prototypes that were not even serviced and that were not tested any further than on testing ground. As of now the whole US community seems to have woken up since a certain mod called for every missing and tested shells to be reported, and is now asking for every single proto ammo to be added to the game. So if you are looking for offenders, look at the US tech tree. But leave Germany in peace.
  121. Centurion is to be used as mid long range ambusher, good map knowledge and terrain use are the key for this tank to do good. When top tier hide at least your lower plate and you have almost Nothing to fear from distance bar the Tiger II P or the IS2 Mod 44, Kwk 42, KWk 36, 85 mm will all bounce on the UFP. Panther tanks can be OHK eaasily aiming for the middle of the hull. Tiger 1H too aiming left of the driver view port, russian tanks, it does not matter where you hit. The Centurion Mk 3 is a very good medium at 6.3 but it does not play like a medium, it's a Jagdpather...with a turret.
  122. It does not necessarily needs to be removed but it needs to be balanced in some way with a german vehicle that is all as powerful as the M18 but in it's own way, It's not RB we are talking about, it's SB where maps make very mobile vehicle without armor and a powerful gun for their BR much much more powerful than they can be in SB. M18 fighting vs Pz IV is indeed unbalanced, M4A1 76 is a very balanced match up VS Pz IV, gun power is in the hand of the Pz 4, mobility they are more or less on par, armor goes to the M4A1 but they are basically the nemesis of each other. For what is about the M18 vs the Pz IV, M18 might have no armor, but as we can witness it with the Leopard, this does not matter when your mobility is the double of what you face and that you gun packs more than enough punch to eat what you face from nearly any range and angles. It also cannot be removed because it fits the tim line of the event being 42-43 Hellcats were used in sicily and Italy in 1943. Anyway i come back to what I've said earlier about the counter to this vehicle. I think the Tiger H1 should be added to the event. It has very good armor and gun, but mobility is poor, so is it's reaction time, and only has 1 spawn which would still make it balanced versus M18 in simulator battles. For the soviets, IS1 could be added aswell. Late 1943 event can also be unbalanced if US players exclusively spawn in Hellcats/Jumbo 76 backed up by the classical T-34-85 ending up in a very one sided game. Mid 1944 event is more or less balanced. Late 1944 event is also balanced. WWII 1946 alternate history event featuring USA/UK/ and what is supposed to represent japan and GER remnants in a war agaisnt the USSR is odd because of the Object 906 which i do not think should be there. USSR already has T54-47, T44-100, IS4M, and IS3 but now also get a mobile vehicle spamming HEATFS and with King Tiger APHE like on the top of the cake. SO it downright has the possibility to ignore armor of anything it faces (except Maus UFP) with flat trajectory and good reload. Whereas the most powerful and reliable round the allies have to rely on is IIRC L7 HESH and Conway APDS, one of which is hard to aim with the second, while being powerful, is doomed to remain mostly on place due to it being as armored as a Dacia, as mobile as you can be in Farming Simulator 2010 and as huge as overgrown whale. So i fail to see why they added the Object 906 to the game when Soviets were doing very fine without it ending in very balanced game. Now this event is clearly to the soviet advantage they not only have the best mediums T54-47 and T54-49, a very strong heavy with IS4M, but also the best "light tank" being able to kill what it faces by point and clicking it. + it can float which is a very big advantage in SIM battles with maps containing water like easter europe.
  123. We do not say ypu are wrong, I'm even incline to beleive you fully however it'd need very extensive testings in custom matches to compare every repair time of every heavy tanks in the game to see which is broken and which is not.
  124. Indeed it'd make sense since repair time is based on the amount of crew members as far as I know. So repairing a track, the engine, the gun breech, or any components without having suffered crew loss should be slightly shorter than on the KT but T29 has brokenly short repair times it seems, maybe other tanks too.
  125. it broken even with an aced crew, when reduced to minimum, two crew members, it takes forver to repair the tyiniest thing in the tank in my KT
  126. http://gph.is/1MMIR5U
  127. Server does buggy things, sometimes when facing T54-47 i know i completely missed the point i wanted to aim on it's turret... But SURPRISE ! Kill cam enabled with the shell hitting Something i wanted to aim at but I knew I missed by smaller or greater margin... The same happens with low firing SPAA not even hitting you directly, just generally firing in your direction and sometimes cut one of your wing off without even you seeing them hitting you.
  128. It affects some tanks maybe but definitely not the KT. probably it's not T29 related only. And not only probably but fully, i agree with your pov about repairing in battle.
  129. It does but shot trap cannot be reliably aimed at since shells diameter is not modelled in the game + the offset between what you see on your screen and what the server sees.
  130. Dépends in what tank and on the situation, Tigers and Panthers with experienced crew with good weather and favourable conditions could reliably engage tanks charging at them from 1000-1500 meters maybe even 2000 meters but such ranges even by todays standard are considered huge, it happened but was very rare. On russian steppes i'm pretty sure 1000-1500 meters was the norm for Panther, Tiger 1, Tiger II
  131. Hardly an argument ? So a heavy tank that get's it's gun breech, horizontal turret drive, vertical turret drive and it's whole turret crew mashed (repair time is longer with less crew) that should leave it with the inability to shoot for at least 40 if not 60 seconds before shooting back (more or less what it takes in the KT when my turret gets completely mashed) but somehow manages to repair in a mere 10 seconds as we can see on this video is not an argument to you ? What you mention with your M48 is totally different, it's either bad RNG with ammoracks or you shooting at already dead crew members that didn't switch place before taking the next shot (crew with bad agility level can be an adavantage sometimes), you probably did not even shoot the turret (not needed with HEATFS) only probably killed it's gunner, loader and idk what again, Nothing that would make it harmless.
  132. US players are so happy to finally have Something that can take on the KT on equal terms, always reminding you how dominant it is because flanking on small tiny maps with more mobile vehicle was never an option that they will certainly tell you that this "bug" affects all vehicles... It's funny how it suddenly became the most vocal community still asking for more proto tanks and ammo to be added so they will finally be able to club on every German and Russian vehicles (muh proto apds for T34 pls so I can point and click KT) Funny i did not see them proposing Hokkaido Ground Forces map in the mean time.
  133. Panther II, T44-100 and M46 play similar and none is trully stronger over the other. T44/100 is the best brawler, enough UFP armor to deny a lot of shells, trollish turret armor, very good gun, good rof, low silhouete, overall better armor than Panther II and M46 and good mobility Panther II is the best flanker, very good mobility, rof and gun, armor is OKish on the UFP, turret is garbage, it's huge, and it's gun depression of -8 is offset by the IR device and the size of the tank M46 is the the best rounded tank. mobility on par if not even a bit better than the Panther II, worse gun than the other 2 for frontal engagements and weaker armor than the other 2. However, very good gun handling, gun depression and ammunition packing enough of explosive to pen everything on the sides and OHK it.It also has acces to HEAT ammo that makes it capable of punching holes through the front of both the Panther II and T44-100. M46/Panther II are worse/better than each other depending on the situation. T44-100 pretty much has everything over these two if it's not for less gun depression and averagely less mobility. However it's the only tank of the pack being a solid and sound 7.0 tank
  134. ^^ This There is no logic behind the Panther II having been moved to 7.0 other than whining players that get salty because they are simply unable to spot a tank that is about the size of the Tiger II and got flanked. You can argue about German players not knowing how to use their Tiger II's but we could also argue about how disarmed and confused allied team suddenly becomes when they no longer have the mobility monopoly. On the other hand it's really not UP at 7.0 however the most of the community works like that, uptier one of their vehicle that will now regularly meet tanks it cannot penetrate frontally, most player will stop to play it, because most of the players are playing the game casually and do not bother bringing competitive tactics into the games such as wide flanking manoeuver, or manoeuver and fire, all of which Panther II excels at, but most of the players fail to realize it and will simply dump the vehicle leaving germany with nothing but the underarmored M47 the Type 61 is.. and due to how popular Japanese tech tree is. There is not more than one or two per game. Leaving germany and Japan pretty much ***** up versus allies on most of the maps like Mozdok, El-Alamein, Volokolamsk and urban maps are only "winnable" if the German team contains less than 50% horrible players that will know how to spread around the maps to avoid being stabbed in the back by the bunch of mobile tanks the allies are fielding like Hellcats, Bulldogs, M46, T92, T34-100, T44's etc... Mobility is a very important winning factor, it's actually the most. Germany now having to rely exclusively on KT and few Type 61 to win a match versus combined allied team offering vehicles perfectly making up for each other's weaknesses often ends up in German team being swarmed. Ru 251 will be undertiered, and OP in the hands of experienced Panther II players that used it exclusively for flanking like me and I do not defend it being at 6.7 just like the T92 should not be at 6.7 nor the M56 nor the Object 906 nor the ASU 85 should be at 7.0. mobility + sabot/HEATFS combination in the range of 6.3/6.7 is a really big mistake from Gaijin dev team . Where they all should be is 7.7 or 8.0 there is no doubt about it.. Uptiering these kind of vehicles will in now way reduce their effectiveness, they will still be able to pen everything they see in a single click and will be killed in a single click however they will not be swarming the slow and heavy late WWII/early 50's heavy tanks. On the other hand the Panther II should go back to 6.7 where it actually also gives germany a mobile vehicle
  135. Haze was never removed it's still there. Dabattable at best taking a tank like the KT on maps like Stalingrad/abandonned factory and the likes, is suicidal, yes it can brawl, but it's not where it's the most effective, current map design leaves very few room for heavies to perform better than medium tanks, so yes bigger maps with less blindspot and more room to maneouver would make WWII heavy more relevant than they are now. Point being, cite me a map where Kt's can cap at least two points faster than the allies ? yeas there are none unless the allied team messed up badly. few meds and some lights are enough to slow down the KT and give time to allied heavies to reach these vital points where they simply have to wait for germans to show up. Again stop using only 1 on 1 secnario to prove your point, it's not one on one game, currently german 6.3 7.3 lineup pretty sucks compared to what the allies have to offer when combined.
  136. Some already are. Object 906, M56 Scorpion, ASU 85. None of them should be where they are, all should be 7.7, RU 251 included. As far as I know, it's not the allied player that argued against HEATFS domination at 6.7/7.0 quite the opposite actually. Time to taste a bit of your own médicine.
  137. Current map design have never changed ? Biggest jok ever heard here. You probably were not there when constant haze was added, you probably were not there when all the maps got their sized reduced to the third of their original one, you probably were not there when the Kursk village got added and pushed out of the rotation in the meantime, you probably were not there when it's been two years that we did not get a single maps that was not filled with buildings, hills, blindspot, for the sole purpose of turning every map in CQC/mobility war. 3 vs 1 changes a lot of things or you're not playing this game at all. Tell me how a team that has now to rely exclusively, on slow, with nerfed armor heavies is going to fare versus nations that have plenty of much faster tanks to field form the get go, secure cap points and key position until their most powerful unit come into play ? Maybe you should try playing germany at 6.7 right now before joining the very long German vehicles player community bashing train before typing something
  138. 3 King tigers on the current map design that is all about reaching the cap points or key points first in order to win the game or hiding between two building and yolo around please... On the top of that Germany almost constantly has to face 3 nations completely and perfectly backing up each other with only Japan as ally which might aswell not be there. So gorossly overpowered to compete ? Erm Centurion Mk10 spamming Hesh at 7.0. Erm T54-47 at 7.3 being immune to all but HESH and HEATFS. Erm IS3 that is the same as T54-47.
  139. Germany gets it's only competitive tank for the current map design at 6.7 yet being a premium, forum goes mad. Cutt of the bias please, lately the whole community talks can be summed up by "Whatever can club Germany is balanced but giving germany Something that is not a slow lumbering heavy and that can actually point and click like several allied vehicles have already been doing for a while is heresy"
  140. Gaijin we do not need to add more small full of hills maps ! We need more maps like Kursk !
  141. The 20% winrate on 6.7 german line up also comes from: unblanaced map design that favors mobility over enything else, Thay they have to face US/UK/USSR all the same time every day, every time.
  142. Worst nation in War Thunder is Japan and probably it will remain like that all the way up to the STB1 and Type 74 which will be the best med tanks in the game when they'll be fixed. UK from 6.3 to 7.3 has a very decent line up with the Cent Mk3, Caernavon, Cent Mk 10, (Soon FV 4005), Conway, Conqueror, STRV 81 (premium) Germany on it's side has Tiger II (P), Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther command vehicle (premium) Ferdinand, Tiger II (H), Tiger II (H) Sla 16 (premium), Jagdtiger, Tiger II 10.5 cm, Panther II, (Soon Ru 251 premium) US has on it's side has M26 Pershing, M26 T99 (Premium) Super Hellcat (premium), M26E1 (premium), Super Pershing, M46, M46 Tiger (premium) T28 (premium), T95, M41 Walker Bulldog, (Soon T34), T29 (premium), T92, M56 Scorpion, T32, M47 Patton. USSR on it's side has IS2 Mod 44, IS2 Hero brother (premium), T44, T44-122 (premium),T34-100 (premium) SU122P (Premium) SU 100, ASU-85, SU 122-44, T44-100, Object 906, (Soon IS6 premium), T54-47, IS3 japan on it's side has. STA-1, STA-2, Type 61, M41 Walker Bulldog, Type 60 SPG. If we seperate premium from standard vehicles we have: For UK : 6 standard vehicles three of which posses 3 and soon 4 (Cent Mk 10, Conway, Conqueror, FV 4005) of which possess gun powerful enough to puch holes through anything the migh see at their BR with minimal aim For Germany it's 7 standard vehicle with currently only one of which (Jagdtiger) and soon two (Ru 251) that possess a gun powerful enough to punch holes through most of things they see with minimal aim For US it's 9 standard vehicles soon 10 standard vehicles with 2 of which maybe four soon (depending how T34 APCR will perform vs slopes) that possess a gun powerful enough to punch holes through anything they see with minimal aim. For USSR it's 10 standard vehicles with 3 of which that posses a gun powerfull enough to puch holes through anything they see with minimal aim. For Japan it's 5 standard vehicle with two of which posses a gun powerful enought to punch holes through anything they see with minimal aim. So doing a bit of statistics : serviceable = Stadard vehicles, premium excluded, exception being possible for valuable reasons. UK currently has 50 % and soon will have 66% of it's serviceable vehicle from 6.3 to 7.3 that will be able to punch through tanks they meet the most of the time with minimal aim. US currently has 22 % and possibly will have soon 33% (T34 APCR maybe ?) of it's serviceable vehicle from 6.3 to 7.3 that will be able to pucnh through tanks they meet the most of the time with minimal aim. GER currently has 14.28 % of it's serviceable vehicle and soon 28.57% (Ru 251 being premium dont forget but i count it because it's going to see a lot) of it's serviceable vehicle form 6.3 to 7.3 that will be able to punch through tanks they meet the most with minimal aim... Mind that I'm being generous taking into account the Jagtiger whose ammunition is not even near to the level of effectiveness vs slopes when you look at 120 mm APDS of Brits or HEATFS. But it's still very powerful most of the time so I count it USSR currently has 33 % of it's serviceable vehicles from 6.3 to 7.3 that are able to punch through tanks they meet the most with minimal aim. japan on it's side currently has 40 % of it's serviceable vehicle from 6.3 to 7.3 that can puch reliably through anything they see with minimal aim. So we can see that UK currently is the better armed camp to deal versus heavy armor with minimal issue Fielding powerful HESH and APDS, German is the least armed camp versus heavy armor exclusively relying on long 88 mm APHE and 128 mm APHE soon the Ru 251 will be there statistically bringing it on the same level than USA if the T34 APCR proves to be lack luster versus heavy sloped armor. Japa is statistically the second best but the statistic is flawed due to it having a much lower number of vehicle avalaible in this BR fork. USSR is the real second best... In the end of the day taking into account these different line ups and their up and down. Germany has the best armor versus APHE and some of the best mobility with Panther II, Tiger 105 and soon RU 251. Armament is good but not wonderful over all a well rounded mix. USA is the most rounded, reliable armor versus most of APHE shells and armament on par with the Germans for what they have to face, they also feature very good mobility with their light tanks and M46 patton. UK has the best armament hands down but weaker armor, the mobility is not great but they are real killers and are the best in defensive, sniping fights. USSR is also very well rounded, with good mobility firepower and armor which gets excellent with the IS3 and T54-47 versus anything they can meet but the british tanks. Japanese line up is simply too small to be analyzed objectively but they feature good mobility and guns but with very weak armor.
  143. Did the german players forget that the Dicker Max exists ? That is the hard counter to tanks like immortal Jumbos and Churchill Mk VII. They will often yolo in first line clothed in invincible freedom alloy and tea table napkins knowing they can reliably bounce KwK 40 and KwK 36 from the Panzer IV's and the flak bus, but the Dicker Max... Oh good god, just load the fabulous fatherland 105 mm bratwurst in your schnitzel barrel and send both these ugly guys back to Nevada and Yorkshire where they belong
  144. Centurion, is a glass cannon with a good gun that only works great hull down... As great as the KT may be, it's not a good idea to enter a sniping context with an hull down centurion/caernavon at any distance id say. That does not make it OP. I agree that it might be too powerful to stay at 6.3 just like the Tiger P but neither of them can go up due to being to weak at 6.7. Honnestly the only tank in the british tech tree that should go up with the next update is the Centurion Mk 10, when you compare it to the Panther II, it has every thing over it bar mobility but a gun that greatly compensates for this with hesh shells making it able to deal with even the most powerful tank in the game while while clubbing everything below it. It's by far the most dangetous tank to encounter ina King Tiger along with the T54-47.
  145. Wot server can do it because as much primitive the penetration mechanics in WT may seem to be, they are still much much more advanced than in Wot, thats without taking into account tanks DM that are also much less detailed in WoT than in War Thunder. On the top of that you also have to account for the offset between each player's connection. A hit that would not have penetrated with the old system will suddenly go through the other way around is also true. Even if devs find a way to somehow implement it, most of the tanks DM are still incomplete or buggy (eg: KT partially hollow mantlet and lack of overlapping armor on the turret. The current hit detection and penetration mechanic is already buggy, a proof that the system we currently get is already something big to handle for the current servers
  146. Except that I have yet to see a Centurion Mk 10 faiking to penetrate my KT with a HESH shell since the KT UFP is 142.5 mm due to bad armor coeff. Hesh of the Centurion penetrates 150 mm of armor. T29 never faces this one. Nor does face any sabot shells almost M56 is tiny and mobile and is a huge huge threat in the hands of a player that has some skills. For what is about US having to face Russians, it can happen but nearly not as often as Germany has to face Russia if we had to split it in percentage. It'd be the World vs Ger + japan 90 % of the time the ten remaining percent of the time being when Russia is fighting alone... Also being top tier at 6.7 is rare. 7.0 is more common and so is 7.3, Something the T29 does not face on a regular basis are the IS3 and T54-47 which are both superior to the KT and the T29 by miles, especially the T54-47 that laughs at both of them. M47 as pointed before can simply point and shoot it. A fact that im not arguing about. Just explaining that the T29 has it way way smoother than the KT does currently. Both about what is being fired at it and the tanks it faces.
  147. There are some cases where it'd be easier to implement but the amount of datas the server would have to take into account at each shot would be tremendous, the basic hit detection we currently got is already buggy.. Also it would not make sense to add such a feature without volumetric armor
  148. German teams are simply a disaster lately, they simply drive their tanks forward, they do not cover each other, they do not communicate they do Nothing but casually playing the game... My K/D in my king Tiger is going downhill, painfully maintaining an almost 2 K/D ratio, with the occasional good game where i manage to rack up more than 4 kills and the almost mythical legendary kursk where my kill count goes over the top twice in the year but 90% of the time, I manage to kill 2-3 ennemies and dies due to my team only going in one direction and not holding key points enfing in allies being at every corners of the map. GG.